Wondering How To Solve Types Of Baldness? Read This!!

Wondering How to Solve Types of Baldness (4)


Hair loss, balding, hair thinning- do these words sound familiar?Wondering How To Solve Types Of Baldness? Read This!!

Well! If you have chosen to click open this article, chances are you are already struggling to find better solutions to get rid of these unwanted guests.

Yes! Types of baldness and hair loss are not only unwanted rather unpredictable as well. The survey says it starts after the age of 50, while it may appear even before 25. When genetics and unhealthy lifestyle are to be blamed as possible causes, baldness shows its signs even in those with perfectly well-balanced lifestyles and no history of androgenetic alopecia.

On that account, types of baldness baldness or losing hair scares people due to this issue’s progressive and chronic nature. Most of the time, the hair loss intensity is almost undetectable, and people confuse it with seasonal hair fall only to be left with substantial bald patches.

The problem is common across the globe. However, some people are more vulnerable due to their gender, race, or geographical location. For instance, the ratio of baldness is higher in western regions as compared to Asian countries. Similarly, men are more prone to hair loss or complete baldness than women. African and American men have higher balding ratios than their Chinese or South Korean counterparts.

So to nip the evil in the bud or treat it right, one needs to be aware of types of male pattern baldness, symptoms, and alternative treatment options. Only a knowledgeable opponent can conquer the enemy; therefore, go through this complete guide to balding, its types, and the possible solutions.


Baldness: Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Solutions- Preview

  • Introduction
  • What caused different types of baldness?
  • Can I prevent baldness?
  • Types of baldness
  • Levels of baldness
  • How do I know my baldness type
  • Solution to baldness
  • Cost
  • Conclusion



It is absolutely normal for human beings to lose 100 to 120 strands a day on average. New hair appears as soon as the old strands fall off as a part of the normal hair growth cycle.

Baldness refers to excessive hair loss when old hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair, leaving the visible scalp day by day. The onset of baldness is always gradual unless the hair loss is triggered in response to a medical condition or sudden shock. Even then, it takes a good two to three months before complete balding happens. In a rare case of chemotherapy, hair falls off within one month after receiving the treatment.

Once you notice significant hair loss, it is not wise to stay at home and wait for it to subside by itself. Often the early preventions help in stopping hair fall at the right time and preventing balding. Slowing down balding is easier than stimulating hair regrowth.

The physician establishes a precise diagnosis and carries out a series of tests to rule out the possible cause behind your hair fall. Once the diagnosis is made, the respective physician proposes a viable action plan to help you fight this monster.

Patience is the key to the treatment of baldness. Hair regrowth takes time. The physician will check the intensity of your problem before ruling out if the baldness is reversible or permanent.

In the case of permanent baldness, hair replacement systems or surgical hair treatments are the two most viable solutions.


What Causes Different Types of Baldness?

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Baldness is a complicated phenomenon. There is no one-line answer to what causes baldness. Hence, it can happen due to various reasons. Every day, there are discoveries in the medical field, adding to the list of hidden culprits that may trigger hair loss leading to complete or partial baldness.

Here are some factors that one must consider while ruling out the causes of baldness types. Most of these factors are similar for men and women.


  • Hormones

Androgenetic baldness is said to be more common in men due to the activation of dihydrotestosterone. The primary source for producing this hormone is testosterone which is naturally higher in the male body than females. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) attacks hair follicles, causing hair to fall off and interrupting the typical regrowth cycle.

Females may lack testosterone. However, they face other hormonal disturbances due to which hair loss is common. Pregnancy, postpartum, childbirth, lactation, and menopause are some phases during which females’ bodies undergo hormonal changes resulting in visible hair thinning and baldness.


  • Environmental Damage

Sun rays, harsh weather, exposure to dirt and debris, and air pollution adversely affect hair and scalp. Going out in direct sunlight often damages the hair follicles and ruins natural hair texture. Hair may become thin, dull, and fall out more than usual. Protecting hair from scorching sun rays and harsh winds increases the longevity of your natural hair.


  • Unhealthy Lifestyle

Good hair, glossy skin, strong nails- all of it comes with a price tag which is following a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping on time, taking rest, eating healthy, avoiding stress to some extent, and ditching alcohol or smoking not only helps you gain good health but strengthen hair follicles as well. People who eat clean and take proper rest have fewer chances of going bald even after having genetic vulnerability.


  • Genes

Genes have a significant role in defining hair health. People who have a family history of male or female pattern baldness are more prone to facing progressive hair loss later in life. However, this type of baldness activate only in a favorable environment. The favorable circumstances for genes responsible for baldness are; poor life quality, unhealthy lifestyle, eating an unbalanced diet, not following proper hair hygiene, and medical illnesses.


  • Traction Alopecia

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When hair and scalp are exposed to continuous tension due to tight hairstyles, repeated exposure to heating tools, pulling braids, and stretching due to installation or removal of extensions, alopecia may occur, and this type of baldness is called traction alopecia. This may or may not be permanent, depending upon the intensity and frequency of the damage. It is recommended to treat hair gently; otherwise, your precious crown will leave you for good.


  • Anagen Effluvium

During the Anagen phase of the normal growth cycle, if any toxic substance enters the body, hair follicles start shedding hair without letting new hair regrow, causing visible baldness. The poisonous substances could be medications, radiation, alcohol, or any other drug. Excessive use of nicotine can also trigger hair loss.


  • Telogen Effluvium

The hair loss or baldness type resulting after a sudden shock or trauma is classified under telogen effluvium. This type of baldness is usually reversible, and hair grows back once the effect of trauma subsides. The trauma could be the sudden demise if a loved one, accident, illness, or job loss.


  • Alopecia Areata

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This is considered the most mysterious type of hair loss or balding as alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that still lacks possible explanations of why and how it develops. The sudden and unexplainable onset of alopecia baldness scares the sufferer. Hair may or may not regrow.


  • Tinea Capitis

Ringworms and fungal infections often attack hair follicles, causing circular bald patches. Fungal infections, however, are treatable and hair grows back without any additional support, provided the infection subsides. Swelling, scarring, scurfy patches are also common during fungal infections or Tinea capitis.


  • Folliculitis

Follicle infection or folliculitis causes the hair to fall out. The good news is that it is not a permanent type of baldness and happens only due to the infection. Antifungal oral medications and topical ointments rapidly kill the infection, after which hair naturally grows back. It does not cause permanent baldness, unlike alopecia areata, after which hair may never regrow.


  • Gender

Since testosterone is involved in triggering baldness, men are more prone to it. Females have a lesser amount of testosterone than males, which could be the reason behind the lower ratio of female pattern baldness comrared to male pattern baldness. The latter is twice as prevalent.


  • Hypo/Hyperthyroidism

The thyroid gland has a vital role in human growth. It controls our weight, height, eyesight, and other development areas. Malfunctioning of this gland affects average growth causing hindrance in healthy development. The gland either starts producing more hormones than required or cannot provide sufficient amounts, leading to baldness and other health-related issues.


  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Iron, protein, carbohydrates, essential vitamins, and minerals- a well-balanced diet is needed to fulfill the daily requirement for healthy body functions and growth. The proper diet works as fuel for the human body to keep it going without taking a toll on internal organs and energy reservoirs. Hair growth stops when the body does not receive a proper diet and especially lacks iron and proteins.


  • Poor Hair Hygiene

Not washing hair properly or over-washing hair, both can cause breakage and baldness. Keeping hair and scalp clean and healthy is necessary to avoid baldness. Sleeping with hair tied in tight buns or braids, not combing hair properly, not providing enough hydration, not protecting hair from heat or sun exposure, all of these habits could lead to baldness.


  • Using Harsh Formulas

It is essential to clean hair using organic or mild formulas to replenish moisture and maintain pH balance. Frequent use of harsh shampoos and conditioners with parabens or sulfate damage the hair follicles in the long run.


  • Cancer

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Cancer and its treatment attack the immunity cells of the body. Radiations and chemotherapy both cause the hair to fall out. The hair loss is not permanent; however, it takes at least a year after the treatment for hair to grow back.


  • Cardiovascular Diseases

People who have cardiovascular diseases reported higher chances of baldness and receding hairlines from sides and temples than those who did not have heart problems. Alopecia areata is also positively associated with coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and high serum cholesterol levels.


  • Hypertension

High cholesterol level, fluctuating blood pressure, and hypertension is also linked with baldness. According to health surveys, people who faced baldness earlier in life were most likely to have hypertension and heart issues.


  • Emotional Distress

Anxiety, depressions, unwanted thoughts, and unexpressed emotions can trigger hair loss and baldness. Frequent exposure to a stressful environment makes a person prone to emotional distress. Baldness could be one of the physical signs of emotional distress.


  • Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder in which a person finds solace in pulling out hair. After some time, the head becomes visible. Hair can regrow only if the condition is treated; otherwise, the person is highly likely to pull out new hair as well.


  • Race

Some races are genetically more prone to baldness. Afro hair loss has become a medical term due to Africa’s predisposition to develop baldness after a certain age. Chinese and South Koreans, on the other hand, have the most robust hair genes naturally. They do not face hair loss or greying hair even after crossing 60 years of age. American men are also prone to baldness.


Can I Prevent Baldness?

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  • Change your hairstyle- Pulling the hair tightly in a bun or braid can cause the hair follicles to loosen up, which in the long run stimulates hair fall. Try to switch hairstyles often and be gentle with your hair to prolong its life span.
  • Avoid heat damage- Excessive use of heating tools without using heat protectant spray damages the hair. Heat causes the hair follicles to shrink and affects their ability to regrow hair faster. Heating tools further change the hair texture, making them look brittle and feel dry.
  • Massage your scalp- massage your scalp with good quality carrier oils to provide your hair with better nourishment. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and sweet almond oil are believed to increase the strength of hair follicles. Add essential oil for extra goodness. Frankincense oil and lavender oil are best to promote hair regrowth and strengthen existing hair.
  • Avoid Junk- eating healthy is directly proportional to hair health. A well-balanced diet helps promote hair growth and nourish hair from within. Include proteins in your diet if you want your hair to stay healthy.
  • Say NO to Smoking- smoking causes hair follicles to shrink. Alcohol and smoking both shall be avoided to promote natural hair growth. Smoking causes the class to age faster, and aging triggers hair loss.
  • Use Vitamins and hair supplements- if your diet lacks the required amount of calcium, zinc, and other essential vitamins, take hair supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins added in the hair supplements are proved to promote hair growth at a faster rate. Omega-3 fatty acids keep hair healthier and stronger.


Types of Baldness

Baldness follows numerous patterns. Each pattern points out the hidden cause; therefore, observing the type and pattern of baldness is necessary to establish a precise and perfect diagnosis. The eight most common types of baldness are as follows;

  • Gradual Hair thinning on top of the head
  • Bald spots above the crown
  • Bald and circular scaly patches all over the head
  • Sudden Hair Loss
  • Medical hair loss
  • Full-body hair loss
  • Male Pattern Hair loss
  • Female Pattern Hair loss


Gradual Hair thinning on top of the head

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The onset of baldness is gradual hair thinning. On average human beings lose 100 to 120 strands daily as a part of the natural hair growth cycle. New hair appears as soon as the old fall out unless the normal growth cycle gets interrupted. New hair then does not regrow, making the hairline and scalp visible. This type of baldness appears above the crown or forehead, transitioning into complete baldness with time.


Bald spots above the crown

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Some people may lose hair in circular patches. Bald patches appear due to any disease or scalp infection. Some bald patches are painless, while others could be painful and scarred after the hair falls out. This type of baldness is restricted to the crown area only.

Bald and circular scaly patches all over the head

Bald patches may cover the entire head, depending upon the nature and intensity of alopecia or fungal infection. Ringworm infection is often the source behind this type of hair loss. It is relatively more painful than alopecia. The scaly patches feel sore to touch with redness, swelling, and pus-filled follicles. Antibiotics and topical ointments are used to treat this type of hair loss. Hair grows back after the infection is treated inside out. Dandruff and psoriasis could also result in bald patches.


Sudden Hair Loss

Hair loss after facing sudden physical or emotional trauma can cause the hair to fall off. Hair starts to fall off in huge lumps and clusters. The person may notice more than usual hair strands in the shower, on the pillow, or while combing. This type of hair loss or baldness is not permanent or irreversible; however, the distress of losing hair is emotionally exhaustive.


Medical hair loss

If baldness results after contracting an illness like cancer, chemotherapy, kidney-related issues, thyroidism, hypertension, diabetes, or anemia- it is tagged as medical hair loss. This type of hair loss can be treated with medications after the treatment of a particular disease.


Full-body hair loss

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Full-body hair loss is also common in various illnesses. Cancer and its treatment cause the hair to fall off. This type of baldness is not permanent in most cases; however, hair may not regrow if the person is more than 50 years old with the genetic predisposition to androgenetic alopecia.


Male Pattern Hair loss

The typical unexplainable androgenetic alopecia due to which men lose hair before or after the age of 50 is termed male pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss follows a pattern in which the hair starts to fall off the temples, making an “M” shape.


Female Pattern Hair loss

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While men lose hair from temples, going bald gradually, females lose hair from the entire head until they go completely bald. Female hair loss is also due to the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone. It passes on in generations from parents to their children and even grandchildren.

Women are unlikely to go bald completely due to alopecia or androgenetic baldness. Complete baldness in women is linked to medical issues only, such as breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Physicians have divided types of female baldness and types of male pattern baldness into three stages;

  1. Stage 1- hair thinning from the central hairline
  2. Stage 2- widening of the central hairline
  3. Stage 3- hair thinning expanding to the entire head after widening hairline


Levels of Baldness

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Hair loss or baldness does not happen overnight; instead develops gradually. Understanding the levels of baldness allows men to identify and stop hair thinning effectively.

  1. The beginning stage
  2. The appearance of Mature Hairline
  3. Significant balding
  4. The Vertex balding
  5. Progressive Hairline recession
  6. Temple and vertex joining hands
  7. The final stage- clinical baldness

Level 1: The beginning stage

Stage 1 is almost undetectable. Hair starts to fall off more than average on a daily basis, yet the hair thinning or balding is not visible enough. At this stage, people confuse progressive hair loss with seasonal hair fall or stress-related hair fall, which makes it progress further.

Level 2: Appearance of Mature Hairline

The hair loss starts becoming visible along with the temples. Hairlines do not feel fuller, receding towards the center or vice versa. This type of hairline is referred to as the adult or mature hairline.

Level 3: Significant balding

At this level, the balding becomes clinically significant. Hairline recedes to temples making an “M” or “U” shape. If the balding starts from the crown, it makes an “O” shape and the central parting recedes towards the temples. Whichever pattern the hair loss follows, it results in complete balding.

Level 4: The Vertex balding

Central balding in which the hair loss is more prominent above the crown is referred to as vertex balding. This type of balding is more common in men than it is in a woman. Women do not lose hair making an “O” shape; instead, they equally lose hair from the entire head.

Level 5: Progressive Hairline recession

The scalp at this stage loses enough hair to be diagnosed as a clinically bald head. Bald patches now outweigh the remaining hair.

Level 6: Temple and vertex joining hands

At this point, the temple hairlines almost join the central hairline, making the head look bald. Some hair patches are dispersed, but the more significant portion of the scalp is visible.

Level 7: The final stage- clinical baldness

Most hairs fall out, and now the scalp is markedly visible. New hair does not appear, resulting in clinical baldness. Consulting a physician or dermatologist before reaching the final stage is linked to a better prognosis; otherwise, hair loss or baldness could be permanent.


How do I Know My Baldness Type?

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In order to address balding and to get the proper treatment, identifying the type of baldness and its root cause is crucial. Once the diagnosis is precise, it is easier to establish an immediate action plan.

Here are some practical steps to follow;

  • Avoid Self-medication– self-medication, self-diagnosis, and self-prescription; note these words and mark them as your biggest enemy. Do not waste time figuring out possible treatment by yourself. This will only create more damage. You may end up using products or medications having adverse effects.
  • What worked for your friend may not work for you– this is a thumb rule. Human beings are unique and so are their bodily mechanisms. Individuality governs even the contributory causes of various illnesses; therefore, if two people face the same problem, their solution could be entirely different. What works for one might not suit another.
  • Consult, consult, consult– seek immediate help from a professional. The foremost step should be to take advice from an established expert. Ask the consultant to help you figure out your diagnosis. This is the only authentic approach to know what type of baldness one is struggling with.
  • Read and Research– the consultant will suggest a series of tests to rule out possible causes behind progressive baldness. Meanwhile, educate yourself and read about possible outcomes. Reading about the problem has two significant positive impacts. One, you get to know you are not alone, and it gives an utter sense of satisfaction. Second, you will be able to make well-informed decisions.
  • Ask Questions– before the next appointment with your consultant, prepare a series of questions. The consultant shall answer your queries and suggest multiple treatment alternatives that you may opt for according to personal preference and financial resources.
  • Compare different causes of baldness- baldness has numerous contributory causes. From hereditary proneness to medical-related hair loss, the possible reasons vary greatly. Rate yourself against each potential cause and check how many boxes you are ticking. This will help narrow down the possibilities.


Solution to Baldness


1. Medications

  • Minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the most prescribed hair regrowth medications that men and women can use. Medication promotes hair growth at a slower rate; thus, it can take up to six months for the hair to regrow.
  • Finasteride is another medicine that is widely used for promoting hair growth. It is mainly prescribed to men by doctors. It slows down the process of male pattern baldness.
  • Spironolactone is given to women for controlling female pattern baldness. It slows down the production of dihydrotestosterone in women.


2. Surgical Hair Treatments

  • The most common surgical treatment for hair regrowth is hair transplant. The physician takes hair strands from the donor’s site and moves them to areas with no hair regrowth to stimulate hair follicles.
  • Another surgical treatment is Hair PRP therapy or injections. The plasma from a person’s blood is taken and inserted at the site where hair regrowth is required. Plasma is rich in protein, and protein is said to be the building block; thus, it promotes hair regrowth.


3. Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

  • Non-surgical hair replacement units are not only affordable but also quick in action. A most common type of hair replacement system is a full wig. Wigs provide full coverage hence are ideal for covering baldness. The hair color, texture, and length can be adjusted according to the requirement, so a wig is a customized alternative to expensive surgical hair replacement therapies.
  • Hair toupees are lighter than wigs and provide medium to low coverage. Toupees do not cover the entire head, unlike wigs. These are custom hairpieces that lay flat above the head, and hair blends in smoothly with the natural hair, giving off a naturally fuller look.
  • Hair extensions are for women facing hair thinning or initial stages of balding. The extensions add extra volume and length.


Here is a quick summary of different solutions to baldness!!

Where to Find Best Hair Replacement System

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Men’s Hair Replacement Units

WMP Fine Welded Mono Male Hair Pieces Men’s Toupee Wholesale

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine welded mono with PU coated all around, and 1/8”folded lace in front with baby hair
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BHS Swiss Lace Toupee And Men’s Lace Hairpiece From Bono Hair

The base construction is with full Swiss lace, which is even better than simple French lace in terms of natural-looking and comfort. Men with sensitive scalp must opt for a hairpiece with a super soft base; otherwise, the rough base could damage or irritate the scalp. It’s an extremely lightweight hairpiece for those who do not want to feel the weight of the hair system while wearing it.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Full Swiss Lace
  • Base size: 8*10”
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Often customers demand hairpieces to enhance their overall personality. Offer them this hairpiece. This one offers a luxurious experience of wearing a wig with its fine quality hair and ultra-comfortable base construction. It is a custom-made hairpiece to provide your clients with a memorable experience.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: China Silk Mono Top with 1” Clear PU Around
  • Base size: According to the customer’s template
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  • Hair length: 8”
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BH-ICONL Light Density Male Hair System Men’s Hair Toupees Manufacturers

This is a hair toupee for men struggling with the initial level of baldness. The hairpiece has a fine welded mono base. Each hair strand is hand-tied to the base utilizing a single knot technique in order to give this piece a posh and natural-looking finish. It’s a freestyle wig that offers the wearer freedom of styling and multiple partings.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine welded mono all over
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: A
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, synthetic gray hair
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BH10D Lace Men’s Crown Hair Piece Wholesale Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

The folded net at the front increases the realness of this hairpiece. It’s an affordable and non-surgical alternative to hide baldness perfectly. The base construction is with double lace to provide maximum comfort and additional support.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Double French lace with 1” Pu coated all around and folded net in front.
  • Base size: 6”x7.5”, 6”x8”, 6”x8.5”, 6”x9”, 7”x9”
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1B, #4


Women’s Hair Replacement Units


GIGI Human Hair Lace Wig Is Manufactured From Bono Hair Women’s Wig Factory

The wig is ideal for modern-day women with multi-lace base construction and the finest quality Chinese Virgin human hair. It represents the class and beauty possessed by modern women with the help of its gorgeous pre-styled layers and striking colors. The base allows easy installation and removal, so offer your customers this hairpiece with complete confidence, and they will order more in the future.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the open machine made weft at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613, #30RT,#60RT,#2020T,#1740T,#1620T,#6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


LOLA Wholesale Human Hair Toppers and Custom Human Hair Topper Pieces

It’s a beautiful hair topper to add length and volume. The topper is ideal for women looking for a lightweight piece to cover their widening hairline from the center with straight Chinese virgin hair and silk mono base. The hair blends beautifully with natural hair, giving off an illusion of thick and fuller hair. It comes with four pressure-sensitive clips, so there is no need to use hair glue or tape. Easy removal makes it a perfect piece for those who do not like to spend hours removing adhesive and its residue from the scalp.

Wondering How to Solve Types of Baldness (19)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Full skin and silk mono; 4 pressure-sensitive clips.
  • Base size: 4.5*6”
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  • Head coverage: Top & crown
  • Application method: Clip in


Beauty I Wholesale Medical Wigs in Stock Silk Top Wigs for Cancer Patients

Manufacturing medical wigs require additional expertise as patients already have super sensitive scalps and cannot bear extra pressure over their heads. Our skilled workers make the finest quality medical wigs under the supervision of certified medical wig designers. These wigs have soft and comfortable base construction and an adjustable strap for added security and easy wig installation. This particular hairpiece offers a beautiful straight face-framing hairstyle.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Silk top with a stretch net at crown and back area; 1/2″ French lace in front; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
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BLN93502 Custom Toupee for Women Wholesale Women’s Lace Hair Systems

Some customers demand hairpieces that have pre-cut stylish bobs. This toupee is ideal for women who want to flaunt crisp bobs and beautiful front bangs. The base construction if of French lace, and the hair is hand-tied to the base, which gives a realistic-looking hairline. Hair texture represents slight curls, while the hair color can be adjusted according to the requirement.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace in the center; 3/4″ PU coated at the front, extended to 1 1/4″ PU coated at back and sides; 1/4″ French lace at front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
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  • Hair color: According to a hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-light to medium
  • Hair curl: 6cm
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


BLN88481 Injection Thin Skin Wigs for Women Wholesale Wigs for Women

Even though total baldness is rare in women, it is more challenging to deal with; as a hair piece manufacturer, we help women fight baldness by providing an attractive solution. This hairpiece is designed to perfection for women battling against complete baldness. It is made with the advanced technique of injecting each strand in the most delicate quality base to provide a hairpiece as light as a feather.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: 10mm injection thin skin all over
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  • Hair type: Chinese hair, gray synthetic hair
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  • Hair density: Medium to medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


Cost of Baldness Treatments


  • Medication Cost

The cost of medication lies between 100$ to 500$ per month, depending upon the frequency of the dose. Medications have hidden fees as well. Since self-medication can be fatal for health, medications require a physician’s prescription. For prescription, you will have to make an appointment with the consultant, which is not free. Additionally, the commute cost from your home to the physician’s clinic must also be added.

Physicians, in general, keep a tab on your progress and advise you to schedule appointments monthly, so you will have to repeat this expense every month until the process is over. Medication is not a fast-acting solution; therefore, be prepared for at least six to seven months of appointment and prescription bills.

Medications further have associated health risks such as bloating, blurred vision, stomach tension, or any other side-effect. You need to take additional counteracting supplements or food that will cost extra bucks. 


  • Surgical Hair Replacement Cost

Surgical hair replacement therapies are super expensive and unaffordable for many. A single PRP session can cost $1000 to $1500, and you need at least four to five sessions depending upon your required hair density and growth rate.

Hair transplant is more expensive than Hair PRP or laser therapy. The whole procedure can cost $1500 to $4000 and even more. It’s a detailed procedure during which the surgeon extracts hair from one part of the body and grafts onto the bald areas on your head. The process involves post-surgery care with medications, ointments, rest, and food- all of which come with a decent price tag. Frequent visits to the surgeon’s clinic shall be added to the final cost.


  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems Cost

Wondering How to Solve Types of Baldness (3)

Non-surgical hair replacement units are a lot more affordable than medications or surgical hair replacement methods. Buying a wig or hairpiece is a one-time investment. You do not need a physician’s appointment before purchasing a wig; instead, contact your distributor or go to a nearby salon and ask them to guide you regarding hair texture, color, and sizes of hair replacement units. These types of consultations are free of cost.

There are no side effects of wearing wigs or toupees, so the additional cost in the name of post-surgery care is also out of the equation. One can easily install or remove the hairpiece at home without needing additional support, so no hidden charges as well.

The cost of wigs and toupees depends upon their type and fabric quality. Hand-tied hairpieces are more expensive than machine-sewn pieces because the hand-tied wigs look more natural. Synthetic hairpieces are cheaper than human hairpieces due to their hair quality. A synthetic hairpiece can cost from $100 to $300. At the same time, the cost of a human hair unit ranges from $300 to $700.


Final Word

Hair is an integral part of the human personality. People love to show off different hairstyles and experiment with their hair to find out that one magical look that suits them perfectly and instantly turns them into a star.

As much as men and women love their hair, the fear of losing this precious crown haunts deeply. The growing stats of balding and hair loss further justify the fear. Baldness is getting common due to various reasons. From poor quality food to an unhealthy lifestyle- everything plays a part. However, the most vital determinant for male or female pattern baldness is said to be the genes.

Genetic predisposition to baldness is one of the most common factors behind the increasing rate of baldness. Unhealthy diet, exposure to sun rays, not following hair hygiene, and forgetting hair supplements additionally work as a catalyst. In women, excessive use of heating tools without using heat protectant spray and pulling off hair tightly to carry out different hairstyles is another reason for balding. However, complete balding is less common in females than it is in males.

Multiple solutions are available in the market to combat balding. Medications, hair PRP, transplant, and non-surgical hair replacement units are the most sought-after baldness solutions. Out of the three, non-surgical hair replacement units such as wigs and toupees are more affordable and quick as compared to surgical therapies and medications.

Wigs and toupees provide medium to full coverage, depending upon the demand of users. Bono hair makes high-quality hair replacement alternatives for those who are fighting baldness with courage. Medical and esthetic, both types of hairpieces, are crafted by skilled workers at our factory to help business owners get the most authentic products for their customers.

At Bono Hair, we manufacture customized pieces in bulk at wholesale rates. The sizes, hair texture, hair color, and base cap construction can be easily adjusted to your given requirements, so ask your clients what kind of hair replacement units they would like to hide their baldness, and we will help you supply those within your budget.

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