Bono Hair is one of the largest wholesale hair pieces manufacturers in China. We offer a wide variety of wholesale hair pieces for women including wigs, hair toppers, women’s hair systems, hair extensions and more! They are all specially designed to cover bald areas and are especially popular amongst women with thinning hair. Our wholesale hair pieces are all made with the highest quality virgin human hair.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What type of wholesale hairpieces can Bono Hair provide?

    Bono Hair is a leading women hair piece factory based in Qingdao, China. We have a large selection of wholesale hairpieces for women available to our wholesale customers. Different kinds of hair pieces are specially designed to conceal different degrees of hair loss. We have been major players in the hair replacement business for many years, with over 10 years of industry experience serving hair replacement systems to wholesalers and retailers alike. We have a deep understanding of the wigs market and hair systems wholesalers demand. We provide our valued customers with excellent services and outstanding products. We offer a wide variety of fashion wigs, medical wigs, clip on hair toppers, hair integration systems, hair extensions and other hairpieces. No matter the level of hair loss your client is experiencing, they can discover their dream wholesale hair pieces here!

    Fashion Wig

    A fashion wig is a head covering made with either a lace, mono or silk top. Most people choose to wear wigs to switch up their hairstyle and color, it lets people play with their appearance and achieve a new look instantly. Lace front wigs, full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, mono top wigs or silk top wigs are all very popular with wig wearers.

    Medical wig

    Our cranial prosthesis/medical wigs are made with high-quality base materials and human hair. These medical wigs are designed for people suffering from hair loss because of medical treatments or conditions. Our medical wigs are soft, breathable and easy to work with. They are also incredibly natural looking!

    Hair Toppers

    When it comes to hair toppers for women, unlike men’s toupee, there are many to choose from. Our hair toppers come in a wide variety of base designs, base sizes and base materials. If you want more information on them, then why not check out our hair topper page for further information.

    Hair integration systems

    A hair integration system is one of the most popular human hair toppers for women. It is designed to add volume to thinning hair and conceal the gray hair. We find that many customers don’t know how to use hair integration systems but it is very simple. Place the hair integration systems on top of the thinning area and then pull out the growing hair from the bottom of the hair integration system. The hair integration system will blend with the customer’s own hair very well. It doesn’t need to be adhered to the hair using tape or glue. Why don’t you give the best hair integration hair systems a try?

    Hair extensions

    Our specialist range of hair extensions come in a selection of clip in hair extension, I tip hair extension, flat tip extension, u tip extension, tape extension, hand made extension, micro-link extension, halo extension and more.

    Hair pieces

    You may be wondering what wholesale hairpieces and wigs are? “Wholesale hairpieces” is the collective term for bangs, ponytail, hair frontal, hair closure, hair extension, and toupee for men. They are designed to cover specific areas of hair loss.

    Remember, Bono Hair is here to help you solve all hair loss related problems!

    Understanding the main differences between human and synthetic hair is vital for wholesalers and retailers, especially when it comes to helping customers select the right wholesale hairpieces and wigs. We would like to share the differences between human and synthetic hair in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of both hair types.


    Wholesale hair pieces are made from real human hair, so it looks and feels just like your own hair. And it has a very natural looking. It can be colored, permed or even restyled. With proper care, it can hold for a long time.

    Synthetic hair is low maintenance and easy to look after. Synthetic hair products also come in a large variety of colors and the hair itself is relatively inexpensive.


    Human hair products require high amounts of maintenance. The cost of human hair products is much higher and the hair itself is much heavier than synthetic hair.

    Synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled. Recoloring synthetic hair is not recommended as the color will not adhere to the hair fibers. Synthetic hair is drier than human hair and looks less natural than it.

    Keep in mind that the hair type you opt for will determine the price, lifespan and care instructions of your chosen wholesale hairpieces.

    As a wholesale hair pieces factory, Bono Hair can offer many different types of hair according to customer requirements. Remy hair, Indian hair, virgin hair, European hair, Chinese hair are all the main types of hair used at Bono Hair.

    We also find that some customers prefer to source their own raw hair material on the hair market and send it to us so we can craft their wholesale hair pieces.

    Whether we are producing wholesale hair pieces for women from our own hair or from a customers supplied hair, we are more than happy to help our customers find the perfect hair solution for them.