Top Tricks and Habits in Hair System Maintenance to Prolong the lifespan!

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Top Tricks and Habits in Hair System Maintenance to Prolong the lifespan!

Hi everyone, in today’s blog post we will be covering how customers/end users can prolong the lifespan of their hair replacement system. No matter how much money customers spend on the world’s best hair systems, if their habits in hair system maintenance are poor the quality hairpieces will not last very long.

So, the main causes of a shortened life span are Hair Loss, Hair Tangling and a Broken Base.

Let’s look at these in a little closer detail, before covering the top tricks and good habits customers should adopt in order to prolong the lifespan of their great hair systems.

Firstly, it should be noted that all kinds of hair types go through chemical treatments and processes, the only difference is some go through more than others (Heavy or Mild). This is even the case for the very best quality, European Hair. As we have described in previous blogs, when the hair is knotted to the base, there will be a return hair, which means, the cuticles in the neighbouring strand of hair are in the complete opposite directions. This could lead to hair tangling and consequently reduced a shortened life span of the men’s hair system. As a result, acid treatments must be applied to remove cuticles.

European hair & Indian hair are very soft and high quality; however, Chinese hair is the strongest! Therefore, because all hair goes through chemical processes and the more processes result in the weaker hair, if you want the hair to be dyed to light colour, such as blonde, it would be better to choose, Chinese hair, which could afford the damage of bleaching and dyeing. Besides, some of the hair types will also go through perming and even bleaching of knots at request.

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The above-mentioned process means the hair has been damaged already at least once. So, once the client receives the hair system, further chemical processes such as dyeing, and perming should be avoided to prevent causing more damage.

Hair Loss

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What causes hair loss? Well, if shampoo and hair conditioner is not washed out thoroughly, similarly to a normal head of hair, the hair will weaken and fall out eventually. All of the organic matter left on the base will become the food for tiny micro-organisms, which will cause corrosion to the hair root. The fragile hair root may cause easy hair loss.

According to our experience, some hair loss is caused by hair tangling. What does this mean? When the hair got tangled, the end-users may not try finding the real cause, they might even think the only solution is combing with force. This will definitely cause damage to the hair system and increase hair loss.

The hair loss often happens in the parting area. This is because of the continuous high temperature of the hairdryer, combing with force while styling, hair jell used on this section.

Hair Tangling 

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What causes hair tangling? The answer is the unsmooth surface of the hair. Firstly, excessive damage on the cuticles could cause an unsmooth surface. So, when the hairpiece comes out the final stages of production, it will be “fed” oil all over so that the hair absorbs some of the nutrients, consequently becoming a bit stronger. The surface becomes smoother, and the risk of tangling is reduced. After a long period of time of usage and cleaning the oil will eventually fade away and the surface of the hair may appear unsmooth. Just like our own hair, if they are not taken good care of, the hair will appear dry and easy to get tangling. The hair of the toupee will also act in a similar and natural way, but, more seriously.

So, hair conditioner is suggested to use while every washing. The hair conditioner will act just like the oil used in the factory to repair the unsmooth surface, making the hair smooth, soft and then not easy to get tangling.

Next, dyeing and perming by yourself is not suggested. Further, damage to the hair will shorten the life span of the quality hair system. Leading also, hair tangling or even hair loss.

Lastly, the hairpiece needs to be washed and cleaned regularly and thoroughly, especially for the glue, tapes, shampoo, hair conditioner or any other hair products. It may sound un-related to unsmooth surface and hair tangling. But, if all those things are not cleaned thoroughly, they will mix together with dust, causing the hair sticky and seriously tangling.

Broken Base


Each base material has different life spans.

The skin has the shortest life span, Lace is in the middle and Mono is the strongest base material. We highly recommend, due to the delicateness of the thin Skin bases, that once the user puts it on that they do not remove it, especially, Ultra-Thin Skin 0.03mm.

Lace has a decent life span up to 3-4 months or even longer if maintained properly. The characteristics of Lace base materials is that they are extremely soft and breathable. The increased airflow is a result of the size of the holes in the mesh. They are large and therefore air and water can flow through easily. Consequently, this makes the hair system easily ripped if the wearer is to be rough and without patience when handling the hair replacement system.

Mono is the strongest, with a lifespan up to 6 months or even a year. How fantastic is that?! Similarly, Mono and Lace both have holes in their base allowing air and water to pass through. However, Mono’s is much smaller and therefore more ridged making it stronger than Lace.

Let’s move on from these to look at why exactly you choose to read this blog!

So here you have it, our top tricks and good habits to adopt in order to prolong lifespan!!

Top Tricks & Good Habits

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Follow this very simple guide, and we assure you that the world classed hair system that you have in your hands will last its entire dated lifespan (and maybe more some). Like everything in life, if you give a little time and tender loving care to it, it will be good for you.

Ok so let us first look at what to avoid:


Yes! Swimming in either public / private pools or the sea should be avoided whilst using the toupee. This is because the large exposure of chlorine & salt-water will have a negative impact on the hair causing slight un-repairable damage! So, if you must swim make sure you use a swimming hat.


You must be thinking, how can I avoid sleep? Well, you just must! Only kidding… we are only advising that at the time your head touches the pillow, make sure your hair is kept nice and dry. Also, if you have long hair length, you should consider using braiding techniques, in order to reduce the chances of tangling and matting.


Extreme heat both in the shower and after the shower on the hair can cause damage to it, causing it to dry up and lose its glow and softness. So, when using a hairdryer try not to have the heat on the hottest setting.


At Bono Hair, we specialize in both stock and custom professional hair systems. We use careful measurements backed with over 10 years of industry knowledge when putting the hair used in our hair systems through chemical processes. So, avoid at all cost dyeing hair once receiving the hairpieces.

Ok enough with the negatives!

Let’s talk about how to give your quality hair system long and healthy life!

First and foremost, having good habits in hair system maintenance will not only prolong the life span but will also save you some money and reduce any stress.

Washing & Cleaning:

When washing the hair system we highly advise that you use good high-quality shampoo and conditioners. This is because the higher quality usually, the ingredients are more from natural sources and this means a reduction on chemicals that are being applied on the hair. So, the second part of this is regarding, washing out the shampoo and conditioner from your hair properly and thoroughly. What occurs if you do not is, the left of the product will become food for smaller microorganism. These microorganisms will grow and then corrode the hair away like a form of acid.

Brushing / Combing:

Combing can cause a lot of hair loss. People feel that the best way to get rid of knotting and tangling is by brushing really hard. The ideal was to brush the hair, after it’s been washed, and you have dried it a little. When the hair is dry, gently brush with your fingers first through the hair and then after brush it gently. There are many specialist combs that you can buy depending on the hair type. Contact our customer service if you have any questions, we are ready and happy to help!

Adding Nutrients:

Dry ends are very annoying and are a sign of poor hair quality. To give nutrients, health and vitality back to the hair adding a small amount of natural oil such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or lastly Nutmeg Oil. These oils have been used for 100s of years by different cultures all around the world for good hair health.

Ok, so there you have it the most important things to be aware of and try to avoid in hair system maintenance. Let’s review them very quickly, avoid exposing the hair to a large amount of chlorine and salt water, don’t sleep with wet hair to avoid tangling and matting, reduce the heat of the hairdryer when using it, and whilst we talk about heat let’s reduce the heat in our showers down to a more healthy and warm temperature that our hair likes. Avoid adding further chemical processes through dyeing of the hair.

Look after your hair properly and adopt some good habits such as using high-quality shampoos and conditions. Not forgetting to properly wash out the product from the hair to prevent hair loss. Be gentle when combing the hair to stop the hair becoming loose or falling out. And lastly add some loving natural oils to make the hair glow, shine, and revitalized.

That’s all from us today! Have a great day. This Blog Post is brought to you by Bono Hair. China’s number 1 manufacturer of quality hair systems!


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