Hair integration systems can solve problems associated with hair loss perfectly. They are lightweight, comfortable, breathable and can blend with existing hair seamlessly. As hair integration wigs suppliers, we have hair integration pieces available in stock and we can also custom make them. Popular custom-made hair pieces include PE lines with a PU front, PE lines with a ribbon perimeter and PE lines with a lace, mono or silk top parting. Contacts us to get our hair integration system cost immediately.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a hair integration system?

    Hair integration systems, also called pull through hair integration pieces are a non-surgical alternative to hair loss. They blend seamlessly into the wearers natural hair and are unlike hair extensions. Pull through toppers for thinning hair provide wearers with endless possibilities and are especially popular amongst women. They are an ideal solution for people wanting to hide bald spot areas or thinning hair. They work by adding volume and length to the wearers’ natural hair. Not only will our hair mesh integration systems improve the look and feel of natural hair, they will do so without causing any damage!

    Hair integration pieces, are not as well known as other, traditional non-surgical hair replacement solutions, but they are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease, versatility and style. And all mesh integration systems are made to match the exact hair texture, color and length of the wearers own hair, providing users with a truly undetectable finished look.

    As an integration hair piece factory, we can make any kind of pull through hair toppers and wigs to meet your customers’ needs. Contact with your hair integration wigs suppliers for further information and price list.

    As a revolutionary non-surgical hair replacement system for women, the human hair integration systems differ from more traditional methods. Simply place the hairpieces on to the head and then attach it with clips or tapes. Then, pull existing hair through the holes of the hair net. As hair integration wigs suppliers, our hair integration systems are designed to match the wearers own hair, so the unit will look both seamless and natural.

    Different hair integration hairpieces meet the unique needs of different clients. As hair integration wigs suppliers, our hair system models are typically designed according to the different stages of female hair loss.

    During the first stage, hair loss is not a noticeable problem – it is normally mild and focused around the parting area. As the hair loss is not noticeable, the hair integration system simply works by adding volume to this parting area. We can design the partial hair pieces with large PE holes and clips around the perimeter for easy application.

    When hair loss progresses to the second stage, it becomes more noticeable. It will not only occur around the parting area, but also around the top and crown areas of the head. At this stage, we suggest crown filler hair pieces. We can still use PE lined bases for construction. However, as an experienced hair integration wigs suppliers, we suggest making the mesh with slightly smaller holes on the PE lines to increase the hair density.

    At the advanced stages of hair loss, there will be very little hair on the parting and top area and small PE lines will not cover this bald area sufficiently. At this stage, we will use our combined construction process to hide the parting and front baldness naturally. For example by using: PE lines with a PU parting and front, PE lines with a French lace parting and front, PE lines with a mono parting and PE lines with a silk top parting area.

    For these designs, we would need to use tapes or glue to attach the parting and front area to the head securely. We would then attach the PE line onto the existing hair with clips or by sewing it in.

    Most of our hair integration pieces are customized to our client’s specific needs and requirements. But as professional hair integration wigs suppliers, we also provide stock solutions for hair integration systems. It’s 0.5cmx0.5cm PE line with a PU parting and front area. There are pressure-sensitive clips all around for easy attachment. We have designed this stock hair system for people who need a hair integration system urgently. The base size, hair length and hair color are standard for the European market.

    Please contact your hair integration wigs suppliers for further information and hair integration system cost.