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As a professional hair replacement system factory, we can make any hair system on request. This custom made order is made with customer’s requirements. The base design is 0.08mm thin skin all over with brush back hair style. If your customer needs a skin hair system urgently, we also have similar skin base in stock, like BH1 and BH1R.


  • Product code: BNL14481
  • Base construction: 0.08mm thin skin all over
  • Base size: 8”x10”
  • Hair type: Chinese hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: #4 from custom men color ring
  • Hair density: Medium light
  • Hair curl: Straight hair
  • Front shape: AA
  • Hair direction: Pompadour

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Product Details

Most Realistic Hairline

For all hair replacement system wearers, they hope no one will find their hair secrete. That’s why most of business owners take natural hairline as the most important factor when they buy hair system from us. As a hair replacement system factory, when we make the custom order, we take all advanced techniques to make it undetectable and realistic.

  • To make the thin skin hair system hairline super natural enough, we use V-loop hair on the first 1/2” of the front hairline. There is no knots at all, which makes the hairline super natural.
  • To make this hair replacement system more realistic, we make zigzag hairline, but not straight hairline.
  • The super natural hairline help you to make possible hairstyles for your clients, like popular brush back hairline.
hair replacement system brush back
skin hair replacement system

Ideal 0.08mm Thin Skin Base

This base design for this custom thin skin hair system is 0.08mm thin skin. It’s an ideal and popular skin thickness for both stock and custom made orders.

  • 0.08mm thin skin is transparent, a person’s own skin color can be seen through it, so it can be worn by customers with different skin colors.
  • 0.08mm thin skin is also an ideal material for easy maintenance. The wearers can use tape or glue to attach it on head. And it don’t need as frequent maintenance as lace base hair systems.
  • In our hair replacement system factory, we use only the best medical grade poly and brush it smoothly and averagely. The skin base hair system is stretchy, soft and comfortable to wear.

Great Pompadour Hairstyle

  • Ready-wear brush back hairstyle for easy haircut
  • You can choose the different hair direction as the customer’s needs. Someone has brush back hair style, someone has left break or right crown hair style. All these can be made accordingly at our hair replacement system factory. Of course, if the customer wants to style anyway, we suggest freestyle. When you receive our thin skin hair system, you can cut freely based on customer’s request.
hair replacement system

This full skin hair replacement system is one of custom orders we made recently. Custom made order has great advantages to match your clients’ hair color and hair density very well. As a hair replacement system factory, our experienced technicians and workers are confident to make the perfect thin skin hair system what your customers are looking for. This custom skin hair system is with 0.08mm transparent thin skin. It’s natural and easy for maintenance. You can send us the desired hair system details for quick quotation. If your customers need a skin hair system urgently, you can check if there is suitable stock hair system for them, like BH1 and BH1R stock toupees for men.

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Product Code BNL14481
Base Design 0.08mm thin skin all over
Base Size 8″x10″
Front Contour AA
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type V-loop hair at first 1/2″ front, the rest are single split knots.
Hair Type Chinese hair
Hair Length 10″
Hair Wave/Curl Straight
Hair Density Medium light
Hair Color #4 from men custom color ring
Hair Direction Pompadour
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