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Bono Hair manufactures the world’s best-quality hair systems. Each part of the manufacturing process is carefully and thoroughly completed, with masterful technique and precision ensuring that the hair system last the longest possible duration and that is as comfortable and breathable as possible. In this blog post, we will be informing you in detail and providing as much information as possible regarding the Ventilation methods and techniques used when manufacturing the highest quality hair systems.

The methods of ventilation that are traditionally used when manufacturing men’s toupees are V-loopInjected, and Knotted. These methods cannot be used on all bases, because as previously mentioned each base material is different, and due to its unique characteristics will use different ventilation methods.

The Masterful Skill of Knotting


When it comes to Knotting, there are four methods used in order to create a quality hair system. These include the Single Knot, Double Knot, Single Split Knot, and lastly Double Split Knot. Each of these is used for a different purpose, each having a variation of strength, visibility as well as positioning on the hair system.

Knotting makes a good hair system into a great hair system; this is because the knots allow the hair to have more natural movement, improved flexibility, and easier styling capabilities.


Single Knot

The main advantage of the Single Knot method is its visibility because it is a smaller knot and it appears to be flat, therefore the best area of the toupee that this is used on is around the perimeter (temple area, back, and sides). The main disadvantage of Single Knot is because it’s one knot, so it’s easier for it to get loose. To avoid this, the Single Knot method usually has a brushed Poly coating after knotting to fasten knots.

With reference to base material, a Single Knot style is best suited for Skin-based and PU Perimeter, because brushing Poly can perfectly seal the knots to avoid getting loose. Unlike Mono and Lace, where spraying Poly could not seal the knots as perfectly as brushing Poly does.


Double Knot

Double Knot has a perfectly flat effect.  As illustrated in the picture you can see that the double knot is big and should only be used on the more inconspicuous areas.


Split Knot

The difference between split knot and normal knot is that the hair system gives the hair strands more lift and creates a more natural look layering, however as the knots are more visible on Skin-based hair systems, it is not uncommon to have both split knots and normal knots together to make the knots small enough to be undetectable.


Single Split Knot

The main advantage of Single Split Knot is that it can be used for Skin and Lace/Mono bases. The hair strands that are inserted into the base using a Single Split Knot have a more lifted look. With regards to the disadvantage, as shown in the image above, the Single Split Knot is just like a spring and therefore the hair is split into two directions, therefore it is not easy to get the hair to go towards one direction.


Double Split Knot 

The Double Split Knot is usually used for Lace and Mono hair system, they are used all over the entire base of the hair system except the front hairline. The Double Split Knot method is a traditional and basic ventilation method that has been used for many years, by manufacturers who supply the world’s best hair systems and toupees for men.

The advantage of the Double Split Knot is that the hair strands are secured tightly, and it is not easy for the hair to get loose. Furthermore, when it comes to styling the hair system, the direction of the hair can be changed and styled easily. The main disadvantage of the Double Split Knot is the size, the knots are larger and more visible, therefore they need bleaching to make them blend into the hair system for a more natural look.  

Example of Men’s Toupee


  1. V-loop Ventilation 
  2. Injected Skin and Lifted Injected Skin
  3. Injected Lace / Silk Top 


V-loop Ventilation 

The V-loop Ventilation method is a technique that is only used for Skin-base hair systems. Because there is no knotting, this method cannot be used on other bases such as Lace and Mono systems. This makes the hair system more undetectable because it looks like the natural way that hair grows from the scalp. This ventilation method is ranked second for best invisibility making Injected ventilation.It is the best choice if the client is looking for the most undetectable hair system and where price is not an issue.

The main advantage of V-loop Ventilation is that it’s the most cost-effective method for undetectability, because it’s much cheaper than Injected and still provides the best quality men’s hairpieces in terms of invisibility. It is the most important reason that using ultra-thin skin plus V-loop to get the most undetectable effect. The main disadvantage is the hair direction is not as good as other ventilation methods. For example, on the temple back and sides of the hair system, usually, the request is for a flat effect. However, when using a V-loop ventilation method, it’s not easy to have a flat effect. Therefore, for a full wig in thin skin with V-loop all over, we do not suggest hair cutting too short on the temple area. Meaning in terms of designing and styling, this method limits the possible options they have.

BH3, ultra-thin skin 0.03mm, V-loop all over. Why – 0.03mm is too thin to be broken while knotting, only V-loop is suited.

BH1, thin skin 0.08mm, V-loop in front 1/2″ hairline. V-loop is used on the front area to get a natural front hairline.

Injected Skin and Lifted Injected Skin

The Injected Skin ventilation technique is conducted by skillfully injecting it into a skin or silicon base. The hair being injected into the skin or silicon base with an acute angle. The hair falls naturally in one direction and cannot be styled/combed in another direction.

The advantage of injecting the hair into the skin is that it’s the most natural and best ranked for invisibility compared to all other ventilation methods. Because of the Injected Skin, the hair appears to be coming out of the scalp identically to how it would from a real head of hair. The main disadvantage is quite clear since there are no knots the hairs can get loose easier, and therefore the user must take extra care when brushing the hair. However, to create stronger durability the skin base will be brushed with Poly to hold the hair in place.

Therefore, since there is brush Poly to fasten the hair roots after injecting the skin could not be as thin as 0.03mm and should be either 0.06mm to 0.08mm, such as BH6.

Injected Lace / Silk Top 

The main difference between the Injected Skin and Injected Lace is that it has at least two layers of Lace. Therefore, knotting on the bottom layer and then injecting hair through the top layer, allows the hair to have a much fuller and higher volume appearance. By using this method, the Knots are hidden between the top layer and the bottom layer. The most undetectable and natural effect is being professionally used in order to create the best hair system. However, being so men’s toupees that use this technique have a higher cost price in comparison to other ventilation methods.

It is clear that the main advantage of this method is the undetectability and the natural effect it gives the wearer. However, the disadvantage is the time it takes in order to manufacture the hair system is longer and the cost is higher, furthermore, this method can only be used on a small part of the hair system focusing on the crown and parting area. Example: BLN72942.

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Choosing the right ventilation method helps in many ways, for instance, achieving a more natural effect, increasing invisibility, and extending durability. However, there are many different knotting methods. Therefore, unless you have a great memory it makes your job more difficult, right? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! Bono Hair is a specialist in manufacturing high-quality men’s hair replacement systems. Just tell us exactly the effect you want, and we can help you in making choosing the best ventilation method to achieve the best effect that you’re looking for.

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