At Bono Hair, we supply different hair colors of hair systems for men and women. Picking the right hair colors for you or your clients will make the hair systems look real and natural. Our online color chart include solid color and mix grey hair color which help you choose hair color easily.

    1. How to Get the Perfect Color Match Hair Systems?

    When your clients want to choose a hair system, the first thing they will consider is whether the hair system looks natural or not. Hair color is important for a natural hair system. To get the perfect color match hair systems, only referring to the color image is not enough. We recommend you and your clients buy Bono Hair’s color ring or provide us with your clients’ hair samples.

    2. Can Hair Systems Be Colored?

    It is no deny that you and your clients need to use the hair system completely. Occasionally, the wearers are eager to try out new hair color. The answer is that for most human hair systems, they can be colored into any hair color. But for some hair systems, such as synthetic hair systems, they can not be colored well.

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    3. Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Color for You or Your Clients
    • Choose the hair color according to your skin tones.

    There are 3 types of skin tones:

    warm skin tones, cool skin tones, and neutral skin tones.

    Before choosing the hair color, find your or your customer’s skin tones first.

    • Choose the color according to the haircut.

    Different haircut match different hair color.

    If you feel troubled to choose the hair color, you can consider the haircut you or your clients want.

    • What you or your clients like is the best.


    We work very hard to ensure our products are displayed as accurately as possible. But it still has some technical challenges. Here’re things you need to consider before making a purchase.

    1. Products displayed on various electronic screens – phones, tablets and computer monitors – will all show colour differently. Sometimes the colour may change dramatically, depending on the graphics card, drivers, and the type of backlighting and room lighting.
    2. All hair systems are handcrafted. Different from mass production, the hair colour is greatly affected by the eyes’ sensitivity, the light, the weather, the time control, and the person who delivers the work. But that’s the charm of handmade hair systems. Even if you bought a stock product, you’d get a unique hair system like no one else.
    3. And finally, no two people perceive colour in the exact same way and may have different ideas on what a particular colour “should” look like.
    4. Despite every effort to provide accurate images of colours on each product, if you have any questions and advice for a product due to hair colour difference, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or WhatsApp: +8617561788081