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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the main differences between medical and fashion wigs?

    When it comes to a medical wig and fashion wig made by the human hair wig manufacturers or human hair wig suppliers, there are many differences. 

    There is no doubt that medical wigs are designed by human hair wig manufacturers for people who are experiencing total hair loss from medical conditions or treatment. Whether it’s a lace or skin base, the material of the women’s wigs must be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. 

    The base design of medical wig and fashion wig made by wig manufacturers are very different. The characteristics of the medical wig is the specialist base design, most of the medical wigs made by wig manufacturers have anti-slip silicone and the base material is both soft and stretchy. 

    The base design on a fashion wig is diverse. Customers want to choose fashion wigs to create a new and updated style for themselves. Popular base designs for wigs include a lace front wig, full lace wig and mono top wig. With Bono Hair wig manufacturers on your side, you and your customers will find ideal wigs. Order your natural wigs from wig manufacturers now. 

    Are you looking for beautiful wigs for women from wholesale wig suppliers? Where to buy wholesale wigs? If you are wholesale human hair wigs distributors, you have come to the right place to find your wig manufacturers. As the professional wig manufacturers, Bono Hair has some gorgeous human hair wigs for our valued customers. We have medical and fashion wigs to meet different customer’s demands.

    A fashion wig will give your customers a beautiful new look that will enhance their self-confidence. These wigs can be used by customers who want to switch up their look or just want to try out one of our lace fronts wigs, full lace wigs, mono top wigs or silk top wigs! All of our wigs come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and hair waves such as body wave and natural wave.

    As a leading wig manufacturers, we have many different sizes of wholesale wigs and hairpieces to help end wearers solve their hair loss problems. They are full cap wigs, half cap wigs and small cap wigs (so they even fit children). Most of them are custom made hair wigs. Non-slip silicone is commonly used on medical wigs, so customers don’t need to use tape/glue when adhering the unit to the scalp. Soft lace is also comfortable, breathable, light and airy. We are always a reliable wig manufacturers for you to work with. Please don't hesitated to contact with your professional wig manufacturers here.

    Before purchasing the perfect wig from wig manufacturers, it’s important to help your customers measure their head. Your wig manufacturers will product the perfect hair wigs according to it. Please make sure to flatten your customer’s hair before using a tape measure. Here is a starter guide for learning how to properly measure head size for a “ready to wear” wig.

    1) Circumference

    1. Starting in the middle of the hairline, you are going to pull the tape down the sides and behind your customer's ears and down to the nape of the neck.

    2. Come back around and make sure you go behind the ears again on the other side.

    3. Bring the ends of the tape together so they meet.

    2) Front to nape

    1.Pull back your customer's hair and start in the center of your customer's forehead (where the hairline is).

    2. You are going to take the measuring table all the way to the back to the nape of the neck where the hairline ends.

    3) Ear to ear across forehead

    1. Place the start of the tape over the ear

    2. Pull the tape up across the hairline to over the ear on the other side

    4) Ear to ear over top

    1. Place the start of the tape over the ear

    2. Pull the tape up across top of the head to the over the ear on the other side.

    5) Temple to temple round back

    1. Place the tip of the tape on the temple

    2. Pull the tape straight back and wrap around the back side of your customer's head to the second temple

    6) Nape of neck

    1. Hold the tip of the measuring tape and place it behind the ear

    2. Pull from behind the ear along the base of the hairline to behind the other ear

    Please Note: Not all wig manufacturers take measurements in the same way. Please see our chart to see what size wig cap you should obtain for your customers. 

    Please get in touch with Bono Hair wig manufacturers freely.


    Here is the size chart of Bono Hair wig manufacturers.

        small medium big
    1 Circumference 21.75" 22.5" 23"
    2 Front to Back 14" 14.5" 14.75"
    3 Ear to Ear over forehead 11.5" 12" 12"
    4 Ear to Ear over Top of Head 12.5" 12.5" 12.75-13"
    5 Temple to Temple over Back of head 14-14.5" 14.5-15" 15"
    6 Width of Neck 4.5" 5" 5.5"