Knowing All about Toupee for Women

Knowing all About Toupee For Women (11)

Are you curious to know more about toupees for women? You’re not alone!

When it comes to toupees for women, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Some people think that toupees are only for men, while others believe that they are only used to cover up hair loss. In reality, toupees can be used by anyone who wants to change their hairstyle or color without having to make a drastic change.

A perfect toupee should be well-fitting and match your head shape. It is also important that the hair on it looks natural, as you do not want people to believe you are wearing an artificial hairpiece. 

The most crucial aspect of purchasing one will likely come down to personal preference: some may prefer a sleek look while others may like something that gives extra voluminous and visibly bouncy locks.

Whichever style your client prefers, as a salon owner, hairstylist, or hairpiece distributor, your job is to find them exceptional quality toupees at affordable prices.

This blog post will discuss the different types of toupees available for women and answer some common questions about them. We hope that this information will help you decide whether a full wig is required or a toupee would be even better for your client.

Here are all the important details you need to know about toupee for women. Keep reading to learn more!


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Losing your hair can be a difficult and emotionally charged experience. Their hair loss is a visible sign of aging that can be hard to accept for many women. While medical treatments are available to help slow down or stop hair loss, these options are not for everyone. Some women choose to cover their baldness with a toupee.

Toupees have come a long way from the awkward, artificial-looking wigs of the past. Today’s toupees are much more natural-looking and can provide an effective solution for covering up baldness.

Women’s wigs and hairpieces have been around for centuries, but the modern toupee came about in the 1950s. Today, they are used by millions of women worldwide to enhance their appearance and confidence.

There are many different types of toupees available on the market today. Women wear these toupees for several reasons.

Toupees help women cover the hair loss and hair thinning by hiding bald spots and providing additional volume. These hairpieces work better for women suffering from female pattern baldness or losing hair for any other reason, including medical ailments and environmental factors.

With all the hair restoration options available on the market today, it’s no wonder that many women are looking into toupees as a possible solution for their thinning hair. But what exactly is a toupee, and how does it work?

Let’s take a closer look at women’s toupees – what they are, how they work, and whether or not they are right for your customers.

Keep reading to learn more!


What are Toupees for Women?

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Toupee is a relatively smaller hairpiece worn above the crown to hide bald spots, hair loss, or to cover hair thinning.

Some women wear toupees for aesthetic purposes- to enhance their overall look and to add volume to naturally thin hair. Toupees help in achieving versatile hairstyles and hair looks that were previously a dream due to limited hair volume and length.

Topped with a toupee, your client’s personality will be instantly enhanced, so help them achieve their desired looks by offering a top-quality toupee for women.


Types of Toupee for Women

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When selecting the fabric for a woman’s toupee, there are a few things to take into consideration. The most important factor is how the toupee will be worn. If it will be worn every day, then a more durable fabric is needed. If it is only worn occasionally, then a softer fabric can be used.

Here are some of the most popular fabrics for women’s toupees that define various toupee types.

Skin Base Toupee

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The skin toupee is made of beautifully crafted fabric that has the appearance and feel of a real human scalp. It looks natural, but many people are surprised when you tell them there is nothing growing out of your head and you are wearing a toupee.

The silicone material is used to create the base of the toupee. This material looks like real human skin and feels very comfortable against the scalp. The toupee is ideal for women who have a sensitive scalp, and even the slightest pressure can increase itchiness or dryness over the scalp.

Lace Base Toupee

Knowing all About Toupee For Women (15)Knowing all About Toupee For Women (15)

This toupee is made from the softest lace fabric and has small holes for increased ventilation. The base cap, side panels as well as an adjustable strap make this product comfortable to wear all day long.

Each hair strand is hand-tied to the base in order to maximize its realistic look. Over these knotted strands, another small piece of lace or silk is attached to cover them up perfectly. The lace toupee is, however, delicate thus requires extra care and maintenance. These toupees are best for occasional wear and for festive gatherings to achieve a more formal look.

You may find lace toupee a bit pricier than other types; however, the price tag is justified when you factor in the quality and realistic look.

Monofilament Base Toupee

This is the perfect solution for clients who have sensitive scalps. Monofilament toupees are made of a material called monofilament, which has an intricate meshed texture. These hairpieces have an ultra-thin fabric for lightweight and breathability that makes them look very realistic when installed.

Each hair strand is either hand-tied or injected into the base, which creates an illusion of naturally growing hair from the scalp. Monofilament base offers a natural appearance that is hard to beat for many types of toupee.

Medical Toupee

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Medical toupee or cranial prosthesis are specifically designed for those who have lost hair due to medical reasons and now have an overly sensitive scalp. Medical toupees are made with lightweight material to give the wearer a hairpiece that does not cause extra pressure over an already sensitive scalp.

The client undergoing chemo or radiation therapy can easily wear this type of toupee when the hair loss is in the beginning stage. The toupee will sit on the wearer’s head without creating extra pressure or itchiness. Clients with dermatitis or scalp psoriasis can also benefit from medical toupees.

Combination Cap Toupee

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Some of the most popular types are those that look and feel just like real human hair. They’re made from a mix-and-match combination, giving you options to customize your style however you want.

Monofilament base can be combined with PU sides to create a toupee that outshines both longevity and natural appearance. For women wanting a natural hairline combined with skin base, lace base, and skin base combination cap would be perfect. For combination caps, lifespan is the limit. PU sides can also be attached to any type of base to increase durability.

Ask your clients to imagine a perfect toupee base for them, and Bono Hair will customize one like a hair genie.

Synthetic Toupee

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As the name shows, synthetic toupees are made with man-made synthetic fiber. The fiber is crafted after chemically treating the plastic until it achieves the desired look. Synthetic fiber is not only cheaper but more durable than human hair. However, it lacks a natural finish and feels when it comes to the hair texture.

Synthetic toupees made with newer technologies often look extremely natural, and it is hard for others to differentiate between real human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is slightly thicker than natural human hair, so the toupee might feel heavier.

Human Hair Toupee

To achieve a natural appearance, most toupees are created from human hair. The human fiber of high quality also has a realistic appearance.

Human hair toupee is made with genuine human hair. Remy hair, Indian hair, and Chinese virgin human hair are the topmost priorities when it comes to manufacturing human hair toupees. These toupees look and feel like natural human hair.

The toupee hair blends in beautifully with natural hair to give the wearer an additional volume and coverage. However, these toupees are more delicate than synthetic toupees, thus requiring extra maintenance.


Difference between Toupees and Wigs for Women

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The main purpose of a wig is to cover the entire head, while toupees are used only to add volume and hide initial hair loss.

Wigs and toupees are great for those who want to look good with their natural hair but don’t have the budget or time necessary. These hairpieces can give you that fullness instantly while being less expensive than transplants or surgeries.

While both serve a different purpose, which one is better depends on your client’s requirement. If your client is looking for a hairpiece to hide baldness or progressive hair loss, a wig would be better.

Similarly, if your client requires a solution to fix hair thinning or to hide a visible receding hairline at the front, a toupee would be perfect. Toupee is also used when the client only wants to increase hair length and hair volume.

Here are a few differences between wigs and toupees,

Difference in Manufacturing

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Wigs and toupees are both popular hairpieces, but they have different features. Wig coverage is universal; this means that a wig will cover your entire head with natural or synthetic fibers attached to an elastic band for support (and sometimes also covering thinning areas). On the other hand, toupees only go over the top of the scalp providing partial coverage.

Difference in Style

Wigs come in many different styles to match any personal preference, but toupees are limited by what hairstyle they can imitate with their base material.

Hair Strands

Wigs and toupees are mostly made from real human hair and styled to look like natural hair. Often wigs and toupees are made of synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester, and designed to cover balding. However, both can be customized according to the preference of clients.

Coverage Difference

Wigs are hairpieces that are made of human or synthetic hair and can be styled to match the wearer’s natural hair, while toupees are wig-like pieces of similar material but are relatively smaller. Wigs cover the entire head, while toupee only covers a smaller area.

Price Difference

Since a wig is a relatively larger hairpiece, manufacturing a full wig requires more time and effort; thus, wigs cost more than toupee. Crafting a toupee takes half the time required to stitch a wig justifying the lower price.

Weight Difference

Toupee is smaller in size than a wig; therefore, it is lighter in weight. Wigs are full headpieces to provide full coverage. More hair strands are attached to the base of a wig, making it slightly heavier than a toupee.


How to Keep on a Toupee for Women

First, be sure to get a good quality toupee that will look natural and blend in with your hair. Second, make sure you take care of it properly to last as long as possible.

Here are some tips on how to keep your toupee looking great:

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1) Make sure you select the right color and style for your hair type. If you have thinning hair, go for a style and color that will add volume. Choose a deep-colored toupee to avoid looking too unnatural if your hair is dark.

2) Trimmed properly, a toupee can last for years. Trimming also helps in keeping frizz and dullness at bay, so trim your toupee as needed.

3) Choose the right toupee for your head shape. Always give the correct measurements while purchasing any hairpiece.

4) Make sure the toupee is made of quality materials. Do not fall for poor-quality material to save a few bucks. Good quality toupee lasts longer, saving the money ahead.

5) Secure the toupee in place with hair clips, adhesive tape, or a wig cap. If you are a beginner, select a toupee that has built-in clips or strap fixes to avoid mishaps. 

6) Style the toupee to match your own hairstyle.

7) Brush and comb the toupee regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy. Use a wide-tooth wooden brush to avoid knots and tangles.

8) Wash and condition the toupee every few weeks. Washing frequency depends upon the usage of the toupee. Greater the usage, the higher the washing frequency.


How to Care for a Toupee for Women

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If you want to increase the longevity of your toupee, follow these steps;

Avoid Over Washing

Over-washing can ruin your toupee. While there is no set frequency to wash a toupee, and it must be decided by the user, keeping a tab at the toupee’s base condition can be a telltale sign to wash the hairpiece.

When the toupee base starts looking dull or dry, and debris starts to accumulate, give your toupee a good wash with a mild shampoo. Always use lukewarm water as the extreme temperature can deteriorate the texture of the toupee.

Avoid blow-drying as much as possible. Let the toupee be air-dried to retain natural hair texture.

Avoid Using Conditioners or Creams

Some people think that hair masks are a great idea for those who have wigs or toupees, but the truth is they can actually damage the toupee fabric. The formulas can loosen up hair knots, causing the toupee hair to fall off.

Even if the toupee is made with human hair, do remember that the hair is attached to an artificial scalp and lacks the capacity to absorb chemicals or extra moisture. Toupee hair does not require heavy moisturizing masks, creams, or oils in order to shine.

Slathering oils or heavier hair creams can look the toupee weighing down and dull.

Avoid Using Heating Tools

If you’re a wig or toupee wearer, you know that one of the biggest enemies of your hairpiece is heat. Whether it is from styling tools or the sun, too much warmth can cause serious damage to the toupee.

Limit sun exposure and heat exposure. Always spray heat protectant generously on the toupee before stepping outside or styling the toupee hair with heating tools.

Too much exposure to heat can damage your hair and cause it to frizz. To keep your wig or toupee looking its best, avoid excessive heat whenever possible.

Remove the Toupee before Sleeping

It is important to remember that a toupee is not meant to be worn overnight. In fact, there are several good reasons why you should remove your toupee before going to bed.

Your scalp needs to breathe. Wearing a toupee all day long can prevent your scalp from getting the air it needs. At night, take off your toupee and give your head a chance to breathe.

You could damage your hairline by wearing a toupee 24/7, as it will affect natural hair regrowth. Wearing a toupee while sleeping will also damage the toupee hair due to friction between hair and the pillow.

Store the Toupee Properly when not Using

As a professional toupee manufacturer in the hair replacement industry, we often get asked how to properly care for a toupee when not in use. The answer is pretty simple: store your toupee in an air-tight box.

Doing this will keep your toupee fresh and free of any dust or dirt that could accumulate over time. This will also ensure that the toupee is ready to go whenever you need it.

Instruct your clients to store it away in an air-tight box when they are not using it!


5 Best Toupee for Women

If you are looking for the perfect hairpiece that will match your own personal style and needs, look no further than Bono Hair. With a wide range of options available in natural or synthetic fibers with either long flowing locks or short chic pixie cuts – we have everything.

The perfect toupee for any woman is one that flatters her features and matches her signature sense of style. Check out our selection of the best toupee for women to help your clients find just what they are looking for:

  1. L6-L Hair Unit Is A Long Hair Toupee From Bono Hair
  2. BLZ693000 Toupee Hair For Women Is Long Hair System From Bono Hair
  3. BLN93502 Custom Toupee for Women Wholesale Women’s Lace Hair Systems
  4. BLN14881 Full French Lace Women’s Toupee Wholesale Hair Pieces for Women
  5. BLN50481 Transparent Thin Skin Hair Systems for Women Custom Hair Piece


The Indian human hair in this toupee offers high quality and natural texture that will keep your new hairpiece almost undetectable. This system is best for women struggling with baldness because it has soft French lace construction, which means the weaves are durable enough to last even if the wearer uses them every day.

This toupee for women can be found in four different lengths, ensuring a perfect fit. The Indian Human Hair has an excellent natural texture that helps the hairpiece look exceptionally natural.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace on the top with 0.08mm thin skin around
  • Base size: 7*9”
  • Hair type: Indian Hair
  • Hair length: 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
  • Hair color: #1B, #2, #4
  • Hair density: Medium-Heavy
  • Hair curl: 3.2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


This is one of the best toupees made with French lace, which offers better durability and comfort. This type of toupee is best for those who have sensitive scalps due to the softer base and non-irritable feel against the skin. The lightweight hairpiece is perfect for those who want to wear an additional hairpiece without feeling weighed down.

The gauze fabric on the sides and back adds to the durability and longevity of this toupee. When clients ask for something that tops the list in terms of affordability and quality, offer them this toupee for women. This will surely outshine their expectations of having a top-quality hairpiece.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace with skin gauze sides and back
  • Base size: 7*8”
  • Hair type: Remy Hair
  • Hair length: 18”
  • Hair color: #6 (Stock women’s color ring)
  • Hair density: Medium to Medium-Heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


Toupees help women enhance their overall personality. This natural-looking toupee by Bono Hair gives a luxurious experience with its fine quality cap and ultra-comfortable base construction. 

This hairpiece is perfect for women who are struggling with initial levels of baldness. The French lace base allows the wearer to create different styles, and it can be parted in multiple ways to create several hairstyles. This toupee for women is a must-have in the hairpiece stash for glam looks. The Chinese virgin hair further enhances the look by providing free-flowing natural-looking locks, flipping like original human hair.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace in center of the cap; 3/4″ PU coated at the front, extended to 1 1/4″ PU coated at back and sides; 1/4″ French lace at front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: According to a hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-light to medium
  • Hair curl: 6cm
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


The toupee is the perfect accessory for modern-day women who want to look and feel their best. It features a French lace base construction with the finest quality Chinese Virgin human hair, representing both elegance and beauty possessed by only the posh.

The best part about this toupee is how easy it is to install and remove. Your customers will always be grateful to you for offering them such a great product.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace all over the cap
  • Base size: 6”x8”
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #6RD from our men’s color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


With transparent PU base and Chinese virgin hair, this is the most lightweight toupee that beautifully blends in with natural hair for an overall elegant look. The front contour shape of this women’s toupee was specifically designed to mimic a natural hairline. With its medium density, it can be worn by anyone who wants their locks to appear fuller and lush.

Easy removal makes it a perfect piece for those who do not like to spend hours removing adhesive and its residue from the scalp.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: 12-0.14mm transparent PU all over the cap
  • Base size: 15cmx17cm
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 12”
  • Hair color: #1B from women color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2.5cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



When it comes to hair loss, there are a lot of different solutions out there. For some people, surgery may be an option. However, for others, something as simple as wearing a toupee can help cover up baldness and give the appearance of a full head of hair.

Toupees are a popular option for women who want to hide their hair thinning and hair loss. They come in many different styles, colors, and textures so that you can find the perfect one for you. If your clients are considering getting a toupee, make sure to talk to them regarding the best style and color for them.

Also, guide them about the difference between a wig and a toupee so that they would be able to make a better decision while ordering their hairpiece. Toupees tend to be smaller in size and are often attached using adhesives or clips. If your client is looking for a full coverage hairpiece, go for a wig, but if they need something that only provides extra volume, is light in weight, and will stay put all day long, choose a toupee. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and needs.

Toupee is best for lighter coverage and hair thinning, while wigs work wonders for those who have progressive hair loss or total pattern baldness.

As a salon expert, hairpiece distributor, or wholesale supplier, the most difficult part is to find the quality that would satisfy your customer, increasing your sales in the longer run. If you provide a bad quality toupee, customers would never repurchase, so choosing the right manufacturer is most crucial in the hairpiece business.

Bono Hair manufactures premium quality toupee for women to help you get raving reviews and five stars from your customers. We produce toupees in bulk to help wholesalers upgrade their inventory and increase their sales. Customization is also available if your client ever orders a toupee that is unique to her needs and specifications.

As women’s toupee suppliers, Bono Hair is dedicated to providing you with the best quality hairpieces for women. We have a wide range of options to choose from, so no matter what the size and length of your customer’s hair, we can create wigs and toupees that meet their needs.

Do not hesitate to chat with us today about finding a solution that works best for the benefit of you and your customer.

Thank you for considering Bono Hair as your supplier of choice for women’s toupees!



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