Looking for a micro skin hair replacement manufacturer that offers natural and durable wholesale men’s hair systems service for your customers? Here at Bono Hair factory, we supply invisible ultra thin skin hair systems (0.03mm), super skin hair replacement system (0.06mm), skin toupee(0.08mm), thicker poly hair system (>0.08mm), etc with the best price. The thickness of a men’s toupee impacts on the appearance and durability of the men’s wigs, as well as the density and ventilation. Our sales consultants will help you in picking the best wholesale men’s hair systems based on your specific requirements. Please browse our inventory and special invisible skin hair systems for men below as a reference.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What’s the difference between the BH1, BH3, BH4 and BH6 micro skin hair replacement?

    Some customers find it difficult to distinguish between our different stock wholesale men's hair systems are many are similar in appearance. As one of the best hair integration wigs suppliers, We would like to walk you through these wholesale men's hair systems based on the following specifications; thickness, ventilation methods and lifespan.

    BH1 and BH6 poly hair system have a thickness of 0.08mm, this is the thickest skin material in the range of our stock human hair toupees. The difference between these two wholesale men's hair systems is the ventilation method. The BH1 is crafted using single split knots and ½” v-loops along the front hairline. Durable knots and thick PU ensure the integrity of the non surgical hair replacement for men; the lifespan of the BH1 is around 3-6 months. ½” v-looped knots at the front hairline reinforce the realism of the wholesale men's hair systems.

    If your customers want a strong and natural-looking best poly skin hair system, we suggest recommending the BH1 wholesale men's hair systems to them. The full injection ventilation method is used on the BH6. This means the base is knotless, so it appears as if the hair is growing directly out of the wearers own scalp. The lifespan of this natural looking ultra thin skin injection hair replacement systems for men is around 2-3 months.

    Next up, we would like to introduce the BH3 and BH4 wholesale men's hair systems. The ventilation method used on these skin base hair system is v-loop. The v-loop ventilation method is very natural. The BH3 has a thickness of 0.03mm, it is one of the thinnest skin wholesale men's hair systems – also commonly known as ultra thin skin hair systems. It provides a realistic appearance and a comfortable feel. Due to the delicate nature of the BH3, it needs to be replaced monthly. So the cost of BH3 is high. If your clients can budget for the realistic wigs for men then we suggest recommending our BH3 micro skin wholesale men's hair systems to them.

    The thickness of the BH4 is 0.06mm, the base is thicker and therefore more durable than the BH3. Much like the BH3, the BH4 provides end wearers with a flawless finished look! The BH4 has a lifespan of around 2-3 months and is therefore ideal for those who are seeking slightly more durability than our thinnest skin real hair wigs for men.

    The hair is knotted onto the base of the wholesale men’s hair system – it is therefore important to choose a very natural base. In the world of hair replacement systems, skin and lace are the two most commonly used base materials. They are also very popular amongst male hair pieces wearers.

    The micro skin hair replacement is made with a solid- surface ultra-thin polyurethane. The number of times our workers brush the polyurethane determines the thickness of the skin. It is nonporous (except for a 0.03 mm super thin skin wholesale men's hair systems). In general terms, it is not as breathable as lace, however, it is durable and easy to clean once removed. It is also quick and easy to cut the base size according to the customer’s own hair loss area.

    Lace bases are made with an intricate fiber structure. The base construction on lace base hair systems means they are very breathable. Bleached knots are permitted on this base type. If your customers prefer realism, comfort and breathability, then we highly recommend lace wholesale men's hair systems.

    How long does your skin male hair units last? This question is frequently asked by our wholesale bulk hair distributors. As many of you know, the lifespan of any skin hairpiece depends on a combination of factors such as base type, hair material, manufacturing process and system maintenance. For these reasons, it is difficult for wholesale hair suppliers to give an exact idea of wholesale men's hair systems longevity. Correct hair units for men maintenance and proper usage habits play an important role – we are only able to offer the average lifespan of our skin wholesale men's hair systems:

    BH3 (0.03mm)  about 1month for thin skin wholesale men's hair systems

    BH4/INS (0.06mm)  2-3 months for poly thin skin hair systems

    BH1/BH1M (0.08mm)  3-6 months for skin hair replacement systems

    BH1R(0.08mm, Remy hair)  about 5-7 months for skin remy hair systems


    When it comes to micro skin hair systems, the thicker the base, the more durable the poly hair system. As mens hair pieces manufacturers, we always use strict quality control measures to ensures our production process is streamlined and our production materials are high-quality. Before our wholesale men's hair systems are sold, they have to pass two quality control tests. You can rest assured that you are only receiving the best quality hair wigs for men when purchasing from Bono Hair!

    Tape and glue adhesive both okay for skin wholesale men's hair systems. The only exception is 0.03mm ultra thin skin hair piece as it is delicate and tape is very strong, compared to a bio skin hair system. When you remove the non surgical hair replacement systems, it will tear and you will damage the silicone hair system.

    We also recommend a 24-hour patch test to ensure the glue/tape is suitable for your customers skin type.

    The customers daily life habits also need to be considered when deciding between tape and glue. If you have any further questions or would like to know more about wholesale men's hair systems, then please check out our blog or get in touch with us!