The secrets of making an undetectable hair replacement system

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Undetectability, durability, good hair quality, easy to maintain, cost performance – These characters may be the main variables that customers care about. Without question undetectability is absolutely the most important one. As a result, for Bono Hair and other manufacturers in this industry, it is basic, but important to know how to make an undetectable hair replacement system. No doubt that it is also of great importance to the hair-piece sellers and service providers who build strong bridges between our hair system factory and the end consumer.


How to make an undetectable hair replacement?

We will first have a look at the two stock hair pieces to get a general idea.

Example 1: BH3 Ultra-Thin Skin 0.003mm

Example 2: BH2 Full French Lace


1) What makes them undetectable

Briefly, BH3 Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm is undetectable because of how extremely thin the Skin base material is. It also has no knots. In comparison BH2 Full French Lace is natural due to special ventilation method – single knotting and well-done bleached knots.


2) Materials involved and ventilation methods used

Skin Base

Firstly, the base used when constructing BH3 is an ultra-thin 0.03mm skin material, actually it is a thin layer of liquid poly brushed on the scalp mold. After drying, the liquid poly becomes an extremely thin layer of solid poly, just like our own skin. Of course, it could be transparent or dyed to an individual’s scalp colour in a custom order.

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When putting on the head, it is hard to detect it unless you are an expert or specialist in this industry.  Another contributor to the naturality of BH3 is the ventilation method. This hair system uses a V-looped method, which has no knots and seems like the hair is growing naturally through the scalp.

French Lace Base

BH2, on the other hand is constructed using a French Lace base, the colour of which is similar to the natural skin tone. For a custom order, if the end user’s skin has more colour, we can also dye the lace to match the colour of the wearer so that the base is more undetectable. 


Let us first look at the emotions and feelings that a customer has with regards to undetectability. Giving someone a head full of hair after years of hair loss is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. Not only are you giving them more confidence but also, happiness. However, the majority of people especially men who wear toupees or hair systems do not want others to know they are wearing a hair system even if it’s the best hair system on the market. Undetectability, will decrease the end customers insecurity and anxiety about what other people might think or say. Simply by assuring them, that other people would not be able to tell any difference between their hair system and a real head of hair.

Next, let us look at what areas of the hair is the most noticeable and visible. In everyday goings, face to face interactions are bound to happen, the front hairline, parting and crown area are the most noticeable and visible. So, for the end users, if it is undetectable on the above-mentioned area, the hair replacement system would be perfect, an undetectable one.


Processes that are involved to ensure that the areas mentioned are undetectable

As we have previously stated in the introductionary part, there are mainly two points to make a hair piece undetectable. One is the base material, the other is the invisible knots, which is usually realized by choosing the right ventilation method.


This table illustrates well how to make a natural and undetectable front hairline, parting and crown.

Front Hair Line

Base Material – Reading the table, we can see that for the front hairline, two types of base materials are often used, skin and lace. Both skin and lace could be dyed to the colour of our own skin to make the base material look more natural.

Ventilation Method – Furthermore, another important point is being able to make the knots disappear. V-Looped and injected skin are the usual ventilation method used for skin, the reason of which is that there are completely no knots for those two ventilation methods. Perfect, right? Regarding the lace front, V-looped and injected are not workable. Therefore, we need to find a solution, using single knotting which makes the knots tiny and invisible is our best solution. Bleaching knots could also be applied to realize a perfect undetectable effect.

Under Hair – for some custom orders asking for folded lace, the front edge would usually be thick and visible. In order to face this problem, under hair is applied, knotting 2-3lines of hair on the bottom side of the lace to be brushed back and cover the thick edge wonderfully.


Parting & Crown Area

Let us now look at the Crown Area. For customers who are not sensitive to price, we recommend top silk/injected silk applied on this area. Since the process of injected silk is complicated, the price will be higher accordingly. For this ventilation method, knots could be hidden between the many layers of silk and lace, so it is a perfect solution for the parting and crown area. To check more details about injected Silk, you could get it from our previous blog post about Ventilation Methods.

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Last but not least, Injected Silk could make the hair appear to be growing naturally from the wearers scalp, vertical to the surface of the top silk, which could realize a lifted effect, easy to style.

Besides the two obvious aspects that the end clients care most about, the base material and knots, there are some other points that will also impact the undetectability of a hair replacement system, which, however, may not be paid enough attention to even by many other toupee manufacturers. Here we mainly talk about hair density and hair direction.

You may be asking yourself why is Hair Density and Hair Direction that important?

Let us have a closer look to our reasoning…


Hair Density

  • Zigzag Knotting Track– BObserving the natural front hairline of men without any hair loss, we will find that the density is much lower on the very front hairline, and the hair does not distribute along a straight line or at an uniform density. So, we made knotting like a zigzag track on the very front hairline to achieve a similar natural effect.
  • Graduated Density– Besides the zigzag knotting track, graduated density is also applied on the front area to ensure an undetectable front hairline.
  • Adding DensityAccording to different hair styles, we would add density in some corresponding areas. For example, if the order asks for brushing back, we would add about 10% density to the front area so that the hair would have a lifted appearance, not too flat, when brushing back, which could help achieve more natural effect and being undetectable.


Hair Direction

Details determine success or failure. The detail of hair direction sometimes determines whether a hair system is undetectable or not.  For example, Toupees are often used together with our own hair on the sides, back and temple areas of our head. The hair on these areas are all flat down. So, for a toupee, the hair direction on the temples, side and back is also required to be flat and down.


This may seem like common sense, but when you have been manufacturing the world’s best toupees, you would realize the importance of things as simple as this. It is a significant contributor to the naturality of the hair system.  As we have described on the previous blog post, the both ventilation methods, suit for lace material is the Single Split Knot and Double Split Knot. Both of these two ventilation methods cannot achieve a perfect flat effect. The same problem also exists on the skin models and models with PU perimeter. Anyway, Bono Hair finally found a way to solve this problem. We will talk about this in another blog in the near future. So, Stay Tuned!

How to tailor undetectable hair system for different markets?

Let’s look at the Humid and Non-Humid markets. Breathability will be an important point needed to be considered when making a hair system for humid areas of the world. Lace and Mono should be chosen to cover most parts of the hair piece to increase the breathability. For, the front hairline, since the area is small, not crucial to the breathability, skin front could also be a choice. Then how to make it undetectable? When the base material has been finally decided, it would be easy to find the solution, just as we described above, choosing the according ventilation method, processes, then everything is done.

So, in conclusion, Undetectability, Durability, Good Hair Quality, Easy to Maintain and Cost Performance these are main factors that customers care about. We believe that Undetectability is the most important out of all of them. When dealing with undetectability from the customer point of view, you must look at the front hairline, parting and crown area, which are the most noticeable. From Bono Hair’s perspective, which is the perspective of a China based manufacturer of hair systems, we will look at the Hair Density & Hair Direction very closely. Especially on the front hairline, temple, back and sides. Implementing different hair density and installation methods to meet different specifications to create a truly undetectable hair replacement system.


If you still feel unsure, don’t worry, contact Bono Hair.

We will be the hair-piece manufacturing specialist by your side.

Thanks for reading our blog on “The secretes of making an undetectable hair replacement system”


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