As women stock hair pieces suppliers, our wholesale hair toppers are designed to add volume for thinning hair or add hair length to existing hair. We offer the best women hairpieces in a wide array of sizes, colors, and lengths to cover most of your customers’ needs. We also make medical wigs in inventory for people who suffer hair loss caused by medical treatment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kinds of women stock hairpieces do you provide?

    As a professional wholesale hair toppers factory, we wholesale hair toppers different kinds of hair toppers for instant delivery. There are silk base hair toppers, mono top hair toppers, PU hair toppers and pull through hair integration pieces. We understand that your clients may require different topper sizes to cover the bald patches, so we prepare the topper hair pieces according to different women hair loss stages, such as parting toppers to cover the parting line, a bigger topper size to cover the top even the crown areas. If your customer is in advanced hair loss stage, she may need larger women’s toupees, you can also check our custom made hairpieces to find the suitable design for her.

    In our women hair toppers factory, all women stock hairpieces are made with the best Mongolian hair, the same hair material with Jewish wigs. We select only 1kg Mongolian hair from 10kg raw hair material. And they are made with different hair lengths and colors to meet most of your clients’ needs.

    From base sizes: we produce wholesale hair toppers from parting coverage to too&crown coverage sizes. It can satisfy most female customers’ needs. 
    From base design: there are PU/poly hair toppers, mono top hair toppers, silk base hair toppers, lace front hair toppers. All these designs are very popular and common toppers for Caucasian.
    From attachment method, since hair toppers are designed for thong hair, all our wholesale hair toppers are designed with pressure-sensitive clips. So you can attach it easily for your customers. You can also remove the clips and use tapes or glue to attach it on head according to your customer’s needs.
    No matter you are a wholesaler, distributor, salon owner, online shop owner, you can find the right hair topper products for your market at Bono Hair. With over 10 years experience in non surgical hair replacement system industry, we have knowledge and insight of different markets. We always know which model is the best for your markets. And we keep learning the latest techniques and trend to update our stock list regularly. 
    We can also make your bulk hair toppers orders with great offer. If you want wholesale hair toppers, you can send us the specifications to get best offers.

    A hair topper is a reliable hair accessory and does not buzz off while wearing. Consumers can carry on their routine activities while wearing a hair topper, and it would not even move an inch provided the topper is securely attached to the head. Sports activities, gym, and other work-related tasks can easily be done while wearing a hair topper. 

    ⮚ Clip-in Wholesale Hair Toppers 

    Most hair toppers have pre-installed clips to secure the topper in place. These clips are similar to those women have been using for centuries to keep the hair in place. The clips resemble sectioning, wave sets, or French barrette clips that are regularly used to keep the hair in place. 

    The clips are attached to the corners of the base cap to help secure the hair topper above the crown. The clips have a smooth yet firm grip which prevents hair toppers from moving or making it uncomfortable for the wearer to hold one in place. Clips make it easier for the consumers to wear a hair topper, and removing one also becomes hassle-free. 

    The clips do not damage natural hair or scalp. Press the clips to open it, and it will easily lose its grip without sticking to natural hair. 

    ⮚ Hair Glue 

    The toppers that do not have pre-installed clips are relatively harder to install. Such hair toppers require adhesive like hair glue. Hair glue is a specific type of glue to hole the hair topper or any other hair unit in place. The consumer has to put a thin layer along the sides of the base cap to secure the hair topper in place tightly. After application, hair glue hardens, blocking off the movement of the hair topper or hair unit. 

    Removing the hair glue requires hair solvent to soften it; otherwise, the glue will stick to natural hair and leave the residue. Removing the hair unit without resolving hair glue can cause the natural hair to fall off with the topper, causing damage to hair follicles and adding in the hair thinning.

    ⮚ Hair Tape 

    Hair tape is another adhesive to secure the hair topper in place. It resembles medical or duct tape in texture and provides less grip than hair glue or clips. Consumers need to attach one side of the tape inside the cap and remove the sticker before applying. Removing the sticker will reveal a sticky part that attaches to natural hair or scalp. Removing hair tape is easier than removing hair glue; however, the natural hair is damaged with adhesives. 

    The best women’s hair toppers for hair thinning are those that come with attached clips to prevent hair damage. Such types of hair toppers are more ideal in providing a safer and effective grip.

    • Hair Topper

    It is a hairpiece that usually only covers the top of the head and is sometimes called a half-wig or top piece. The size of a hair piece topper depends on how much coverage you need. A hair topper is similar to a wig, but smaller, and is used to cover hair loss in both men and women.

    Partially covering the scalp with a hair topper is an ideal solution for people who are experiencing gradual hair loss or thinning hair. Human hair topper for thinning hair are not an option for those who have completely lost their hair because a hair topper must match the color and texture of your hair in order to look natural.

    Alternatively, the hair integration topper can be attached to your own hair with clips, or it can be glued or taped to the scalp for a more permanent solution. People with thinning hair or sensitive scalps may not be able to wear clips due to discomfort. The use of less expensive clips can cause damage to your hair, so make sure your topper is applied correctly so that you don’t end up with a damaged head of hair.

    • Wigs

    Wigs are having a moment. Famous ladies are now changing their hairstyles as frequently as they change their daily outfits. Why? The commitment-free hair pieces are now easier to use and more realistic than ever.

    According to experts, netting, materials, and machines have improved to be better than ever. However, as much as the newer versions can help you decide if your bang style is on-trend, the construction of these new hair systems is also ideal for women with medical conditions who simply want hair that looks and feels like their own.

    Human hair and synthetic hair wigs are the two types of wigs. Natural hair is primarily sourced from India or Asia and is significantly more expensive than the faux version. If you’re looking for something more affordable, go with a heat-resistant synthetic wig. Synthetic hair is also best for cuts that fall above your shoulders, such as a bob, because longer options can begin to wear and fray if the man-made fibers rub against your shoulders.

    The updated forms are available in a variety of lengths, styles, and colors, as well as individual pieces. Every woman should carry a winglet or a ponytail in her purse. She can use it to create a fuller chignon, add volume, or give the appearance of longer hair. Anyone can wear a wig, but for those suffering from medical hair loss, these hair piece can be a lifeline.

    Wigs can be worn to experiment with new looks. Wearing a wig is a fun way to completely alter your appearance without needing to change it. It’s a risk-free way to be daring.


    The main difference between a human hair topper and a synthetic topper is the hair strand. As its name shows, human hair has natural human hair, while synthetic toppers have strands made with synthetic fibers.

    Besides the hair strands material, there are other differences as well:

    • Durability

    Human hair toppers are more delicate than synthetic hair toppers. Most human hair toppers have monofilament or lace base caps, while synthetic caps have a Swiss lace base that is tougher. Synthetic fiber is also slightly thicker than a human hair strand. The difference is undetectable by the naked eye. However, it does contribute to durability.

    Synthetic toppers easily take wear and tear. Heat-friendly synthetic toppers can also withstand the heat of heating tools. Using heating tools excessively on hair toppers can rob the topper of natural moisture. Hair may start looking dull and frizzy.

    • Price Point

    A human hair topper is more expensive than a synthetic topper. Due to the delicacy and natural human hair, the topper is a bit on the pricier side. Most human hair toppers are hand-sewn and have a monofilament base, raising the price. Synthetic hair is manufactured. Therefore, the price is lesser than an original human hair.

    You may need to replace a synthetic hair topper more frequently. However, if you need to wear a topper for a party, a synthetic hair topper is a better choice.

    • Maintenance

    A synthetic hair topper is easier to maintain. Most synthetic hair toppers come with a pre-style cut, and these toppers do not lose the style after the first wash.

    On the other hand, human hair toppers lose their style after the first wash. A human hair topper also requires as much care as your natural hair needs. These toppers must be washed with special shampoos; otherwise, regular formulas would ruin the texture.

    • Texture

    The texture makes women prefer human hair toppers over synthetic hair toppers. A human hair topper has a texture that is exactly similar to the natural human hair texture. This makes the topper popular amongst women. If anyone sees the topper, it is harder to differentiate between natural hair and human hair topper due to the texture of hair strands.

    Synthetic hair, on the other hand, has a plastic touch. Sometimes the topper has a vibrant finish that makes it easier for others to point out a fake hairpiece. The premium quality topper has a matte finish.

    • Longevity

    The human hair topper has a longer life span. Natural hair takes nourishment from the scalp, which gives it hydration. A human hair topper does have natural human hair, but that hair needs more careful maintenance, or the hair will become brittle and dry. If the topper tangles, it becomes really hard to maintain or avoid frizz.

    A synthetic topper is relatively easier to maintain. The strands do not need nourishment or extra hydration to look fuller. If you prefer convenience over natural texture, a synthetic topper is a better option for you. But if you want a delicate hairpiece, a human hair topper must be the best choice.


    A hair topper lasts a maximum of two years. But if you don’t take care of it the right way, it will last less than a year. However, not caring until it lasts can make it look unnatural.

    As you know, a hair toppee can contain different materials as desired and suitable for the client can also impact the longevity of an topper. Therefore, we will also discuss the factors that can increase and decrease its durability of it. Also, we will inform you about quick tips to follow in daily life to increase its lifespan of it. So, let’s start.

    Factors Affecting Wholesale Hair Toppers' Durability: 

    You must know these factors before purchasing a hair topper so that you can get the one that is meant to survive longer.

    ·         Hair Type:

    You must have heard the basic two types of hair used in making hair toppers, human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is meant to last quite longer than synthetic hair because human hair is collected from human and synthetic hair are man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon.

    Human hair can be collected from a salon that is then arranged to make an topper; let us inform you, this type of hair has friction between (because all strand’s cuticles are not in the same direction), making it prone to dryness, tangles, and breakage.

    At this point, Remy human hair comes, which is collected straight from the donor’s head when tying their hair before cutting it to keep the cuticles in the same direction.

    So, when purchasing a hair topper, make sure it has Remy human hair.

    ·         System Attachment: 

    Second thing, in case you missed it, hair toppers are attached in different ways:

    1. Clip-in
    2. Tape-in (open fusion technology)
    3. Beads
    4. Braiding topper into the client’s hair

    Among them, a person must choose a hair system that offers an attachment method that is comfortable for them so that they don’t touch it again and again, which contributes to shortening the wearing time. Manipulating the bonds can damage it that it cannot be reapplied.

    Nowadays, clip-ins and open fusion technology (tape-ins) are best to wear that does not feel or create tension at the scalp. In this case, it will be a win-win condition, the wearer’s hair keeps healthy underneath, and they have added hair on top of the head.

    ·         Hair Maintenance: 

    Wholesale hair toppers maintenance is not just removing and attaching hair topper on time. It involves the regular detangling and cleaning of the hair topper.

    Resolving tangles and keeping your topper knotless ensure that the system will last longer and will stay looking natural.

    Also, you must clean the hair topper with desired shampoo and conditioner regularly. Use a styling product to achieve the best style every day but remember, not overdo it. Moreover, only use the hair product that is water-based, not alcohol-based, to avoid hair getting dehydrated. To keep the hair topper, don’t ignore the importance of a leave-in conditioner.