As men’s hairpieces manufacturers, we carefully handcraft our undetectable men’s toupee wholesale. That is to provide wearers with the most realistic look achievable. Customers suffering from hair loss can enjoy the confidence, style and comfort that wearing a male toupee offers. The men’s toupee wholesale we offer includes options for all male baldness patterns. And the toupees come in a choice of different designs, colors, densities and curls. If you are looking for a reliable men’s toupee factory, you are in the right place!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does a toupee cost?

    Most of customers ask us, How much does a toupee cost? Affordable men's hair toupee cost is important.

    As human hair toupee manufacturers, we supply men’s toupee wholesale online and provide our clients with the direct factory price! The prices of our men’s toupee wholesale in stock vary according to different order quantities. The price of our custom made toupee is entirely dependent on the order specification. We can also arrange bulk orders for you according to your regular requirements, needs and specifications. The costs of a men's hair replacement system depends on the exact unit being ordered. But we are sure that you will get the best male toupee price from Bono Hair factory.

    Contact your reliable men’s hair pieces manufacturers via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp at +8617561788081. Receive the best men’s toupee wholesale offers available!

    At Bono Hair, we have men's toupee wholesale and custom hair systems available.

    For a stock man toupee wholesale, we ship products within 24 working hours of an order being placed. Delivery takes between 3-5 working days. Stock men’s toupee wholesale is ready to be shipped and we have a stockpile of over 10,000 units that are ready to be ordered.

    If you choose our ready-to-wear service, the order of man toupee takes between 1 – 3 working days for processing. And also 3 – 5 working days for delivery. Our ready-to-wear service includes base cutting, hair styling and adding curls onto our stock hair toupees.

    Custom hairpieces orders will take between 6 – 10 weeks depending on different order specifications. We also provide a ‘rush’ and ‘super rush’ service for special emergency orders. Custom men's hair  toupee can be made according to your exact specifications and requirements.

    Many customers may ask this question, and with our experience as a men’s hair pieces supplier, the best types of men’s hairpieces vary from different wearers. We would like to share with you the features of three types of men’s toupee wholesale, so you can refer to this to choose the best men's hair systems for your clients.

    Lace hairpiece for men: Lace hair system is undetectable, breathable and light-weight. It’s more suitable for people who live an active lifestyle, or those who live in a hot and humid weather. Besides, lace hair systems need more regular maintenance.

    Thin skin hairpiece for men: Thin skin toupees are more popular, especially ultra-thin skin hair system and super thin skin hair systems. V-loops hair makes the men’s toupee wholesale supernatural. And thin skin men’s hair systems are easy for attachment and clean-up.

    Fine mono hairpiece for men: Monofilament hair systems is durable and breathable. It’s a classic base material and some elderly people would like mono base toupees. And it needs a very thorough and careful maintenance.

    At our toupee factory, we can make these men’s toupee wholesale according to your client’s requirements. Contact us for more details!

    Toupees are male hairpieces or partial wigs of natural or synthetic hair that are worn to cover partial baldness. They are typically used on people who have thinning hair or balding on the top part of their heads. Our high-quality range of stock men’s toupee wholesale are designed with partial baldness in mind. Our high-quality toupees base sizes range from 6”x8” to 8”x10", giving your customers a greater choice and variety of male hair pieces. Compared to wigs for men, men’s toupee hairpiece is more natural looking and much more popular amongst hair toupee wearers. Men’s toupee wholesale wearers don’t need to be removed every day. You can withstand day-to-day activities such as swimming, showering and exercising!
    Male wigs are used to cover existing hair, they cover the entire surface area of the head to disguise baldness. In addition to covering baldness, full cap wigs are also used for theatrical purposes. Besides, for people looking to switch up their style more often.