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Bono Hair is an established and professional men’s toupee factory based in Qingdao, China. Our skilled workers are able to produce many different types of hair replacement systems, such as lace hair system, skin hair system, mono hair system, men’s lace front toupee, etc. BLN72942 is a men’s custom toupee we made recently. The base design is a silk top with Pu coated back and sides. And the lace front increases the natural-looking of this custom toupee. It’s undetectable, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


  • Product code: BLN72942
  • Order type: Custom-Made Order
  • Base construction: Silk top with Pu coated back and sides area, and a French lace front
  • Base size: 7”x8 1/2”
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: Natural color
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

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Details about men’s lace front toupee

This BLN72492 custom toupee is made exactly according to the customer’s requirements. The lace front hair pieces for men are silk top in the middle, 1” Pu coated with clips at back and sides area, and 1” French lace at front. Silk top is the most complicated, but also the most natural hair technique for hair system making. There are no knots seen from the hair side, creating a great part and top appearance. Your client can part the hair anywhere they want. And we add one layer of the diamond net on the silk top area, so the hair system is not only undetectable and breathable, but it’s also very soft and comfortable to wear.

custom toupee
custom toupee

The biggest advantage of a nonsurgical hair replacement system is the instant result of getting hair back. And you can choose different attachment methods according to your client’s hair loss situation. For this custom toupee, the customer asked 4 pressure-sensitive clips in the back and sides area. Pressure-sensitive clips are small, light-weight, and easy to attach. Such an attachment method is good for people who have thinning hair problems. And for a French lace hairline, he will use a little tape to keep it staying on the head. Such an attachment method can help to prolong the lifespan of the men’s toupee.

Another special point of this custom toupee is that the customer asked for natural hair color. If you need a natural hair color custom hairpieces, that means we will not process the hair color during production, neither bleaching nor dyeing. This can help to minimize the damage of hair quality caused by hair color processing. And when you receive the hair system, you can dye the hair color freely according to your client’s needs.

Toupee Factory

Such a silk top custom toupee will take about 8-10 weeks for production, due to the complicated silk top hair techniques. And we will not sacrifice the quality to get a much shorter production time. If your client needs this men’s lace front toupee for a special occasion, please confirm with our service team that if we can arrange rush service for you.

At Bono Hair, we can not only make silk top men’s hairpieces but also men’s lace front toupee, lace hair system, skin hair system, mono hair system. If you also need women’s toupees and realistic men’s wigs, you will also find the men’s lace front toupee here. Please check the Products page to find the right base design for your clients. You can fill out the contact form below to send your order specifications, so our service team will get in touch shortly with the quotation and approximate production time. Our black mens lace front hairpiece can last a long time without falling. Our mens toupee hair stock in a big men’s hairpiece warehouse without any dust, so we can supply the best human hair mens toupee and hairpieces for men.Toupee vs wig, both of them we can provide for you.



When do you need to choose a men's custom toupee?

Below are a couple of certain circumstances where you require to provide your customers a men’s custom toupee.
1. When they have particular requirements or requests, you need to make a men’s custom toupee for your clients.
2. When you have a client who has lost their hair and also does not appear to locate a standard hair system according to their dimension, you will certainly require to develop a men’s custom toupee for them.
3. If you have a customer who is undertaking radiation treatment, you will additionally require to develop a men’s custom toupee for them.
4. When you have a client who wishes to change their wig’s hairdo and wants an extremely specific one, you can create a men’s custom toupee for them.
5. You can additionally create men’s custom toupee for clients who want to cover hairless places.
6. If any of your customers have an extremely delicate scalp and they want a base cap that is non-irritant like skin-like wigs however complex sufficient like shoelace fabric, you may require to purchase a men’s custom toupee integrating both various base products.

How to order a men’s custom toupee from Bono Hair

We intend to make sure you obtain the best men’s custom toupee for your demands. When you choose to get a men’s custom toupee with us, you are called for to comply with these straightforward steps:

  1. Our sales expert will be in touch with you. Make sure to talk about vital information with our sales experts prior to we start producing men’s custom toupee to make sure that no demand goes unnoticed or failed to remember.
  2. To make sure a best fit, our team will certainly validate the sizing information of your custom order prior to sending it out for ventilation.
  3. Our sales specialist will after that send you an invoice for the next step in your journey. You can pay this using PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.
  4. As quickly as you send us the payment proof, your order will certainly be sent out to the production line, where it will certainly take 4 to 6 weeks. (Advantages come only to those who wait).
  5. When your order prepares, the sales consultant will certainly run it via a quality check to make sure it is perfect.
  6. After inspecting if the personalized hair system is made to match your every need, it will be shipped to you instantly!

Keep in mind: Distributors, Hair Salon Owners, or Local business owner can buy men’s custom toupee in bulk on behalf of their customers. We make use of top notch artificial fiber that is resistant to warmth as well as fading, so your customers can shake their make over with self-confidence.

Silk Top vs Lace Front vs Full Lace

Both silk top, as well as lace, have their advantages and disadvantages – it actually comes down to personal choice and what feels right for you! Right here are some we remember:

Silk Top Pros:
1. The scalp looks one of the most realistic by far.
2. Silk is typically more durable than lace.
3. Silk top’s hair lay much flatter than lace tops (i.e. the hair isn’t as large as well as “poofy” looking).

Lace Pros:
1. Lace sits ultra-flat versus your head (silk tops have an additional layer so there is small bulk at the hairline).
2. Lace is light and breathable (lace has holes that permit air circulation contrasted to silk which is a thicker material).
3. Lace is good for those with receding hairlines and also widow’s height or if you want to put on a wig that’s an extremely different color than your very own hair.
4. Lace is able to create a more natural thin hairline that gradually gets thicker.
5. Lace has a bit extra volume to the hair, this is a personal preference.
6. Can control the thickness a little better on lace contrasted to silk (if you pluck silk tops way too much, you give away the natural scalp-looking appearance!).

Lace Front:
1. Lace front toupees are supposed to have the most effective of both worlds.

2. They have lace in the front permitting the item to lay flat as well as create a sporadic, natural-looking hairline as well as still have a reasonable-looking scalp with the silk top.

3. The greatest negative aspect of lace front pieces is that often you can see from the up top where the shoelace quits and also the silk starts (see left).

Full Lace:
1. Full lace toupees have lace throughout the wig or hair topper (with no wefting or mesh that other lace toupees may have).
2. The benefit of a complete lace piece is there is full uniformity in thickness and a light feeling throughout your toupee or wig. With full lace items, you have more control in personalizing the fit around your head given that you can cut the lace as you want.
3. In addition, given that lace lays extremely level, you can hug the piece extremely close around your scalp, guaranteeing you don’t have any type of space between the wig or hair mattress topper and also your head.

Negative aspects of full lace:
1. You will require glue and/or tape to lay the item down about your hairline and likely the back of your neck.
2. There is no stretch to hug the wig down so you will need to make certain the wig is a near-perfect fit for your head.
3. When caring for a full lace piece, Lace is more delicate and is prone to deforming if you do not take appropriate care of it so take extra precaution!

How much does men’s custom toupee cost?

Not all hair is developed equivalent with a lot of quality human hair pieces balancing at around $1,000. For a lot of clients, they will certainly desire to understand why the men’s hair system price is costly when there are synthetic males’s wigs that can set you back as reduced as $150.

As a hair replacement system supplier, we understand the significance of having this details for both you and also your customers in breaking down the many components that establish the exact expense of our first-class toupees, and also why your customers ought to be certain in purchasing men’s custom toupee that might appear pricey.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is extremely cost-friendly contrasted to human wigs. The hair is made from a blend of different plastics that are developed to imitate human hair. This implies the producer can produce many hairpieces. The low rates of artificial hair mirrors on its top quality. Artificial hair will not offer the customer that seamless all-natural appearance they want as well as the hair is extra vulnerable to dryness as well as damage. They are not adaptable to various designs as well as they typically come pre-styled. As a result of the plastic material, it can not be warm styled as well as can quickly damage when overexposed to the sun.

Human Hair

As a hair replacement system supplier, we manufacture exceptional human hair wigs. The high quality of the human hair items determines as much as half the price of the hair replacement system. After human hair is sourced from contributors it has to go through an extensive procedure of cleansing as well as decontaminating it from any diseases, dirt, germs, or microorganisms. The human hair is manually prepared to ensure that the ends and the origins all hinge on the same direction. When well taken care of, human hair wigs can last for a very long time.This labor-intensive procedure is essential in creating outstanding high-quality guys’s hairpieces that are incredibly adaptable to any kind of designing, use of warm styling devices, as well as coloring. All this quality assurance actions make human hair costlier and also far better than synthetic hair.

Custom Hair System

With over ten years of experience in making hair substitute systems, Bono Hair is just one of the most significant hair replacement system suppliers in China, with 50 plus service technicians and 500 plus ventilators all set to produce a wide range of up to 7,000 customized human hair men’s hairpieces each month. Depending on the customer’s individual demands, differing aspects will certainly be added to the pricing.


The hair fibers are stitched in to uniformly produce a row of lined up hairs on the base material. One is restricted to parting the hair to achieve particular styles as the hair just relocates in one instructions.


This is an exceptionally intricate procedure that requires knowledgeable ventilators and also competent specialists to make top quality human hairpieces. Since each hair strand is separately hand tied into the base product, building and construction of a toupee can take 30-150 hours. Because of them being hand-tied, the hairpieces have a seamless all-natural look, flexibility in parting, and the hair can relocate any type of instructions. The lack of weft offers the hair replacement system a soft luscious look. This process makes the men’s hair system set you back even more greater than wefted wigs.

Base Style and also Size

Rely on how much baldness requires coverage. The customer has no control of this and can just be figured out after assessment. Additionally, this can transform gradually if the wearer remains to experience even more balding or hair thinning.

As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we generate at a common base size of 8’’*10’’ for supply hair systems. Customized stock pieces might change prices depending upon the sizing. Our smaller sized 8 * 10, 6 * 8, 6 * 9, 7 * 9, 7 * 10 will cost less than our larger dimensions.

Base Material

We can not emphasize how crucial the base material remains in toupee selection as well as general cost. It is the foundation of the non medical hair substitute system as well as can be found in various materials depending on the customer’s private demands. If even more job is accounted for in its production, the construction procedure of the base will impact the pricing.

Not all hair is developed equal with most top quality human hair items averaging at around $1,000. As a hair substitute system producer, we make superior human hair wigs. The high quality of the human hair pieces figures out up to half the expense of the hair substitute system. All this top quality control steps make human hair costlier and far better than synthetic hair.

Product Code BLN72492
Base Design Silk top with Pu coated back and sides area, and a French lace front
Base Size 7”x8 1/2”
Front Contour CC
Bleach Knots Bleach knots on the first 1″ French lace
Knot Type Silk top in middle, the rest are single split knots
Hair Type Indian Remy hair
Hair Length 5-6″
Hair Wave/Curl 3.2cm
Hair Density Medium
Hair Color Natural hair color
Hair Direction Freestyle
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Hair Wave


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