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Bono toupee long hair for women at BONO Hair is extremely popular due to BONO’s ability to provide toupee hair replacement system and toupee wig for women experiencing thinning at the crown and front part of the hair. This long hair system will add instant volume, length, cover roots, or balding spots to the overall hairstyle. They are perfect for women who do not want to commit to a full cap wig or those who want to still show off their hair but with more volume.


  • Product code: BZN693000
  • Order Type: Custom toupee hair for women
  • Base construction: French lace with skin gauze sides and back
  • Base size: 7*8”
  • Hair type: Remy Hair
  • Hair length: 18”
  • Hair color: #6 (Stock women’s color ring)
  • Hair density: Medium to Medium-Heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

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Product Details

Durable Lace Base

  • The long hair system and Bono toupee long hair are constructed with French lace which is one of our more durable lace base materials.
  • Because of its durability, The Bono toupee long hair can take a medium-heavy density and comes in a long hair length of 18 inches.
  • The French lace is soft, light, and comfortable. You do not worry about feeling weighed down so the wearer can wear.
  • The French lace provides a natural hairline, which looks like real human hair.
BLZ693000 Toupee Hair For Women Is Long Hair System From Bono Hair
BLZ693000 Toupee Hair For Women Is Long Hair System From Bono Hair

Long Hair System

  • Bono toupee long hair can be worn all year round without worrying about hot or humid weather. This is thanks to the breathability factor of the French lace.
  • Bono toupee long hair for women is designed with a skin gauze surrounding the long hair system. It gives the toupee for women an invisible hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp.
  • Additionally, the skin gauze around the perimeters of this Bono toupee long hair makes it very easy to attach and remove the women’s toupee with adhesive glue thanks to the smooth surface of the skin gauze.

Custom Hair System

  • At Bono Hair, we use Remy hair which is one of the highest grades of human hair.
  • Bono toupee long hair strands are very soft and shiny with a silky feeling. The wearer will enjoy shiny and healthy hair with this Bono toupee long hair system.
  • As Bono toupee long hair is a custom hair system, we can construct the base size, hair density, and hair color to the customer’s specific requirements.
BLZ693000 Toupee Hair For Women Is Long Hair System From Bono Hair


Why should you choose a customized long hair system?
  • A customized long hair system is made specifically for your clients, which is ideal to fit perfectly and look natural.
  • With a customized long hair system, you can choose the exact color, texture, and style of the hair to perfectly match your client’s own hair.
  • A customized long hair system is also much more durable and long-lasting than stock systems – meaning that your client will be happy with their new hair for many years to come!
  • A customized long hair system is made specifically for each individual client, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • A customized long hair system is lightweight and comfortable, making it virtually undetectable. It is affordable and cost-effective.
  • A customized long hair system is easy to maintain and style. There is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • You can order a customized long hair system that is made specifically for your client’s head shape and preferred hairstyle.
  • A customized long hair system is also a great option for people who want their hairstyle to be permanent. This means that they can create the exact look of what is in mind without worrying about not finding the exact piece.
How to palace a perfect customized long hair system?

STEP 1: Select a Base Design

The base design is the most prominent factor in a hair system. A comfortable and durable base cap is the biggest requirement of the customers. However, different base caps have their own pros and cons.

Some customers prefer delicate and undetectable bases, so a monofilament or lace base is perfect for them. While for those who prefer durability over intricateness, poly base works wonders. Though lace material is comfortable, it is delicate and less durable.

STEP 2: Choose Your Base Size

Stock hairpieces come in the standard for five base sizes. Often customers have an unusually large or smaller head, and no standard size seems to fit. For wigs and toupees to look good and natural, a secure fit is, however, necessary. For such customers, customizing a base size seems a more viable option.

Note the size of the head with the help of a measuring tape, temple to temple, and from front to back in inches; state the requirement carefully to the sales consultant in order to get the perfect hairpiece size.

STEP 3: Give Correct Measurements

Giving correct measurements is the key to finding a perfect customized hairpiece. While placing an order for a custom hair system, make sure to read the form carefully in order to fill in the form, note and write all the measurements beforehand to minimize the chances of error.

Whether it’s your base size, material requirement, hair texture, or hair length details, make sure not to miss out on any detail to get the perfect hairpiece.

From color to length and density, anything can be customized in a custom hair system, provided the customer does not forget to mention the requirements clearly.

STEP 4: Select the Right Template

The template includes minute detailing such as material, hair length, hair color, base size, base color, combinations, hairstyle, the texture of strands, and everything that you want the manufacturer to keep in mind while stitching your order.

Your custom template is nonetheless an exam of your artistic abilities and aesthetics to create a wonderful hairpiece. Imagine the perfect hairpiece and make the template. Carefully list each and every detail before sending the template to the sales consultant.

You may ask the sales consultant for recommendations and guidelines if you feel confused at any point.

Here are a few things to ponder upon before selecting the final template:

  • Hair Length

For men, the length option of wigs and toupees is limited; however, the sky is the limit for women. From pixie hair to angular bobs, shoulder-length waves, to waist-down Rapunzel hair, the hair length can easily be switched to their preferred requirement.

Most wigs and toupees offer shoulder-length hair, allowing the wearer to create a dynamic hairstyle. However, a custom-made hair system offers the user to select the length however they like. Men can also ask for alterations in a hair system.

  • Hair Density

Standard hair systems offer 100% to 140% hair density. Custom hair systems allow users to increase or decrease hair density according to their taste and preference.

If your hair loss is at a beginning stage and you are looking for additional volume, nothing too extreme, you can keep asking the manufacturer to keep the hair density at its minimum.

For those who are suffering from total hair loss or gradual hair thinning, the hair density can be increased to help you show off a fuller head. Suggest your clients choose a hair density similar to their natural hair; otherwise, the additional volume might not look natural on them.

  • Hair Curl

When it comes to the type of hair curls, you should know a few things. First off, there are four main types of curly hair: wavy, loose, ringlets, and kinky.

Each one of these types of curls can be further categorized into subtypes. For example, wavy hair can be fine or thick; loose curls can be spiral or cascading, and ringlets can be uniform or broken.

And then there’s kinky hair, which is its own category altogether. So a custom hair system allows the user to select their preferred hair texture, unlike stock hair systems that come in standard textures.

  • Hair Color

Any hair color can be given to the custom-made hair system. From brown to black, or even blonde, any option is viable. Suggest the clients pick a hair color that complements their skin tone and matches their original hair color as well.

Clients who are a pro at using hairpieces can experiment further with the hair color by choosing an entirely different one from their former or natural hair color.

The hair color of the custom hair system defines personality, so whichever option the client chooses, make sure they are comfortable wearing it.

How to Order Custom-Made Hair System From Bono Hair

We want to make sure you get the perfect hairpiece for your needs. When you choose to order a custom-made hair system with us, you are required to follow these simple steps:

  • Our sales consultant will be in touch with you. Make sure to discuss key details with our sales consultants before we start producing custom men’s systems so that no requirement goes unnoticed or forgotten.
  • To ensure a perfect fit, our team will validate the sizing details of your custom order before sending it out for ventilation.
  • Our sales consultant will then send you an invoice for the next step in your journey. You can pay this via PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.
  • As soon as you send us the payment proof, your order will be sent to the production line, where it will take 4 to 6 weeks. (Good things come only to those who wait)
  • Once your order is ready, the sales consultant will run it through a quality check to make sure it is perfect.
  • After scrutinizing if the custom hair system is made to match your every need, it will be shipped to you straight away!
What is the difference between a stock hair system and a custom hair system?

The biggest difference between a stock human hair system and a custom-made one is that while the former can only be made up of fairly limited materials, textures, or colors, a custom-made hair system’s styling option and size are unlimited.

Everything can be customized according to one’s personal preference, from hair length to the base cap, hair texture to hair density. Synthetic hair, human hair, or even a client’s original hair can be used to tailor a perfect custom-made hair system that looks unbelievably natural.

However, the custom-made hair system is a bit pricier than the stock hair system due to its uniqueness. The production line manufactures stock hair systems in bulk which reduces the cost. In contrast, custom hair systems are tailored to perfection according to each client’s specifications, which requires more time and effort.

The skilled artisans work closely with the customer to stitch a personalized hairpiece according to the client’s requirements; hence the hairpiece is one of its kind.

With a stock hair system, you have the liberty to get one within two to three days, while the custom-made hair system requires 2 to 4 weeks of production time. However, you might find your hairpiece twin with a stock hair system, but with a custom hair system- their own is the point to each.

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Product Code BZN693000
Base Design French lace with skin gauze sides and back
Base Size 7*8”
Front Contour CC
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Single split knots
Hair Type Remy Hair
Hair Length 18″
Hair Wave/Curl Straight
Hair Density Medium to Medium Heavy
Hair Color #6 (Stock women’s color ring)
Hair Direction Freestyle
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Hair Type

Cap Design


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