Bono Hair is one of the biggest human hair toupee manufacturers from China. We could supply men’s custom hair systems. It is the best choice for customer’s seeking special men’s hairpieces and bespoke hair replacement systems. They are also an ideal alternative when creating your own brand to help men and women with hair loss problems. Bono Hair would like to assist you by supplying you with a wide range of custom hair replacement. Your client’s special hair density, hair color, designed hair type, base size and any complex base design can be easily achieved by our skilled factory workers. Why not check out some of our popular bespoke hair pieces below. Ordering your custom toupee now.

Custom Hair Systems

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why Choose a Custom Made Bono Hair Toupee?

    Unlike other human hair toupee manufacturers’ making, Bono Hair produces men’s custom hair systems by following the highest standards of quality. Cost control is very important for human hair toupee manufacturers. The price of our custom toupees remains competitive, our starting prices have remained unchanged since we opened – this allows you to get the best custom-made hair units at wholesale prices. Every single good custom-made toupee is crafted by hand and based on each customer’s exact measurements, head contour, hair color, hair wave, hair density and hair length. There is nothing better than a mens custom toupee that meets all of your clients exact specifications and requirements. A bespoke hair piece made by us will fit your customer perfectly and help them to achieve a flawless finished look.

    Why Bono Hair? We have been in the hair replacement business for over 10 years. We have full experience of making mens human hair toupee for men. In that time, we have provided hair loss solutions to thousands of people around the world. We have a group of highly skilled operation workers and technicians who master the age-old crafts of ventilating, base making and hair processing. With our rich experience of making wigs for men, we will finish the customized hair patch perfectly – hair is our passion. Bono Hair non surgical hair replacements are simply outstanding. You can find different hair replacement systems designs from your trust supplier here.

    Male hair systems are not all created equal. Understanding the differences between stock hair systems and men’s custom hair systems is easy.

    As a market-leading human hair replacement manufacturer, we not only produce a large number of custom made hair toupees, but we also have a large amount of stock hair replacement system.

    We prepare stock hairpieces in the base size, base design, hair density and hair color depending on market trends for the local suppliers. This satisfies the need of customers who place an order with you who do not want to wait a long time to receive their hair systems.

    We prepare stock hairpieces in the base size, hair color and hair density of a stock human hair toupee for man is fairly limited. The standard base size is 8 x 10” and we also stock smaller sizes including; 8*10" or smaller size such as 6*8", 6*9", 7*9", 7*10" . The majority of stock units come in a medium-light hair density. 3.0cm mens wave wig. Check out our best stock hair systems for further details.

    When it comes to custom made hair pieces for men, you can forget about standard sizes, standard hair colors and standard base designs from the human hair toupee manufacturers. You can choose the perfect style for your customers! With hundreds of different combinations, our men’s toupee designers allow you to create the custom hair replacement system you have in mind. Our factory is ready to craft your order, no matter how specific and personalized the details you have asked for. Men’s custom hair systems production takes time. Custom made hairpieces prices are higher than that of our stock male toupees, but the unique hand made high quality custom hair replacement is worth the cost. We can also help you to design hair systems that are right for your customers. Much like you, we want to see customers smile confidently when wearing the best toupees available from human hair toupee manufacturers today.

    You can order men’s custom hair systems via the internet. The process of purchasing a custom toupee for men online is very simple. Here is broken down step by step:

    If you choose to order a custom men’s hairpiece from Bono hair, one of our sales consultants will talk some of the key details through with you before we start producing men’s custom hair systems for you.

    If you can help your customers make custom plastic templates, take hair samples and have your own custom-made order forms, then you can send all of this information to us directly. Our team will then validate the sized and details in the order to check all the details are correct before the custom hair units are sent for hair ventilation.

    If you don’t have these resources available to you, you can still order a custom hair toupee from us. Our consultants are ready and willing to help you,

    Taking time to decide on these order details is important as it affects the design and overall fit of your men’s custom hair systems.

    After this important step, our sales consultant will send you an invoice. You can pay this via PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer. After your payment, we will take the time to produce your male hair systems.

    Now, all you need to do is wait patiently for your men’s custom hair systems. The custom hair units will meet all of your specifications exactly.

    All our men’s custom hair systems are made to order – they are created “strand by strand” to match the individual’s exact hair density, base type, hair color and hair curly. Once the production line is established, we can estimate and send you an approximate delivery date. Typically, it takes several weeks to make a custom men's hair toupee.

    Normally, delivery takes between 7 – 8 weeks. You can also pay for a rush service ( 5 -6 weeks) and super rush service (4 weeks).