Get The Full Cure To Cause Hair Loss For Men

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Are you searching for the cause of hair loss for men? Here we come with the full guide to give you every detail about hair loss, from the grounds to treatments and types.


Causes of hair loss for Men


Are you searching for the cause of hair loss for men? The hair grows everywhere on the human skin except the places such as palms of the hand and soles of the feet, belly button, and eyelids, but most of the hair is so fine that they are virtually invisible. 

Average adult heads have around one lakh to two lakhs of hair and only lose up to a hundred every day. So, finding out the stray hair on your hairbrush is not a reason to get tensed. Only one time, about ninety percent of the hair on the person’s scalp is rapidly growing. Every follicle has its life cycle, which can get influenced by disease, age, and a wide variety of various factors. The life cycle is mostly divided into three phases. In this article, we have discussed the causes of hair loss for men, the treatments, how to prevent hair loss, and the types of hair loss. So, let’s have a look at it. 


15 Causes of Hair Loss for Men

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1. Genetic causes of hair loss

Hair loss is mostly because of a genetic disorder. The generic has been passed from your parents or family members. This is the most common cause of hair loss for men. But taking certain medications can help a person control hair loss. 

2. Hereditary hair loss

If anyone is suffering from hair loss in your family, you will have a high possibility of having it with you. You might go bald at the same age or near that age. For instance, if a person is losing hair in their 50s, it might start with you in your 20s or 40s. It is based upon diet and lifestyle factors. This is the main cause of hair loss for men. 

3. Growing older

Age plays a vital factor in hair loss. It can be the common cause of hair loss for menAs a person grows, the hair starts falling, which is quite normal. But if you want to control hair loss, you can practice some healthy diets and exercises that will help you maintain the hair loss and give some extra years to your hair. 

4. Not eating right

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There might be some link between hair loss and lifestyle choices. For instance, if people do not eat right and smoke regularly, they might experience faster hair loss than the person exercising daily and doesn’t smoke. In addition, diet plays a huge role in hair loss. If a person is not eating his proper diet, it will be the main cause of hair loss for men. For example:- if a person does not get enough proteins in their diet, they might encounter excess hair loss than a person who has enough protein in their diet regularly. 

Lack of the essential nutrients in a diet might be the reason for a hair fall. The protein, irons, and various beneficial elements should be included in the everyday meal. Internal nourishment is essential as external care. A diet rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins might benefit the hair. Drinking fenugreek-soaked water will help reduce hair fall and make the hair stronger and healthier. You can even include the amla into the diet as it is fully led with Vitamin C that effectively reduces hair fall, and prevents premature greying.

 5. Too stressed

Stress is another cause of hair loss for men. High stress involves physical trauma or separation or breakup, or any kind of death or job loss. It will trigger the symptoms such as telogen effluvium and generate hair loss, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania. So don’t try to take much unnecessary stress. 

6.Skin and scalp conditions

Easily mistaken with dandruff, the psoriasis of a scalp causes overproduction of the skin cells visible as the large flakes. These conditions can sometimes damage the hair follicles and lead to temporary hair loss.

Skin and scalp conditions are the most common cause of hair loss for men. Therefore, maintaining the hair with that factor plays a great role in hair loss. For instance, if people tie their hair too right, it will pull out the follicles. If the hair follicles get pulled out, it will result in weakening and irritation, which will cause hair loss in men with longer hair. It is also known as Traction Alopecia. 

Skin conditions can even affect your hair; if a person is not maintaining hygiene and not cleaning themselves regularly, it will result in hair fall. 

7. Seborrheic dermatitis

Harmless skin conditions might be found in the scalp, indicated by the small patches, which are often very itchy. The inflammatory response in the scalp mostly causes it. It can be the main cause of hair loss in men in large scalp patches. 

8. Alopecia areata

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If you are getting small patches of hair loss such as crop up or circles on the scalp, then it is known as the alopecia areata. The thought to be the autoimmune condition is where the body starts to attack itself instead of fighting back with the bugs. The cells in the immune system gather at hair follicles and also attack them. It can be the cause of hair loss for men. This type of hair loss can get set off by a recent illness, stress, or medications, but no direct cause is identified. 

9. STIs

Sexually transmitted infections are not the common cause of hair loss for men. But few people who can get syphilis may experience some patchy hair loss in the second stage of the disease. 

10. Hormonal 

The hormonal imbalance is the major cause of hair loss for men. The hormonal imbalance is mostly because of the stress, thyroid, and increase in age. 

11. Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures like shampooing often, dyeing, bleaching, and perms hair might contribute to hair loss by making the hair brittle and weak. Using hot curlers or rollers, good braiding, and running the hair picks throughout the right curls will break and damage the hair. However, the procedures don’t cause baldness. The cosmetic procedure is one of the major causes of hair loss for men. 

12. Seasonal Hair losing

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Natural factors like changing weather can also accelerate hair loss. Weather change is a very common cause of hair loss for men. The scalp is struggling with the types of the stimulators of the environment, such as heat in summer, the extra moisture in a monsoon. However, the hair fall starts to increase during the monsoon than the summer because the humidity makes the scalp greasy, oily, and more prone to dandruff, tending to the hair fall. The greasy and sweaty scalp in the summer does the same to the hair. So, the cold climate makes the scalp fragile, brittle, and frizzy, reduces hydration, and makes out scalp dry, and that’s why we face the hair fall. You will need to provide the hair with extra care to fight the weather change. Regular conditioning and cleaning of the hair in the monsoon and summer will protect the scalp from the extra oil and humidity secretion. You can include the hair masks, spa, scalp tonic, and moisturizer in the hair care schedule for some extra care.

13. Pollution

Excessive exposure to pollution, dirt, and dust weakens the hair. The pollution might cause scalp dryness, hair loss, and hair irritation besides the great hair cleanser, which includes soothing scalp serums, masks, and the illuminators in the hair care for preventing the damage. Pollution is a very common cause of hair loss for men. 

14. Heat styling

You can style the hair but always do with care. When choosing hair products, always go for someone that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Heating your hair can be the cause of hair loss for men. Always care for the hair with protein, paraben-free, and sulfate enriched cleansers. Now, massage the scalp with oil for your stronger roots. You must avoid tight buns and heat styling because it gives pointless stress to the hair. Instead, you can opt for the serums and moisturizing masks and the hair spa for the salon finish.

15. Androgenetic alopecia

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Androgenetic alopecia is the other term of female or male pattern baldness. It is the usual cause of hair loss for men. Both female and male pattern baldness is mostly genetic. The male tends to lose the hair from the crown and temples ahead. In females, hair usually becomes thinner all over the head. 

The androgenetic alopecia is most likely to happen as the person ages, but it can even start at any point of time after puberty. Most females who have experienced androgenetic alopecia develop it after menopause. It means that the hormone might have something to do. This can be treated with minoxidil which is the medication for hair growth. 


Types of Hair Loss

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Hair loss is also known as alopecia which is the disorder by the interruption in a body’s cycle of hair production. The hair loss might occur anywhere in a person’s body, but it affects mostly your scalp. On average, the scalp has around ten lakhs of hair and those cycles through growing, falling out, resting, and regenerating again.

The growth cycle of hair also includes mostly three phases. In an anagen phase, the hair mostly grows actively. The stage might last for a decade. In a catagen phase, hair growth stops, and it is separated from the follicle, which is a structure beneath a skin that holds a hair in a place. The Catagen phase also lasts almost ten days. Hair follicles rest for around two to three months during the telogen phase, and the hair starts falling out. When the next phase of anagen starts, the new hair starts growing in a small follicle. Most people lose around 100 inches per day as a part of the cycle. 

If the cycle gets disrupted or the hair follicle gets damaged, hair might start to fall even more quickly than getting regenerated. It can also lead to the symptoms like receding hairline, overall thinning, and hair falling in the patches. 

Hair loss might be linked to the genetics of a person. However, various behavioral and medical conditions might interrupt the growth cycle and result in hair loss. Dermatologists who are specialists in scalp and hair disorders can easily identify the hair loss type and the cause of hair loss for men. 

1. Androgenetic Alopecia

The androgenetic alopecia is the most common hair loss type, affecting more than fifty million men and thirty million women. Therefore, it is usually known as the male and female pattern of hair loss. The androgenetic alopecia caused by mostly hereditary, but it can get managed with surgery and medications. 

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  • Male Pattern Hair Loss

In men, hair loss starts after puberty and progresses over a year or decades. The hair loss can get created above the temple and continue around the perimeter and at the head top, even leaving the hair ring along the bottom of a scalp. Most men with male hair loss can even become bald. 

  • Hair Loss pattern Female

The hair slowly gets thin all around the scalp in women, but a hairline usually does not recede. Most women experience the hair loss type as the natural part during aging, although the hair loss might start at any point of time after hitting puberty. The female pattern hair loss might dramatically cause the hair to thin, leading to baldness. 

2. Telogen Effluvium

The telogen effluvium is the kind of hair loss that occurs when huge numbers of the follicles on your scalp enter into the phase of hair growth which is resting, known as telogen. In the next growth phase, the growth does not start. It also causes the hair to get out from every part of the scalp with growing new hair. 

The telogen effluvium does not usually lead to complete baldness, and you might lose around three to five hundred hair every day, and hair might appear thinner, especially in the temples and crown. 

A medical condition or event like fever, surgery, childbirth, or thyroid imbalance, usually generates this hair loss type. The telogen effluvium might occur due to the deficiency of minerals or vitamins. Iron deficiency is the usual cause of hair loss for menUse specific medication like isotretinoin, prescribed for the blood thinner, acne, or warfarin. Stopping or starting oral contraceptives might also cause this kind of hair loss. 

The telogen effluvium generally starts three months, just after the medical event. If the triggering period is not permanent, it might grow back in six months if it recovers from the illness or stops medication that causes hair loss. The telogen effluvium can be considered chronic, and hair loss can last seven months.

For some unclear reasons for the doctors, hair loss might last for years in a few people. The hairdo does not grow on its own; dermatologists might offer some medication to help you. 

3. Anagen Effluvium

The anagen effluvium can be the immediate cause of hair loss for men from medical treatment like chemotherapy. These are the fast-acting and potent medical that kills the cancer cells, and they might also shut the production of hair follicles in your scalp and various parts of your body. After the chemotherapy ends, the hair mostly grows back on its own. The dermatologists might offer some medication to help you grow your hair very quickly. 

4. Alopecia Areata

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The alopecia areata, also known as the autoimmune condition, means that your body’s immune system attacks the healthy tissues, including hair follicles. It also causes the hair to prevent the new hair from growing. 

These conditions can also affect children and adults. The hair loss might also begin suddenly without any warning. The hair from a scalp generally falls in the small patches, and it is not even very painful. The hair in the various body parts, including eyelashes and eyebrows, might also fall. Over time, the disease might lead to entire hair loss or Alopecia totalis. The dermatologists will treat the alopecia areata by the medications to help the hair regrow. 

5. Tinea Capitis

This kind of hair loss is also known as the scalp ringworm, and it is the fungal infection in the scalp which is the usual cause of hair loss in children. The condition also causes the hair to fall out in circular patches, and it might lead to bald spots, which might get even bigger over time. 

Affected areas might look scaly or red, and the scalp might be very itchy. The blisters or sores which ooze pus might develop on your scalp. The child with the condition might have a swollen gland in the back of a neck or low-grade fever resulting from an immune system that fights infection. 

The dermatologists can also prescribe antifungal medication taken by the mouth to eliminate fungus. Most children will expect good hair regrowth if the Tinea capitis can be treated or diagnosed early. 

6. Cicatricial Alopecia

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The cicatrical alopecia is also called as the scarrinh alopecia. It is a scarce type of hair loss where the inflammation destroys the hair follicles, and it might cause scar tissue to form in the place after it gets started. The hairdo does not regrow.

The hair loss might start very slowly, which is not noticeable, or hair might lose at once. Various symptoms might include white or red lesions, swelling, and severe itching on a scalp, resembling the rash. The hair loss type might occur in every age and affect both women and men. The treatment depends upon the cicatricial type alopecia, which causes the symptoms. There ate various types of cicatricial alopecia, which includes:- 

  • Lichen planopilaris

The lichen planopilaris is the type of alopecia that occurs when the common skin conditions known as the lichen planus that affects everyone’s scalp. The lichen planopilaris might cause fry or flaky rashes to appear on the skin, which causes the hair on a scalp to get fall out in clumps. Scalp might become irritated, red, and covered in small red or white itchy, burning, or painful bumps. 

The lichen planopilaris is also not very common, and it mostly affects women than men. Doctors might prescribe the medications for stopping hair loss. 

  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

Discoid erythematosus is the type of cutaneous lupus, the autoimmune disease which affects the skin. It might lead to inflamed sores and scarring on the scalp, face, and ears. Hair loss is one of the common symptoms of this disease. When the scar tissues form on a scalp, the hair cannot grow longer in the area. 

  • Folliculitis Decalvans

The folliculitis decalvans might cause hair loss. It is an inflammatory disorder that leads to the destruction of the hair follicles. Lesions, swelling, and redness often accompany a scalp that might be very itchy or contain pus called abscesses. This type of hair loss is not even reversible, but dermatologists might offer some medications for controlling the symptoms and, in some cases, stop the hair loss.

  • Dissecting Cellulitis of the Scalp

The dissecting cellulitis of a scalp is a rare condition, and it can cause lumps or pimples on a scalp. The conditions might also cause the scar tissues to develop and destroy the hair follicles and cause of hair loss for men. The medication can help you to control the symptoms.

  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

The frontal fibrosing alopecia typically happens in the hairline receding pattern and might result in hair loss in underarms and eyebrows. The frontal fibrosing alopecia affects mostly postmenopausal women. Specific medications will manage the symptoms and stop the progression of these diseases. However, the cause is still unknown. 

  • Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia

This type of alopecia might occur due to the styling techniques or hair products that damage the hair follicles. Usage of the curling iron, blow dryers, relaxers, and hair extensions might cause the central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia as the process of generating the permanent wave or the perm. 

Frequent application of the pomades, gels, or oils might also cause this type of condition that might be reversible if you stop the usage of these styling techniques or hair products. The dermatologists might recommend taking the medications to help the hair regrowth back. 

7. Hair Shaft Abnormalities

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Various types of hair shaft abnormalities might lead to hair loss. The conditions might cause the hair strands to be thinner and weaker and make them even more vulnerable to breaking. Hair loss does not even occur in the follicle, but as the result of breakage somewhere along the hair shaft, that is also the visible part of the hair strand. It can even result in overall thinning and also as well in brittle and small hairs. 

Making simple changes to treating and styling the hair might reverse a few hair shaft abnormalities. Various conditions might require some medical intervention. The types of the exceptions of hair shaft include:- 

  • Loose Anagen Syndrome

The loose anagen syndrome is mostly present commonly in young children. It even occurs when the hair is not firmly rooted in a follicle van gets pulled out very easily. The hair falls out most of the time after reaching an arbitrary length. Children with loose anagen syndrome often grow hair beyond a shorter distance. Conditions mostly affect the girls with brown and blonde hair. 

In people with loose anagen, the hair can easily fall out even when growing. For instance, the hair loss might accelerate overnight due to the pillow friction. The cause of a loose anagen syndrome is also unknown, though it might be related to the disorder in a hair growth cycle, which can even prevent the hair from staying on the follicle. 

There are some treatments, but conditions will tend to improve more with puberty, and few medications might result in fuller hair. 

  • Trichotillomania

The people with trichotillomania pull out the hair and find it even more difficult to stop. It results in hair loss on the scalp or anywhere else of a body. The hair even returns if this behavior is controlled. But the hair loss can remain permanent if pulling continues for several years. 

The best treatment for this type of condition might be psychotherapy. It might also include talking with the counselors regarding the causes of stress and feeling the urge to pull hair. 

  • Traction Alopecia

Few hairstyles, which include tight braids and ponytails, pull out the hair away from your scalp with the force which damages the hair strands and falls out. Until and unless the hairstyle is changed, the traction alopecia might lead to the thinning of hair or any bald spots. Most of the time,  hair regrows after altering the hairstyles. 

8. Hypotrichosis

Hypotrichosis is a rare condition in which very little hair grows on a body and scalp. The babies born with the situation might have the typical hair growth first. However, the hair fell out in a few months and was replaced with sparse hair. Most people with hypotrichosis get bald by the age of 30. There are some treatment options for the condition, but few medical might help to regrow or thicker the hair. 


Treatments for Hair Loss

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1. OTC Medication and Prescription

FDA has also approved the two medications for treating male baldness:- 

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine):- It is available at any medicine shop for treating male baldness. You can apply this two times a day to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar):– Finasteride is the pill you can intake daily. But you can only take it with the doctor’s prescription. 

It might take up a year for both the finasteride and minoxidil to see results; you will have to keep applying them to maintain the benefits. 


2. Hair transplants

The most popular hair transplants procedures are Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular unit transplantation. You will have to remember that every hair transplant procedure is considered surgery, so it can be painful and expensive. Some risks include scarring and infection. You might also have to do several hair transplant treatments to get the desired outcome.

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  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

The FUT is one of the classic methods. It also involves removing the skin from the back of the scalp with an abundance of the hair, removing the follicles from the skin strap, and re-inserting the hair strands in a part of a scalp where you are experiencing hair loss. 

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

The FUE, the follicles are also removed straight from your scalp and transplanted to bald parts on your scalp. 

3. Laser treatment

Laser treatment can reduce inflammation in the follicles, keeping them regrowing. These are the limited studies supporting the effectiveness of treating hair loss. Still, the 2016 review source has determined that the LLLT or low-level laser therapy is effective and safe while treating male hair loss. In this area, more research will be needed. 

4. Quit smoking

You must have heard about every negative effect smoking has on the lungs if you are smoking. But do you know, smoking can be the cause of hair loss for men? A study shows that 1000 men are found the person who smokes have some hair loss compared with the less from half-person who do not smoke. 

Preventing hair loss might be a good idea for quitting smoking as quickly as possible.

5. Scalp massage

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Scalp massages not only make you feel amazing, but they can also help you with hair loss. Massaging your scalp will stimulate your hair follicles. A small study shows that healthy men who have received four minutes of a scalp massage every day for twenty-four weeks have thicker hair at the end of a study. 

Research from 2018 has found scalp massages are linked with self-perceived hair density. 

6. Balanced diet

Well, a balanced diet might keep the hair in an amazing shape. You must make sure that you include every variety of lean protein, unsaturated fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in the diet. The limit of the sweet in taking must be there.

Some minerals and vitamins found in the food are also associated with healthy hair. Always try to add these types of minerals:- 

  1. Iron-rich foods:- Lean beef, eggs, green leafy vegetables, beans, and iron grains. 
  2. Food rich in fatty acids:- Mackerel, walnuts, flax seeds, egg yolks, tuna, hemp seeds, and salmon. 
  3. High protein food:- Seafood, eggs, and lean meats. 
  4. You will have to drink enough water daily. 

7. Go for a regular check-up.

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Aside from genetics, various medical conditions might result in hair loss. You will address the hair loss by treating some underlying conditions. Following conditions that might lead to hair loss:- 

  • Syphilis
  • Celiac disease
  • Lupus
  • Lichen planus
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Alopecia areata
  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorders
  • Iron deficiency
  • Hair-pulling disorder

If you possess any conditions or experiencing any other symptoms other than hair loss, you can always visit the doctors and get some treatment you need. Hair loss must improve as the health condition gets improved. 

8. Reduce stress

Stress can affect numerous body parts, and it also includes hair. Therefore, hair loss might be the result of a stressful life. 

The strategies that might help to reduce the stress include:- 

  1. Meditation
  2. Getting proper sleep
  3. Practicing yoga
  4. Listening music
  5. Regularly exercising

9. Oils

A few trusted sources recommended that peppermint oil might help your hair growth. Rosemary oil is also used traditionally for increasing blood circulation on your scalp. A study has found that the extract of Rosemary leaf extract has improved hair regrowth in mice. 

Olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil are also recommended, but the benefits for hair growth from these oils are very limited. 

10. Saw palmetto

The saw palmetto is planted with the small berries used as part of the treatment plan for enlarged prostate. As the research is very narrow on the saw Palmetto ability for treating hair loss, one review source has found, it might help you with hair growth, but it can have some side effects. 

11. Biotin

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Biotin is the vitamin that is naturally found in the foods such as:- 

  • Oats
  • Onions
  • Eggs
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts

Some sources recommend that taking the biotin supplements might slower hair loss. You must note down the points that most research is done on women. 

12. Onion juice

Study shows that usage of onion as the topical treatment has resulted in more and more growth than the tap in the people with the alopecia areata. 

13. Bhringraj

The bhangra, also known as the false daisy, is specified in a sunflower family and known in the tradition of Ayurveda as a herb that supports hair regrowth. The studies in the mice have given results that the herb extracts show the better regrowth of hair than the minoxidil. However, research is mostly needed for confirmation of these effects on humans. 

14. Green tea

This is another remedy for hair regrowth is green tea. An old study on the mic in polyphenolic compounds present in green tea has shown promise to remedy hair loss. There are not any human studies confirming the effects. 

15. Hibiscus

The Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis is marketed very widely all over the world. An old study on mice has shown some positive effects on hair follicles. There is no study has been done on humans.


Ways to prevent hair loss

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Hair loss is one of the common problems worldwide, and it affects almost every person in the world. Mostly everyone loses 100 strands of hair every day. 

Many factors can be the cause of hair loss for men. From hormonal changes to multiple medical conditions, hair loss can hey triggered through various reasons. It is a very common condition in most men, but it can even occur in women. Hair loss is a process that might differ from person to person. It can also be very gradual for some people, and for others, they might experience sudden baldness patches and hair loosening all over the head. 

It is a natural phenomenon, so there is no need for worrying over some follicles falling. There might be various causes of hair loss for menthat include genetics, pollution, stress, medications, and mineral deficiency. Putting the cap, helmet or hat might be the reason for men. Here is some solution that can help you reduce hair loss, and some might even help you in re-growth. 


  • Wash the hair with a mild shampoo

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Regular washing of hair is part of hair loss prevention to keep your scalp and hair clean. While doing so, a person will also lower the risk of dandruff and infection, which might lead to hair loss or breakage. Moreover, the clean hair will give with good impression for even more volume. 

  • Intake vitamins

The vitamins are healthy for well-being, and it is even good for the hair. Vitamin A even encourages the healthy production of sebum in our scalp. Vitamin E also offers better blood circulation on our scalp for helping the hair follicles be more productive. Vitamin B also helps the hair even to maintain its hair color. 

  • Taking a diet with rich protein

Eating lean soy, fish, meats, or any other proteins will promote hair health, as it turns off that it will also help curb hair loss. 

  • Massage your scalp with oils

The person who has been possessing hair loss for a long time must start massaging their scalp with the oils for some minutes. It will help the hair follicles to remain more active. A person can also add some lavender in the sesame oil or almond oil.

  • Avoid using the comb in wet hair

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When your hair is fully wet, it is in the weakest state of the hair. So you must avoid brushing the damp hair because there are high chances of an increase in hair loss. But if you are combing wet hair, you must consider it to brush with the comb with wide-toothed. You must also avoid frequently touching because doing so increases hair loss and injures the hair. Always use your fingers to undo the tangles instead of a brush or comb. 

  • Ginger juice, onion juice, or garlic juice

Rub these juices on the scalp. You will use any one of them. You can leave them overnight and then wash them in the morning. You can do this regularly, and you can see the noticeable results. 

  • Stay hydrated always

Our hair shaft is formed with one-fourth of the water, so always drink a minimum of five to ten cups of water each day to keep you hydrated. It will help you to grow some healthy hair. 

  • Rub the green tea on your scalp

The studies have also shown that if a person rubs green tea on their hair, it might help with hair loss. You will have to take the two packets of green tea and water in the cup and then leave it to become cool, and afterward, you can apply it to the hair. Always rinse the hair after the hour. For noticing the results, you can practice it regularly for at least ten days or a week. It will help you to prevent the cause of hair loss for men. 

  • Know the things that are bad for your hai

Everyone wishes to keep their hair healthy, and they should know things to care for their hair properly. You must avoid rubbing the hair dry from the towel. You can even rather let the hair dry without using a hairdryer. 

  • Reduce the alcoholic beverages

If you possess hair loss, you will have to reduce alcohol intake because drinking the alcohol can reduce hair growth. You can eliminate or decrease the alcohol rate for seeing the hair growth.

  • Don’t smoke

Cigarettes smoking can reduce the blood flow amount to your scalp, and it can cause a reduction in the growth of hair. 

  • Physical activities

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Always make some time for doing physical activities daily. Bike, swim, or walk for around 30 minutes every day to balance the hormonal levels and reduce stress and hair fall reduction. It will help you to prevent the cause of hair loss for men. 

  • De-Stress

Studies have also found some evidence linking stress with significant hair loss. You will have to de-stress yourself, even practicing the meditations. Alternative therapies like yoga and meditation also reduce stress and restore hormonal balance. It will help you to prevent the cause of hair loss for men. 

  • Avoid constant drying and heating.

Do not subject the hair to infrequent or constant drying and heating procedures. The heat always weakens the hair proteins, and also continuous drying and heating can also lead to fragility and weakness, which can cause hair loss. 

  • Keep the sweat-free head.

Men with the oil hair can even experience more dandruff during summer because sweating increases the chances of hair loss. Using the shampoos, which contain neem and aloe vera, might keep the head cool and also help to prevent the head from dandruff. 

Men who wear a frequent helmet will experience even more hair loss during summer because sweat accumulates in pores and weakens the hair roots, which can cause of hair loss for men. Wearing a bandanna or scarf over the hair or terry cloth headband can prevent hair loss. 

  • Change the type of hairstyle

If you are losing your hair lately, you should loosen up the hair. The hairstyles like braids, ponytails and other artificial hairstyles tug the hair or pull the hair follicles. It might be the cause of hair loss for men. 

  • Take proper care of the health.

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Health problems are the precursors of hair loss. Always ensure that you are dealing with chronic infections, high fevers, and illnesses properly for ensuring healthy hair. It will help you to prevent the cause of hair loss for men. 


  • Always keep your eye on the medications.

The specific medications might have some side effects, which might cause hair loss. You can consult the doctor and ask them about your conditions. You must let the doctor know about all the medications if you take. It can also be the cause of hair loss for men. If the medicines are causing your hair loss, you must ask him to change the medications. 

  • Stay away from the chemicals.

The permanent products of hair color products and the harsh chemical might damage your health. It is also not advised to color the hair when you possess hair loss. 

  • Scheduled the doctor appointments regularly.

There are various health conditions and especially skin conditions which can cause changes in the hormonal balances. It can even lead to hair loss. You can always make sure that you will see the doctor regularly for underlying conditions and illnesses. It will help you to detect and prevent the cause of hair loss for men. 


Wrapping Up 

In this article, we have discussed everything about hair loss, starting with the cause of hair loss for men and ending with the treatments. You can easily get an idea of preventing hair loss with our article. But it is recommended to visit the doctor for a detailed check-up and know which one will work for you the best. It is very normal for a specific amount of hair to fall every day. People usually lose a hundred inches every day. If the person notices that their hair is falling than usual, then they might have an underlying condition. In that stage, they must see the doctor. You will have to seek some advice on finding the best option of treatments


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