We are medical wig manufacturers based in Qingdao, China. Our highly trained and professional workers are here to help you find the perfect cranial prosthesis wigs for customers experiencing hair loss caused by chemotherapy, alopecia and trichotillomania. Our custom medical wigs for cancer patients are carefully tailored to suit customer’s specific needs and individual requirements. They are comfortable, soft and easy to attach and remove. Contact with your medical wig manufacturers to get best hair wig cost.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a medical wig?

    A medical prothesis wig is a custom wigs for cancer patients. It is specifically designed for patients who are suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments, such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, trichotillomania or chemotherapy. 

    The term cranial prosthesis is often used when applying for medical insurance or tax deductions. In the hair replacement industry, we also use this term when referring to custom medical wigs.

    Since cranial hair prosthesis are custom-made, clients can choose their desired hair colors, hair wave and hair style freely. We will then make the hair prosthesis according to their exact requirements. As medical wig manufacturers, we are proud to provide customers with best wigs for cancer patients and chemo patients.

    As medical wig manufacturers, we understand how devastating it can be to lose your hair because of medical conditions and treatments such as chemotherapy and alopecia. We stock the very best medical wigs. Our chemo hair pieces are a fantastic alternative to costly and painful hair transplant surgeries.

    We have stocked medical wigs for over a decade and our wealth of experience as medical wig manufacturers means we are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the field. We often receive positive feedback from our valued customers who tell us how much better they feel wearing one of our human hair wigs for cancer patients. We also receive many questions about how to choose the best cancer wigs for clients. Here are some useful suggestions when it comes to deciding on the very best hair prosthesis for your clients:

    Cap Size
    It is absolutely essential that the full cranial prosthesis wig fits the wearers’ head perfectly. As professional medical wig manufacturers, we can make the custom wigs according to the template or wig measurements.

    Cap Design
    A soft, comfortable, easy to use and non-sensitive cranial hair prosthesis medical wig is often very important for people suffering from hair loss caused by medical treatments and conditions. As professional medical wig manufacturers, there are two popular cap designs that our customers love:

    Silk top with a lace front and elastic netting at the back and sides. A comfortable French lace front and breathable silk top guarantees the wearer a natural front and top appearance. Lace front wigs for cancer patients are very popular amongst our clients. We also use an elastic band and anti-slip silicon to reduce the use of adhesives.

    Medical silicone wigs. As medical wig manufacturers, we use the flat injection knotting technique on our silicon medical wigs. We knot the hair in the same direction that real hair grows, it looks like the hair is growing naturally out of the scalp. We brush anti-slip silicon all over the base so the cranial scalp prosthesis can attach to the head seamlessly without the need for medical grade wig tape and adhesives. The only disadvantage of this cap design is that it isn’t breathable. If your wearers are looking for breathable medical supply wigs, we suggest recommending the lace or monofilament wigs to them.

    Hair Color & Wave
    As a trusted medical wig manufacturers, we recommend sending us a hair sample so we can best achieve your desired hair color and curl instruction. You can also choose the hair color from our color ring. You can opt for mixed/blended colors, highlight/lowlight colors and rooted colors for your valued clients. If you choose a natural hair color, you can bleach or dye the hair freely. When it comes to most hair curl’s, customers tend to choose natural straight hair and they can curl it according to their preferences after they have received the prosthetic wigs.

    Hair Density
    As medical wig manufacturers, we know that choosing the appropriate hair density can make the wigs medical look more natural. If the chosen hair density is too high or too low, it will lead to the medical wigs looking strange and unnatural. When it comes to medical wigs for women, the normal density is medium and a medium light to medium density is most appropriate for men. Hair density tends to be lowered with age, for children we recommend opting for a medium light hair density when customizing a medical suction wig.

    As an established and successful medical wig manufacturers, we know what ventilation method works best for different types of base material. We are also happy to adjust ventilation methods to meet special requirements and preferences, especially when it comes to children’s medical wigs for alopecia and medical wigs for cancer patients. Children naturally have flat and light hair. So, if your customers are looking for flat hair for children, we will use single flat knots on our medical lace wigs. This is one example, if you have other special instructions or if you’re unsure about which ventilation technique to use then please contact us directly. Our technicians can’t wait to advise you on our best hair replacement for cancer patient.

    Contact with your medical wig manufacturers to get the best custom wig for your clients.

    Yes. As professional medical wig manufacturers, we understand that hair is very important to people, especially women. Some wearers may have cut their hair directly or have donated hair that they wish to use. You can easily send us this hair for medical wig making.

    Before sending in the hair, please ensure that the hair is similar in texture, length and color. If you have any special requirements about layers and colors then please mark it on the hair bundles. It is also vital that the hair is healthy enough for wig making. If the hair is too fragile, it will break when we attempt to knot it onto the base material.

    The minimum hair length required for wig making is 10” from root to tip. There will be 4” of return hair when the hair is handtied onto the base netting. When we receive your hair package, we will grade the hair and brush it out. We will then weigh the usable hair. If there isn’t enough hair to craft a finished wig, one of our customer service team will be in touch to let you know immediately.

    As an honest medical wig manufacturers, we record the hair weight used at each individual stage of the production process; this ensures that we do not waste any of your hair. If there is any unused hair once the wig has been made, we will send it all back to you together with the finished medical wig.

    Please contact with your medical wig manufacturers for further information about medical wigs.

    It takes around 8-10 weeks to finish making a medical wig. This production time guarantees the high-quality finish on our products. With our professional medical wig manufacturers, whether you are looking for wigs for cancer patients, wigs for chemo patients, medical wigs for alopecia, or even medical hair loss wigs for African American, we 100% hand tie all of our systems. Our workers hand tie each strand of hair onto the base net, this ensures the unit is flexible and can be styled freely.

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