Everything You Need to Know about Full Cap Wigs

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Are you considering a full cap wig? If so, you are likely wondering what to expect and what the benefits are.

A full cap wig is a type of hairpiece that covers the entire head. They are typically made from human hair or synthetic fiber and can be worn for special occasions or everyday use. Before purchasing a full cap wig, there are a few things to consider, so read on for all the information you need.

This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about full cap wigs, from how they are made to how to care for them. We will also share some of our favourite styles and tips for styling your full cap wig. Read on to learn more!




Wig styles have been evolving for centuries and continue to change. There is a style from natural-looking options, such as Givenchy’s famous Marie Antoinette wig (which was made from human hair), or more synthetic ones, like 2008 singer Beyoncé’s platinum blonde chemise Diana Ross out there perfect for you.

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Traditional wigs were made from heavy material and had an unnatural look, but new full cap hand-tied wigs that use lace front styles provide men and women with realistic alternatives so those suffering from hair loss can confidently wear wigs.

These wigs are made with human hair strands or synthetic strands for various styles.

Human hair wigs are the most popular choice for those seeking a more natural look, but they can also be expensive. Synthetic fibers provide an economical alternative with the convincing texture and appearance of human locks – perfect if you’re on a budget.

Synthetic hair wigs also have a natural appearance and are less expensive. Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs do not lose texture or style after washing.

The main purpose of wigs is to provide coverage, so wigs are classified into full coverage hairpieces and toupees that only offer partial coverage.

Here we explain full coverage/full cap wigs, so scroll down if you have clients struggling with total baldness or progressive hair thinning issues.


What are Full Cap Wigs

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As the name suggests, a full cap wig is one that completely covers your head. This type of wig is perfect for those who want to cover their natural hair color or texture or who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment or other medical issues.

Full cap wigs can be made from various materials, including synthetic and human hair, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to suit your needs.

These wigs are made with a lace front that allows you to style them in any way you like, and the cap is made from 100% human hair. This means that it will look and feel just like your own hair.

Full cap wigs are also very easy to care for, so you can enjoy your new look without worrying about upkeep.

Help your clients select a color and style that suits their personality, and watch them celebrate their newfound confidence!


Types of Full Cap Wigs

Skin Full Cap Wigs

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The newest edition to the wig industry is full skin caps. These wigs have a base made up of thin PU material that looks and feels like human skin, making it lightweight.

People cannot easily spot the natural hairline and the skin front wig hairline.

Skin front wigs are super comfortable and soft to wear over the scalp. These wigs are made to be as soft and lightweight as possible to feel like a natural part of your head. You will never have to worry about your scalp feeling sweaty or irritated again with the breathable texture.

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish wig option, skin-front wigs are great.

Lace Full Cap Wigs

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Lace front wigs have a base made of lace fabric, and the hair strands are hand-sewn into the fabric to make it look more natural. Full cap lace wigs are delicate hairpieces and are only recommended for occasional usage.

Lace front wigs are different from other wigs in terms of appearance. These types of wigs look close to nature due to their perfect hairline. These wigs are lightweight and airy. The lace material is breathable and soft, allowing the wearer to use these wigs daily.

Lace front wigs are carefully hand-tied to the base of wigs, perfectly mimicking the natural hairline and giving the illusion of original hair. Some wigs offer central parting or side parting, whereas others are free to style, and one can easily style the wig as they wish without worrying about looking fake. However, keep in mind that they can be quite expensive compared to other wig options.

Monofilament Full Cap Wigs

A monofilament wig is designed to seem like a genuine human hairline. It appears as if real human hair is sprouting over the scalp due to the hair injection procedure. It’s more difficult to distinguish between a natural and a wig hairline.

A unique fabric is used in the middle to make a monofilament wig. This fabric is a gauze-like, transparent, ultra-thin fabric that promotes lightness and breathability. This wig looks ultra-realistic because hair strands in a monofilament piece are hand-sewn into the soft fabric.

For those with extremely sensitive scalps, monofilament wigs are appropriate. When clients ask you for a hairpiece that will cover their heads without irritating their scalp, recommend monofilament wigs.

Combination Wigs

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Some wigs have monofilament sides with a Poly-coated base in the middle or vice versa. Other combination wigs have a machine-made side with a hand-sewn base.

Combination wigs are perfect for clients who want a durable yet affordable hairpiece. These wigs are also ideal for clients who want to experience the difference between machine-made and hand-sewn material before picking. If you have clients who couldn’t decide between the two types, send them combination wigs.

The purpose of combination wigs is to reduce the cost of hairpieces. Full hand-made wigs cost a lot more than combination wigs.

Polyurethane Wigs

Polyurethane is a polymeric base that is usually transparent or skin-toned. The poly bases are often combined with wigs to create the natural-looking middle part. For further durability, polyurethane is usually applied to the edges of monofilament toppers.

These types of wigs are more versatile and luxurious. You may recommend your clients these wigs when they ask for comfortable hairpieces that could last for half of a year, and they wouldn’t have to invest in hairpieces repeatedly.

The poly coating increases the durability of wigs, making a wig more resistant to heating tools or environmental damage.


What Type of Full Cap is Best for You

While selecting a full cap wig, always ask the following questions:

How Comfortable is the wig?

When people complain of their hairpiece causing discomfort, they might have chosen the wrong one. Always select a comfortable hairpiece, especially if you have to wear one all day long.

The best way to find a comfy hairpiece is by taking your measurements and choosing the right size. Be sure that it’s not too tight or loose on you, as this will cause discomfort while wearing one all day long.

When taking measurements from clients online, be precise with dimensions; otherwise, the wig will not fit properly, and clients will be disappointed.

Is the Base Right For Me?

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There are various base caps that can be used with wigs. Each type of cap serves a different purpose, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Monofilament and lace base caps provide a natural-looking appearance; however, these wigs or toupees may not feel as comfortable as a silicone base cap would feel if you have an extremely sensitive scalp. Therefore, keeping in mind the purpose of ordering a hairpiece is necessary.

Whichever base you choose, make sure the quality of the fabric is excellent and durable; otherwise, your hairpiece will not last long.

Does the Wig look Natural?

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Traditional wigs and toupees went out of the market due to their heavy appearance and unrealistic look. Even when people wear hairpieces for aesthetic purposes, they want an all-natural appearance. So, if your wig does not look natural, you have not found a perfect hairpiece yet.

High-quality hairpieces are those that look extremely natural. When you are wearing a wig or a hairpiece, no one shall be able to differentiate between your real hair and wig hair. Another main factor behind a natural-looking hairpiece is its hairline. Make sure the hairline mimics the natural human hairline.

Does This Wig Requires Extra Maintenance?

High-quality wigs and toupees do not require a lot of maintenance.

Spraying the hairpiece with heat protectant spray before using heating tools, washing the hairpiece once a month, and combing the piece with a wide-tooth comb is usually enough to keep a good hairpiece intact.

If your current hairpiece has started looking worn out after a few washes and hair strands look frizzy due to styling, you need to invest in a good quality hair system like those manufactured by Bono’s hair. A good hairpiece can last you more than half of a year.

Can I Create Multiple Looks With One Wig?

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When investing in a full cap wig, make sure the wig is freestyle, and you can create partings as desired.

Full cap wigs are most versatile and can be styled in many different ways to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a new style or just want to add extra volume to your hair, full cap wigs are a great option.

Wigs that restrict styling may not be a great option, especially for clients who can invest in wigs only once in a while.

Is the Manufacturer Using Genuine Quality Hair?

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Order from manufacturers who use Chinese Virgin or Indian hair to get a natural-looking full cap. All other pieces are useless.

To ensure you get the most out of your wig purchase, it is important to inspect the hair strands before making your purchase. Check for tangled or matted hair, as these factors can indicate a low-quality wig.

Additionally, examine the color of the hair. Wigs made with synthetic fibers often have a plastic sheen that can be detected when the light hits them at certain angles. Avoid wigs with this shine if you are looking for a natural look.

What type of Adhesives are Required to Set the Wig?

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Wigs come with different types of adhesives to ensure the best fit. The high-quality wigs will have either an adjustable cap, clip-ins, or silicone straps for a secure fit.

The type of adhesives that come with the hairpiece is enough to tell its quality.

Is The Material Right For Me?

Lace fabric wigs are extremely delicate, so a full lace wig might not be viable for clients who use their hairpiece every day. But for clients who drool over the natural front hairline, full lace wigs are best.

So while selecting the full cap wig, always consider the purpose and frequency of wearing a wig for those who have to wear the wig daily. We recommend investing in two wigs at a time, a durable one with a combination cap for routine use and lace or thin skin one for occasional wear.

Is The Wig Durable?

Full cap wigs can last up to a year, provided you buy them from authentic manufacturers and take care of your wig as you would of your natural hair.

Human hair wigs must be treated like natural human hair, and the wearers must shampoo and condition their wigs at least twice a week, depending upon the usage. 

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Men’s Full Cap Wigs from Bono Hair

Bono hair manufactures excellent quality full cap wigs. Here are a few men’s full cap wigs to choose from;

  1. BLW954520 Men’s Full Cap Hair System Is Fine Mono Hairpieces from Bono Hair
  2. BLN246810 Full Cap Hair System Is Custom Hair Replacement System From Bono Hair
  3. BWN62021 Men’s Full Cap Hair Piece and Full Lace Hair System from Bono Hair
  4. BLN49012 Thin Skin Wigs for Men Male Wigs Manufacturer


The monofilament base cap wig is the perfect choice for men who have to wear a hairpiece all day long.

This product was specifically designed with these individuals in mind, and it features extremely soft and breathable mono-material on its cap, which will not irritate your client’s scalp. Indian hair further adds to the natural appearance of this wig by providing human texture.


Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine Mono on the top with 1/4″ NPU strap in the middle, 1″ NPU coated all around the Mono, and 1″ French lace in the front.
  • Base size: According to the old hair system
  • Hair type: Indian Hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: #1A
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: Natural Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



This hairpiece’s luxurious and comfortable feeling is perfect for those who want to prioritize their comfort over budget. This classical wig has the thinnest German net all over, which makes it light enough to not be uncomfortable on your head or neck when cared for properly–without sacrificing style.

The cap underneath does not have polyester or mono; rather, it is made of comfy net material that provides an elegant and polished look.

Full Cap Wigs (20)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: German net #7 with NPU around
  • Base size: Template
  • Hair type: Remy Hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: Hair Sample
  • Hair density: Medium-Heavy
  • Hair curl: 3.2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



This is one of the most comfortable and durable wigs on today’s market. Made with Chinese virgin hair, it offers you a customized base size that perfectly fits your head. The ultra-shiny finish makes this wig stand out from others in its class.

The wig is so light that it is perfect for all-day wear. The fabric underneath absorbs sweat, making this the ideal choice when you need to stay active and cool in hot weather or during extensive routines such as gymnastics workouts with heavyweights.

Full Cap Wigs (21)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: According to the customer’s template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: Hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



Human-looking wigs with a poly base that resemble human scalp skin allow men to wear them without looking unnatural. Bono Hair creates custom-made full cap wigs for those who want their hairline undetectable and natural feeling while wearing an alternative hairstyle.

This full cap wig provides full coverage allowing freestyle parting. The best quality Indian hair provides closer to natural human hair finish without looking extra shiny or dull. Hair density is also perfect to create various styles and give a naturally fuller head effect.

Full Cap Wigs (1)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: 14mm clear poly all over with V-loop hair
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Indian hair
  • Hair length:6”
  • Hair color: #17 color from our men’s custom color ring
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 4.0cm
  • Front shape: According to the template


Full Cap Wigs for Women from Bono Hair

Here are the season’s best full cap wigs for women;

  1. BWN45552 Wholesale Wigs China Monofilament with Lace Front Wig
  2. BWN98652 French Lace Wig for Women Wholesale Human Hair Wigs
  3. BLN88481 Injection Thin Skin Wigs for Women Wholesale Wigs for Women
  4. Order URI from Wig Manufacturer with the Best Lace Wig Price


This is a combination wig. The base of this full cap wig is made up of monofilament in the middle and skin gauze all around it. A French lace front makes for an elegant yet comfortable feel when your client steps onto your next social occasion. The wig is perfect for women who want a lace front for a natural hairline and the comfortable feel of monofilament all over.

For picky clients, this full cap wig is highly recommended. Hair texture reminds one of natural human hair, and the Chinese virgin hair can be easily styled with heating tools for further glam.

Full Cap Wigs (2)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: Monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around, with a French lace front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:22”
  • Hair color: #2 at 1″ hair root, #4 at the hair end
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



French lace is the softest base material for clients who ask for breathable wigs. These wigs are also ideal for those suffering hair loss due to medical illness or scalp sensitivity.

The French lace allows the air to seep in so the client can wear the wig the whole day without suffocating natural hair follicles and scalp. Size can also be adjusted according to the given template for a secure fit.

Full Cap Wigs (3)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: According to a hair sample
  • Hair density: 5% less than medium density
  • Hair curl: 0cm
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



This luxury wig is designed for those who have sensitive scalps due to medical reasons such as chemo, radiation, or even psoriasis.

The base cap provides a comfortable feel and luxurious experience with its thin skin material that will not irritate the scalp at all. You can also recommend these full cap wigs to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Full Cap Wigs (4)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: 10mm injection of thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to wig measurements
  • Hair type: Chinese hair, gray synthetic hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: #8 with 5% gray hair all over
  • Hair density: Medium to medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



The base construction of this full cap wig is a lace top with an elastic net at the crown and back area, with clips on either side to keep it fastened. A stretchy band runs along the entire length for adjusting your size as needed – just fix it down the crown, and the wig will be instantly adjusted.

This wig is ideal for clients who always ask for natural-looking full coverage wigs. The hair used in construction is Chinese virgin hair, along with unlimited color options to pick from. Hair length is also perfect for recreating dynamic hairstyles.

Full Cap Wigs (5)


Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top with an elastic net at crown and back area; Clips at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium Capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


How to Attach Full Cap Wigs

Full Cap Wigs (9)


There are several methods to attach full cap wigs securely. These methods are quite easy for even beginners to start with;

Apply Hair Glue

Wearing a wig can be tricky, but there are ways to make it work. The best and most reliable way is applying hair glue on the base of a full cap wig. Carefully apply the glue around the edges to stay securely in place without damaging anything.

Use Hair Tape on the Wig

The easiest way to make your full cap wig stay on securely is by sticking a piece of tape in the base cap. Cut down small pieces, place them near one side with adhesive facing up so it can stick tightly when applied correctly.

Buy Wigs with Hair Clips or Straps

Hair clips and adjustable straps ensure that your wig stays attached to your head’s top half. This prevents any damage from occurring, as well as makes removal easier.

This method is highly recommended for those who have a sensitive scalp, and hair glue can ruin their natural skin. However, those with total baldness may not be able to secure a wig, so they must look for wigs that offer adjustable side elastic straps.

Wear a Cap Underneath

The best way to avoid glue or adhesive tape damage when removing a wig is by using a thin cap.

The capping fabric will stretch around your head to provide you with an adjustable fit, and then add hair glue at its base so that any adhesive does not directly contact the scalp or hair follicles.


How to Remove Men’s Lace Front Wigs with Glue?

Full Cap Wigs (11)


While installing a full cap wig seems easy, removing it requires patience and time; otherwise, it will severely deteriorate the natural hair and scalp. Removing the wig abruptly can cause the natural hair to fall off, increasing hair thinning and balding. Hair glue also irritates the skin of those who have a sensitive scalp.

Let’s discover some tricks and tips to safely remove the lace front wig for men.

Use Blow Dryer

Blow-dry the wig before removing it. The heat from the blow dryer will cause the glue to melt, and it will become easier to take it off without breaking natural hair.

Apply Vaseline

Rubbing Vaseline over the wig can cause the stickiness of the glue or tape to close down, making it easier for the wearer to take it off. Remember! The process takes time, and one shouldn’t try to pull the wig off; otherwise, the natural hairline will be destroyed.

Hair Oil is another option.

Rubbing coconut oil or olive oil along the margins or wherever one has applied the hair glue helps take the wig off easily. However, do not use any oil in large quantities; otherwise, the hair strands of the wigs will become greasy, and you will have to wash them repeatedly.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is the safest way to remove hair glue or tape from the full cap wig. Just take a sponge or cotton pad, soak the pad in rubbing Alcohol, now gently press down the soaked cotton pad over the areas where you have put the glue or tape. After a couple of minutes, the glue would be dissolved, and you could easily pull off the wig.

Do not use rubbing Alcohol over the whole wig, as it can dry out your scalp. Rubbing Alcohol robs the hair of natural oils, causing the scalp to be dry and itchy, so beware before overusing it.



Full cap wigs are a great choice for people who want to change their hairstyle or those who have hair loss. There are many benefits to wearing full cap wigs, including the ability to style your hair in any way you want and the convenience of covering hair loss at a fraction of the cost.

When selecting a full cap wig, it is important to consider the wig’s quality, durability, and material. Always buy from trusted manufacturers like Bono Hair to ensure the best purchase.

Bono Hair has been crafting genuine quality full cap wigs for men and women for many years. From bulk orders to customize hairpieces, they have it all.

Check out Bono Hair’s latest full cap wigs collection and offer your clients nothing but the best at affordable rates.

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