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What are the best men’s hairpieces? Ultra-thin Skin toupee? Super soft Swiss Lace toupee? Strong Mono toupee? Or celebrity hairpieces toupee, such as Donald Trump’s toupee? Just joking.

The best men’s hairpieces, we think, are the custom-made ones that are specially tailored to wearers, your clients, making every custom-made hairpieces for men unique — individuality for both Celebrity and Ordinary toupees.

Today we are going to talk about some different custom-made orders to show you why custom hair systems could be the best men’s toupee.

The reason why custom-made toupees are the best option for men is that each man’s hairpieces require different requirements and have different specifications that fit each customer making it possible to get the toupee to match precisely the wearer’s needs. They can be the most invisible toupee, the most breathable toupee, the most long-lifespan toupee, the most natural toupee with the exact hair density and grey percentage, or the best toupee that is the easiest to apply tapes, etc. Let’s get started.

Special Techniques Used for Custom Toupees

Custom toupees are the best men’s hairpieces as they provide personally tailored fit hair systems!

So, here are some special techniques that can be used for Custom Toupees.


Example 1  Dye After

Bleaching of Knots is a favorite technique used for Lace Bases to make the Knots a lighter shade more similar to the color of the wearers’ scalp. This provides a more invisible finish.

Dye after is an alternative solution for colors #1 and #1A that are darker than what’s workable for bleaching knots. For custom orders, Dye after is an extra possibility. It is not often applied to Stock Hair units due to the additional production process that would cause an increase in the price.


Example 2  Thin Skin Front

Thin-Skin Front has the most apparent advantage of getting the highest level of invisibility on the front hairline, making it look extremely natural and undetectable.

Combined with a no-knots V-loop ventilation method, this is one of the best men’s hairpieces on the market. This toupee is a 0.02-0.03mm full thin skin hair replacement. It is the right combination of invisibility and convenience.


Example 3  Under Hair

Is your client looking for a hair system with a long-lifespan? Many of the specialists we work with think that a thick poly on the front hairline is the best way forward. But, actually, this leaves the hair system with a thick edge that is easily detectable. The right solution is an “Under Hair” method; as you can see from Image 3, the two lines of hair are knotted to the bottom side of the base. While brushing the hair backwards, the Under Hair will cover the poly edge to be more invisible. Under Hair, is something to bring up with your personal Bono Hair consultant when making an order; it could be the solution that fits your client’s needs.


Example 4  Grey Percentage-Variations

For the custom-made toupee shown in the above picture, grey percentages are distributed amongst different sections of the hair system as shown in the figure.

Percentage distribution: 75%-80% grey hair.

Of course, customers can also customize the percentage of grey hair in different parts according to their own needs.The reason why there is a different distribution across the sections is that observation of people who have growing grey hair have a variation of the color grey at different parts of their head. However, to meet a general assumption of client needs, our stock toupees have one color percentage all over. Therefore, we highly recommend custom-made hair units, as having the perfect variation of grey, taking into account your client’s current color distribution, will enable the final toupee to look much more natural.


Example 5&6  Easy to Use Tapes

Tapes are not only easy to use, but also considerably less messy and easier to show your clients how to use correctly. The poly perimeter on most toupees is around the edge, forming an oval shape. However, in this custom order, the poly perimeter is designed as jagged, consisting of many rectangles, which makes it easier to apply tapes. To fasten the toupee well, more tapes will be needed. Looking at Example 6, extra poly is added to make it easier to use tapes.


Example 7  Full Lace Wig

Most stocked toupees are size “Small” such as:

6 x 8 Inches, 6 x 9 Inches, 7 x 9 Inches, 7 x 10 Inches and 8 x 10 Inches. Custom orders, however, can be made to fit any size!


Example 8&9  Injected Lace

Hair systems that use an Injected Lace ventilation method usually have three layers of lace. Knotting is used on the mid layer, and then the hair is injected through the top layer. By doing this, the Knots are hidden between the top layer and the bottom layer to provide a more natural and invisible toupee. The main advantage that this ventilation method has is ensuring the toupee is undetectable to others who encounter the wearer on a day-to-day basis. Even by having a closer look, as you can see in example 9 below, the hair appears to grow naturally, as it would on a normal growing head of hair. As a result, it is often used in the parting area. You could consider this type of hairpieces for men if you want realistic men’s toupees.

Another example of how Injected Lace toupees can give a more natural and realistic parting, the use of the different layers hides the knots on the below layers of lace and allows the very top layer to be styled in any direction to expose natural parting.


Example 10&11  Silk Top-Lace Front-Tapes / Clips

Moving on, let’s have a closer look at the following two bases: Silk Top with Lace Front and Poly Back and Sides. The Top Silk toupee covers most areas of the toupee, which makes it possible to get the parting area at any section, whatever it’s a left part, middle part or right part. Top Silk consists of three or four layers, at least two layers; it is thicker and not suitable for the front hairline. So, in this custom order, we can see that the lace front is used to connect with Silk Top. In this way, the wearer can get both a natural front hairline and an undetectable parting area.

For the toupees that have Poly on the perimeter, the main benefit is the ease of applying tapes for attaching the toupee. Different from the left one, the right toupee has clips sewn on the perimeter. It is suitable for the wearer who has his/her growing hair so that the toupee can be easily clipped. The clip design makes it possible for daily wear. The wearers can put it off every night and then put it on every morning easily, with no bother from adhesive application and cleaning.

How to Order Custom-Made Hair Systems

order form

Bono Hair’s order form contains everything you need in order to provide us, the manufacturer, with the exact data we need to create the custom-made hair system to exact specifications with minimal room for error.

Clear, concise and descriptive data is key, and the best way to communicate this information to us is by an easy-to-read order form. You can use our one, create your own or even send us an email; if all the information is provided, we will make it work! Remember to write the customer name and order number on the bag containing hair samples and the bottom of the base/scalp templates. 

For more information about how to order custom hair systems and the best type of hairpieces, please click the following link.

How to Order Custom Hair Systems?

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Toupees have been around in the world for 100s-1000s of years, and they will continue to remain as they are the most effective, easy, and, if constructed well, undetectable, non-surgical hair replacement solutions available in contemporary times. For celebrities and everyday people, we are able to manufacture the world’s best men’s hairpieces and, most importantly, provide free consultations to truly understand the needs of your clients while providing information and education on how to become a better specialist in this growing industry.

This Blog Post is completed by Bono Hair, the World’s Best Manufacturer of Men’s Toupees!


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    Hello. My previous hairpiece company is out of business because of coronavirus, so I am seeking to find a custom made curly hairpiece 8×10 with over 7 inches in rear and around 5 inches front with 6 inches sides of the wig. How much would it cost? Thank you.

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