As men’s hair pieces suppliers, all our stock hair systems wholesale for men are designed and made with comfort. And we also style in mind. The versatile styles we offer are guaranteed to meet your customers’ needs. Here at Bono Hair, we stock over 10,000 men’s hair pieces and we have 25 models in 35 different colors. Our stock hair systems wholesale for men can be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment and delivery takes between 3 – 5 working day.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why choose men’s stock toupee hair replacement systems from Bono Hair?

    Male pattern baldness is very common in men aged between 30 – 35, we understand that losing hair can be a difficult, painful and life changing process. Most men who suffer from male pattern baldness struggle to find solutions that work for them. Surgical hair loss solutions are painful, costly and time consuming. For this reason, a non surgical hair replacement for men is the best way to solve it. Men’s hair units can enable end wearers to regain a full head of hair instantly without any side effects.

    Like other men’s hair pieces suppliers, we stock over 10,000pcs hair pieces for men, our large inventory will definitely cover most of your customer’s needs. So, why should you choose Bono Hair as one of your men’s hair pieces suppliers?

    Premium Toupee Hair Quality
    As professional men’s hair pieces suppliers, we craft stock hair pieces for men  to the same high standard as our custom male hair pieces. We use the finest and softest Indian hair to make hair toppers for men. We are also proud to stock high-quality Remy wholesale hair systems for men to satisfy the varied needs of your valued customers.

    Instant Delivery
    The main advantage of a stock hair system is that it’s ready for instant delivery. If your customer needs a toupee hair replacement urgently, then stock hair replacement systems are the best choice for them. Once buy men's hair system, the men’s stock hair systems will arrive within 3 – 5 working days.

    Wide Variety of Models and Colors Available
    Even though a stock wholesale toupee for men comes in a standard size, hair system density and front contour shape, as professional men’s hair pieces suppliers, our high-quality stock range is made to include the most popular designs and mostly commonly requested customer specifications. Stock hair pieces for men come in a wide variety of base designs which include french lace hair systems, lace front hair systems, thin skin hair pieces, a monofilament hair system and combined base designs. Like other men’s hair pieces suppliers, our base designs will cover the vast majority of your customer’s needs and requirements. We also stock different sizes to cover different baldness patterns. Each men's stock hair pieces comes in 37 different colors giving your customers more choice.

    Ready-to-wear Service
    To get perfectly fitting stock hair pieces for men, it may be necessary to trim down the base size or add more curls to the male toupee. As professional men’s hair piece suppliers, we provide ready-to-wear services for our clients. If it is not convenient for you to do this, then our stylist can adjust the men’s hair toupee according to your specific requirements. We can cut the base size according to your measurements or templates, we can cut and style the hair with either pictures or instructions and we can add more curls to suit the needs of your clients.

    Drop-Shipping Service
    As your reliable men’s hair pieces suppliers, we understand that sometimes you may be unable to book an appointment with your clients to provide a fitting service. Or you may have clients who cannot get to your salon who need a real looking men’s hair piece urgently. In circumstances such as these, clients cannot get to the salon for a fitting. This is why we provide a drop shipping service for you. If you cannot fit the client’s toupee directly, then we can arrange shipping to the client’s delivery address directly. All client information is strictly confidential and safe with us. If your client wants a ready-to-wear male toupee, we can also provide them with a professional base and hair cutting service.

    Direct Factory Price
    As men’s hair pieces suppliers, all our stock wholesale toupee for men are mass produced. This helps us (and you) save on human and material costs and resources. Compared with custom hair pieces, stock toupees are relatively less expensive.

    Choose Bono Hair as one of your men’s hair pieces suppliers! Contact with our sales representatives for the best offer available.

    Our stock hair pieces for men can be dispatched within 24 hours of payment being received. Delivery takes between 3 -5 working days. We can ship orders with FedEx, DHL, UPS and EMS. If you use another shipping agency, please contact our sales representatives for further information.

    As professional men's hair pieces suppliers, we could also supply ancillary services. If you require a base cutting, hair style cutting or add on curl service, this will take an addition 2-3 working days.

    You can return stock men’s hair systems that are unused, uncolored and uncut within three months of shipment. We understand that you will also stock hair systems for your clients and will keep them in reserve until they are needed.

    Once we have received your hair toppers for men, we will refund the value of your goods. We do not pay the shipping cost on return orders. As your trusted men’s hair pieces suppliers, we are responsible for any production fault. If stock men's hairpieces have a production fault or quality issue, we will happily repair or replace the stock toupee for your clients free of charge.

    As leading men’s hair pieces suppliers, we have a team that is dedicated to managing the production of our men's hairpieces. These stock hair pieces for men include poly hair systems, lace hair systems, super thin skin hair systems, mens lace front toupee, a full lace hair system and even an afro toupee. The team is responsible for stocking an adequate supply of all our different men's stock hair systems and arranging production quantity in accordance with our monthly sales. As professional men’s hair pieces suppliers, we also adjust production according to special occasions such as Christmas, Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. This ensures that all models and colors are in stock all year round. If you have a new promotion in place to sell a specific model then you may need a large quantity. If this is the case, please inform us in advance so we can adjust our production plan to meet your needs.

    As your reliable men’s hair pieces suppliers, we are dedicated to save your men's hairpieces cost. If you require over 50 pcs of one model, we highly recommend placing your own stock orders with us. This will save you time and money!

    If our stock hair systems don’t meet the needs of your clients, you can order a custom made toupee or wig for them. When customizing a unit, you can choose the hair system density, the hair system bases and the toupee color. Whether you want a men’s lace toupee, a men’s glue on hair piece, a mono top toupee, a men’s frontal hair piece, a men’s crown hair piece, toupee for black men, or realistic men’s wigs, we have you covered!

    Contact with your trustworthy men’s hair pieces suppliers now to get more information about stock and custom men’s hair systems.

    Compared with other bases, skin and lace base toupees are the most natural looking stock hair replacement systems. An invisible hairline is an important thing for natural looking. Lace hair systems are generally natural and comfortable among all men's stock hair pieces.

    Bono Hair crafts many types of men’s stock hair pieces at a wholesale price. Men’s hair piece wholesale costs from $90-$200 basically. The price is different because of the base design, hair type, and so on.