Looking for a reliable hair system supplier? We put some of our most popular hair systems together to offer a great collection at a great price. At Bonohair, we are dedicated to providing high-quality toupee, professional services & excellent customer services. Come and get your surprised EASTER deals on 15th March (9:30 GMT+8) See you then!

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Our interactive and immersive Bono Hair live streams bring you to our hair replacement systems factory and give you a great insight into the work that is carried out here. Please feel free to ask any questions at any point so we can get to know each other better! What’s more, when we interact with each other, you can learn more about our factory, our products and our team! Updated hair systems, industry information, tips about maintaining and purchasing men and women’s hair replacement systems will all be shared here! Get all this information for free by tuning into our highly requested live streams.




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Here at Bono Hair, we understand how devastating losing your hair can be. So, whether your client has lost their hair due to genetics, medicine or their environment, we are here to provide them with a solution. We understand that everyone is unique and hair system wearers have their own preferences when it comes to their hair length, style and color. We are committed to providing end wearers with their dream head of hair, however that may look.

We understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest hair trends and fashions. We have an experienced research and development team who work around the clock to establish the latest color trends, fashionable hair styles and best base materials available anywhere on the market.

We are very proud to have our own factory so we can constantly monitor and maintain our high standards of Bono Hair replacement systems. Our systems combine years of experience with constant innovation and improvement to ensure your clients receive their very best head of hair.




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