At Bono Hair, our wig holders are expertly crafted with both durability and aesthetics in mind. Designed to ensure the highest standards of quality, each wig holder is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity and style of your wigs. We offer a variety of wig holders suitable for different types and sizes of wigs, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Customer Wig Head Stand Concerns

    A wig stand is an important accessory for styling and keeping your beautiful wigs. This stand will help you to make wig hair stand up naturally to make sure that your wigs are kept in their original shape and volume whenever you use them. It will also ease your customers for keeping their wigs tangled free and perfectly ventilated for prolonged lifespan. In addition to this, the wig stand also provides you with a stable base for effortless styling and makes it necessary for anyone who wants to have their wig looking best all the time.
    There are several benefits related to wig head stand as follows: • It will ensure that your wigs are shaped and sized. • It will keep your hair tangled-free. • It makes your wig hair stand up naturally. • It offers a stable base for effortless styling. • It has perfect ventilation for prolonging lifespan.
    Yes! There are different wig stands available to deal with daily life styling and their unique features makes them distinct from each other as followed: • Plastic Wig Stand: This stand features a collapsible design for easy storage and transport, offering both stability and versatility for effortless wig styling and maintenance, making it perfect for home or travel use. • Wig Head Stand: This stand is particularly designed for holding wig heads securely which makes it ideal for storing and styling the wigs. It also comes with angle option and adjustable heights for your convenience. • Canvas Wig Head with Stand: This stand is available with canvas-covered wig head that can be mounted on stable base and facilitating you with a realistic surface for styling and pinning wigs. • Foam Wig Holder: This foam wig holder is great for travelling and quick styling sessions. It is portable, lightweight and affordable which makes it ideal for maintaining wig shape when you are not using them.
    For proper storage and care for wigs, your customers can use a wig holder. By simply placing a wig on the wig holder head, this will ensure that it keeps the shape. Moreover, it will prevent you from tangling and allow you for proper ventilation that will extend your wig lifespan. It is recommended to clean your wig regularly and keep it in a dry place when not in use.
    Yes, customers can travel with canvas wig stands and foam wig holders but these stands are primarily designed for using them in home. Our plastic wig stands that are allowed for easy transportation of wig head and stand to ensure wig maintenance. Furthermore, generous size stands are ideal for home storage and effortless styling.
    Yes, both wig stands, and wig head stands are particularly designed to offer a range of styles and lengths of wigs. These stands have adjustable features and a sturdy base that makes sure that it can support anything from short, pixie cuts to long and flowing styles. Furthermore, it offers versatility and ease for individuals who wear wigs of their choice.
    Yes, a stand for wig heads offers multiple size options to securely fit customers' wigs. We also provide stands with adjustable height settings that ensure a snug and secure fit for different wig sizes and styles. Additionally, it will also provide stability during storage and styling.

    Wig Stand Wholesale

    At Bono Hair, our wholesale wig stands come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer adjustable wig stand tripods, durable canvas wig head stands, and lightweight foam wig holders. These products are ideal for retailers, salons, and styling professionals looking for reliable and high-quality solutions for wig maintenance and display.
    At Bono Hair, we have a no strict MOQ policy for our wholesale wig stands, starting at just one unit. This allows businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to salons and other wig-related wholesale customers, to access our products without the requirement of a large initial investment. This flexibility is designed to support the diverse needs and operational scales within the wig industry.
    Salons, barbershops, hair replacement centers, and other businesses in the beauty industry can benefit immensely from our wholesale wig stands. These stands are essential for effectively displaying, styling, and maintaining wigs—improving customer service quality and increasing customer satisfaction in various settings. From daily operations to product showcasing attractively, our wholesale wig stands are essential to any company dealing with wigs.
    Yes, at Bono Hair, we offer volume discounts for our wholesale buyers of wig stands. This pricing structure ensures that you can stock up on high-quality wig stands affordably, helping your clients maintain the shape and style of their wigs effectively. These benefits are crucial for businesses aiming to provide superior service and product care to their clients.
    When you order wig stands wholesale, the time it takes to fulfill your order usually depends on how many you're getting and if you need any customization. This usually takes between 7 to 15 business days.