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LINJ is the latest wholesale men’s toupee from Bono Hair skin injection hair system factory. Its natural and durable characteristics are popular with customers. Hair density and hair wave is our standard stock. Medium-light density and 30mm hair wave. Big stock of male hair replacement systems are ready to shippment.


  • Product code: LINJ
  • Order type: Stock toupee
  • Base construction: Skin gauze with 0.12mm-0.14mm poly perimeter and french lace front
  • Base size: 7”x9”
  • Front contour shape: A
  • Hair type: Indian hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors:#1B, #2, #3

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Product Details

Injection Hair System

  • The main base and hair material as well as the top area, are made with the ploy, lace, Indian hair, and handmade here in LINJ hair unit systems.
  • The top of the hair system has french lace for durability and keeps a fluffy effective.
  • If you have customers who like injection hair systems and pursuit no flat hair root, this hair system is a perfect selection.
hair systems
hair systems

Invisible Lace Front Hair Line

  • Invisible knot handmade lace front hairline made in the Bono Hair wig making factory. It can make your customers’ hair systems look very natural.
  • The base design of LINJ is very similar to Hollywood. The unique front shape of A is also designed for this one.
  • It can also be a perfect substitute for Hollywood lace hair system.

Breathable and Comfortable

  • Our experienced workers and designers would like to make our hair systems according to our customers’ real requirements.
  • Considering the skin breathability problem, a small number of punched holes are designed to scattered around the base.
  • The top of the hair system is attached diamond lace which is a very soft base material.
  • Make sure to let your customers feel comfortable.
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Product Code LINJ
Base Design 0.12-0.14mm injected skin with 1″ French lace front
Base Size 7″x9″, 8″x10″
Front Contour A
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Injected hair on skin area, and single split knots on French lace net.
Hair Type Indian human hair
Hair Length 5-6″
Hair Wave/Curl 3.0cm
Hair Density Medium
Hair Color #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4ASH, #4, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
Hair Direction Freestyle
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Cap Design

Hair Type

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