What Is a Clip-On Hair System?

What Is a Clip-On Hair System1


In the realm of the beauty industry, the hair restoration and styling process and clip-on hair system have appeared as the most versatile and seamless alternative solution for males and females who are experiencing severe hair loss, thinning, or looking for a temporary solution to change their current appearance into younger and captivating. In contrast to permanent hair restoration methods, clip-on hair systems will provide more flexibility, and uncompromised quality to improve your appearance and ease to use them.  

In this article, we will explore the clip-on hair system and how do wig clips work for you as a beginner. We will also discuss the positives and negatives associated with it and where you can get authentic and affordable hair accessories. 

About Clip-On Hair Systems

About Clip-On Hair Systems

Did you know that clip-on hair system is also called “clip-in hair extensions or wigs”? So, these are hairpieces that you can attach to your natural hair by using some small and discreet clips. In addition to this, these hair systems are developed in a way that can easily be blended with your existing beautiful and natural hair to give your hair an added voluminous look. These clip-on hair systems are available in unique styles, lengths, and colors depending on your aesthetic preference and needs. 

Before deciding to buy these elegant hair pieces, we recommend looking at some pros and cons associated with them that might help you make a better purchasing decision. 

Pros of Clip-On Systems

1. Seamless Application Procedure: 

One of the most essential benefits of this clip-on hair system is that it is so simple and easy to use. You can apply for it or remove it without needing the help of a professional. This is the plus point which makes you professional with your own styling. 

2. Minimal risk of damage:  

You might have seen hair restoration procedures that provide satisfactory results at the first stages but later can lead to permanent hair damage by damaging your follicles. But with this hair system, you do not need to worry because they are non-invasive and do not require any kind of adhesives or chemical products that can damage your hair’s health. 

3. Give you more versatility: 

Clip-on hair systems can provide unquestionable versatility and flexibility, which means both male and female customers can experiment with distinct types of hair styling, colors, and lengths without damaging your natural hair. It is ideal for dedicated events or for everyday wear.   

4. Best cost-effective alternative: 

In contrast to the permanent hair restoration process, this clip-on hair system is more affordable and user-friendly. It is the best alternative solution for those individuals who want to explore more hair styling options without making a significant investment in it.

Cons of Clip-On Systems

1. Requirement of maintenance: 

We have already mentioned the pros that clips on hair systems are easy to use but they will require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. This would require regular washing, cleaning, conditioning, and a suitable place to keep it.  

2. The minimal potential of discomfort: 

For a very few individuals, there is a chance of discomfort or irritation from the clips particularly for those who do not put the clips in the right position, or you wear it for a prolonged period. If you are a beginner, you can contact a professional or the product provider to help.  

3. Substantial risk of slippage:  

This can only happen if you do not attach your clips securely and skip the “How do wig clips work?” instruction mentioned on the product packaging. It is recommended that you follow the instructions properly before using any hair-related product. 

4. Limitation of durability:

With the passage of time, if you often use these hair systems, their lifespan expires. You may need to replace them with new hairpieces or hair systems to support your style statement and elegance. 

5. Suitable for all hair types:  

This myth is incorrect. This clip-on hair system is not for everyone, especially for those who are naturally blessed with thick hair. If you already have hair that is healthy and in good condition, we will not recommend buying this product because it would affect the ease of application and your overall appearance. 

How Does a Clip-On Hair System Work?

How Does a Clip-On Hair System Work?

You might be wondering about how wig clips work. To resolve this issue, we will guide you with each step to make your clip-on journey more exciting and enjoyable. So, let’s begin, as we know, the clip-on hair system works by using small clips that are attached to the base area of any hairpiece. These clips’ main function is to ensure a secure grip on your natural hair by holding the hair system in place. 


1. Preparing your hair: 

Before you start attaching the clips, you should make sure that your hair is clean, dry, and detangled. Then start making hair sections if you want to create the base for clips.  

2. Selecting the right position:  

The second step is to place this hair system on your head and then align it with your natural parting or the preferred hairstyle.  

3. Attachment of clips: 

Now open your clips and attach them to the roots of your natural hair, then start with the middle clip and at last secure it with the side clips.  

4. Blend it with natural hair: 

Try to use a comb or a hairbrush to blend the clip-on hair system with your natural hair and then style it according to your choice and aesthetic appearance.  

5. Securing hair system: 

For added security, we recommend you use bobby pins and hair products to keep your hair system in place for a longer period. In case of more information, you can contact our customer support team from HERE. They will guide you through your beautiful hair journey. 

Suitable Hair Loss Patterns for a Clip-On Hair System

Suitable Hair Loss Patterns for a Clip-On Hair System

Do you know clip-on hair systems are on trend in fashion to hide your insecurities like hair loss patterns and thinning conditions to give your confidence back? Clip-on hair systems can also help individuals suffering from any medical condition.  

Here are a few common conditions where these hair systems can work as a wonder such as: 

· Partial Hair Loss: 

This is the condition where individuals start losing their hair from partial hair loss and thinning in some specific areas. However, this system would assist in concealing those areas and render them undetectable.  

· Alopecia Areata: 

This is the condition where an individual will begin shedding their hair in patches and by using these clips on the hair system can help you to cover affected areas and achieve a uniform appearance.   

· Temporary hair loss: 

Many patients who are undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy can result in temporary hair loss. These hair systems can be used until their natural hair is regrown. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are a few conditions, but it does not mean you are restricted to them. You can use these hair pieces according to your needs and demands. These conditions are only applicable to the guidelines.

The Best Clip-On Hair System You Should Choose

The Best Clip-On Hair System You Should Choose


Whenever it comes to selecting a high-quality clip-on hair system, then consider the BONO Hair brand as it stands out as the leading brand within the hairpieces industry. It is best known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

BONO Hair is well known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which makes it a top choice. This company uses high-quality human hair which is meticulously selected and then processed for a natural look. In addition to this, it has a variety of styles, lengths, and colors that can make customers find clips on a hair system that perfectly fits their desired look whether it’s a short bob or long wave.   

Furthermore, BONO Hair will provide you with an excellent customer support team that will guide you in selecting the best hair system and will also offer discounts and tips.  

You can reach out to us by sending us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86- 532- 85632952


At the end of this article, we can conclude that this clip-on hair system has brought a revolution in the realm of hair restoration and styling. This hair system will offer you versatility and non-invasive solutions for male and female customers who are looking for the best solution to improve their overall aesthetic appearance. With ease, cost-effectiveness, and temporary nature, this clip-on hair system is a popular choice among many individuals. Whether you are suffering from severe hair loss dilemmas or simply want to try something new with your existing appearance, then these clip-on hair systems are the perfect choice. In addition to this, BONO Hair is the most authentic and trustworthy wholesale brand that provides you with quality, durability, and consumer satisfaction. Make sure to select a brand that is highly reputable and recognized in the market industry that makes your hair journey more natural and beautiful. 

Visit our website at www.bonohair.com for additional information.


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