Don’t Know How to Choose Best Stock Hair Systems for Your Clients?

Don’t Know How to Choose Best Stock Hair Systems for Your Clients (14)


As a hairstylist, you want to offer the best possible service to your clients. This means providing them with looks that fit their style and personality.

If you are not confident in your ability to choose the best stock hair system for each client, don’t worry – we are here to help!

In this post, we will give you some tips on selecting the right system for each person. So read on – your clients will thank you.

Choosing the best stock hair system for your client can be a daunting task. How do you know which one is right for them with so many options available? Let’s explore the different types of stock hair systems and help you decide which one is best for your client.

 So, what are stock hair systems?

They are pre-made hairpieces that come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures.

There are three main types of stock hair systems: skin hair system, lace hair system and mono hair system. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages; taking a closer look at each one will help you offer your clients the best one according to their requirements and style preference.




We all know what wigs and toupees are pieces of hair that people wear on their heads to cover up baldness.

But did you know that the history of wigs and toupees actually goes back thousands of years? In fact, some historians believe that the first wig was worn by ancient Egyptians!

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Wigs and toupees have been around for centuries. They are used to cover up greys, baldness, or other color-treated hair loss to preserve reputation by hiding the condition from others until it is socially acceptable not only to speak about one’s problem but also to appear publicly with their solution.

The first wig was created in 1650 when London glove-maker John Blundell started selling hairpieces to men who had lost their tresses during the English Civil War.

There was a time when men and women wore wigs proudly for aesthetic purposes. However, to recreate Halloween looks or their favourite celebrity looks, those who needed these alternative hair systems used to hide that they were wearing one. Hair loss and hair thinning were the elephants people were not ready to talk about in the room.

The trends are changing, and people are openly wearing these alternative hair systems to cover hair loss or baldness. The use of wigs and Toupees is not just for women. Men can cover their hair loss with a wig, too.

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Wigs and hairpieces are common in today’s society for both men and women who want to cover their hair loss or thinning. These items come in a variety of styles, textures, and base constructions.

These hair systems majorly have two distinctive categories; i-e, Custom Hair Systems and Stock Hair Systems. Custom hair systems are made to order for each individual, while stock hair systems are pre-made and come in a variety of standard sizes. Both types have their pros and cons.

The custom hair system is made to fit the client’s head exactly and can be blended with natural hair.  The stock hair system comes in different colors, textures, and lengths and is pre-made, so it does not require any customization.

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Ultimately, the best type of hair system for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. In this post, we are exploring the ins and outs of a Stock hair system, so let’s dig in!


What is a Stock Hair System?

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Have you ever considered a stock hair system?

Why wait for custom orders when there are options available in store? Give stock hair systems another chance.

This type of system is usually pre-made and is mass-produced. Stock hair systems are usually less expensive than custom units, but they may not offer a custom fit.

So, if you are looking for an undetectable hair system with the most realistic appearance and natural movement, stock hair systems are your best option. With a variety of textures, colors, and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect system to match your own hair.

And because they are pre-made, stock systems are also the quickest and easiest way to get a new hair system without having to wait for a custom order. Have you tried a stock hair system? If not, now is the time.

There are many different options for a hair replacement system, but there is no doubt that stock systems will be the most cost-effective and convenient option.

They are also easy to use with faster delivery. Stock hairpieces are a popular choice for many wearers. Despite being pre-made, there are still plenty of different types to choose from, so you can have the perfect replacement system in no time at all.


What is the Difference Between Stock and Custom Hair Systems?

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A custom-made hair system is made from scratch to fit the client’s head exactly. This type of system is usually more expensive than stock systems, but it results in a much better fit and therefore looks more natural. 

The stock hair system is a pre-manufactured hair system that is available off the shelf in different sizes. A stock system can be as good as a custom one, provided the wearer selects the right size and style.

Here are a few differences between a custom hair system and a stock hair system to help you understand the two in a better way;

Price Tag and Affordability

Stock hair systems are less expensive than custom-made units. For a custom-made unit, the production team crafts the base, hair texture, hair color, and hair density, specifically according to the client’s needs which is an intensive process.

Whereas the stock hair systems are produced in bulk. Mass production helps in reducing the price, which ultimately helps the client in getting a hair system in a more affordable range. For your clients who ask for a perfect hair system that can provide value for money, stock hair systems are best for them.

Since the stock hair systems are affordable, clients can switch between hairstyles and hair colors. It creates more room for a hair adventure.

Stock Hair Systems Provide Instant Fix

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Stock Hair systems provide an immediate solution to hair loss. A bad hair day can be fixed with a stock hair system. With these instant fix solutions, one can have the perfect hairstyle in a matter of minutes.

Stock hair systems allow one to take control of their hairstyle and feel confident in any situation. Whether you are attending a business meeting or going on a date, these systems provide an instant solution for all your styling needs.

Your clients can choose from a variety of styles and colors to find their perfect match. With so many options available, there is sure to be a system that fits every individual’s style.


If you take care of your stock hair system, it can last for years. In general, stock hair systems are just as durable as custom hair systems. So if you are looking for something that is going to last, opt for a stock hair system instead of a custom one.

The production, stitching, and tailoring of a stock hair system are similar to the custom-made hair system. However, the only difference is between the quantity.

Stock hair systems are produced in bulk to cater to the needs of customers who prefer ready-made hair systems, while the custom-hair system is tailored to perfection to cater to the requirements of a single person.

As far as durability is concerned, it depends more on the manufacturer than the type of hair system. Manufacturers like Bono Hair provide consistent quality throughout.

The Natural Appearance

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Stock hair systems are an excellent option for those who want a realistic hairline and natural appearance. There are many options available to match your exact skin color and scalp tone, ensuring a perfect match every time.

They are also designed to mimic your own hair’s thickness, volume, and curl pattern, making them virtually undetectable.

Additionally, stock hair systems are easy to care for and keep looking great. All you need is a little bit of styling gel or mousse each morning to keep them in place. If you are looking for a realistic and natural-looking hair solution, then stock hair systems may be perfect.

Bulk Production

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Stock Hair systems are usually produced in bulk. This means that a hair system manufacturer will produce hundreds or even thousands of the same type of hair system at one time. While this is less time-consuming for the manufacturer, it contributes to the lesser price, which benefits the customer as well.

Custom hair systems are made to order specifically for each individual, ensuring a perfect fit and natural look increasing the price tag.

For a custom hair system, it takes longer to create and costs more than a stock hair system. However, the benefits of having a perfect fit and natural look make custom hair systems well worth the investment.

Unlimited Variety

If you have ever been frustrated with your hair, then a stock hair system may be the perfect solution for you. These systems provide an unlimited variety of color, style, and design options so that you can find the perfect look for you.

Stock hair systems provide more versatility. When it comes to design, hair color, and base construction- the sky’s the limit. The client can design a custom hair system, but they may not be able to play with their imagination as much as a wig designer can. Stock hair systems provide a whole catalogue with plenty of options to choose from.


How to Take Measurements for a Perfect Stock Hair System

To get the right size for future hair replacement systems, instruct your clients to follow these tips:

  • Take a measuring tape and ensure it is slightly loose.
  • Make sure the tape is always flat when measuring, never twisted.
  • Measure the size of your head temple to temple and from front to back where the hairline starts and ends.
  • Repeat the steps at least three times in order to avoid mistakes while measuring the head size.
  • If you are a salon owner or a hairstylist, it is better to take the measurements yourself instead of asking your clients to do it in order to ensure a secure fit.


How to Choose the Best Stock Hair Systems for Your Clients?

As a professional hairstylist, salon owner, or wig distributor, you want to make sure that you provide your clients with the best possible options for hair styling and hair replacement. In this section, we will be discussing how to choose the best stock hair systems for your clients.

When choosing the best stock hair systems for your clients, these are the few things you need to take into consideration;

Base Design

Customers spend a lot of time and money on their appearance, so they need to make sure that the base design is comfortable as well. If they cannot wear it for long periods without discomfort or pain, then no amount of style points will save you from bad reviews.

From monofilament to silicone bases, various designs are available and have their own advantages. In order to guide your customers perfectly, you need to understand the different base designs of stock hair systems.

Full lace Stock Hair System

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The French lace or Swiss lace is a popular choice for those looking to have their hair done in an elegant and flowing style. A base cap made out of this material will give you everything from smoothness on top all the way down through durability, which makes it one worth considering.

Full lace caps are ideal for those who want to wear their hairpieces on special occasions, such as parties and balls. If someone wants a wig that is sturdy enough to resist daily wear and tear, then this may not work the best due to its intricateness.

Full Skin Stock Hair System

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The skin-like silicone material is used to create the base of a hair system.

This product provides the perfect surface for getting smooth results without any irritation. The material easily glides on your head, so there are no scratches or itches.

If you have a sensitive scalp, then this is a must-have as full coverage will be more comfortable than lace bases which can irritate some people’s heads.

Combined Lace and Skin

For people who want intricateness and smooth surfaces in one product, hair systems made with both lace and skin-like bases are perfect.

The base area above the crown is made from skin-like material to ensure a non-irritant surface, while the front part is made from lace fabric to give the hairpiece a natural and realistic look.

This type of hairpiece is ideal for customers who want comfort and delicateness in a single piece.

Lace with Skin Sides and Back

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So if you want the durability of skin-like wigs, the delicateness of lace, and the smooth surface of a skin-like wig, get a hair system that is made with lace front and skin sides and back. 

Yes! It is doable.

You can choose the skin fabric for the sides and crown, the lace for the front, and any other area you want to highlight the delicateness of the lace.

We at Bono Hair stock hairpieces that are one of a kind. Multiple base designs are available to choose from in order to provide your customers with exactly what they are looking for.

Lace with the Skin Around the Perimeter

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Lace wigs are known for their realistic hairlines. There are base designs for customers who are very much into styling and keep adventuring with the hair partings. For them, the lace base is added to the middle, while the skin base is added on the sides to ensure maximum comfort.

Skin base on sides not only gives a smooth surface but keeps the skin safe from sweating or heating due to the ultra-breathable fabric. This type of hair system is ideal for men who are looking for class and comfort in one go.

Skin with Lace Front

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Lace hair systems are popular for their lightweight, undetectable quality. The lace covers your scalp and allows you to wear any style without worrying about it being seen from behind or in front of other people because the natural appearance makes it impossible to detect the hairpiece.

A lace hair replacement system for men refers to a men’s lace toupee made of full lace, a lace base center, or a base with a lace front. Combining it with skin further ensures a realistic look with a smooth finish.

Hair Color

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Stock hair systems are available in more than 37 colors each. From brown to black, or even blonde, any option is viable. Suggest the clients pick a hair color that complements their skin tone and matches their original hair color as well.

Clients who are pro at using hairpieces can experiment further with the hair color by choosing an entirely different one from their former or natural hair color.

We provide different hair colors, including different grey hair percentages, both human grey hair and synthetic hair. Most of our men’s stock hair systems are available in multiple colors so that customers would find the one that closely resembles their original hair color.

Hair Density

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Standard hair systems offer 100% to 140% hair density.  For customers having hair loss at a beginning stage, you can choose the stock hair system with minimal hair density. This type of wig or toupee only provides additional volume, nothing too extreme.

For customers who are suffering from total hair loss or gradual hair thinning, the hair density can be increased to help you show off a fuller head. Suggest your clients choose the hair density similar to their natural hair; otherwise, the additional volume might not look natural on them.

High hair density systems are for those suffering from total baldness or bald spots all over the head.

Hair Curl

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Talking about the type of hair curls or hair texture, there are a few things you should know. First off, there are four main types of curly hair: wavy, loose, ringlets, and kinky.

Each one of these types of curls can be further categorized into subtypes. For example, wavy hair can be either fine or thick; loose curls can be either spiral or cascading, and ringlets can be either uniform or broken.

And then there’s kinky hair, which is its own category altogether. Stock hairpieces are available in all these hair textures.


Features to Consider While Ordering Stock Hair System

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You want your hair system to look natural, not like an artificial extension of yourself. The best way is with a system that blends in seamlessly and doesn’t stand out as fake or glue-on strands.

Most clients complain that the hair system does not look undetectable, and the other people are able to point out when we are wearing wigs or toupee.

Invest in hair systems that have an extremely natural-looking hairline and human hair texture to help your clients wear the hair system with utmost confidence.

Comfortable & Breathable

With hair systems, comfort is key. Hair must be comfortable and breathable in order for your clients to have a good experience with their new look.

Although people might think that hair wigs are uncomfortable and not breathable, that is not always the case.

In fact, there are many different types of hair wigs that are made from materials that allow air to circulate through them. This helps to ensure that the wig is comfortable to wear and does not cause sweating or overheating. It is important to choose a wig made from breathable materials if the customers plan on wearing it for an extended period of time.


A hair system is only as good as its durability. When choosing a wig, make sure to select one that is made with high-quality materials and construction.

A wig or toupee that falls apart after just a few years is not worth the money. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a hair wig to ensure that you provide the most value to your customers for their money.

Easy Maintenance

While choosing a hair system for your clients, ensure that the system is easy to fix and maintain. No one wants to spend hours fixing the wig or toupee before stepping out.

Good hair systems provide easy-to-wear options like built-in clips, buckle straps on sides, stretchable caps, or a pre-glued base. The hair system must also be strong enough to resist styling and environmental damage.


Types of Men’s Stock Hair System


Lace Hair System

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Lace materials are used to make this sort of wig. The base cap is made of the softest lace fabric that has small holes to promote ventilation across the hair unit. The sides of the wig are made from a similar fabric.

Hair strands are hand-tied to the base to give the hairpiece a more genuine appearance. Another small piece of silk is used to hide the knots in the knotted hair strands. The objective of the extra silk piece on top is to properly conceal the fake hairline.

These lace or silk base wigs are great for persons who have lost their hair due to medical conditions and now want to wear a hair unit that does not seem false.

Skin/Silicone Hair System

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Silicone is a soft, colorless, rubber-like material. The silicone material is often used in the making of wig base caps. The wigs that have silicone base or anti silicone straps are ideal for those who are completely bald as the material has the natural suction capability. The silicone material easily glides on the scalp, providing a secure fit and non-irritant texture.

People who have wide and visible receding hairlines, fungal infections, bacterial growths, psoriasis, or scurfy dandruff on the scalp must use wigs that have a silicone base. Silicone wigs are slightly more expensive than regular wigs; however, if your clients are not able to afford it, you may ask the manufacturer to customize a wig using silicone hair patches in the middle or sides with monofilament or lace fabric around.

Mono Hair System

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Human hair is sprouting over the scalp due to the hair injection procedure. It’s more difficult to distinguish between a natural and a wig hairline.

A unique fabric is used in the middle to make a monofilament wig. This fabric is a gauze-like, transparent, ultra-thin fabric that promotes lightness and breathability. This type of wig looks ultra-realistic because hair strands in a monofilament piece are hand-sewn into the soft fabric.

For those with extremely sensitive scalps, monofilament wigs are appropriate. When clients ask you for a hairpiece that will cover their heads without irritating their scalp, recommend monofilament wigs.


Why Should You Buy from Bono Hair?

Our team at Bono Hair has over 10,000 pieces in 25 different colors to meet your customers’ needs no matter the style they are looking for. We also offer a wide range of styles including bundles and weaves so you can be sure that our products will fit any man.

Here are the topmost qualities that set Bono Hair apart from other hair system manufacturers:

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Large inventory

We offer the most popular styles and mostly requested customer specifications, so you can find a men’s stock hair system or wholesale toupee that fits your client’s head perfectly.

We have a vast array of different styles and sizes for your customers to choose from, so they can find the perfect piece that fits their needs. We also stock 37 colors in order to offer more variety.

We have a large inventory of ready-made stock hair systems with over 10,000 pieces ready to be delivered at wholesale prices. Our large inventory will definitely cover most of your customer’s needs.

Instant delivery

If you need a hair system for emergencies, such as when your customer is in an out-of-town meeting and needs their toupee immediately. A stock replacement can be delivered within hours instead of days or weeks, which will save them time.

The most important advantage about using this type of product? It’s ready to go!

If they have an urgent requirement for it (for example, They are hosting an event soon), then we recommend you purchase a stock one from us because there are no waiting periods on stocked products

Wholesale Support Price

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Human and material costs are high. Custom hairpieces cost more than stock ones, especially when you factor in the time to make them custom fit for each wearer.

As toupee men suppliers, all our wholesale stocks are mass-produced, which helps us (and everyone) save on these expenses by comparison with custom-made hair systems that require much precision workmanship or even just different sizes depending upon how they want their new look maintained throughout life.

You can save money by buying our stock men’s toupees rather than custom-made ones. We produce them at lower costs and with fewer resources used, so they are better for both of us.

Base size cutting

Base size is the most prominent factor in making a wig or hair system look natural. If the base size does not fit well, the hairpiece keeps falling off, making the person feels uncomfortable and embarrassed.

We provide base size cutting in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all of our stock hairpieces. Each wig, toupee, or stock hair system is made in various base sizes to pick from.

All you need to do is get an accurate measurement of your client’s head and choose the fitting size closest to the given measurement.

Hair curl perming

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To make a hairpiece look undetectable, the hair texture of the wig or toupee must closely resemble the wearer’s original hair. 

Not all clients have straight or curly hair. The hair texture varies greatly, and we make sure our inventory always has an ample amount of stock hair systems to cater to the customers from every walk of life.

Whether your customers require straight American hair texture or kinky curly Afro hair, we have got you covered. Most of our designs are available in multiple hair textures. Your clients pick the hair curl or perming parameter according to their natural hair.

Hairstyle cutting

Even in stock hairpieces, we offer customized cutting and hairstyling options. Your clients can choose the way they want the hair system to look; for instance, some of your clients may prefer right parting, while others ask for left or no parting at all.

Our hair team and sales consultants make sure that the final product looks exactly what your client has imagined. And you get multiple orders from your clients.

Visit our inventory on the website and let our consultants know about the hairstyling and haircutting requirements of your customers before seizing the bulk order.

Direct-shipping to your clients

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We know how busy life can be, which is why we offer a direct shipping service. If you need some real-looking hairpieces for your clients who are unable to book a prior appointment with you to get a fitting service, we can arrange to ship to the client’s delivery address directly.

All information about your order is strictly confidential and safe with us, and your client will receive the hair system with your name on it.

Premium Quality Men’s Stock Hair System

The quality of our stock hair systems is the same high standard as custom male pieces. Our luxurious and smooth Indian hairs are the finest in quality, which we offer at an affordable cost.

We also stock high-quality Remy wholesale men’s hair systems for your valued customers to make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. Base materials are also of the finest quality and breathable fabrics.

With our hair systems, you will always receive raving reviews and will never have to face a dip in sales due to the quality of supplied products.

Easy Return Policy

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We want you to be able to keep your clients happy and well stocked with our top-quality hair systems. If they haven’t had the chance yet, let them know that within three months of the shipment date, it’s possible for an exchange or refund upon request.

If the product is yet uncolored, uncut, and unused, it can be easily returned or exchanged. So if any of your customers back off and do not buy a hair system, you can always return it or exchange it for getting a newer one. 


Top 5 Men’s Hair Systems

Here are the top 5 most popular men’s stock hair systems by Bono Hair,

  1. BH1 0.08mm Wholesale Skin Hair System for Men Thin Skin Toupee Factory
  2. BH2 Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee Hair Replacement System Manufacturer
  3. BH3 0.03mm Ultra-Thin Skin Hair Systems for Men Human Hair Toupee Suppliers
  4. BH4 FRONTAL Hair System Supplies Male Toupee Prices
  5. BH5P Fine Mono Hairpiece with Lace Front Wholesale Mono Hair System


The demand for skin hair systems is on the rise, thanks to their highly realistic appearance and best-in-class polyester fibers. It is no wonder the BH1 0.08mm thin skin hair system has become so popular, with its sleek and stylish design that can be worn by anyone.

This product will give your customers a fuller head without all of those icky chemicals – just natural-looking locks like never before (and at a fraction of cost). The BH1 is available for stock, custom-made, and bulk orders. Sizes and construction can be adjusted as per the client’s requirement.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, synthetic gray hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4ASH, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22



With its high-quality craftsmanship and stylish design, this BH2 men’s lace toupee is one of our most popular stock hair systems. The use of hand-sewn stitching all over the base gives it an elegant look that would make any man happy.

As a leading manufacturer of hair replacement systems, we offer custom-made lace toupees for men. The BH2 can also be customized according to the given requirements. From hair length to hair color and density, anything can be changed according to your client’s preference.

Bulk orders and custom orders both are open for this hair system as well.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace with hand-sewn stitching all over the base
  • Base size: 8”x10”, cut be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, grey in synthetic
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4ASH, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22



The BH3 stock toupee is a popular choice for those who need the utmost in undetectable, breathable, and air-light wear. The base of this model has 0.03mm ultra-thin skin all over it to make sure you are not committing any follicles or hairs on your head.

The best choice for an ultra-thin skin toupee is Bono Hair’s BH3. We can also make this custom-made order. Contact us today if you are looking to buy reliable human hairpiece suppliers that will ensure the quality and that your customers’ needs are met. Our sales consultant and hairpiece experts will guide you throughout. 

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 03mm ultra-thin skin all over
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, synthetic gray hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220,#240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4ASH, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22


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If your customer is losing your hair at the front or has a receding line, this is perfect for those who want to cover up. Bono hair systems supply two types of base construction to meet your needs better.

BH4 FRONTAL is made with full super thin skin for the lowest price toupee. It offers a no-knot look to ensure V-loop ventilation and a natural-looking hair system. The system is available in three sizes; however, it can be further customized according to the temple size of your client for a secure fit.

Indian Remy’s hair further increases the quality of this piece.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 0.06mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: 6*1”, 6*1/2”, 6*3/4”
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4ASH, #4, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22


When you need a hair replacement solution that is both strong and durable, our range of mono toupees for men will provide just what you are looking to offer your customers. Their durability and the ability to hold heavier hair densities make mono systems an excellent choice for many people.

We stock different mono models: some with lace fronts, some with folded net fronts, and some with PU perimeters. This is the ideal hair system for customers who want both durability and natural-looking locks.

It is made with PU gauze, a lace front design that allows the wearer to carry it all day long, plus it provides an amazing volume of thickly packed hairs.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine mono with PU gauze and a lace front
  • Base size: 8”x10”, can be cut into 6″x8″, 7″x9″
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, synthetic gray hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220,#240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4ASH, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22



If you are considering a hair system, it is important to understand the different types of systems available. A custom hair system is made specifically for your head and will look and feel the most natural. A stock hair system is pre-made, and one can select the size and style from the already available range.

There are a lot of reasons to go with a stock hair system rather than getting a custom one. Stock systems are less expensive, and they are also faster and easier to get. You can usually find a style that you like, and the color will be pretty close to what you want.

Plus, if there is something wrong with it, you can usually return it and get a new one. Custom systems take much longer to make, so if you are not happy with it, you are out of luck. Stock hair systems are available for instant deliveries, while it takes at least six to seven weeks for a custom order to be made and delivered.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer looking for an easy way to increase your product offering, stock hair systems are a great option. They are affordable, easy to use, and can help you attract new customers. Give them a try today!

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Come to Bono Hair for all your wholesale stock hairpiece needs. We offer 10,000+ pieces in 25 colors with a versatile style. With over 35 models available and low prices that will meet any budget you have planned out there – this is one store no man should be without.

With our stock hair systems for men, you can be sure that your order will arrive fast and free from hassle. Plus, with delivery taking only 3-5 working days at most.

So if you are a salon owner, business owner, or distributor having demanding customers in line, Bono Hair will take care of all your requirements while you can enjoy the growth of your sales and profits. We stand by the quality of our products and will fix or replace any faulty stock toupee for free.

Visit the official website to place your order. Exclusive discounts on bulk orders are always available.

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