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As a high quality toupees manufacturer, we are very good at making men’s thin skin hair systems. This BNL45881 is 0.10mm clear PU with 1/2” french lace front. And good bleaching knots at front increase the natural looking of the hairline. This base is very suitable for those who prefer natural lace front and easier maintenance at home.


  • Product code: BNL45881
  • Base construction: 0.10mm clear PU with 1/2” French lace front
  • Base size: 20cmx20cm
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: #1B from men custom color ring
  • Hair density: Light density
  • Hair curl: Natural straight
  • Front shape: A
  • Hair direction: Free style

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This custom toupee design is 0.10mm clear PU with 1/2” French lace front. Although both skin and lace front are undetectable, someone would prefer lace front. This base design is very suitable for people who enjoy natural lace front, but they also expect a long lasting and easier maintenance hair system. The thicker of the skin, the durable of the hair system. And this design also allows to exchange the lace front as need.We are the best toupee brands and mens hair pieces manufacturers of supplying superhairpieces and best hair replacement systems. We are engaged in men’s hairpieces wholesale, men’s stock hair systems and stock hair replacement systems.

high quality toupees
high quality toupees

Many people would like lace front hairline, because it’s undetectable, breathable and comfortable. This hair system has 1/2” French lace front. As a high quality toupees manufacturer, how can we make sure the lace front is natural enough?

  • We use only authentic French lace for stock and custom hair systems, which make sure the lace is delicate and soft. The lace color disappear again the skin.
  • We use single hair per knot at front to get smaller knots for better bleaching knots
  • Good bleaching knots at first 1/2” lace front.

As a high quality toupees manufacturer, we can custom the hair systems exactly according to your clients’ requirements, including base size, hair length, hair color and hair density. Beside of base design, hair color is another important factor for a perfect hair system. If the hair system colors can blend with the real hair very well, it will be a very successful hair system. To get accurate hair colors, we suggest you providing the hair sample of your customers, so we can copy it well. If it’s not convenient to mail us the hair sample, you can also choose from the color rings, ours or yours. So we can process the hair color accordingly.

high quality toupees



How to find a high quality toupees manufacturer?

Whether a distributor, wholesaler, or salon owner, you want to be your clients’ reliable and professional hair service provider. Concealing people’s insecurities and changing their looks through a hair replacement system is a sensitive but fulfilling role. If you want to achieve this for your clients, you are guaranteed repeat loyal customers.

Thanks to the internet, you can simply google “Where can I find a high quality toupees manufacturer online?” Your search results will have hundreds of men’s hairpieces manufacturers and you will be left more confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out who will guarantee you the best service for human hair toupees.

So, where do you start? Clients are aware of how good a hair system should look, thanks to viral videos all over the internet. They expect undetectable human hair toupees that give the illusion the hair is growing out of their scalp. What should you look for in a high quality toupees manufacturer?

  • Wide variety of high-quality hair system production
  • Both stock and custom hair systems are available
  • Experience
  • Transparency
  • Services provided

Enjoyable, convenient, and satisfied are the 3 things you should get out of purchasing your hair system from men’s hairpieces manufacturers online. This is the experience we want all our potential, new, and old customers to have every time they have an opportunity to buy one of our custom hair systems.

How to place a custom hair system?
  1. Taking the measurement of the width and length of the area the base will cover, draw the base design, write down the front contour shape, A/AA/C/CC, etc. Please be aware that all the data provided should be provided in Inches, Cms or MMs. We mean you need to declare the accurate unit of measurement. Regarding how to make a template for your clients, soon we will have an informative post regarding this topic.
  2. It is highly advised to provide us with a sufficient amount of hair from your client. This is so we can make a perfect match of colour, gradient and vibrancy of the hair. This will simply provide a better experience for your client. However, if this is not possible, an alternative solution is purchasing for your own inventory of tools our Colour Ring. This is very handy to have. Using the ring simply matches the colour, and tells us the colour code you want. Listing the high light colour percentage blended or in dots and colour location on the hair system is important to avoid any mistakes in manufacturing. If your client is balding or fully bald, this makes things much easier, just show him the ring and ask him to choose. He might decide to go for a completely new look. How exciting!
  3. Filling out the other details on the order form. We have shown you our standard order form. If you prefer to send us your own order form, you can, but only if you provide all the information required. This is important, so perhaps making a checklist of information you need to gather would be helpful.
  4. Provide better service. Have you ever had a carpenter ask you for a screwdriver? Of course not. So, have all the necessary tools ready. Ordering tools can provide you and us with a lot of information, for example, the right hair destiny, curls, base materials, or even base design. This will allow you to give us your exact requirements. The most important point is that ordering tools can help to establish a standard of communication. For example. 120% of hair density may have a slightly different appearance among hair replacement manufacturers’ products.
How to choose high quality toupees for end-users?

To make it simple, we summarize the following five aspects or five main characteristics of a toupee that you need to consider while choosing high quality toupees: naturality, breathability, durability, convenience of maintenance, hairstyle.

  • Naturality

The base material, ventilation method, and chemical treatment are the three main variables that determine the naturality of a toupee.

  • Base Material

Thin skin, lace, and monofilament are the most common materials used for men’s toupee.

When we talk about the naturality of a toupee, the front hairline is definitely the most important area we care about. Among the three common base materials, both thin skin and lace are the perfect material for the front hairline. Thin skin is actually a clear poly of rather small thickness, about 0.03mm-0.08mm, which is too transparent to be detected. Lace, on the other hand, which has a similar color to the scalp, could be even more natural if choosing a suitable ventilation method and chemical treatment.

  • Ventilation Method

Different ventilation methods also have different characteristics, such as strong, flat, etc. Some of them could achieve tiny knots or even no knots so that they are used on the front hairline to reach a natural effect, such as Injected, V-looped and single split knots.

  • Chemical Treatment

For lace/mono, whatever ventilation method is used, there will always be knots, even though maybe they are tiny. So, to make it perfect, some chemical treatment, such as bleaching knots and dye after, would be applied to make the knots and hair root to a lighter color to be undetectable.

  • Breathability

Both for the low latitudes that are hot and humid and for the clients who often exercise or sweat a lot, breathability is absolutely the key point that the end-users care about for high quality toupees.

Both lace and mono are good in breathability due to the holes in it, allowing more air or sweat to flow through.

  • Durability

According to the data collected from our test and the feedback from our clients, hair salon/barbershop around the world, the lifespan of a toupee are mainly determined by two aspects, maintenance and the standard of production processes. Regardless of maintenance, base material and bleaching knots or not are the main variables that impact the final lifespan of a good stock toupee.

Commonly, the mono base is stronger than French lace; Thin skin of 0.08mm is stronger than that of 0.06mm, much stronger than 0.03mm; For the materials used around the perimeter, NPU ( net with PU coating) is stronger than PU with gauze, much stronger than clear PU. Attached picture to help you get an idea quickly and easily.

  • Convenience of Maintenance

Glue and tapes are hard to clean, especially when they are mixed with the net, hair, and dust. So, for the convenience of maintenance, we recommend full thin skin units or hair units with PU perimeter. Tapes could be easily attached or removed for both SKIN and PU. The SKIN material could also easily prevent the glue from permeating to the hair side.

  • Hairstyle

Last but not least, we are coming to an important part of hairstyle. However, the hairstyle is often overlooked when choosing high quality toupees.

For custom orders, you can choose different hair direction as the below picture shows.

How to customize high quality toupees with a long life span?

A hair system consists of Hair types, Knots Fastening and Base. Let us check them out one by one.

  • Hair types of human hair

According to what processes the hair goes through, hair types are divided into Non-Remy Hair, Remy Hair, and Virgin hair types and textures. According to which country the hair is from, the hair types are divided into Indian hair type, European hair, Chinese hair type, etc.

Non-Remy hair is the cheapest hair raw material used in the cheap hair replacement systems, which is collected from the hair falling to the floor while combing. This collection method could not assure all strands of hair are in the same directions, some of which are upside down. This means the cuticles may be in opposite directions, which could cause hair tangling seriously. To avoid this, heavy acid treatment would be applied to remove cuticles. But at the same time, this kind of chemical treatment could also cause damage to the hair.

Although the hair would be fed oil after acid treatment to repair the damage and to make the surface smooth, after using for some time, the hair would still be easily tangled when the oil comes off and the damage appears again.

This is why some hairpieces/wigs in the market have a good appearance when you have a first look at them but are easy to get tangled after washing for several times. As a result, for the Non-Remy hair, hair conditioner is suggested to use when every washing. Coming back to the subject, if you want a custom hair system with a long life span, Non-Remy hair maybe not a good choice. Remy hair and Virgin hair would be better because they went through less chemical treatment and were less damaged.

Another point that needs to be noted is that when the custom order asks for light finished color, such as blonde, and small curl, such as 2.0cm, Indian hair and European hair would not be the right raw material because the strands of both these two types of hair material is too thin to afford the heavy chemical treatment during bleaching, dyeing and perming.

The result would be that the hair is too fragile to get broken or is seriously damaged and easy to get tangled. On these cases, Chinese hair, although has a thicker strand, would be better to use because it’s strong enough to afford the heavy chemical treatment. The thinnest Chinese Virgin Hair would usually be picked up instead of Indian Hair or European Hair.

  • Knotting

By looking at the chart at the beginning of this post, the ventilation method, chemical treatment and sealing of knots, are all variables in knotting process that could impact the lifespan of any custom-made hair system.

  • Ventilation Method

Different ventilation methods have different strength and different naturality. There should be a perfect balance point found between them resulting in the best custom-made hair replacement system. We would like to skip this part for the following reasons.

1)   The basic principle, that for the front hairline, naturality is more important than the durability. So, the default ventilation methods applied are the ones that could achieve a natural front hairline.

2)   Which ventilation method should be applied? Often this depends on which base material is chosen. Besides the natural effect of the front hairline and the flat effect of sides and back, for the other sections, we would usually use the strongest ventilation methods by default to avoid loose knots and to achieve a long life span. For example, single split knot for skin and double split knot for lace and mono hair replacement for men.

Bleaching knots is the main chemical treatment in the process of knotting. Some clients like the knots bleached to very light color so that to make the knots invisible. But this kind of chemical treatment could cause serious damage to the hair root, which will accordingly shorten the life span of the toupee.

So, bleaching knots are usually applied very mildly and are only used on front hairline unless the clients pay more attention to the naturality rather than life span. Or we can say if you want high quality toupees with a long life span, pls try to avoid using bleaching knots as much as possible.

Anyway, if the end clients want a durable custom hair system still with the natural front hairline, we would suggest customized hairline wigs using single strand single knot instead of bleaching knots. Single strand single knots would make the knot too tiny to be detected. Although a single strand is also not very strong, at least, the hair is not damaged by the process of bleaching knots.

  • Sealing knots

After the hair is knotted to the base, this process would be applied to fasten the knots. This is an important process because it ensures that the knots do not become loose and reduces the chances of hair falling out. Liquid poly would be brushed or sprayed to the bottom side of the base. After drying, the solid poly would cover and fasten the knots to the base.

  • Base

The common structure of the base is as follows, including front area, middle area (Top & Crown), and perimeter/sides and back. It is important as a stockholder of good toupees to understand the product in detail, having the answers at your fingertips is a vital sign of someone to buy from.

Product Code BNL45881
Base Design 0.10mm clear PU with 1/2″ French lace front
Base Size 20vmx20cm
Front Contour A
Bleach Knots First 1/2″ hairline
Knot Type Single split knots all over
Hair Type Indian human hair
Hair Length 6″
Hair Wave/Curl Natural straight
Hair Density Light density
Hair Color #1B from men custom color ring
Hair Direction Free style
Lead Time

Base Size

Base Material

Cap Design

Hair Wave


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