Who we are?

We are a wholesale women and men’s toupee manufacturer and supplier with our very own hair factory. We have been a human hair hair system supplier for over ten years. Our hair system factory staff are all skilled and well-versed in the art of hair system making and they use the latest techniques to deliver long-lasting and natural-looking toupee wigs. We have a large range of stock toupee hairpieces and we can also customize hair systems as well as doing bulk orders at special rates. Our products have proved popular worldwide but particularly so in North and South America, Europe , Australia, and Middle East.

How we started. What we do

I was initially attracted to the women and men’s toupee manufacturer when I realized the transformative power of hair replacement systems. Hair systems are not simply products, they are life changing tools as they can restore people’s youthful looks and confidence. I take an enormous amount of pride in improving people’s confidence and bettering their lives. For this reason, I decided to start my very own hair replacement company.

To help my customers design the very best hair systems for their customers, I studied each and every aspect of the production process. This enabled me to offer my clients a personalized service, offer them suggestions and fix any problems swiftly if they arose. I passed this knowledge onto my team who share my belief in the transformative power of hair replacement systems. All of my skilled colleagues share my beliefs and our customer service team ensures that every hair system ordered will meet the specific needs and specifications of end wearers.

We always strive to be the very best we can be and offer our clients a fantastic and streamlined service from beginning to end. We are passionate about customer experience and satisfaction, so we are always open and willing to receive feedback. Your business is our business and our passion.

I founded Bono Hair, one of the hair wholesale suppliers on the principles rooted within its name, Bono comes from Latin and simply means ‘good’.  Here at Bono Hair, we follow the theorem associated with the phrase pro Bono, meaning to always do good. I love my business and adore my clients; and I can’t wait for you to join me.

Why Bono Hair?

Excellence in Quality Control

As a women and men’s toupee manufacturer, we have full control over our in-house production process, from the raw hair material to the production process and the finishing of hair systems. We ensure all toupee hairpieces are made according to your client’s exact needs and are natural looking, comfortable and tangle free.

One-Stop Solution

No matter your customers’ needs, you can find the ideal solution right here; including stock toupees, custom hair systems, bulk orders and our bespoke repair and duplicate service. As a women and men’s toupee manufacturer, we work with you to find a solution that works well for you and your clients and save your sourcing time and cost.

Industry & Market Insights

Our 10 years of experience in the hair replacement system industry has allowed us an insight into hair system production, sales and target markets. Our head office colleagues and factory workers always know what kind of hair systems will work best for your target client base as well as your existing customers.

Label & Package Customization

For wholesaler and distributors, we provide a label and packaging customization service to help our customers grow their hair replacement system brand. We understand the importance of our customers branding their men’s hair pieces as we value a personalized service too! At Bono Hair wholesale hair factory, our goal is to help your business succeed.

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