The Best Guide About Using Hairpieces For Thinning Hair And Hair Loss

Hair Loss


    • Introduction

    • What Is A Hairpiece for Men?

    • What Are Different Types of Hairpieces for Men?

    • What’s the Most Suitable Hairpiece?

    • Best Hairpieces For You In 2021

    • How To Make Hairpieces?

    • How To Attach Hairpieces?

    • How To Choose The Right Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair?

    •  What To Consider Before Choosing A Hairpiece?

    • Conclusion



Having beautiful hair is a luxury. However, some people aren’t blessed with this luxury and end up losing hair. This can be due to several reasons, including genetic issues, poor diet, stress, etc. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy hairstyles because you have no hair on your head. That is why hairpieces are a great choice when it comes to covering baldness. This article will illustrate several insights on hairpieces and will help you choose the right option as per your needs. So, let’s get started:

What Is A Hairpiece for Men?

A hairpiece, as evident from the name, is artificial hairs that are used for covering baldness. This can be a toupee, wig, or hair extension. Some of these can be worn directly while others need glue to be attached to the head.

The purpose of a hairpiece is to bring the appeal of having fairs that the person has lost. Experts that install a hairpiece for people make sure it fits their existing hairline so that it doesn’t stand out as a fake.

Professional hairpieces for bald men are used for ensuring they meet their needs. Some people use hairpieces to cover their baldness while those that are suffering from hair problems including hair loss, thinning of the hair, etc. also opt for these.

What Are Different Types of Hairpieces for Men
Hair Loss

A hairpiece is the master domain for using artificial means to cover the head. As highlighted earlier, these include:

  • Wigs
  • Toupees
  • Hair extensions
Hair Wigs for Men

Wigs are made from synthetic or natural hairs. Synthetic wigs are made from strong fibers that resemble human hair. They are designed in a manner providing the same appeal as hairs on the head. However, compared to these, wigs made from using natural hairs are most appealing.

Natural hair wigs are made using human hairs that are collected via donations or after being sold. These hairs are then processed through the manufacturing phase where they are clean and formed into a wig. Indian, Chinese, European, etc. hairs are mostly used for this purpose.

A wig for men is designed in a manner to give a perfect fit to the head irrespective of the number of hairs one has. One of the appealing features of hair wigs for men is that they can be easily be worn and removed when not needed.

The wigs are made in a way that fits the head. Once there’s no need to wearing a wig such as during sleep or showers, the person can easily remove it without any hassle. However, one needs to buy a hair wig to make sure that it fits their personality.

Most people often choose hair wigs that bring an unrealistic appeal. This makes it give away the secret and is often seen as absurd while wearing one. This is one of the main reasons why you should pick the right kind of wig.


Toupee is another example of a hairpiece. These are designed similar to a hair wig. However, the difference between a toupee and a hair wig is that toupees are used to cover a portion of the head where there’s no hair whereas a hair wig covers the entire head.

In addition, toupee hairs are installed using hair system glue that is friendly to the scalp. This hair system glue makes the toupee sit firmly in its place. Compared to a hair wig, a toupee cannot be removed easily since these are attached with glue.

If one is to remove the toupee hair, then it has to be attached with hair system glue again. Moreover, unlike wigs, toupees don’t last that long and need to be changed every few months. Similarly, these are made from synthetic and human hairs.

Human hair toupees are the best kind; however, with modern research, synthetic toupees are being made in a way that they resemble true hairs. On the other hand, one should only buy good quality toupee hair since it needs to be scalp-friendly.

Although a toupee hair isn’t removable like a hair wig easily, it needs to be changed frequently to give your scalp a refreshing wash.

Hair Extensions
Hair Loss

As evident from the name, hair extensions are for those that want to change their entire outlook. It’s designed in a way to extends the current hair length of the person. Unlike toupees or hair wigs, hair extensions can be attached through various processes. And normally, most women like to use hair extensions to style their hair.

Some hair extensions can be attached using a clip to the head. This clip is attached underneath the layer of the existing hairs and can be removed easily. On the other hand, processes such as hair bonding and hair weaving make a permanent hair attachment, which isn’t easy to remove.

Clip-in hair extensions that can easily be clipped aren’t that expensive. However, those that are permanently attachable cost more than usual. Although these bring a great change to one’s personality and outlook, these can be difficult to wear sometimes since frequent wearing isn’t optimal. Those that are more public often opt for the permanent ones.

What’s the Most Suitable Hairpiece?

Even though there are several options when it comes to choosing a hairpiece, the needs of men are different from that of women. Most men suffer from hair loss and thinning of the hair, which results in complete or partial baldness.

Therefore, choosing a hair wig or a toupee is the most viable choice that men have. Hair extensions are most popular among women since many of them opt for hair extensions for increasing the length of their hair.

However, men settle for hair wigs or toupees, which are far more compatible with their existing hairline in comparison with a hair extension. You can choose a grey hairpiece toupee or an African American hairpiece for men as per your clients’ needs. However, just make sure that any option you’re picking fits perfectly with their existing hairstyle, length, and capsize.

Hairpiece Colors
Hair Loss

Coloring of your hairpiece is important since it has o match your existing hairline. Whether you’re opting for a wig, a toupee, or going for a hair extension, the color has to be precise enough to blend in with your personality.

However, hairpiece coloring isn’t easy. A strenuous method takes maintenance in the routine. Although most hairpieces available in the market are already colored during the manufacturing process, there are times when one wants to change the color of their choice.

For that purpose, you need to follow a process almost close to the expert coloring of the hairpiece done during manufacturing. The reason why hairpieces and natural hairs lose color is because of oxidation that happens over time.

During oxidation, your hairs, whether natural or hairpiece, are exposed to ultraviolet rays and oxygen. These contact with your hairs, causing a chemical reaction with the molecules and altering the hues.

Moreover, exposure to the sun also damages your hairpiece, altering the color, which is why you need to color it often. One way of protecting the color of your hairpiece is by protecting it from sunlight.

However, that’s difficult for those that are too public and are on the go in outdoors. That is why manufacturers have created shampoos and conditioners that are designed to protect your hairpiece.

These are formulated in a way that gives the perfect hair routine similar to your natural hairs. It removes brassy strands, as well as helps, keeps the hairs refresh and maintaining their hue. On the other hand, if you’re opting for changing the color of your hairpiece, then here’s what you’ll need to do:

Changing the Color of your Hairpiece
Hair Loss

Here are some of the items you’ll be needing to get started:

  1. Styrofoam model head to place the hairpiece on
  2. Aluminum gloves
  3. Toothed comb
  4. Hair dye
  5. Leave-in conditioner
  6. Tap water
  7. Shampoo
  8. Soft-bristled brush or comb

Ensure that you’re doing this in proper lighting so that you can see the color of the dye you’re applying to give a proper shade. Before you even start, make sure to wash the hairpiece once to remove dust and impurities. Let it dry completely before you start applying the dye.

Once the hairpiece is dry, place it over the Styrofoam head in a way that spreads the hairpiece equally. This will allow you to apply the hair dye to all parts without leaving any corners. While wearing aluminum gloves make sure to gently spread and secure the hairpiece.

Once that is done, you can shift on mixing the dye for your hairpiece. Make sure you’re using a tone that is at least two shades lighter than your existing hair since non-growing hairs are more porous and tend to soak the hair color quickly.

Once the dye is ready, you can start applying it. Make sure to wear gloves to not mess up your hands. Instead of rushing into applying the dye, apply it softly beginning from one end and then moving to the rest of the hairpiece. Use a comb to move the color through the hairs and slide them over to reach depth.

Make sure to read the instructions for the dye to settle. Give it enough time so that the dye can adjust and blend with the hairpiece. Check out the instructions to see how much time it will take for the color to settle in.

Once the time has elapsed, take your hairpiece for a wash. Make sure to rinse out the dye completely while washing it with warm water. When the rinsing is done, apply the shampoo and conditioner.

Again, choose the shampoo and the conditioner that has been made for applying on hairpieces. Gently scrub through the hairpiece to avoid tangling the hair strands. Make sure that the dye isn’t rinsed off during the process. To avoid this, wash the hairpiece slowly and smoothly.

Now that you’ve washed the hairpiece, it’s time to dry it. First, use a soft towel to dry the piece and squeeze the water. However, don’t squeeze too hard so to damage the hairpiece. Once that is done, use a hairdryer to dry it. Keep combing using a bristled comb to avoid tangling of the hairs.

For giving final touches use hair cream or a conditioner to enhance moisture. Apply a little amount and brush the hairpiece to make sure it spreads evenly throughout the hair. Following these steps, you can dye your hairpiece into any color you want.

Best Hairpieces For You In 2021

Now that you know the difference between hairpieces, it’s time to see some of the best hairpieces for bald men in 2021.

Bono Hair
The best guide about using hairpieces for thinning hair and hair loss (3)

Bono Hair is the biggest hair manufacture in Qingdao China. Over 20 years of experience in producing hair systems, Bono Hair is specialized in the production of custom hair systems and stock hair systems. Now it main products include all types of hairpieces for men and women, toupee, wigs, hair topper, hair extension etc, mainly supplied for the North and south America, Europe and Australia.

The factory now boasts 200+ skilled technicians and ventilation workers, 1000+ square meters factory, 3000+ customers worldwide, 100000+ hair systems made every year.

As one of the most competitive hair system factories, Bono Hair provides high-quality bulk hairpieces at the best wholesale price.

Hair Direct
Hair Loss

Hair Direct brings some of the best hair systems for those needing to rejuvenate their lives with something appealing and lasting. It offers custom hair systems as well as ready-to-wear hair systems that are created especially for those facing hair loss.

The ready-to-wear hair systems offered by Hair Direct consist of toupees and wigs that are designed for all levels of hair loss. In addition, you can easily choose easy to remove hair systems that can be removed every day. Moreover, these are available in various limited sizes and are designed to adhere the traditional hair systems.

For their handmade custom hair systems, these are created to provide support for extensive hair loss. They can make it easier for you to enjoy some of the activities wearing them such as jogging, etc.

One of the competitive elements about these is the customized options are made to fit the requirements of the user, which makes these even more compelling. Moreover, these are handmade and custom-fitted to your size and curls that you want. These are also cut in a way that it adjusts with the size of the hair system you’re getting as per your needs.

Hair Club
Hair Loss

From covering your bald spots to getting your entirely bald head covered with hairs, Hair Club brings some of the finest hair systems that one can get. Also referred to as Xtrands by the brand, these strands not only provide thicker hair instantly but also provide volume to your hairs, which brings a rejuvenating appeal.

Another competitive element about these strands is that the density and volume are increased without surgery, which is ideal for those that are suffering the initial age of thinning of hair especially around the crown.

Moreover, the hair system is added to the existing roots of the hair on your head that make it look realistic. The reason is the use of technology that has enabled the creation of hair systems with actual resemblance to real hair but 4 times lighter. These are not just hairs added instantly but get fuller and thicker with time.

New Image
Hair Loss

Another one of the leading names in the field of hair systems is the New Image that has been providing some of the best hair systems. Not only their hair replacement solutions have helped rejuvenate the lost appeal of many men but also their solutions have been one of the most talked about in the field.

In addition, they also offer lightweight and undetectable solutions that bring a great appeal as well help maintain the secret of having using a hair system. Not to mention the hair systems they offer are curated with great attention to detail.

The reason is to provide customers with a modernized solution that would cater to the needs of fashion. Moreover, there are several colors and styles that you can choose from.

Hollywood Lace
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Hollywood Lace also brings some of the most appealing hair systems that you would want to get. The exciting element about these hair systems is the use of an invisible layer of lace that has been designed to give a realistic outlook whilst keeping conceal the visibility of the hair system.

The company claims that their hair systems are undetectable with the use of thinnest hairs injected without having to form knots. The use of ultra-thin material in the hair system makes it compelling enough to create an appealing hairpiece.

The 0.28mm ultra-thin hair is also angled into a V-loop. This is done to make sure that the hair system brings an appealing yet realistic outlook. Several companies that manufacture hair systems often produce hairline that is unnatural looking.

However, with a V-loop, the hair system looks natural and gives a realistic outlook as if real hair is growing from the front. There’s no appearance of hair knots on the front and it helps to shape the head naturally.

The best guide about using hairpieces for thinning hair and hair loss (4)

Another competitive brand that you can surely opt for is Hairvisions. The brand has been creating splendid hair systems that have been cherished by customers from around the globe. The reason behind the amazing appeal and promotion of this brand is the exquisite preparation process of their hair systems.

The brand adheres to the international manufacturing processes and creates some of the most amazing hair systems that one can count on. These systems are created and designed in a way to give the best appeal without having too revealing the use of the hair system.

Moreover, these are created to give realistic appeal with the use of high-end technology that has been used in curating custom hair systems for clients. With rich experience in the industry, the brand offers some of the best results in hair systems that one can opt for.

How To Make Hairpieces?

Hairpieces, whether it’s a wig, a toupee, or hair extension, go through extensive processing that ensures quality concerning durability. Almost all of these are made in a way to address the needs of the wearers. Here’s something you need to know about hairpiece making:

Base and Materials
Hair Loss (1)

The base of any hairpiece is one of the most important parts because it has to resemble the scalp to provide a more realistic outlook. That is why many manufacturers put a great deal of effort into creating a reliable and durable hairpiece.

The common kinds of hairpiece bases include meshes, polymers, or a combination of the two.

  • Mesh fabrics are made from polyester or nylon which results in creating a great hairline. In addition, these provide a good appearance and bring a realistic outlook. However, even though it’s a great choice when it comes to wearing a natural, lightweight, and cool hairpiece it still has some cons. It’s expensive as compared with other hairpieces and isn’t that durable. It needs replacement because it is prone to degradation.
  • Polymer hairpieces are designed using silicone or polyurethane. These are used to create a skin base that mimics the actual skin. With the use of these materials. The base created is spectacular in the finish, making it more realistic and durable as compared with mesh fabric hairpieces. With lesser price and easy to attach, it still carries the con of being hot to wear.
Hairs Used In Hairpieces
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As highlighted earlier, the best kind of hairpieces is the ones that are made from human hair. The reason is that human hairs resemble the existing hairline of the wearer, which brings a natural outlook.

Although synthetic hairpieces are also being modernized and made close to human hairs, still, the use of human hairs is somewhat more expensive and luxurious. Another reason is the quality of color, texture, natural waves, and curls that are present in human hairs.

In addition, the density and thickness of human hair make these even more compelling. For those wanting to have hairpieces with a certain length and density, opting for hairpieces with different variations is a great choice.

Although finding synthetically made hairpieces can be less expensive, still, opting for a hairpiece that comes with human hair is an optimal choice. When it comes to pricing, the prices vary based on the quality of the hairs, the length of the hair and the base design chosen for the hairpiece.

It can either be from European, Indian or Chinese hairs, which resemble the normal hairs for men. The reason for choosing these variants for producing hairs is the natural texture, densities, curl and wave that come with them.

In addition, they can also be dyed which makes them a great choice too. Customers often choose to dye according to the color of their desire. Quality-made hairpieces have been processed during the manufacturing phase and are pre-dyed to sustain the color.

Making a Hairpiece
Hair Loss (9)

Hairpireces manufacturer can make professional hairpieces easily. For starting making a hairpiece, deciding to choose the right type of hair that customers’ want is a key.

This is important since the type of hair clients’ want will lead hairpieces manufacturer to search the market for the perfect fit. These can include European, Indian, Chinese Virgin hair, curly, wavy, etc. Each kind of hair has its significance.

For example, European hair is good for individuals with straight hair whereas Chinese Virgin hair is optimal for those that want depth and dense hair. After going on the trip of thoughts and choosing the right hair, we need to start working on processing them.

The foundation or the base is an important element for creating a hairpiece since it has to be perfect enough to blend with the skin. If this doesn’t happen, the hairpiece will look fake and will give away the secret.

Using French lace is a great choice when it comes to making a foundation for hairpiece’s base. French lace has a great breathable texture, making it an optimal choice. Moreover, it has a frontal CC shape that is made to blend with the skin and gives a natural appeal.

Once the hair and base material are ready, it is time to knot the hair. The finished hairpiece must find customers’ fit so it can be adjusted properly on the head.

How To Attach Hairpieces?
Hair Loss (10)

Attaching a hairpiece can be a daunting process since it takes precision to ensure that the hairpiece doesn’t look unnatural. Here are some steps you need to follow for attaching the hairpiece:

  • For Wigs and Toupees

Wigs and toupees can be easily attached after being cut into the shape of your head. Toupees can be attached using adhesive glue that attaches to the lace and the scalp firmly. For clip in wigs, you can simply wear them and remove them without having to apply any adhesive glue.

  • For Hair Extensions
Hair Loss (7)

Attaching hair extensions is somewhat a daunting task. Although there are several ways you can get it done, still, it takes precision to attach the hairpiece with optimal results. Here’s how you can get it done:

  • Find the kind of hair extension that would match or will be close to the existing tone of clients’ hair. This is to make sure that their hairs and the hair extension interlock each other when it comes to styling.
  • Next, you need to make sure that the hair extension has the same style and texture as clients’ hair. If they have straight hair and the extension is curly, make sure to straighten or iron out the curls before attaching them in place.
  • Try not to use a lot of heat to make sure you don’t damage the hair. In addition, you can also use oil or hair softener to give a natural outlook for their hair. Comb through the extension to make sure it fits with the current texture of their hair.
  • Next, divide clients’ hair into two sections. This is necessary since you cannot place hair extension on the top and will need to place it underneath the top layer of their hair. For doing that, you can simply use a comb to create a horizontal line from the right temple to the left temple. This will section the part into two different areas. Using your hand or a hair tie, tie the upper half of the hair and let the other one stay free.
  • In case they have thin hairs, comb through them to make sure they are tangle-free. Another mistake that most people make while applying extensions is applying them to dirty hairs. Greasy, oily, or dirty hairs will affect the hair extension too. Therefore, make sure to give hair a hair treatment and a nice cleaning before applying for the hair extension.
  • Now that you’re ready to attach the extension, open its clips that come in a large piece. They can also be in multiple pieces. If you’re using a clip-on, make sure to attach them one by one so that you can get evenly distributed clipping to support.
  • When it comes to fastening them make sure to start by fastening the upper row of clips and then moving to the lower part near the neck. Do this firmly to ensure that the clips have been placed firmly so that the extension doesn’t fall off.
  • Once the extension has been attached, make sure to give a subtle brush. Remove the clip from the hairs that you separated earlier and then brush them to mix with the hair extension.

Well, there you have it. Following these steps, you’ll be able to attach a hair extension easily.

 How To Choose The Right Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair?
Hair Loss

Choosing the right kind of hair pieces for thinning hair is important since it has to adjust with the head and the existing hair density. Moreover, it has to bring a natural appeal to look realistic. Here are some of the elements you should consider when choosing a hairpiece for yourself:

  • Cap Size

The first thing you need to consider is the cap size for the hairpiece you want. Although all hairpieces come with a default capsize that is to be adjusted according to the head, you still need to make sure that the one you’re buying has the right cap size or is adjusted according to your need.

The reason for having an optimal capsize is to make sure that it fits with the head and is comfortable in wearing. It looks natural and isn’t misplaced or moves during any working out session or outdoor activities.

If the capsize isn’t fitting your head, it may look unnatural which will give off the appeal and give away your secret. In addition, it shouldn’t be more than the circumference of your head so that it doesn’t feel like your hair is falling apart.

The best way to know your cap size is to measure your hairline using a measuring tape. Take the tape and wrap it behind your ears. Continue wrapping it all over your head until you reach the starting point. Carry this out multiple times until you get the same or close to the same figures. That will be your capsize.

  • Hairpiece Color

Although you can get your hairpiece colored or dyed into any way you want, still choosing the right kind of color is important. One of the most important reasons is that the color of your hairpiece should be close to the existing hair on your head or the sides.

If the color isn’t the same or close to it, the hairpiece will look odd and will stick out from the rest of your hair. Even if you’re planning to have a hairpiece with an unusual color, then you need to dye your existing hair accordingly.

In addition, the hairpiece’s color should also match the skin tone of your head. Several hairpieces often come with an integrated lace that is designed to merge with the skin to make it look like real hairs are growing.

However, if the color of your hairpiece is different, it will not fit with the skin tone of the head and will look unrealistic. That is why ensure that the color of the hairpiece you’re choosing resembles your existing hairline and skin tone.

  • Hairpiece Tape

From a wig to a hair extension and a toupee, you need to make sure that the one you’re picking is the right choice for your needs. There are several kinds of wigs that you can choose from, including:

  1. Handtied wigs are the ones that are hand-tied to the base from the initial to the completion of the process. This kind of wig makes the hair move freely and naturally. The hair can be adjusted easily in any direction you want. Moreover, the hair is super soft and comfortable to wear too. People with sensitive scalps or hair loss can easily opt for this kind of wig for a comfortable appealing look.
  2. Lace front wigs are the ones that most people opt for because of the lace front attached to them. These are made with lace fronts that resemble skin. As a result, the hair on the front resembles as if new hairs are growing from the scalp, making them attractive and natural. Moreover, these provide a wide range of shapes styling options that give a great appeal.
  3. Monofilament wigs are the ones with an even more realistic appeal. The soft thin and sheer monofilament is placed on the top of the cap. With this, the hair is hand-tied to the monofilament that brings an extraordinary natural appeal as if hairs are sprouting from the middle. Moreover, it gives a versatile range of styling options that one can adopt at any time.
  4. Wefted wigs are the most common wigs with great benefits and a smaller price tag. They’re not only hand weaved but also bring great volume and appeal. Moreover, the construction of these wigs is done in a way that brings durability and gives a realistic appeal.
  • Hair Type

The last thing you want to look for is the type of hair. Although synthetic hairs are being made as realistic as human hair, still, buying hairpieces made from human hair should be your priority. Not only do these look natural but they have elegant appeal and realistic touch that make them a competitive choice.

 What To Consider Before Choosing A Hairpiece?
The best guide about using hairpieces for thinning hair and hair loss (1)

Now that you know what should you consider when looking for a hairpiece, here are some elements that you want to consider before choosing one:

Type of Hairpiece

You need to understand the difference between available hairpieces and their utility. You can buy wigs, toupees or hair extensions. However, your buying preference should base on the idea of what you need and what fits best to your clients’ needs.

A wig can be used to cover the entire head and can be removed whenever needed. It’s also a great choice especially when your clients’ want their entire head covered. However, toupees are now replacing it since these allow to cover a portion of the head.

Men mostly lose hair from the top, which is why most of them often opt for a toupee since it covers the baldness and adjusts competently with the rest of the remaining hairs. In addition, a toupee can be designed and adjusted in several ways, which makes it a great choice.

On the other hand, a hair extension is mostly used for long hairs. The user opts for an extension so that they can increase the length and give the existing hair some volume. Depending upon your need, you need to choose what kind of hairpiece would be better for your clients.

The Type Of Hair You Want

This is another important element that you should consider before choosing a hairpiece. You should know that the type of hair of the hairpiece should match their existing hairline for producing a natural outlook.

This can be straight, curly, thick, thin, dense, or any other hair type. Moreover, you should also consider the options you have when choosing a hairpiece, which includes synthetic and human hair hairpieces.

All these options are must to be considered since it makes the hairpiece look more elegant and fits their personality. If they have straight hair, then choosing a curly one won’t do you any better.

Similarly, choosing a dense and thick hairpiece for your clients’ thin hairline will make it look unnatural. Therefore, you should put some effort into thinking about the type of hairpiece they need. You can also ask your clients in this matter that you will either style and adjust the exsting hairline or offer them a solution that fits the need.

Choosing the Shade

Another common mistake that most people make is incompetence in choosing the shade of the hairpiece. Notice here we are talking about hair shade, not the color. Color is visible even without noticing much.

However, a shade is visible when someone notices, and finding it unequal with the existing hairline will result in even more suspicion. Ultimately, poor shading will give off secret of wearing a hairpiece.

Moreover, you also need to consider choosing the right kind of hair shade that would match the skin tone of your clients’ scalp. You can offer a cover-up for getting your hair dyed. However, not having the hair match the skin tone will blow their cover easily.

Therefore, if you’re choosing a hairpiece, make sure it resembles their existing human hair or has a tone that is similar to your original skin tone. This way the hairpiece will look bright and beautiful without creating an issue for them.

Choosing the Hair Length

Another important factor you need to consider before buying a hairpiece for your clients is the length of the hairpiece. This is important since most people often go for a hairpiece that has a greater length.

However, if it is going for a hairpiece in the summers, then getting a hairpiece with a longer length will not be a smart choice. Moreover, if they are already experiencing hair loss and having baldness, then opting for a hairpiece with greater lengths will give away their secret.

Therefore, it’s better to keep them attracted to a hairpiece with shorter lengths. Even though hairpieces come with extended lengths by default, you can style them for your clients and bring about a cool outlook even with a sleek shortcut.

Always Go For A-Lace Base
Hair Loss (13)

If you’re opting for a wig or a toupee, make sure it has a lacy base. Lace front hairpieces for men are great. However, most people often make the mistake of not buying a hairpiece with lace during the purchase. They often go for a cheap hairpiece with poor lacing, resulting in bad scalp health, uneven hair weaving, and lack of durability.

The lace provides an excellent base for weaving the hair perfectly. It makes it easier for the hair to be adjusted on the base. In addition, the CC front hairline on these laces makes it even more realistic.

The hair on the front is weaved in single knots instead of a mesh, giving an extraordinary realistic outlook. Combined with lace, it makes a great choice for a hairpiece that you should opt for. Although such hairpieces are often expensive, however, opting for these will not only give a wonderful outlook but will prevent others from seeing into your clents’ disguise.

On the contrary, if you’re opting for the ones without lace for your clients, your clients might feel uncomfortable while wearing them. In addition, the hair on this kind of hairpiece isn’t adjusted evenly and provides an unrealistic outlook. Moreover, the appeal isn’t natural and their scalp also gets damaged due to the presence of sweat that isn’t able to escape.


Well, there you have it. It’s a complete and comprehensive guide to using hairpieces for hair loss and hair thinning. Not only you can buy natural-looking hairpieces for men but can also consider some of the important factors that will help you in making a reliable choice. Moreover, you should also know the difference between various hairpieces as well as know what color and texture to consider when choosing the one for your clients. Make sure to follow this guide and you’ll be able to find the right hairpiece for your needs!


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