Skin Hair System Guide: Why Skin Hair System Is Popular?

Skin Hair System Guide - Why Skin Hair System Is Popular (16)

Why do men need a skin hair system? Hair thinning and balding are common problems caused by heredity, health conditions, and medications. At the age of 20, 20% men, at the ’30s, 25% men, at ’50s, 50% men and at ’60s, 66% men have noticeable hair loss, balding all-over head or Male-pattern hair loss (MPHL). Then they have two options: getting hair back on the head, surgical hair replacement, or a non-surgical hair replacement system. Usually, men avoid surgical hair replacement because of the high cost, uncertainty in results, and the long time this procedure takes to grow hair back. Then they opt for non-surgical hair replacement systems that are economical and provide accurate results quickly. Nowadays, many non-surgical skin hair systems are in the market, which is good but makes a customer perplexed about his decision. 

Non-surgical hair replacement methods like cap wigs are famous because of the quality of giving exact desired hair in an instant to disappear their baldness. Now, the cap wigs or hairpieces come in various hairstyles, hair textures, hair colors, and different hair system base materials.

Currently, the skin hair system is trending. So, in this blog, we are giving you all crucial details about the skin hair system, its types, comparison to other skin hair systems, and anticipated questions about it. So, let’s start. 

What Is a Skin Hair System?

The word “Skin” is used in ‘skin hair system’ is an industry term for solid-surface polyurethane base material in a hair system. 

The ‘Skin Hair System’ is a fancy word for a toupee or cap wig. In other words, a skin hair system is a hairpiece made of human or synthetic hair that is used to cover a bald area or whole head. Furthermore, cap wig, toupee, hairpiece, and strand-by-strand insertion system are all the names used in the market for the same product, which is hair system.

Skin in a hair system can be of different thicknesses. But it is kept at its lightest; maximally, it can be as thick as a contact lens. Because the purpose of the hair system is to give a client a full hair head that looks natural, if the skin is thick, it can’t satisfy your client and will be easily detectable by others.

The skin hair system is popular because it covers a person’s head and creates a faux scalp that gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. 

Since this ultra-thin skin hair system is made of polyurethane, it is also called the ‘poly skin hair system.’ Therefore, you may have heard this system benefits and hype with the name of ‘poly skin hair system.’ 


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The naturalness this hair system provides is the essential characteristic of its popularity. Here are some other great reasons why the client loves it and wants to install it again. 

Better Base Material:

As you read above, the skin hair system’s base material is made of polyurethane; this material is non-porous and solid. It does not mean that its toupee cap will be hard. Instead, it is soft and thin that causes no discomfort. It just means the cap will be plain and does not get out of shape. 

Because the polyurethane doesn’t have appearent porous, it is hard to enter any dirt or pollution inside the base, and no sweat will come out and get into the wig’s hair.

Extremely Natural:

The skin hair system, as the name suggests, gives your scalp a skin-like appearance. Its thickness varies between 0.03 to 0.10 depending on its type. So, it is ultra-thin, extremely lightweight, and highly comfortable to wear.

Wig’s cap thinness makes it transparent to the scalp. It is like a sheer fabric that makes your scalp see through the wig cap. Therefore, someone can’t detect whether a person is wearing a cap wig or not their natural hair. 

People are delighted with wearing a skin hair system because their ultimate fear is whether everything is top-notch on their wig, but its fake hairline is the only thing from which people can recognize their hair has gone. Moreover, apart from being ultra-thin and hard to differentiate, it is durable and easy to wear.

It mimics your scalp excellently, and the faux and new set hairline is as realistic as your natural one. 

Natural Hair Growth Effect:
skin hair system guide

You must have heard the word ‘ventilation’ in the wig and skin hair system industry; it means how each hair is attached to the base of the wig.

We, Bono Hair, use the v-loop technique to attach hair at the front hairline of the base that has no knotting within them. It gives the illusion that hair is naturally growing out of the scalp. Moreover, because of that, hair has the versatility of moving in any direction, just like your natural hair.

We provide a skin hair system that’s hairline is hard to differentiate from real ones: Check them out.

Low Maintenance:

As this skin hair system’s base is non-porous, applying glue to bind the system to the scalp will not mess up with clients’ hair and remain under the wig. For this reason, it is super easy to clean. Moreover, among other non-surgical hair replacement systems, the skin hair systems last longer. Its proper care is listed further below.

Furthermore, it is not the case that thin base hair systems just come into the market and go viral. It’s the advantages that kept this hair system undefeatable till now at any point among other non-surgical hair systems. Moreover, this poly skin hair system has other benefits like ease of use and no irritation. 

Other than displayed thin skin hairpieces, we also offer you to order customized skin hair systems for every client as per their head, hair details, and requirements. 


Skin Hair System Types

A thin skin hair system is not only suitable for expert wig wearers but for first-time wig wearers because it is easy to install, wear and maintain. So, customers usually ask for its different types and their features and specialties before installation. Therefore, we are going to quickly explain each type of skin hair so you can suggest the best among them to your client without any doubt.

  • Ultra-Thin Skin Hair System:
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The main thing that makes this system prominent among all is its base thinness, only 0.03 mm. Further details are below.

This hair system looks exceptionally natural and easy to maintain. Easy to maintain, but it does not mean that one can use it with carelessness. As the life of this hair system is not long because its base is so fragile and thin. So, every time you or your customer apply it, be very careful and gentle. 

The 0.03 mm poly base is not shiny. Instead, the base of ultra-thin skin hair system color is very thin and see-through that your scalp shows through it, which is good because it best fits any skin color and mimics a person’s scalp. 

Moreover, the poly base of this hair system is stretchy. If someone tries to pull any base part while holding in pinches, their hands will slip off before the poly base breaks. If you see the inner side of the base, there is no stitching showing. At that point, a bald person wants to salute the scientist and technicians who made the ultra-thin skin hair system. Furthermore, you can fold it anyway to store it for later use; it will not damage the scalp.

If you or your customer wants to wash or wet the wig, after wetting the wig, it just weighs like a dry pair of socks. If you buy it from us, there will be no greys showing off after a few washes.

Rarely, when you just put a hairpiece on any body part like an arm or hand to show its realistic appearance to your customer, lace can be visible. But, when you press it against the skin, it becomes invisible. Inform your customer that there is a need to stretch a hair system a bit when applying, then lace blends in the skin. 

The interesting thing is the hair attached to the base of the hair system is human hair and attached strand by strand in a v-loop which is thin at the base too.

There can be the case that your client has good density hair all over the head except the front hairline and edges. In that case, a poly system can be cut off after taking the measurement of the desired area to be covered. In that case, if the hair system is cut off properly, it can be used two times. 

Moreover, after using the ultra-thin poly base hair system, one can easily remove the glue from it. As polyurethane is non-porous, the glue doesn’t get into the system, and when you take it off, there is a layer of glue that can easily be cleaned by hand. Just pinch a part of the glue, pull it, and they can take off much glue in one pull in the form of a layer. 

One more concern is that a few customers who did intense research on this topic say that hair installed via the v-loop technique can be the problem. Because there is a thought that if you pull some hair from the base, it will not come off. On the other hand, if you pull a single hair strand, it will come out. This saying has no authenticity and is just a thought shared by some people. 

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Super Thin Skin Hair System:

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This is the second type of skin hair system, super thin skin. The thing that differentiates this hair system from other hair systems is its base thickness. Its base is 0.06 mm thin. It feels a bit thicker than an ultra-thin skin system. 

However, the super-thin hair system is also made of polyurethane. It comes in a standard base size which is eight by 10 inches. But you can always ask for a custom poly skin system based on your client’s needs. Moreover, while manufacturing the 0.06 mm poly skin system, we focus on realism and comfort. 

When clients come to apply or purchase the super-thin unit, they are worried about only one thing: that due to lace thickness, the front hairline will look faux. In comparison, this is not the case. We talked about one of our customers after ten days of super-thin skin installation. He said that I feel it because I know that there is a system installed, but it is not visible to others. 

There is nothing to worry about. Our poly material is not shiny and is not thick at the edges so, it will be very realistic. Moreover, we have used the v-loop technique all over the base to attach the hair. So, you can freely make any hairstyle like the pompadour, left, right, and middle parting wherever you want. 

To see an example of our super thin skin hair system: please click here.

Transparent Thin Skin Hair System:
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Transparent thin skin’s poly base has a thickness of 0.06mm to 0.08 mm. It is the thickest material present in our stock toupee. We use an entire injected method all over the toupee to present the knotless base. The injection technique is current technology to make the attached hair appear like hair coming out within the scalp. In the category of the injected base system, a transparent thin skin hair system is categorized as an ultra-thin skin hair system. 

In this system, we offer 100% hair density. Moreover, we use high-quality Indian human hair that is 5 to 6 inches long with slight natural waves of 30 mm. Like other hair systems, thin transparent skin is also soft and comfortable and can be cut into any size. However, we have given it front a cc counter shape to make it ready to install if someone wants to apply the whole system without cutting it. All these qualities provide this system with a natural hairline and undetectable perimeter. 

If the thin skin used in transparent is 0.06 mm, then there need to be single split knots on the system. Moreover, it depends on the wearer, too; we use single flat knots on the back and sides if he wants a flat effect on the hair.

Now, the question arises why double split knots or double flat knots are not used? Well, here are the reasons for that.

  1. Double flat knots or double split knots are more prominent. 
  2. If single knots are used, poly is applied to seal the underside of the base, so the hair doesn’t get loose anyway.
  3. If double split knots or double flat knots, there needs to create two holes for each knot that make the already thin system more fragile or breakable.

Furthermore, a transparent thin skin system can support any hair density but be mindful that the heavier the density will be, the thicker the base will be. For the base thickness of 0.06 mm, we inject the hair into the base.

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Skin Gauze Hair System:
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In this hair system, thin skin has been reinforced with gauze. Gauze provides strength to the whole system and creates a very durable hair system. Usually, the gauze is used at the perimeter of the hair system. Many times, companies make full gauze systems. But it is relatively thick compared to the other hair system. 

Traditionally, hair injected technique is used all over the gauze system to make it look realistic despite its thicker base. There can be a scalloped front or straight front. As you read above, the system can contain gauze on the edges, which means there will be a softer and natural front appearance.

The base of the skin gauze system may vary, but usually, it is 0.08mm to 0.1 mm if the whole system is created with gauze. If a scalloped front is used, then there will be no extra lace at the front or on the perimeter. This system is considered more natural than the PU coating hair system. 

Typically, we use single flat knots or single split knots. Because it has a gauze layer in it, if the customer wants a double split knot or double flat knots, we can easily do that on this system. 

The exciting thing is this hair system can take any hair density. So, if your clients want heavier hair, suggest this hair system.

Check out one of our gauze skin hair systems: please click here.

PU Coating Hair System:
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Let’s discuss the PU Coating hair system now. Usually, to strengthen a base, we use PU (polyurethane) Coating on the edge of the base. PU Coating system consists of a layer of lace or mono then a layer of skin (PU/polyurethane) added to its edges. 

We compare this hair system to other types of thin skin hair system discussed above; the PU Coating hair system is stronger and thicker than the transparent skin system but less natural than it too. 

Traditionally, we use single split knots and v-loops in the front hairline of this system. Our PU Coating system consists of ½ inches French lace at front with hair attachment via v-loop technique. The rest system is made of clear PU. The thickness of this hair system is 0.10mm. The durability and thickness of PU ensure the longevity of this non-surgical hair system. 

These qualities of the hair system make it perfect for those who want a natural lace front and want to maintain a hairpiece at home.

The stock PU coating we offer has excellent features. The base size we offer is 20cmx25cm, and the front shape is cc. This system is perfect for men who want a system to be breathable and realistic at the same time. We deliver a system with bleached knots at ½” at the lace front. 

If your clients want something special in the PU Coating hair system, we will make a custom hair system according to their requirements. 

Check out one of our PU coating skin hair systems: please click here.

In all the above-explained hair types and given samples of stock systems, if your clients ask you for anything customized in them, please contact us via email: [email protected] or phone: +8617561788081 to deliver each detail. We will respond to you promptly.


Thin Skin Hair System VS. Lace Hair System
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Here you are going to read an in-depth comparison between thin skin and lace hair system so you can suggest what’s best for your client.

Feel of Touch:

How does a thin skin system base feel to touch? It feels like a very thin (0.03 mm) saran wrap but a smooth rubberized one. So, it is stretchy. Because it is a gas and liquid preamble (polyurethane), there are fine holes too that are not seen by the human eye. 

How does a lace hair system base feel to touch? It feels like a transparent legwear or nylon socks material but is more rigid than nylons. It does not have that silky touch. Instead, you observe a feelable tiny honeycomb design in it.

Natural Hairline:

Wearers say that both poly thin skin hairpiece and lace hair system provides a natural hairline. Yes, they do. But if one wears those non-surgical hair replacement systems in the long run, they find the poly hair system more ultra-natural that stays undetectable till they remove it. 

While, in a lace hair system, its edges are rigid. After a long time of application, it will come up, and the wearer will set it down with a comb. For avoiding any situation like that, suggest your client have a styling comb having a metal rod side and press the lace down with that metal side to embed the lace back into the glue.

Easy To Clean:

If one uses glue to apply the lace and thin skin base hair system, here is what’s going to happen. 

As you read above, the base texture and it feels. A thin skin toupee base is like a saran wrap, so when you apply glue to the hair system or scalp, it will be applied in a layer or will stay in a layer. It is not wrong to say the holes in the poly thin skin system can only be seen by microscope. That’s why glue does not get into the base or in the hair. 

On the other hand, a lace hair system has a tiny honeycomb design in it, so the glue can easily get into the base and hair of a lace system; either you apply glue on the scalp or hair system base.

Traditionally, by removing glue by hand, you can remove sufficient glue in the form of a layer in one pinch pull to the glue. In contrast, when you remove the glue by hand on a lace hair system, you will only be able to remove a small chunk in one pull. 

Moreover, with your favorite adhesive remover, you can remove glue faster on a poly hair system than on a lace hair system. 

skin hair system guide (3)

This is the most anticipated question of clients after natural hairline concern. Will the knots (hair attachment at base) be visible? 

Hair attached to the base of the poly hair system is usually by a v-loop technique which includes no knotting. If there is knotting involved, then the knot will remain underside the system’s cap. So, there will be no visible knots.

In comparison, on a lace hair system, if there are knots on lace, it must be visible. The system delivered by us has bleached knots that make them hard to detect immediately. If a system’s knots are heavily bleached, it will weaken the hair roots that makes hair prone to breakage.

Best for Pushed-back Hairstyles:

As lace can show off when wearing a lace hair system, so it is not best for pushed-back hairstyles like pompadour or comb over hairstyles. However, you can always make bangs hairstyles or any other styles in which hair comes on the forehead, and the front hairline is not exposed. 

On the other hand, with a thin skin hair system, you can freely make any hairstyle you want.

Hot Or Not:

When someone is new to hair systems, it doesn’t matter whatever kind of hair system they choose and wear; they will feel it hot. It takes some time for the body to accumulate the change. After a week or two, our body gets used to it, and it does not bother you at all. 

However, men wearing both hair systems asked which hair system they would have hot on their heads. They said the lace frontal is already breathable, but they also feel no warmth with the poly thin skin hair system. 

Fragile Or Not:
Skin Hair System Guide - Why Skin Hair System Is Popular (18)

A thin skin hair system’s thinness can range from 0.03 mm to 0.1 mm. Although the hair system’s material is stretchable, careless use can make its base tear. If its base tears up, then its tearing will not stop expanding, and the poly hair system will lose its shape. 

While on the other hand, a lace hair system is not that fragile. It does not mean it will tear off. But it tears off its tearing and does not expand on its own. Moreover, there are various techniques available on the internet to keep the lace hair system in shape, whether it is a bit torn. 


As you know, a thin skin toupee base is like a stretchable saran wrap; there is not sufficient space for air to get in and out of the hair system. It is water, sweat, and air resistant. But it does not mean someone feels their scalp itchy or suffocated. It is lightweight and soft.

While the lace hair system’s base has holes in it, there is much space for air to go in and out of the hair system. If your client has sensitive skin, lives in humid/hot weather, and has an active routine, suggest a lace hair system to them. 

Moreover, if one has a lace toupee on their head when washing their head, it gives the best feel when water touches the head. At that time, they can wash their head while also cleaning the hair system. If your clients also want to experience this, suggest using a water-resistant adhesive when applying the hair system.

Among thin skin toupee and lace hair systems, a lace hair system is more breathable, water and sweat come out of the scalp.

Installation Process:

Poly skin hair system and lace hair system both can be installed via the same method. However, the poly system is preferably installed by glue, and the lace hair system is installed by tape. 

Because applying a poly skin system with tape will not damage the system instantly but damage it over time. 

For more natural results, you can install a lace hair system at the back of the head with tape and with glue at the front hairline. If the whole lace system is installed by glue, if not professionally installed, the glue will get into the hair, and the system will not look natural. 

If your client is planning to do future installs on their own, introduce this method to them.

Removal Process: 

The removal process technique is the same for both lace and skin hair systems, but the process differs at a point. 

When a poly skin hair system is installed on the client’s head, you need adhesive removal spray to detach it from the scalp. The process starts from the crown of the head. Spray adhesive removal at the back lip and roll it upward. During this process, keep the poly hair system taught but not tight while taking adequate time to let the adhesive remover work. It will break the bond, and the thin skin poly hair system will come off. 

Same as the thin skin hair system, the lace hair system also removes from the scalp via using adhesive removal spray. But the starting step of the removal process is different. In a poly skin hair system, you take up the hair system a bit from the back to spray on it. But if you do this on a lace hair system, it will damage the hair, or your lace will lose some hair because some hair will remain stuck to the glue while the lace is unbound from the scalp. 

Therefore, spray adhesive remover on the back lip of the system without doing anything to it. When it is unbound from the back, pick it up and start spraying further, and kind of roll it until it removes from your head. 


With all the factors discussed above, you can understand that poly thin skin hair system and lace hair system both are perfect for different types of wearers. Although the poly hair system is constructed in the latest ways and has more advantages than a lace hair system. ultra-thin poly hair systems are less expensive than lace hair systems.


How Long Do the Skin Hair Systems Last

Let’s look at the lifespan or longevity of each type of thin skin hair system described above. 

  • First, ultra-thin skin hair system whose base thinness is 0.03 mm, a wearer can’t expect a month’s (3 to 4 weeks) use out of it. 
  • The second is a super thin skin hair system that has a base thickness of 0.06 mm and can last 2 to 3 months. 
  • The third is the transparent skin hair system with a base thickness of 0.06 mm has a lifespan of 3 to 6 months. 
  • Fourth is the skin gauze hair system. It has a base thickness of 0.08 mm to 0.1 mm. It can last 5 to 7 months.
  • Fifth is the PU Coating hair system. Its base thickness is 0.10 mm, and its lifespan is also 8 to 12 months.


Mistakes To Avoid Making a Skin Hair System Last Longer

Above are the replacement periods of each skin hair system, but some excellent tips can help the hair system last longer. In other words, these are the mistakes that wearers make that results in shortening a hair system’s lifespan. 

Not Applying Conditioner: 
Skin Hair System Guide - Why Skin Hair System Is Popular (11)

The hair on the hair system is the dead one. They are not attached to the scalp to get natural oils or sebum to replenish or repair the hair. So, there is a need to provide that hair with external moisture to keep them lively. 

But most of the new hair system wearers don’t focus on that because no one gets their attention towards this. If your client does not use a daily leave-in conditioner, the hair will get dry and brittle.

Shampooing Hair System Too Often: 

Getting a new hair system can make anyone excited, and they treat it like their natural hair. Men usually focus on shampooing because they want to style their hair without any already defined bumps in their hair. 

As you read above, the hair system has dead hair because there is no automatic way to nourish it. And if the wearer starts shampooing hair every day, every other day, or every third day, it will start oxidizing, and hair will get lighter and lifeless. Moreover, too much shampooing causes the system’s hair to fall out. Therefore, suggest your client shampoo once a week to avoid oxidation effects and hair falling out. 

Using Isopropyl Spray with Carelessness:

Isopropyl spray plays a crucial role in cleaning hair systems. It’s natural that wearers get overwhelmed in that process that may cause isopropyl spray to get into the hair. After many times of isopropyl contact with hair during the cleaning process, the hair can become extremely dry because it has a drying effect. 

Using Many Styling Products daily:
Skin Hair System Guide - Why Skin Hair System Is Popular (12)

Advise your client to use styling products in moderation and not every day. Using wax, gel, pomade, and clay every day for a longer time will bind the hair and cause clumps of hair to fall out. So, use styling using one special occasion only, once, or twice a month.


How To Attach Thin Skin Hair systems?

Attaching a hair system is quite easy. That is why, after the first or few installations, men start doing it on their own. But the thin skin hair system a professional does has no match to non-expert installation. Here are a few professional tips. 

1. Prepare The Hair System:

Ask your client where they want the hair system to be installed, either top of the head or just some area in front of the head. If they want the whole top head system installed, the hair system can be installed in the shape it comes. Otherwise, you need to cut the hair system according to the size of the front head they want for the system installation. Either you can cut at least two hairline pieces from a whole hair system, or you can only order front hairlines, not the whole hair system.

2. Prepare The Head:

Now it’s time to shave the area where the thin skin hair system is going to be installed—using an electric eraser to clean that completely even if it has thin or baby hair.

Clean the head with alcohol, choose a product that has above 90% alcohol. Apply on the shaved area to remove natural oils or any kind of residue. Moreover, you can also apply alcohol to the backside of the unit to remove any leftover of the manufacturing process.

3. Apply The Hair System:

Apply glue or tape or both to install the hair system in its place. When applying, start the applying process from the front hairline. To determine where your client’s hairline should be, ask them to lift their eyebrows upward; a bit above the uppermost frown is the place where the hairline should start from.

4. Cut And Style the Hair:

Cut the base from the back if excessive. Then give the hair a cut and properly style them. Suggest your client not to wash their head in the first 24 hours of hair system installation. 


How To Clean Thin Skin Hair Systems?
skin hair system guide (5)

Cleaning a hair system is crucial, whether it’s a new one or a used one. 

A new poly thin skin hair system should be cleaned to remove any leftovers from the manufacturing process—especially the backside of the system. You can just wipe off the thin skin side with alcohol to ensure a long-term and firm installation. 

Here is how to clean and remove the glue from a used poly hair system. 

  1. Wet the whole hair system thoroughly. 
  2. Pick a mild shampoo. Lather it up a bit between hands. Apply to the hair system. Remember to always wash the hair system in one direction. 
  3. Clean the backside of the hair system and rub off any glue present on the poly. Please do not do it vigorously.
  4. Pour an abundance of water to remove the shampoo from hair. 
  5. There may be small patches of glue present on the toupee. For removing them, place a big towel on a flat surface. On the half side of the towel, place the system and use another half side to remove the glue by wiping the poly. Make sure the towel is dry. Don’t be rough in this process. 
  6. Shampoo it one more time to remove the pieces of glue from hair and poly.

Keep the shampoo time short, which can be 1 to 2 minutes. Don’t use conditioner when cleaning and washing the thin skin hair system. Instead, use a leave-in conditioner.

If your client is planning to attach and clean the hair system at home, suggest they plan this ahead.


Where To Buy It?
Skin Hair System Guide - Why Skin Hair System Is Popular (15)

When you are running a business, you want your clients to trust you for giving the best possible skin hair system for hiding their hair thinning and baldness. For this, you must have a trusted supplier who has been in the industry for years. So, they can understand you and your clients’ needs and deliver the hair system on time while fulfilling each requirement. 

You might be thinking; now I must dig up the internet to find a renowned, trusted supplier. Let’s end your strive. Get introduced to us. 

We are Bono Hair, a men and women toupee manufacturer, and supplier. With us, your fear of getting inferior or inconsistent quality, inefficient deliveries, poor customer service, and custom hairpieces defects will be gone. 

With our skilled and professional staff, we especially work on things that matter for you. In our in-house factory, we take all measures to avoid manufacturing a low-quality piece and delay in delivery. You can freely contact us any time via phone: +8617561788081 and email: [email protected] prompt response. 

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Hair thinning and baldness is common problem. To hide this, people are moving to non-surgical hair replacement systems and thin skin hair pieces. As the demand has increased, there are many various hair replacement systems in the market. The ultra-thin and extremely natural one is skin hair systems which are 0.03 mm. It is a favorite of millions of people because of its quality despite that various hair systems came on the market after that. 

The skin hair system’s base is made of polyurethane. This material is see-through, fragile, but easy to maintain and clean. Different companies use different techniques to attach hair with a poly base, like split knots and flat knots. But we use an injection hair system technique and v-loops that give the illusion that hair is coming out of the scalp. However, this might be the case that the top area may have knots because sometimes to make the system more lasting. But the front hairline of all our systems is impeccably natural. 

Here are different kinds of hair systems; ultra-thin skin hair system, super thin skin hair system, transparent thin skin hair system, and skin gauze hair system. All these systems have bases of different thicknesses and are picked by one’s preference, and no one has a fatal disadvantage. 

With its popularity increasing over the years, lace system wearers want to know the difference between the famous skin (poly) hair system and the lace hair system. Skin hair system feels like a bit stretchable saran wrap. It means the poly system is very smooth and transparent. Moreover, it has tiny holes which are undetectable to the naked eye. If you want to check out those holes, dip the poly hair system in water, take it out, squeeze, and you will see the water coming out of (kind of squirting out of) poly base. It is water and sweat-resistant, but it does not make the wearer’s scalp itchy. In contrast, the lace hair system feels like stocking socks but not smooth. But it has a stringy feel with a honeycomb design in it. That’s why it is more breathable and suggested for men who have a more active routine, i.e., if they do gym or running as it is not water and sweat-resistant, so its edges at the front hairline can leave their place and lift a bit. So, you need to press it down after every vigorous activity.

All types of thin skin hair systems, whether its hair application technique is injection hair system or v-loop hair system some have a lifespan of 1 month, and others may have seven months.

But there are some key points that wearers don’t know, which contribute to shortening the longevity of a hair system—shampooing hair often, not applying a leave-in conditioner, getting isopropyl spray into the system’s hair, applying too many hair products daily. Avoiding them can make the system last few weeks more. 

Moreover, among all processes, attaching the hair system to the client’s head is the crucial one and the easiest one if you know the tips to do it. Shave the client’s head. Clean the hair system and client’s head with alcohol—Mark where the system’s hairline should be. Apply glue to the client’s head and at the front hairline of the hair system. First, put the hair system at the front hairline, then keep applying till you reach the crown or at the desired place. When applying, keep the system taught but not tight to avoid any bumps in the hair system.

Cleaning hair systems is significant because if a used system is cleaned correctly, then it can be applied properly. Wash with shampoo for 1 to 2 minutes after wetting the system thoroughly. Rinse it with water. If there is any glue residue left, wipe it off gently with a dry towel. Wash the system again. 

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