BNL14112 0.08mm Thin Skin Hair System Men’s Custom Hairpieces

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Bono hair is a professional thin skin hair systems factory. And this BNL14112 is one of our men’s custom hairpieces we made recently. The base design is 0.08mm thin skin all over. It’s made with customer’s provided hair and template.


  • Product Code: BNL14112
  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: As provided hair
  • Hair length: As provided hair
  • Hair color: As provided hair
  • Hair density: medium-medium heavy at front, top & temples areas, medium heavy-heavy at crown, back & sides areas.
  • Hair curl: As provided hair
  • Front shape: As template
  • Hair direction: Right crown

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This men’s custom hairpieces is made according the template. The great advantage of making with template is that we can make sure the hairpiece size and curvature can fit the end-user perfectly.

If it’s not convenient to mail templates, we can also make according to the measurements, including length, width size, and front contour shape.

men's custom hairpieces
men's custom hairpieces

This men’s custom hairpieces base construction is 0.08mm thin skin. This customer likes soft thin skin. So we brush the poly as thin as possible to match the density requirements well. And we can dye different colors skin according to the requirement, like this thin skin hair system, we dye it with very light pink color to match the end users’ skin color naturally. If you need light brown or black skin color, we can all make it.

This thin skin men’s custom hairpieces is made with injection hair. It’s especially popular at Italy market. Injection hair is a unique techniques for skin hair systems. Because our ventilation workers inject the hair according to the direction of hair grows naturally, so you can style it freely for your customers. Besides, there is no knots with injection techniques, so it’s the most realistic men’s hairpiece.

men's custom hairpieces

For this men’s custom hairpieces, we made it with provided hair. We understand that the hair is treasure for hair loss peoples. If they collect their own hair and would like to have their hair system with own hair, it’s meaningful for them. Besides, we also have customers buying raw hair material from local hair dealers. No matter it’s single drawn hair or double drawn hair, we can deal with them. And during the whole production process, our workers will record how the hair is used at each step. So please don’t worry that your hair is wasted. And if there is left hair, we will send back to you together with the new hair system.

Contact us now to get the best men’s custom hairpieces for your clients.

Product Code BNL14112
Base Design 0.08mm thin skin all over with extra skin at front
Base Size As the template
Front Contour As the template
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Flat injection all over
Hair Type Provided hair
Hair Length As provided hair
Hair Wave/Curl As provided hair
Hair Density Medium-medium heavy at front, top & temples areas, medium heavy-heavy at crown, back & sides areas.
Hair Color As provided hair(mixed all bundles)
Hair Direction Right Crown
Base Material

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