As a women hair system supplier, Bono Hair’s custom hair pieces for women come in a wide variety of different designs, colors and textures. We offer frontal, partial, crown and full coverage wig hair pieces for women. Every single hairpiece is carefully handcrafted to meet the specific needs of your customers. With our custom hair pieces for women, you will find the very best solution for your customers who suffer with alopecia and thinning hair.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What's custom hair pieces for women?

    Custom hair pieces for women are made according to your customer’s exact requirements including base size, base design, hair length, hair color, hair density, hair curl etc. You can mail us the hair pieces for women template and a hair sample to ensure your clients receive a hairpiece that fits perfectly.

    Here at Bono Hair, we provide different wigs and hairpieces for women based on the different stages of hair loss. We provide women non surgical hair replacement solution from small hair toppers, crown bald spot patch hairpiece and even full cap women’s wigs. We also provide medical wigs for cancer patients and hair integration pieces for thinning hair.

    If you’re looking for a women hair replacement systems manufacturer that makes natural looking and high-quality hairpieces, then you do not need to look any further! Whether you are looking for custom hair toppers, women’s toupees or wig pieces – we have what you need. All of our custom hair pieces for women are made to fit your customer’s exact head size, hair color, density and texture. We are here to provide you with high-quality custom hair pieces for women and excellent customer service.

    Custom Hair Topper For Women
    Hair toppers are hair pieces that have been designed for women who have thinning hair problem or bald patches. In such cases, it is not necessary to wear a full cap wig. A top hair piece is lightweight and incredibly natural-looking. We provide different base size hair toppers (width size from 2” to 10”) to suit the different stages of hair loss including the beginning, progressive and advanced stages.

    Toppers come in different base constructions including classic toppers (monofilament with machine wefts), clip on hair topper, mono hair topper, silk top hair topper, lace front toppers and integration hair pieces. Most of our hair toppers are attached with pressure-sensitive clips, these clips are lightweight and easy to attach. Typically, we match the clips with the hair color, by doing this we ensure the hair topper provides end wearers with seamless coverage and blends well with their own hair.

    Custom Toupee for women
    Women’s toupees are more like men’s hairpieces in design and adhesion methods. Toupees are usually attached with adhesive (but not clips) to cover the top of the head. There are many different types of hair replacement systems for your customers to choose from including lace hair systems, monofilament hair systems and poly hair systems.

    Lace hair pieces for women: We only use imported French lace. French lace is breathable and soft. The majority of female customers are looking for French lace hair systems with PU/poly around the perimeter.

    Monofilament hair pieces for women Monofilament is a widely used base material for female hair systems. Monofilament hair systems are very breathable and they are more durable than lace hair systems. The most common model is monofilament with PU coat all around, we also include 1/8” folded net to ensure a natural looking front hairline.

    Poly hair pieces for women: With all poly hair system designs, we use the injection hair ventilation method. The hairs are injected into the base by hand and is injected in the same direction as the wearer’s own hair. Injection hair systems are incredibly natural, it looks just like the hair is growing directly out of the customers scalp.

    Full Cap Wigs
    Toppers and toupees are great for partial baldness patches. For total hair loss, a full cap wig is essential. At Bono Hair, we provide a wide variety of cap designs to meet all of the needs of your customers. The most popular cap design consists of French lace/ fine mono as the primary base material and clear PU, PU gaze or a PU coated perimeter around the system for easy attachment. We also use lace at the front of the hair system to ensure a truly undetectable system. Stretch net and silk tops are also popular designs often used in our full cap wigs.

    Medical wigs
    Medical wigs are custom human hair pieces made especially for people who suffer with hair loss because of medical conditions or treatments. The advantages of medical wigs is that they are soft, comfortable and easy to attach. Our most popular cap design for medical wigs consist of injection wigs with anti-slip silicon. Injection hair is natural, it looks just like the hair is growing directly out of the wearers own scalp. Anti-slip silicon does not need tape or liquid glue to attach it to the wearers scalp. The wearer can put it on in the morning and remove it in the evening with ease.

    Custom hair pieces for women provide more choices for customers with different baldness areas, compared with stock systems. Custom hair pieces for women are made according to the customers exact specifications including base size, base design, hair color, hair texture and will blend in with the customers own hair seamlessly.

    The only drawback of custom hair pieces for women is the production time – around 8-10 weeks. Full cap wigs may need slightly longer to produce. If your customer needs a hairpiece in an emergency the we suggest directing them towards stock units.