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Hair Replacement Systems Factory in China

We are a wholesale hair replacement systems manufacturer and supplier based in Qingdao, China. Since we make hair pieces and wigs for men and women in bulk ourselves, we are able to keep our price competitive and our quality high.

Our philosophy

Hair is Our Passion

At Bono Hair, we are dedicated to supply men and women hair systems with wholesale price. Strict quality control at each step of production helps us to distribute high quality hair systems all over the world. And to make sure all hair system orders can be finished and sent out on time, we have specialized workers to track orders carefully and adjust in any case. Our customers also have access to online tracking system where you can track current orders status and invoices, which will help to save your time. Besides, as a hair pieced and wigd supplier for men and women, we take great pride in working alongside our clients to change the lives of our hair system wearers. And we are happy and open to improve and adjust according to your feedback, which empowers us to continue delivering high-quality hair systems. No base design or hair replacement is too complex for us and our technicians so whatever your clients' needs are, we will relish taking on the challenge of producing that perfect hair systems.

Why Choose Bono Hair?

  • 6 Strict Steps of Quality Control
    We take quality control very seriously at Bono Hair and we do not not simply do checks at the end of production. We in fact do six steps of quality control during hairpiece production. That is to say that we do quality control after the following stages: hair collecting, hair coloring, making curls, making the base, knotting and after the final wash. Therefore should any problems arise, we are able to deal with them there and then rather than at the end when it may be very difficult and time-consuming.
  • Online Tracking System
    We have our own online system to track every aspect of stock and custom orders. That means we can relay detailed information to you about the status of your order and offer assurances on production and delivery time of your toupee hair replacement systems.
  • Hair Quality Guaranteed
    The most visible and perhaps important part of the hair system is the hair itself and we take great measures to ensure that we only source the best possible human hair material for our stock and custom hair systems. Meanwhile, we are constantly learning to improve our processing technique to minimize the effect on hair quality.
  • Skilled and Experienced Technicians
    Our team of technicians in our hairpiece factory are all trained in the most up-to-date and professional practices of wig making and are skilled and experienced enough to cope with any hair system design your clients may have.

In addition to our commitment towards delivering the best hair replacement systems, we take great pride in the crafting of our toupees and wigs and the service that we offer our clients. We have long-standing relations with our clients and like them. You can have the following benefits if you choose us as your hair replacement system supplier:
  • Over 8000 stock men hair pieces and women hair toppers ready for shipment
  • Over 8 years of hair replacement making experience to satisfy your custom requirements
  • Prompt answer to your emails and messages, usually within 12 hours
  • A team of professional and passionate English-speaking sales representatives for high-efficient communication

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