The women’s toupee is designed to solve female pattern baldness and hair loss. Wearing a toupee for women is a fast, effective and healthy way to cover any baldness areas and thinning hair. As women’s toupee suppliers, Bono Hair can provide you with a wide range of hairpieces for women. No matter what the base size and hair length, we can customize hair wigs for women to meet the exact needs and specifications of your customers. Don’t hesitate to chat with your professional women’s toupee suppliers to find a solution that works for you.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the differences between men’s and women’s toupees?

    With the development of the hair replacement system industry, the market is saturated with a lot of non-surgical hairpieces from different women’s toupee suppliers to solve women’s hair loss problems. Solutions such as hair toppers, nonsurgical hair replacement systems, wigs, bangs and hair extensions – all of these belong in the “hairpiece” category. Hairpieces are designed hair system solutions for different kinds of coverage.

    Many people believe that only men wear ‘toupees’ and only women can wear ‘wigs. This is not strictly true. As professional women’s toupee suppliers, we know that both men and women can wear ‘toupees’. However, the process of making men’s toupees is different from that of making women’s wigs, even though both are totally handmade.

    Toupees for men and women made by women’s toupee suppliers and men’s hair system factories are very similar – the main difference between a toupee hair for women and men is the hair length and wave. Female toupees tend to have a hair length of over 6” and this hair tends to have a body wave, is curly, or is naturally straight. Most toupee wig for women base designs incorporates full thin skin with a mono top and poly coating all around. These types of base designs make for easy adhesion, removal, and clean-up. Wholesale male hair pieces come in a wide variety of base designs – please check out wholesale women’s toupee suppliers’ website to find out more about hair systems for men.

    All of our women's toupee hairpieces are custom-made. In women’s toupee suppliers’ factories, when it comes to men’s hair systems, some orders are stock hair systems whilst others are customized hair replacement systems.

    As your trust women’s toupee suppliers, if you still have any questions about hair toupee for women and men, please feel free to contact us.

    Female hair loss has become increasingly common. Women’s hair toupees and hair toppers are a safe and effective forms of hair loss treatment for women. However, many customers cannot tell the difference between women’s hair toupees and hair toppers for women. And they didn’t get the correct information from their regular women’s toupee suppliers.

    Let’s introduce the similarities between hair toppers and women’s hair systems from a professional women’s toupee suppliers’ perspective.

    Both hair toupees and hair toppers can blend into the customers own growing hair seamlessly and provide them with extra volume and length.

    These two kinds of products are also called hairpiece. Unlike ladies hair wigs, the hair is attached to the top of the base to recreate the client’s own natural hair. When you order the custom hair systems for women from your women’s toupee suppliers, they would like to confirm with the hair color with you. Women's hair toupees and hair toppers requires your customers' natural hair to be similar in color and texture to your toppers or women's toupees for a truly seamless transition. They are the main similarities between hair toppers for women and women’s hair toupees.

    Everyone is curious about the differences between these two female hair systems – let’s explore these differences more closely.

    Production process & ventilating

    Hair replacement systems follow one of two production processes. One is to craft hair systems for men and the other is to craft hair replacement systems for women. The technology used in the making of men’s hair replacement systems by women’s toupee suppliers is also used for women’s hair systems. This ensures the knots are small and invisible and the women’s toupee human hair is shaped perfectly so it fits snug against the head.

    For women's hair toppers, women’s toupee suppliers craft hair replacement for women when making hair toppers. It is easier to craft units for women than for men. The knot of hair toppers is not as small as women's hair toupees. You must pay special attention to this when choosing the hair replacement for women experiencing hair loss.

    Secure Method

    Toppers and women’s toupees require different attachment methods, toppers use clips and combs which can pull and strain the hair. Typically, women’s toupees use tape or glue – this is because women tend to choose this type of women’s toupee human hair as they have hair loss in different areas.

    In this article, we have taken a closer look at the differences between hair toppers and hair toupee for ladies and given you tips on how to ensure you never choose either of them incorrectly again when you order them from women’s toupee suppliers.

    Base size is an important specification when making toupees for women and choosing female hair systems. As a professional women’s toupee suppliers, we would like to teach you how to measure the base size of hairpieces systems correctly;

    Firstly, place the women’s hair system ordered from women’s toupee suppliers onto a wig stand with the base on top (make sure there are no folds).

    Secondly, use a soft measuring tape to measure the length and width of the women’s hair system. Place the tape at the center of the front hairline and measure across the middle of the base to the back edge. Write down the length of the hair system.

    Write down the length of the hair system. Place the tape at one side edge of the base and note that it should be half the distance from the temple points. Then go across the top of the base to the second edge. Write down the width of the female toupee.

    This is how to take correct measurements for a hair systems for women. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact with your women’s toupee suppliers. We would like to share more information about hair replacement systems with you soon!