All You Need to Know about Custom Hair System

All You Need To Know About Custom Hair System (27)

“Gerald had been dealing with male pattern baldness for a few years now. It was embarrassing to perform on stage with bald patches, and it really shook his confidence.  He tried all sorts of medications and wigs, but he just could not find the right one. The hair color was always wrong, the length was not right, and it just did not look like him.

Then he heard about custom hairpieces. He could get a wig that perfectly matched his hair color, length, and style. He was hesitant at first, but he decided to give it a try. And boy, was he glad he did! He wears his unique hairpiece confidently now and feels much more confident on stage.”

We all know the feeling of admiring someone else’s hair and wishing we could have locks like theirs. The good news is, with a custom-made hairpiece, you can. If you deal with clients who are never satisfied with factory-made stock hairpieces, a bespoke hairpiece is a way to go. You may introduce them to the secret to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair in its desirable color, volume, and style.

A custom-made hairpiece is a great way to add length, volume, or even color to natural hair. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for your clients? Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a custom-made hairpiece.


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You won’t like the base cap of one hair system but the color and texture of another? Or when you find both in one, the style and cut of a particular hairpiece don’t interest you?

Often customers seem to dislike every other hairpiece, no matter how many systems you show them. When they approve of the texture and color, the hair density puts them off, and when hair density is according to their preference, the base cap turns out to be different. With a custom hair system, you can get the exact hairpiece your client wants without any of the hassles. That is the beauty of a custom-made hair system.

Some people are born with a full head of hair, while others lose their hair at an early age. No matter what the reason, there are many options to cover up hair loss. Wigs and toupees are two ideal methods that can help you feel more confident in your appearance. Wigs and toupees are often thought of as being for old men who are going bald. However, Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age due to a variety of reasons such as medications, alopecia, diabetes, or undergoing cancer treatments.

There are many options available for those experiencing hair loss, and each option has its own set of pros and cons. Although wigs and toupees may not be the perfect solution for everyone, they offer a more affordable option with fewer side effects than other choices. There are all sorts of wigs out there. You can find synthetic and human hairpieces in all colors and styles imaginable. But what about wigs that are specifically tailored to your needs?

Custom-made wigs provide the perfect solution for those who want a personalized hairpiece and something truly unique. It can be tough to know where to start with so many options available. Here is everything you need to know about custom-made wigs!


What is a Custom Hair System

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A custom hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement solution for people experiencing hair loss. The system is made from real human hair or synthetic hair, which is individually hand-tied to a thin, breathable mesh base. It attaches securely to your existing hair and can be worn daily or nightly, depending on your preference. Custom hair systems are an excellent alternative for those who do not like the regular stock-made hairpieces.

They are also much more affordable than continuing to buy expensive over-the-counter solutions that do not work. If you are considering a custom hair system, read on to learn more about this option and whether it might be right for your clients or not. A custom hair system is a non-surgical solution to cover hair loss that can give you a look and feel of natural, healthy hair. Each hairpiece is created individually for clients, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit. Because this type of hair system is tailored according to the client’s instruction, it can help achieve that perfect look your clients desire.

So, if you are looking for a hairpiece that closely matches your natural hair color and density, or has a special size requirement, then you should consider a custom human hair toupee.

Custom Hair System vs Stock Hair System

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The biggest difference between stock human hair toupees and custom-made ones is that while the former can only be made up of fairly limited materials, textures, or colors, a custom-made hair system’s styling option and size are unlimited.

Everything can be customized according to one’s personal preference, from hair length to the base cap, hair texture to hair density. Synthetic hair, human hair, or even a client’s original hair can be used to tailor a perfect custom-made hair system that looks unbelievably natural.

However, the custom-made hair system is a bit pricier than the stock hair system due to its uniqueness. The production line manufactures stock hair systems in bulk which reduces the cost. In contrast, custom hair systems are tailored to perfection according to each client’s specifications, which requires more time and effort.

The skilled artisans work closely with the customer to stitch a personalized hairpiece according to the client’s requirements; hence the hairpiece is one of its kind.

With a stock hairpiece, you have the liberty to get one within two to three days, while the custom-made hair system requires 4 to 6 weeks of production time. However, you might find your hairpiece twin with a stock hair system, but with a custom hair system- to each, their own is the point.


Why Should You Choose A Custom Hair System For Your Clients

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Custom hair systems offer a variety of benefits for clients who want their unique look. Not only can you ensure that each client gets exactly what they need, but with our popular designs and natural-looking hair systems, your clients will have a variety of styles and materials to have their pick. As a hairstylist, you always want what’s best for your clients. When it comes to choosing a hair system, the custom is always the way to go. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A custom hair system is made specifically for your client’s head shape and size, meaning that it will fit perfectly and look completely natural.
  • With a custom hair system, you can choose the exact color, texture, and style of the hair so that it perfectly matches your client’s own hair.
  • Custom hair systems are also much more durable and long-lasting than non-custom systems – meaning that your client will be happy with their new hair for many years to come!
  •  A custom hair system is made specifically for each individual client, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • A custom hair system is lightweight and comfortable, making it virtually undetectable. It is affordable and cost-effective.
  • A custom hair system is easy to maintain and style. There is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from
  • You can order a custom hair system that is made specifically for your client’s head shape and preferred hairstyle
  • Custom hair systems are also a great option for people who want their hairstyle to be permanent. This means that they can create the exact look of what is in mind without worrying about not finding the exact piece.


When Do You Need To Make A Custom Hair System For Your Clients

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Are you a hairstylist who works with clients who have thinning hair or balding spots? When your clients come to you for a new hair system, they may have specific requests that cannot be met with an off-the-shelf product. In these cases, you will need to make a custom hair system.

Custom-made hair systems are the answer to all your clients’ needs. Whether they need a permanent or temporary solution, you can create it for them with ease and confidence in knowing that every detail has been thought through from start to finish–even down to choosing which color will best suit their natural texture. Custom hair systems can cater to all your clients’ requirements. With our range of options, you can provide them with everything they need for their personal appearance.

Here are a few specific situations where you need to offer your clients a custom made hair system:

  1. You need to make a custom hair system for your clients when they have specific needs or requests
  2. When you have a client who has lost their hair and does not seem to find a standard hair system according to their size, you will need to create a custom hair system for them
  3. If you have a client who is undergoing chemotherapy, you will also need to create a custom hair system for them
  4. When you have a client who wants to change their hairpiece’s hairstyle and wants a very specific one, you can create a custom hair system for them
  5. You can also create custom hair systems for clients who want to cover up bald spots
  6. If any of your customers have an extremely sensitive scalp and they want a base cap that is non-irritant like skin-like wigs but intricate enough like lace fabric, you may need to order a custom hair system combining the two different base materials


How To Place A Perfect Custom Hair System Order

If you are considering getting a custom hair system, congratulations! You have made a wise decision. A hair system can instantly make you look younger, thicker, and fuller. But before you place your order, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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STEP 1# Select a Base Design

The base design is the most prominent factor in a wig or toupee. A comfortable and durable base cap is the biggest requirement of the customers. However, different base caps have their own pros and cons.

Some customers prefer delicate and undetectable bases, so a monofilament or lace base is perfect for them. While for those who prefer durability over intricateness, poly base works wonders.

Custom made hair systems offer multiple base choices;

  • Full Lace

French lace or Swiss Lace is used to manufacture a full lace base hair system. A lace piece is utilized to make the base cap. Hair strands, either synthetic or human hair, are hand-tied to the lace base. Though this type of base cap is comfortable; it is delicate and less durable.

Full lace caps are ideal for those who either want hairpieces for festive occasions only or have the pocket to replace the hair system every now and then. For somebody who has to wear the headpiece daily for long hours, a full lace base may not work.

  • Full Skin

As the name shows, skin-like material is used to manufacture the base cap. This material is normally used to make medical wigs or cranial prosthesis.

The material easily glides on the bald surface without creating scratches or itches. Those who have sensitive scalp shall prefer a full skin base over lace or any other material. This material is also more durable than a lace base. For clients who want a luxury hairpiece, a skin base is perfect for them.

  • Combined Lace and Poly

If your client wants the intricateness of lace base while the durability of Polybase, offer them a custom-made hair system with combined lace and poly base. This type of base suits those who do not want to compromise on their hairpiece’s longevity and undetectable look.

The lace and poly base are suitable for those who have hectic schedules. The lace part increases the breathability of the hair system, while the poly keeps it sturdy enough to resist environmental wear and tear. Removing and applying glue to the poly areas is also comparatively easier, making this combination perfect for beginners.

  • Combined Mono and Poly

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Mono base is a meshed type of base in which hair strands are hand-tied closely to mimic a natural and invisible hairline.

Monofilament bases are also intricate, like lace bases. These bases allow the air to seep through the material, making it an ideal hairpiece for those with an oily scalp or who tend to sweat a lot.

The monofilament is considered a meshed base that can withstand any type of damage without giving up way too quickly, unlike lace materials known for their quick deterioration rate in terms of durability. Lace base outshines mono due to its closer to a natural look and undetectable hairline.

  • Combined Mono and Poly and Lace

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So if you want the durability of poly, the delicateness of lace, and the longevity of monofilament fabric, get a custom-made hair system combining all three materials.

Yes! It is doable. You can choose the mono fabric for sides, the lace for the front and middle where the hairline exists, and the poly for corners where you add glue or adhesives to secure the wig. This is the beauty of a custom hair system. It allows the user to play with imagination in order to create a dream design that the client cherishes forever.


STEP 2# Choose Your Base Size

Stock hairpieces come in the standard for five base sizes. Often customers have an unusually large or smaller head, and no standard size seems to fit. For wigs and toupees to look good and natural, a secure fit is, however, necessary. For such customers, customizing a base size seems a more viable option.

Note the size of the head with the help of a measuring tape, temple to temple, and from front to back in inches; state the requirement carefully to the sales consultant in order to get the perfect hairpiece size.


STEP 3# Give Correct Measurements

Giving correct measurements is the key to finding a perfect customized hairpiece. While placing an order for a custom hair system, make sure to read the form carefully in order to fill in the form, note and write all the measurements beforehand to minimize the chances of error.

Whether it’s your base size, material requirement, hair texture, or hair length details, make sure to not miss out on any single detail in order to get the perfect hairpiece.

From color to length and density, anything can be customized in a custom hair system, provided the customer does not forget to mention the requirements clearly.

STEP 4# Select the Right Template

The template includes minute detailing such as material, hair length, hair color, base size, base color, combinations, hairstyle, the texture of strands, everything that you want the manufacturer to keep in mind while stitching your order.

Your custom template is nonetheless an exam of your artistic abilities and aesthetics to create a wonderful hairpiece. Imagine the perfect hairpiece and make the template. Carefully list each and every detail before sending the template to the sales consultant.

You may ask the sales consultant for recommendations and guidelines if you feel confused at any point.

Here are a few things to ponder upon before selecting the final template:

  1. Hair Length

For men, the length option of wigs and toupees is limited; however, the sky is the limit for women. From pixie hair to angular bobs, shoulder-length waves, to waist-down Rapunzel hair, the hair length can easily be switched to their preferred requirement.

Most wigs and toupees offer shoulder-length hair as it allows the wearer to create a dynamic hairstyle. However, a custom-made hair system offers the user to select the length however they like. Men can also ask for alterations in a hair system

  • Hair Density
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Standard hair systems offer 100% to 140% hair density. Custom hair systems allow the user to increase or decrease hair density as per their taste and preference.

If your hair loss is at a beginning stage and you are looking for additional volume, nothing too extreme, you can keep asking the manufacturer to keep the hair density at its minimum.

For those who are suffering from total hair loss or gradual hair thinning, the hair density can be increased to help you show off a fuller head. Suggest your clients choose the hair density similar to their natural hair; otherwise the additional volume might not look natural on them.

  • Hair Curl
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When it comes to the type of hair curls, there are a few things you should know. First off, there are four main types of curly hair: wavy, loose, ringlets, and kinky.

Each one of these types of curls can be further categorized into subtypes. For example, wavy hair can be either fine or thick; loose curls can be either spiral or cascading, and ringlets can be either uniform or broken. And then there’s kinky hair, which is its own category altogether. So a custom hair system allows the user to select their preferred hair texture, unlike stock hair systems that come in standard textures.

  • Hair Color

Any hair color can be given to the custom-made hair system. From brown to black, or even blonde, any option is viable. Suggest the clients pick a hair color that complements their skin tone and matches their original hair color as well.

Clients who are pro at using hairpieces can experiment further with the hair color by choosing an entirely different one from their former or natural hair color. The hair color of the custom hair system defines personality, so whichever option the client chooses, make sure they are comfortable wearing it.

How to help clients in selecting hair color and texture?

Most manufacturer offers a color ring and list of hair sample;

Color Ring

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Color ring enlists all the available colors a customer can pick to dye their custom hair system. It has so many options available. However, if the desired color is not present in the ring, the customer can contact a sales consultant at Bono Hair.

Salon owners and distributors shall keep the color ring and present it to the customers while finalizing the order to make sure customers get exactly what they imagine. A slight change in the picture and the original color is always there, so showing a ring is highly recommended.

Hair Sample

Manufacturers can provide different hair samples presenting several hair textures. Straight to curly hair, many options are available for the customers to choose from.

Customers may not differentiate properly between waves, loose waves, curls, and type 2 curls; therefore, always show them the sample before finalizing the order.

At Bono Hair, customers can send their original hair as a sample for reference. Our skilled artisans will find the same hair texture and will dye the strands in the color that would be closest to the sample provided by the customer.


How To Get A Natural Custom Hair System

When it comes to hair systems, there are a lot of things to think about. You want to make sure that you order the right system for your needs and that you get it sized and fitted perfectly. Here are some tips on how to get a natural-looking custom hair system:

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○ Bleach Knots

If you want your wig to look as natural as possible, you need to make sure the knots are bleached. Make sure that the manufacturer you are choosing offers properly bleached knots; otherwise, the knots will be visible, making your hairpiece look unnatural and fake.

○ Dye-After

Bleaching the knots is often not enough while ensuring a perfect natural-looking hair system. Ask the manufacturer to dye the knots with the similar color that you are choosing for your hair system to make sure the hairpiece synchronizes well.


Where To Get A Custom-Made Hair System

Meet the only custom-made women and men’s hairdressing that offers you high quality, low prices- Bono Hair. We have been providing top-of-line services at an affordable cost since we first opened our doors.

Bono Hair’s commitment to excellence is obvious when you look at our product line-up. Unlike other companies who produce human hair toupees, Bono Hair produces high-quality units that are custom-made for each individual wearer.

Our hair units are not just affordable; they are also made to last. We work hard at keeping our costs low so that you can get your dream custom-made without breaking out into hives over price tags.

Remember: we have been around since before some people even knew what “Custom-made Hair system” meant. With us, you will know you are dealing with a reliable and experienced custom-made hair system manufacturer.


How to Order Custom-Made Hair System From Bono Hair

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We want to make sure you get the perfect hairpiece for your needs. When you choose to order a custom-made hair system with us, you are required to follow these simple steps:

  • Our sales consultant will be in touch with you. Make sure to discuss key details with our sales consultants before we start producing custom men’s systems so that no requirement goes unnoticed or forgotten.
  • To ensure a perfect fit, our team will validate the sizing details of your custom order before sending it out for ventilation.
  • Our sales consultant will then send you an invoice for the next step in your journey. You can pay this via PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.
  • As soon as you send us the payment proof, your order will be sent to the production line, where it will take 4 to 6 weeks. (Good things come only to those who wait)
  • Once your order is ready, the sales consultant will run it through a quality check to make sure it is perfect.
  • After scrutinizing if the custom hair system is made to match your every need, it will be shipped to you straight away!

Note: Distributors, Salon Owners, or Business Owners can order custom-made hairpieces in bulk on behalf of their customers. We use high-quality synthetic fiber that is resistant to heat and fading, so your customers can rock their new look with confidence.


7 Best Custom Made Hair Systems Recommendation For Men

  1. BNW10942 Custom Mono Toupee Fine Mono with PU Coated All-Around
  2. BNL14481 0.08mm Full Skin Hair System for Men Custom Hair Replacement System Factory
  3. BNL14112 0.08mm Thin Skin Hair System Men’s Custom Hairpieces
  4. BLN109810 China Silk Mono Hair Toupee And Custom Made Hair Pieces From Bono Hair
  5. BLN72942 Silk Men’s Custom Toupee Wholesale Men’s Lace Front Hairpiece
  6. BLN07691 Men’s Lace Wholesale Hair Systems Custom Made Toupee for Men
  7. BWN57162 Custom French Lace hair system with Swiss Lace Front Men’s Toupee Factory

1. BNW10942 

Toupees are for men facing bald spots or hair loss at the initial stages. These hairpieces are meant to cover any area that has a bald spot or hair thinning. Most male pattern baldness starts above the crown or around the temples, which the toupee beautifully hides. This monofilament-based toupee can be personalized according to the requirements of the consumer. Ask your client where the bald patch is, and provide a personalized toupee.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Fine mono in the center, PU coated all around the perimeter, and super fine welded mono in front.
  • Base size: As the template
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: As hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: 3.2cm
  • Front shape: As the template
  • Hair direction: As arrows on the template

2. BNL14481

Chinese hair and thinnest skin all over make this hair system ideal for men who has to wear a hairpiece all day long. This hair system looks extremely realistic and helps the consumer flaunt off a fuller head. Hair length is approximately 10 inches to help men try out various hairstyles.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: 8”x10”
  • Hair type: Chinese hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: #4 from custom men color ring
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: Straight hair
  • Front shape: AA
  • Hair direction: Pompadour

3. BNL14112 

The custom hairpiece for men allows clients to ask for style and hair color according to their preference. The base size, hair length, hair color, and even hair density- anything can be personalized to perfection according to the given direction by consumers. Your client will feel like receiving a high-end luxurious hairpiece due to high-quality customization.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: As provided, hair
  • Hair length: As provided hair
  • Hair color: As provided hair
  • Hair density: medium-medium heavy at front, top & temples areas, medium heavy-heavy at the crown, back & side areas.
  • Hair curl: As provided, hair
  • Front shape: As a template
  • Hair direction: Right crown

4. BLN109810 

Silk, as its name sounds, is the glossiest and most comfortable base cap. It easily glides on the scalp without causing scratches or rashes. This particular hair system is best for men who either have scalp allergies or sensitive scalp due to any medical condition. It provides hair coverage without irritating the scalp.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: China Silk Mono Top with 1” Clear Pu Around
  • Base size: According to the customer’s template
  • Hair type: Indian Human Hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: #4
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

5. BLN72942 

Silk fabric is perfect for men who do not prefer wearing hairpieces due to its heavyweight and unrealistic look. Suggest your customers this toupee and help them look their best with the help of a silk-based custom toupee. The delicate silk structure is protected with PU costing from behind and the sides to increase the longevity of this best hair replacement system.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Silk top with PU coated back and sides area, and a French lace front
  • Base size: 7”x8 1/2”
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: Natural color
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

6. BLN07691 

French lace in the center, skin gauze at front and back, and PU coating all over the complex design of this hair system is reflective of the expertise of wig designers at Bono Hair. Our hair specialists come up with designs that cater to hair loss problems of men without compromising style and elegance.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace in the center, skin gauze at back and sides, clear PU at front
  • Base size: 6 7/8”x9 1/4”
  • Hair type: European hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: #2 from our men’s custom color ring
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

7. BWN57162

Directionless hair systems are best as they create more room for hairstyling. This hair system with a Swiss lace base is also freestyle to allow the user to explore dynamic hairstyles. Swiss Lace is known for its intricacy and luxurious feel; therefore, the hair system made with this base is slightly more expensive. We, at Bono Hair, create master hairpieces at affordable rates, especially for bulk buyers, to help them earn more profits.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace hair system with Swiss lace front
  • Base size: As template
  • Hair type: Indian hair, gray hair in synthetic
  • Hair length: 4”
  • Hair color: #420
  • Hair density: Medium to light
  • Hair curl: 3.6cm
  • Front shape: As template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


7 Best Custom Made Hair Systems Recommendation For Women

  1. BLZ693000 Toupee Hair For Women Is Long Hair System From Bono Hair
  2. BWN45552 Wholesale Wigs China Monofilament with Lace Front Wig
  3. BWN98652 French Lace Wig for Women Wholesale Human Hair Wigs
  4. BLN93502 Custom Toupee for Women Wholesale Women’s Lace Hair Systems
  5. BLN14881 Full French Lace Women’s Toupee Wholesale Hair Pieces for Women
  6. BLN88481 Injection Thin Skin Wigs for Women Wholesale Wigs for Women
  7. BLN50481 Transparent Thin Skin Hair Systems for Women Custom Hair Piece

1. BLZ693000 

Whether you are suffering from thinning at the crown and front part of your hair or just want to cover roots, our long-hair system will add instant volume. It can also be used for women who are balding on top. This toupee is ideal for women who do not want to wear a heavy full wig and want a hairpiece that would only add more volume to their original hair. This particular toupee can be customized to the requirements of your clients.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace with skin gauze sides and back
  • Base size: 7*8”
  • Hair type: Remy Hair
  • Hair length: 18”
  • Hair color: #6 (Stock women’s color ring)
  • Hair density: Medium to Medium-Heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

2. BWN45552 

It is a lace front customized women’s hairpiece, which has two-toned hair. The hair at roots is slightly darker than the ends to provide a natural hairline. Skin gauze all around the monofilament fabric makes this hairpiece an ideal choice for women looking for comfort plus luxury within a single hair system. Hair density can be adjusted between medium to heavy as per the customer’s demand.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around, with a French lace front
  • Base size: According to template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:22”
  • Hair color: #2 at 1” hair root, #4 at hair end
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: According to template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


3. BWN98652 

With comparatively lesser hair density, this hair system is perfect for women who have started experiencing initial hair thinning or gradual hair loss. The piece instantly adds volume without making the overall look unnatural. Hair color can be adjusted to any given hair sample, providing an option of getting a personalized hairpiece that closely resembles the original hair color of the client.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French Lace all over
  • Base size: According to template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: According to the hair sample
  • Hair density: 5% less than medium density
  • Hair curl: 0cm
  • Front shape: According to template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

4. BLN93502 

The base cap of this hair system for women is relatively complex. French lace in the center and at the front is added to provide natural texture and feel, whereas the PU coating all around strengthens the hair system to increase its longevity. Chinese virgin hair further makes it look like a real human hairpiece.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French Lace in center; 3/4″ PU coated at front, extended to 1 1/4″ PU coated at back and sides; 1/4″ French lace at front
  • Base size: According to template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: According to hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-light to medium
  • Hair curl: 6cm
  • Front shape: According to template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

5. BLN14881 

Women toupee are particularly made for women who are struggling to hide receding front hairline or bald spots. The toupee hair blends in with natural hair, enhancing the volume and texture of the hair and providing a fuller look. Creating different hairstyles also becomes easier with the help of a stylish toupee.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French Lace all over
  • Base size: 6”x8”
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #6RD from our men’s color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

6. BLN88481

A combination of a few gray hair with another hair shade makes this hairpiece exceptionally believable. Customers, especially women, often ask for hairpieces that would not look fake or unnatural upon wearing. This customized hair system is an answer to all such clients.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 10mm injection thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to wig measurements
  • Hair type: Chinese hair, gray synthetic hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: #8 with 5% gray hair all over
  • Hair density: Medium to medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle 

7. BLN50481

Chinese hair in this wig is protected with transparent PU costing all over to give customers a hairpiece that could last a decade if provided with proper maintenance and care. The hair length is approximately 12 inches long to help women build on additional length and volume.

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 12-0.14mm transparent PU all over
  • Base size: 15cmx17cm
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 12”
  • Hair color: #1B from women color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2.5cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



If you are considering a custom made hairpiece, be sure to do your research and find a quality salon that will provide you with the best possible experience.

Custom hairpieces are a better option for those who want to have a unique look. If you are looking for something that is not available in stock, then you should consider getting a custom piece made. Not only will you be able to get the perfect color and style, but you can also choose from a variety of materials.

Custom hairpieces are versatile. If you like the base material of one hairpiece while the hair density and style of the other, you can combine the two in your own custom-made hairpiece. These hairpieces enhance the sense of uniqueness and personalization.

While choosing the right piece, there are certain requirements that a user has to keep in mind. Base size, material, template, and hair color- to name a few. Make sure to note these specifications correctly if you want your custom-made hairpiece to turn out exactly the way you have imagined it.

Order custom hairpieces in bulk.

Business owners, distributors, or salon owners can also offer their clients custom hairpieces. Just make sure to note the requirements keenly so that your customers do not feel disappointed. Always explain to your customer each and every detail so that they would be able to understand the specifications of the custom hairpiece.

Bono Hair specially caters to the requirements of business owners. We facilitate distributors and salon owners in supplying high-quality hairpieces to their clients. Exclusive bulk offers, and discounts are always available for wholesale retailers and buyers.

We can also ship custom-made hairpieces directly to your clients on your behalf. Our success lies in your business growth. Contact our sales consultants and explain to them the requirements of your customers, and our team will make extravagant custom-made hairpieces for your clients.


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