Men’s full cap hair system are different from traditional, regular-sized hair replacement systems. If your customer is completely bald, full cap hair replacement is the best solution. All of our men’s full cap hair system are custom-made: they are made according to the customer’s hair system template or to a specific size. Our full cap men’s human hair wigs can meet the demands of your customers who are experiencing the last stage of hair loss. You can browse a selection of high-quality, non-surgical hair replacement for your customers below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are men's full cap hair system?

    Most men just need hair replacement systems that are of a standard size: very few people choose full cap hair system. But what are men's full cap hair system? It is an artificial covering of natural hair for all of the head. Men's full cap wigs are bigger than standard hair wigs for men as they usually measure over 10*10 inches in size. Men's full cap wigs are typically worn by people who have alopecia totalis or universalis (conditions where no hair grows on the head). The base design of men's full cap wigs is very limited compared to normal male hair systems because of their large cap size. Most customers prefer full thin skin or lace front hair wigs.

    What are the advantages of full cap wigs? As is the case with other men’s human hair wigs, they are very easy to wear and care for and they have a natural feel to them. If customers struggle to match the color or texture of their hair system to their own hair, men's custom wigs are a good solution. You don't need to consider hair density, hair color, or hair wave since men's custom wigs don't need to match people’s own hair.

    Knowing how to correctly measure the size of the bald area size before you order will ensure you get the most suitable hair units for your customers. Measuring the heads of your customers isn’t a complicated process–all you need is a tape measure - but it requires several different measurements as we will outline below.

    1) Circumference

    Measure all the way around the head. Place the tape measure on the middle of the hairline and then follow the hairline and measure around the head and the nape of the neck before returning to the center of the hairline.

    2) Front to back

    Start measuring from the center of the hairline and take the tape measure over the crown to the middle of the hairline at the nape of the neck

    3) Ear to ear across forehead

    Place the tape on one temple and measure up and across the hairline to the other temple

    4) Temple to temple over the top of the head

    Place the tape on one temple and go directly across the top of the head to the other temple

    5) Ear to ear over the top of the head

    Place the tape on the hairline above an ear and measure across the top of the customer's head to the hairline of the other ear.

    6) Temple to temple across the back of the head

    Place the tape on one temple and measure across the back of the head to the other temple.

    7) Nape width

    Measure the width of the hairline across the nape of the neck

    Follow these instructions and you will be one step closer to perfect-fitting men's human hair wigs for your customers.

    It is very important to also send us a template of your customer’s template so that we can make a hair toupee that matches the shape and contour of your customer’s head. Below is a step-by-step guide for making templates for men's custom wigs.

    1) Mark the hairline area at the middle of the forehead and the nape of the neck.

    2) Apply plastic wrap/cling film to the bald area of your customer’s head and pull it so it is as flat as possible. Make sure to cover the exact bald area. Twist the ends of the plastic wrap/cling film tightly on each side of the head.

    3) Mark out the area you would like the hair system to cover with a marker pen.

    4) Cover the bald area with masking tape.

    5) It will be a little bit hard to remove the template from the head after covering it with masking tape. You will need to run your finger underneath the edges of the template. After removing the template, trim the excess tape from it.

    6) Make sure to mark an ’F’ on the front hairline. Draw all the other requirements that you want on the template such as crown area, parting area, hair direction etc. Please don't forget to write your customer’s name. It can be hard to remember every customer’s template after several weeks’ production time.

    Send both the measurements and the template along with the order form to us. Our factory will begin to produce your order as soon as we have received them. Please just bear in mind that the production time for men's custom wigs is longer than regular-sized hair systems since the knotting area is larger.

    As your professional men’s custom wig makers, we will be happy to assist you with any query. So, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.