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At Bono Hair, we supply wholesale lace front wigs for women at the best price. The BWN45552 is a women’s wig we made recently. The base design is monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around with a lace front. This is a very classic model for women toupees and wigs. Fine mono is natural and breathable. Skin gauze is easy for tape attachment and maintenance. The lace front gives a great front appearance to the wig.


  • Product code: BWN45552
  • Order Type: Custom-Made Order
  • Base construction: Monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around, with a French lace front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:22”
  • Hair color: #2 at 1” hair root, #4 at hair end
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: According to template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

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As one of the leading wholesale lace front wig vendors and manufacturers for over 10 years, we are specialized in making custom orders for men and women. The BWN45552 wholesale lace front wigs is a women’s custom wigs order we made recently. it’s a repeat wig order for the same end-user.

Details about wholesale lace front wigs

Monofilament is durable and breathable. It’s widely used for women’s wig production. The customer chose monofilament as the main base material for this wig. And he also added a lace front to create a natural hairline. The customer marked the base design on the template directly with different colors, including skin gauze and lace front size. So we can make the lace front wig easily according to the template.

wholesale wigs China
virgin hair material

The end-user original hair is very long, the customer ordered 22” finished hair length for her. We stock long Indian hair and Chinese virgin hair material at our factory that can finish 22” hair length hairpieces. If your customer needs a longer hair length than 22”, we suggest confirming the raw material before production.

Hair color is another special point of this custom wig. The customer ordered a tip color to match the client’s own hair better. There’s 1” hair at hair root is with color #2, and the other part is color #4. Besides tip color, we can also make highlight/lowlight colors according to your customer’s requirements.

wholesale wigs China

For such a monofilament wig, it will typically take about 8-10 weeks for production. About delivery, we can send the finishedlace front wigs unit to you immediately, or send all finishedlace front wigs units per week, or as you request. After finishing the lace front wigs usually takes between 3-5 business days for delivery.

At Bono Hair lace front wigs factory, we are able to make many different types of hair toupees and wigs. Besides this monofilament wig above, we can also make full French/Swiss lace hair systems, lace with PU/poly hair systems, lace frontal hair pieces. We are also professional in making lace and skin hair systems. Please look through our products page to find the best types of hairpieces for your clients. If you have any questions about our factory and lace front wigs , you can also chat with our service team or fill out the contact form below to get answers.



What is the difference between toupees and wigs?

The main purpose of a wig is to cover the entire head, while toupees are made use of only to add volume and also hide preliminary hair loss.

Toupees and wigs are great for those who intend to look excellent with their all-natural hair yet do not have the budget or time required. These hairpieces can give you that fullness instantaneously while being less expensive than surgical treatments or transplants.

While both serve a different function, which one is much better depends on your customer’s need. If your client is trying to find a wig to hide baldness or dynamic loss of hair, a wig would be better.

In a similar way, if your customer calls for a service to take care of hair thinning or to conceal a noticeable declining hairline at the front, a toupee would certainly be perfect. Toupee is also made use of when the customer only wants to raise hair size and also hair quantity.

Right here are a couple of distinctions between toupees as well as wigs:

  1. Distinction in Manufacturing

Wigs and toupees are both popular wigs, but they have various features. Wig protection is global; this means that a wig will cover your entire head with all-natural or synthetic fibers affixed to an elastic band for assistance (and sometimes additionally covering thinning areas). On the other hand, toupees only look at the top of the scalp giving partial protection.

  1. Difference stylishly

Wigs come in several designs to match any kind of personal preference, yet toupees are limited by what hairdo they can mimic with their base material.

  1. Hair Strands

Wigs and also toupees are primarily made from genuine human hair and styled to appear like all-natural hair. Often toupees and also wigs are constructed from artificial materials, such as nylon or polyester, and designed to cover balding. However, both can be customized according to the preference of clients.

  1. Insurance coverage Difference

Wigs are hairpieces that are made of human or synthetic hair and also can be styled to match the user’s all-natural hair, while toupees are wig-like items of comparable material yet are relatively smaller. Wigs cover the whole head, while toupee just covers a smaller sized location.

  1. Price Distinction

Since a wig is a fairly larger hairpiece, producing a full wig requires even more effort and time; hence, wigs set you back more than toupee. Crafting a toupee takes half the time called for to sew a wig validating the reduced price.

  1. Weight Difference

Toupee is smaller sized in size than a wig; consequently, it is lighter in weight. Wigs are complete headpieces to offer complete protection. Even more hair strands are attached to the base of a wig, making it slightly much heavier than a toupee.

Wigs and toupees are both popular hairpieces, yet they have different attributes. Wig insurance coverage is global; this means that a wig will certainly cover your whole head with artificial or natural fibers affixed to a flexible band for support (as well as in some cases likewise covering thinning areas). Toupees as well as wigs are mostly made from genuine human hair as well as styled to look like all-natural hair. Often toupees and also wigs are made of artificial products, such as nylon or polyester, and also developed to cover balding. Even more hair strands are affixed to the base of a wig, making it a little larger than a toupee.

How to select right color for lace front wigs for women
  1. Begin with the skin tone: Prior to hurrying to begin experimenting with your customer, the hair salon professionals must begin with the skin tone. The hair shade needs to match the skin tone, skin, as well as shade of the user. At the very same time, if any individual has the greenish vein, it indicates you have a cosy skin tone, as well as individuals that have the blend of both, have a neutral skin tone!
  2. Check the season: Once the skin tone is done, they relocate to the next step and also check the period. When someone has healthy hair, they go for the richer, warmer tones.
  3. Schedule a cut before color: The hair colors always affect when done after the fresh hairstyle. A properly maintained and distinctive hair plays a huge function in offering measurement to your hair. Some hair colors look great with strong shades and little measurement, while others look terrific in lighter tones and tones.
  4. Be Consistent: Doing hair color is not a very easy job since as soon as you have actually done this on your hair; you need to look after your hair. You require to follow all the necessary actions to maintain the hair color. Use the actions and comply with the regulations to ensure that it can remain lasting as well as worth your financial investment. The hairstylist finishes this procedure to examine the very best shade that looks finest on you.
  5. Use top quality items: Besides all the things, the last yet one of the most vital regulations is to use high-quality products that don’t damage the scalp as well as hair level smoothness. You ought to ask how many times you wash your hair each week.
Lace front wigs for women vs full lace wigs

Lace front wigs for women are those which have a front large lace base while the entire cap might or might not be of a various material. Some lace front wig caps have a lace base ahead and also over the crown to give a natural central parting.

Full lace wigs are made of large lace product all over. The cap does not have a finish of any other material. Instead the entire cap is made with lace textile. Besides the cap building and construction, these wigs have various other important distinctions also:

  • Price

Lace front wigs for women only have a smaller part that is made with lace which is why it is cheaper than full lace wigs. Full lace wig calls for even more time to make, particularly if it is hand-woven which adds to its greater price point.


Lace front wigs for women only permit an all-natural front hairline as well as central parting, while the other kind enables the wearer to create numerous partings. Therefore, full lace wigs are a far better choice for those that wish to develop even more hairdos with a solitary wig.

  • Flexibility

The designing choice with a full lace wig is limitless, and the wig does not look fake. Parting the lace front wig from the side can make it appear damaged.


The lace front wig for women has an extra item that you may need to set before wearing it. For novices, it may be hard to establish a lace front wig. Full lace wigs include a cap that is less complicated to readjust.

  • Maintenance

When it comes to upkeep, both types are just as good. Considering that there is no distinction in hair high quality, using appropriate wig treatment items inevitably makes it much easier to keep both kinds.


The life-span of a wig has even more to do with the condition of hair strands rather than the base cap. Both types can last up to a year if taken proper treatment of.

Which one is much better?

Lace wigs are the best option for those who have hair loss issues, supplying adaptability and convenience. Nevertheless, lace front wigs for women are more affordable but less comfy than full lace wigs. Both of these remedies fix the same problem in different ways.

Full lace wigs supply a much better alternative to those who like versatility, while lace front provides comfort to those who like budget. Both equally fix the problem of loss of hair yet in various ways, making them both great choices depending upon your preferences as well as needs.

You may purchase the one that suits your demands the most. Ensure you maintain your wig untangled to increase its life expectancy. Being gentle with your wig is the trick- thus, the more initiative you purchase looking after your hairpiece, the greater it will look.

Lace front or full lace, order the wig from an authentic maker like Bono Hair. Your clients will always offer you wonderful reviews after getting top notch wigs for women.

Full lace wigs are made of sheer lace product all over. The designing option with a full lace wig is unlimited, and also the wig does not look phony. Parting the lace front wig from the side can make it show up broken.

The lace front wig for women has an additional item t

Product Code BWN45552
Base Design Monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around, with a French lace front
Base Size According to template
Front Contour According to template
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Single split knots at lace front and PU coated, the rest are double-reverse knots
Hair Type Chinese virgin hair
Hair Length 22″
Hair Wave/Curl Straight
Hair Density Medium-heavy
Hair Color #2 at 1” hair root, #4 at hair end
Hair Direction Freestyle
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Hair Wave

Cap Design


Hair Length

Hair Type


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