Exploring Ice Spice’s Natural Hair: Real or Wig? Ice Spice Hair Styles: Straight, Long & More

Exploring Ice Spice's Natural Hair Real or Wig Ice Spice Hair Styles Straight, Long

Are you a fan of the American singer and songwriter Ice Spice? Do you admire her unique sense of style, especially when it comes to her hair? If so, you may have noticed that she has rocked various hairstyles ranging from long braids to sleek straight locks over the years. But have you ever wondered if her hair is real or just a wig? This article explores Ice Spice’s real hair and iconic hairstyles.

Ice Spice, a name that has caught the attention of many, isn’t just known for her catchy tunes and distinctive hair choices. Fans and fashion enthusiasts have often pondered – “Ice Spice real hair or wig?” “How does Ice Spice’s straight hair look?” and “Does Ice Spice wear a wig?” These questions have sparked considerable curiosity, leading to discussions and debates across various platforms.

Let’s take a deeper look at Ice Spice’s real hair and why she chose to wear wigs. We will also explore Ice Spice’s wig collection and how you can achieve her iconic hairstyles. So, let’s get started.

All You Need to Know About Ice Spice

All You Need to Know About Ice Spice

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, is an American rapper and songwriter who quickly rose to fame with her distinctive sound and unforgettable persona. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, she has become a symbol of the resurgence of New York drill music, blending it with her unique flair and lyrical prowess.

Ice Spice’s signature style extends beyond her music; her fashion, particularly her hairstyles, has become a subject of fascination for fans and critics alike. Her entry into the music scene was marked by viral hits showcasing her talent and ability to create a strong visual identity, making her an instant icon for the younger generation.

She is also known for her infectious energy and empowering messages, often promoting self-love and confidence through her lyrics. It’s no wonder that fans are always eager to follow her style choices, including her various hair transformations.

What Does Ice Spice’s Natural Hair Look Like?

What Does Ice Spice’s Natural Hair Look Like?

If you’ve seen Ice Spice’s music videos or live performances, you may have noticed that she often sports a wig. However, before she became a household name, Ice Spice used to wear her natural hair. In fact, in an interview with Erykah Badu, she revealed that her original hair was short and curly. She even shared a throwback photo on Instagram showcasing her natural hair.

Adding depth to her story, it’s interesting to note that Ice Spice’s real hair color is actually black. This detail comes from another candid reveal where she shared high school photos in an interview, affirming her natural hair color. The evidence of her black hair significantly came to light with an event on February 8, 2023, when a photo resembling a high school yearbook picture of Ice Spice went viral. This image surprised many fans as it depicted her with straight black hair, diverging from her well-known ginger red wigs. The revelation that she was not a natural ginger caught many off guard. Nevertheless, she appeared endearing in the photo, with a bright smile complementing her black hair.

In discussing her musical career’s evolution, Ice Spice mentioned how she initially wore wigs when releasing music. She recounted, “When I started putting music out, I was wearing wigs a lot. I didn’t show my natural hair until I released No Clarity in November 2021. I noticed it was doing so much better than all my previous work. I don’t think my fan base was ready for me to wear heels and a lace front. I think they like that I’m being myself.”

This background information clarifies the inquiry regarding Ice Spice’s straight hair — it’s not naturally straight. In her junior high school days, she used to straighten her hair. Moreover, Ice Spice’s real hair color is black, in contrast to the iconic orange wigs she is famous for. This insight into Ice Spice’s natural hair and its evolution over the years provides fans with a fuller picture of her personal and stylistic transformation.

Does Ice Spice Wear a Wig?

Yes, Ice Spice frequently wears a wig. This choice allows her to change her appearance according to her mood, occasion, and personal style preferences. This aspect of her persona has sparked curiosity and admiration from fans worldwide, who find her chameleon-like ability to transform her look inspiring.

Ice Spice said in an interview that she wore wigs when she started posting her music on social media. At the start of her career, she used to hide her real hair, but with time and success, she started embracing her natural hair more.

For now, she experiments with different wigs and styles, often switching between her trademark long ginger curly wigs and shorter, brown afro wig styles. By choosing her signature Ice Spice wig, she crafts an identity that is as vibrant and multifaceted as her music, enabling her to stand out in the fast-paced world of entertainment.

What Type of Wig Does Ice Spice Wear?

What Type of Wig Does Ice Spice Wear?

Ice Spice’s distinct looks are largely defined by her innovative use of wigs, making her a standout figure not only through her music but also in her visual appeal. Fans are often curious about the specific kinds of Ice Spice wig designs she favors and how she achieves such a flawless and natural appearance with them.

Below is the Ice Spice’s wig collection that she wear:

1. Long Ginger Curly Wig

1.Long Ginger Curly Wig

The long ginger curly wig has become synonymous with Ice Spice’s image, emulating a fiery presence that complements her bold musical style. This wig features vibrant orange curls cascading down her back, offering a striking contrast against her outfits and adding an extra layer of dynamism to her overall look. It’s a fan favorite for its standout appeal and how it encapsulates Ice Spice’s fiery persona.

2. Black Betty Boop Bob Wig

2.Black Betty Boop Bob Wig

Ice Spice definitely knows how to rock a bob, and her Black Betty Boop Bob wig is proof of that. This sleek and timeless style features a jet-black bob cut with blunt bangs, adding an air of sophistication to her outfits. She has been wearing a versatile piece on various occasions, making it a must-have in the Ice Spice wig collection.

3. Short Ginger Brown Afro Wig

3.Short Ginger Brown Afro Wig

The short ginger brown afro wig represents a more natural and subdued side of Ice Spice, giving her a down-to-earth aura. This style pays homage to her Afro-Latina roots, radiating a sense of authenticity and self-acceptance. It’s a significant shift from her flamboyant Ice Spice wig choices, showcasing her versatility and ability to embody different facets of beauty.

4. Ginger Orange Wig with Bangs

4.Ginger Orange Wig with Bangs

Another popular Ice Spice wig choice is the ginger orange wig with bangs, which she often styles sleek and straightly. The addition of bangs adds a playful element to her look, framing her face and highlighting her features. It’s also a versatile option that can be styled differently, allowing for more experimentation and creativity.

5. Bone Straight Dark Ginger Wig

5.Bone Straight Dark Ginger Wig

Ice Spice often wears a bone-straight dark ginger wig for a more understated and elegant look. This sleek and silky style adds sophistication to her ensemble, giving her a polished appearance that exudes confidence and poise. It’s also a great option for performances, allowing her to move freely without worrying about the wig getting in the way.

6. TL412 Color Straight Wig

6.TL412 Color Straight Wig

The TL412 color straight wig is a favorite among fans for its unique blend of honey blonde and dark ginger hues. This particular style adds an extra layer of dimension to Ice Spice’s look, adding depth and contrast that creates a dazzling visual effect on stage. It’s also a great choice for those looking to add color to their everyday look.

How to Get a Wig Like Ice Spice’s?

How to Get a Wig Like Ice Spice’s?

Ice Spice’s wig collection may seem unattainable. Still, you can achieve a similar look with the right resources and guidance. Here are some tips to get a wig like Ice Spice’s:

  • Do research: Look for wigs resembling Ice Spice’s signature styles, or ask your local hairdresser for recommendations.
  • Invest in quality wigs: Opt for high-quality wigs made with real human hair to achieve a natural and flawless appearance.
  • Experiment with different styles: Don’t be afraid to try different wig styles and see what works best. Ice Spice is known for her bold experimentation, so take her inspiration and find your unique look.
  • Practice proper wig maintenance: To keep your wig looking fresh and natural, take proper care of it. Follow the instructions on washing, drying, and styling your wig.
  • Have fun with it: Just like Ice Spice, don’t be afraid to have fun and be creative with your wig choices. Let it be an extension of your personality and a way to express yourself.

Opt for Bono Hair To Get Ice Spice-Like Wigs

Opt for Bono Hair To Get Ice Spice-Like Wigs

If you’re looking for high-quality wigs that resemble Ice Spice’s iconic styles, look no further than Bono Hair. Our collection features a range of wigs that offer the same vibrant colors, textures, and versatility as seen on Ice Spice.

From long ginger curly wigs to sleek bone straight styles, Bono Hair has everything you need to achieve a wig like Ice Spice’s. We also offer high-quality wigs, silk hair toppers, long hair systems, and toupees.

With Bono Hair, you don’t just get a wig – you get an experience. Our wigs are made with real human hair for a natural and comfortable fit, and we offer customization options to ensure your wig is tailored to your preferences. Explore our women’s hair collection now!


Ice Spice’s real hair might be a mystery, but her wig collection is no secret. Her love for wig experimentation adds to her unique and ever-evolving persona, making her a standout figure in the entertainment industry.

While you may not see Ice Spice’s real hair often, you can surely get an Ice Spice wig look by following the tips and investing in high-quality wigs like those offered by Bono Hair. With our collection, you can also rock Ice Spice’s signature looks and add a touch of spice to your style.


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