A men’s lace hair system is one of the most widely worn hair systems amongst wearers. Lace is lightweight, comfortable and truly undetectable. As men’s lace wigs manufacturers, we are proud to offer a wide variety of lace men’s hairpieces wholesale including French lace hair systems, Swiss lace hair systems, lace front hair systems, lace with PU/Poly(Polyurethane) back and sides and lace with a PU perimeter. We have a wide range of the best men’s hairpieces wholesale here at Bono Hair that will cover the different needs of your clients.

Lace Hair Systems

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What’s a lace hair system?

    A lace hair replacement system for men refers to a men's lace hair system made of full lace, a lace base center or a base with a lace front. French and Swiss lace are the two main types of lace base materials used for lace men’s hairpieces wholesale industry. As a professional lace wigs for men factory, we use high-quality lace made by French lace manufacturers. We create many classic cap designs including full French lace, full Swiss lace, French lace with a Swiss lace front, French/Swiss lace with PU back and sides, skin with a lace front, monofilament with a lace front, etc.

    For your men’s hairpieces wholesale business, we not only provide lace hair systems for men in stock; we are also good at making custom-made toupees for men. Please contact with our service team to get men’s hairpieces wholesale at factory price.

    In men’s lace hair system wholesale business, lace human hair toupees consistently receive high praise from male hair system wearers. The many advantages of lace types of hair systems are clear and prove why lace is so popular amongst our clientele.

    Invisible and Natural Looking
    Lace bases toupees and wigs (mainly French and Swiss lace) are both transparent and delicate. The natural skin color is undetectable through the lace base. Lace can also be easily dyed to different colors to accurately match the wearer’s skin tone.

    The main advantage of a men's lace toupee hair replacement system is its breathability. It is a fantastic choice for wearers who live in hot and humid climates and conditions, and for people who exercise regularly.

    Soft and Comfort
    For people suffering from hair loss, achieving a truly natural look is incredibly important when it comes to choosing a stylish men’s lace toupee. Another important factor is comfort. The best hair replacement systems for men don’t sacrifice comfort for realism. Lace is a base material that is incredibly thin, soft and lightweight. Wearers can’t even feel it when it is on their head!

    With its distinct advantages, some people may overlook the disadvantages of lace men’s hairpieces wholesale for men. It is important to note that, the more natural a men’s hair replacement system, the less durable it is. Lace men’s hairpieces wholesale provide wearers with a highly realistic, natural and stylish finished look, but they aren’t for long term use. So, if your client opts for a lace men’s hairpieces toupee, they will need to replace the toupees more often. This may lead to greater expense in the long run.

    Knowing the lace wigs for men cost is very important. When purchasing lace men’s hair replacement systems online, customers can choose between stock men’s hairpieces wholesale and custom hairpieces. At Bono Hair, we offer both options for your men’s hairpieces wholesale business. The price of custom toupees will depend on factors including; hair length, hair density, combination of base materials used, hair color etc. The price of lace stock hair systems can be forwarded to you on request. Our Swiss and French lace hair system price is very competitive. As a trusted hair system manufacturer, we are proud to provide the best men’s hairpieces wholesale service to our valued customers at factory price.

    French and Swiss lace are the main lace types used in men’s hairpieces wholesale business. French lace hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems have some notable differences. Men's Swiss lace hair system incorporates the thinnest lace base material. It is much finer, but more fragile, than French lace. Swiss lace is far less visible than French lace, it disappears against the skin leading to a completely undetectable and natural looking front hairline.

    If your customer is looking for a slightly more durable non surgical hair replacement system, we highly recommend a French lace hair system. Although it is a little thicker, French lace men's toupee still provides wearers with an invisible hairline effect. The full lace human hair system density differs between the two different base types. Swiss lace can hold a maximum of a medium light density whilst French lace can hold a maximum of a medium heavy density.

    Both French and Swiss lace toupee wig are truly undetectable and provide wearers with a high degree of comfort, breathability and style. Lace hair systems are very popular and are constantly ranked as some of the best hair replacement systems for men. And with our over 10 years experience in lace hair system business, we are proud to help to grow your men’s hairpieces wholesale business with our best hair replacement service.

    Men's lace hair system wholesale are our most popular base materials. Lace is soft, lightweight and truly undetectable; it provides wearers with the most realistic looking. Since lace is comfortable and breathable, these natural hair systems are ideal for people who live in hot countries and for those who exercise frequently.

    Thin skin toupees are becoming more and more popular amongst our clients. Skin thickness varies from 0.03mm ultra-thin skin to 0.25mm silicon. Thin skin men’s hairpieces wholesale are in high demand as they feature a highly realistic front edge with the v-loop hair technique. In addition to this, skin men’s hair systems are easy to attach, remove and clean. If your customers are seeking an exceedingly natural front hairline and have no breathability requirements, then a thin skin men’s toupee is the ideal choice.

    Both lace and skin bases are soft, comfortable and easy to wear. If your customer is looking for a combination base design of both lace and skin, then this request can be easily accommodated. There are many different combination base designs available including thin skin with a lace front hair replacement system, lace base with skin back and sides and even a lace base with a skin perimeter!

    When it comes to men’s hairpieces wholesale, achieving a natural appearance is always our top priority. As a professional men’s hair toupees manufacturer, there are four ways to achieve an invisible lace wigs for men:

    Lace Colors
    Lace is a transparent base material; it disappears when placed against the skin. We proudly embrace diversity and we offer a wide variety of different lace color choices to best match your customer’s skin tone, like light brown, brown and dark lace base.

    Bleach Knots
    To ensure the most undetectable men's lace wig, bleach knots techniques are used on lace hair systems. When we hand-tie the hair onto a lace base, knots are created. If the knots are bigger then they will be visible. It is therefore necessary to bleach the knots in order to lighten the root color of the lace system hair. This gives the illusion that the hair is growing directly from the wearers scalp. Typically, bleach knots are used on the front hairline and parting areas to give the hair system a natural front and top appearance.

    Dye After
    ‘Dye after’ is another technique we use to achieve a natural front hairline on our lace front men’s hairpieces wholesale. Some dark colors, such as #1 and #1A are too dark to have bleach knots. ‘Dye after’ is the alternative technique we use to achieve the same effect reached by bleaching knots on lace front hair pieces for men hair. When using our ‘dye after’ technique, we start by knotting with light color hair and, after we have finished the knotting process, we dye the hair to the required color and leave the knotting area untouched. We will complete the process by bleaching the light-colored knots again to achieve an undetectable front hairline.

    Smaller Knots
    Smaller knots are important in achieving a natural finished look and ensuring our units are the very best non surgical hair replacement systems available. Smaller knots can also help us in executing a flawless bleach knot effect. To ensure the realism of a lace hair system, we use single split knots on the first ½” with single hair and then single knot the hair to obtain the smallest knots possible. In addition to this, our gradual hairline also helps enhance the overall realism of the non surgical hair replacement system. This is our common standard for stock and custom men’s hairpieces wholesale.