What’s Hair Integration System

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According to PubMed, by the age of 50, 40% of women got affected with hair loss. When reaching the age of 60, 80% of women have significant hair loss. Moreover, young ones can also experience hair loss at a high rate due to many factors (genetics, lifestyle, or eating habits). It tells us that hair loss is more than a cosmetic problem. We think that hair loss will just affect a person’s appearance, but it will be more than that. Using medicine and remedies to help hair grow back (which traditionally take a year or longer just to show mild positive effects) and hiding hair loss hurt them emotionally, which affects their physical health.

Every passing decade shows us that hair loss has increased more than ever before. Due to this, people will tend to have professional service to restore hair. And the best, super effective, and least damaging way to get back hair on the head is the Hair Integration System.

This hairpiece has come to market in recent years and has taken it over. So, if you are a business owner, we suggest you add a hair integration system to your service list to attract and create a new customer base and earn more.

Now, you must be curious to know what a hair integration system is, its benefits, lifespan, installation, and much other crucial information. That’s why we are here. Also, we will create a takeaway conclusion at the end of the blog as a summary to give you a brief idea.

So, in this blog, we will discuss.

  • What’s a hair integration system? 
  • What’s the benefit of a hair integration system? 
  • How long does the integration system last?
  • How does it feel like having a system integration installed?
  • How to take care of your hair when a hair integration system is installed?
  • How to attach a hair integration system?
  • Recommended hair integration system designs

Keep scrolling and enjoy the blog.

What’s A Hair Integration System?

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A hair integration system is a non-surgical method to blend the natural hair with the hair systems hair seamlessly. Manufacturers make an integration system by sewing the human hair strands on sheer nylon or honeycomb polyester. Also, it has a net system in the base.

The wearer’s natural hair pulls through the whole net to blend of system’s hair and the person’s hair impeccably. It will create the impression of an ultra-natural, even, and full head of hair.

That’s why the hair integration system is also known as a pull-through wig, fishnet topper, and honeycomb hairpiece. Even people like to use these names to make others understand that they are talking about the integration hair system.

The hair integration system helps women disguise hair loss who experiences hair thinning, patchy hair loss, or partial hair loss at the top or crown of the head, mid-scalp, or even at the hairline areas.

So, a hair integration system is the solution to various hair loss issues and can be worn as full coverage in extreme cases and on the specific top head area, normally in mild cases.

Unlike wigs and hair extensions, it is difficult to find a hair integration system that is perfect to wear according to the wearer’s head. Therefore, people are more likely to order a custom hair system that fulfils their needs while looking natural.

What’s An Integration Hair System Made Of? 

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A hair integration system contains a lot of material like a wig. Suppose you offer your client a custom hair system. In that case, it will involve any few of the further written materials: the wig lace (Swiss, French, or Film) or clear monofilament and wig integration string, toupee clips, wig wire, integration net, polyurethane, and silk monofilament wig ribbon.

Usually, when you inform the client that the custom integration hair system will suit them the most, they will ask about the material it can contain, just to know what they are getting and will it suit their lifestyle. Having a solid answer to their question will make you more trustworthy.

Are There Any Edges Options for Hair System Integration?

Hair integration is not just the net base system; it is the most enhanced way of hiding hair loss and made according to the needs for realistic looking.

There are various options to modify its edges when making the integration hair system. The first one is folding the polyester line around the edge to make it more long-lasting. If the client wants a different material combination in the base material, adding polyurethane (PU), wig lace, or silk monofilament ribbon around the integration base perimeter is a good idea. Twine or interlace the line neatly at the edge to keep the system in shape. Also, if there is a need, the lace client’s preferred lace can be added at the hairline.

What’s The Benefit of a Hair Integration System?

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Now, after getting a comprehensive idea of what a hair integration system is. Let’s move on to the benefits of it to know why others fully rely on Bono Hair’s integration systems. Inform benefits to your clients to give them an idea of why hair integration is good for them.

Covers The Bald Spots Naturally:

When you have a hair integration system installed, you will not need to stress up spending time covering bald spots every day. Also, there will be no tension of styling hair in such a way that system’s hair blend with them to create a natural impression. Because the hair will be pulled through the web cap and the color length and color are matched with the wearer’s hair, no one can differentiate it from your natural hair.

Does Not Impact the Real Hair:

You might be surprised to know that installing a hair integration system will not affect the health of existing hair, or the ones will grow. That’s why people are tending towards it. Also, you don’t need to manipulate hair in a specific way to make people believe that you are not wearing fake hair that damages your hair.

Provides More Breathability Than Full Coverage Wigs:

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Wearing full coverage wigs can be a problem for people with sensitive skin as it has base material that visibly has no holes or tinier ones that cover the head completely. So, there’s no way for the scalp to breathe fully. It will suffocate the scalp and hair underneath, which causes the scalp to be irritated and itchy if full coverage wigs installed for a longer period badly impact hair health.

On the other hand, the integration hair system has grids that provide excellent ventilation to the scalp. It makes the hair integration system the best choice for people with sensitive scalp skin.

Allows To Access the Scalp:

Any hair washing or other hair care routine that one has on schedule can do it when having a hair integration system installed. When washing hair, they can easily access the scalp and wash it thoroughly to clean it completely. This advantage is not available with any other hair system, wigs, or hairpieces.

Easy To Maintain:

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After the installation of the integration hair system, there are no strict rules to follow to keep it looking natural and healthy for your hair. While on the other hand, when you are wearing wigs, you have to make sure not to wash your hair too much to avoid bond or glues loosening up. Maintain it throughout the installation period, which is tedious.

But with an integration hair system, the wearer only needs occasional support from their knowledgeable hair advisor.


Other than being ultra-life-like and soft, integration hair systems are lightweight as compared to wigs. Because it does not contain any heavy wig cap with the full head shape, wig accessories are installed to keep it secure at its place. Comparatively, the integration hair system has a base at the specific area, which is not heavy. So, it feels very lightweight when holding but also feels extremely lightweight and fine that one can forget that they are wearing an integration hair system.

No Worries of Blowing It Out:

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When you are wearing a wig, you always have a fear of blowing it out with a gust of wind or being pulled out by a baby. This mishap can be very devastating for anyone’s self-image.

That’s why people when going on a long drive with friends in the windy weather in a car without a roof, opt not to wear wigs. Because when the car speed goes higher, there will be a high wind it makes it visible that they are wearing a wig. Similarly, roller coaster rides in amusement parks have witnessed many blown-out wigs.

Now this problem has gone with the integration hair system. These are immensely secure and will not come off the head until you follow the procedure to take them off.


Having hair extensions installed makes you uncomfortable when styling hair and even when placing the head over the pillow. You will feel tiny bonds creating resistance that urge you to remove them to have a relaxed resting time.

But with an integration hair system, these are very pleasant and comfortable to wear and become part of you, and you will not feel where it is installed.

These are extremely natural-looking, not feel-able, soft, and smooth. If anyone ruffles your hair or pat on the head, they will not feel that there is something strange.

Swimming Is Possible: 

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For providing ease to the people for going out on vacation without any worry, the hair integration system works best. It is extremely secure that you can even do a hair flip with them.

Allows You Make Any Hairstyle: 

Usually, when women install wigs or hair extensions, they can make limited hairstyles because of the less versatility they provide. Because of this, they can’t make desired partitions or hair-up styles. To avoid a choice that can make your personality boring, choose an integration hair system that able you to flaunt your hair.

No Need to Shave the Head: 

When it comes to installing the topper, some clients have less hair, so the clips have no hair to grip and make the topper secure on the head. Therefore, to install a topper, they need to shave the head, which can emotionally damage; above all, it is theirs.

Don’t worry hair integration system is the solution to this. Even if one has less hair, the hair integration system will be perfectly secured on the head without shaving the head by the technique of crocheting the hair through the bonding.

No Downtime:

There is no need to stay inactive from social life, not even for one day when it comes to installing the hair. Also, there is no healing time required, like a surgical hair transplant that needs weeks and months to recover from surgery.

Can Enjoy the Life at Fullest:

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When summing up the benefits of a hair integration system, we can say that one will enjoy their life to the fullest.

The hair integration system’s features are

  1. Softer
  2. Breathable
  3. lightweight
  4. Natural-looking
  5. Comfortable and not feelable

What one can do freely with a hair integration system what they can’t do with wigs or hair extensions:

  • Swimming
  • Any kind of exercise
  • Any up and down hairstyles with various partitions
  • Enjoy summer months doing any physical activity
  • Hair will not blow away on roller coaster rides

How Long Does the Integration System Last?

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Before the installation of the hair integration system, the client has various questions, like how long one should wear the integration system on the head, how long does it take to install hair integration, and after how much time one should go to a stylist for maintaining it. Here we are answering all of these questions.

Hair integration system life span is up to one year and a maximum of 2 years depending on how you take care of it.

It takes a maximum of six hours to install a hair integration system, depending on how thin hair is and how big the area needs to be covered.

One installation lasts 4 to 6 weeks. After every six weeks, one should go for its maintenance. Maintenance should involve removing, repairing, cleaning, and reattaching the hair integration system. Also, before attaching the integration hair system, the client’s hair should be thoroughly cleaned to keep their head healthy.

Some hair salons let their client system attached to their head for six months which is unhygienic for hair underneath. When their clients come for maintenance, they only repair if needed and tighten the hair integration. Tell your clients to avoid this situation to keep hair health good.

How Does It Feel Like Having a System Integration Installed?

Although, the hair integration system is considered most comfortable, soft, undetectable, and gives you complete versatility to enjoy life without thinking about hair every time before doing anything. We talked to women about how they feel after having a hair integration system installed. They shared their experience, and we’ve divided their feelings into two sections, emotional and physical. Let’s give it a read and inform your clients that it will be okay they feel anything like this initially.

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One lady shared that now hair integration hair system feels like one of my best choices; it is comfortable. But, yes, initially, when I got it installed for the first time, the system felt quite tight for a few days and then settled down and felt normal. I must say that if you got a high-quality hair integration system according to needs that are accurately installed, you like to live with it, and even most of the time, you will forget you are wearing a hair integration system.

Another woman shared that she feels hair integration systems are itchy initially. It can happen to anyone who doesn’t imply the right way to wash it or doesn’t know about what products to use (we’ll inform you about them a little bit later).

Another female tells us about how she feels hair integration tight when placing the head over the pillow to sleep. Later when she corrected her bedtime routine for integration system, like tying hair to avoid tangles and using silk or satin pillowcase that avoid friction and there will be no tension at the scalp.


We have not seen anyone who regrets the installation of the hair integration system. However, initially, when people have hair integration installed on their head, they have a fear that people will guess there is fake hair like with wigs and hair extensions. But it is not the case with a hair integration system; if these are installed correctly, they will be undetectable, well blended with the natural hair, and look like the wearer’s natural hair.


How To Take Care of Hair Integration System to Increase the Lifespan Of it?

As you read above, a hair integration system lasts a maximum of two years. But if you don’t take care of it the right way, it will last less than a year. However, not caring until it lasts can make it look unnatural.

As you know, a hair integration can contain different materials as desired and suitable for the client can also impact the longevity of an integration system. Therefore, we will also discuss the factors that can increase and decrease its durability of it. Also, we will inform you about quick tips to follow in daily life to increase its lifespan of it. So, let’s start.

Factors Affecting Hair Integration System’s Durability: 

You must know these factors before purchasing a hair integration system so that you can get the one that is meant to survive longer.

  • Hair Type:

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You must have heard the basic two types of hair used in making integrations system, human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is meant to last quite longer than synthetic hair because human hair is collected from human and synthetic hair are man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon.

Human hair can be collected from a salon that is then arranged to make an integration system; let us inform you, this type of hair has friction between (because all strand’s cuticles are not in the same direction), making it prone to dryness, tangles, and breakage.

At this point, Remy human hair comes, which is collected straight from the donor’s head when tying their hair before cutting it to keep the cuticles in the same direction.

So, when purchasing a hair integration system, make sure it has Remy human hair.

  • System Attachment: 

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Second thing, in case you missed it, hair integration systems are attached in different ways:

  1. Clip-in
  2. Tape-in (open fusion technology)
  3. Beads
  4. Braiding integration system into the client’s hair

Among them, a person must choose a hair system that offers an attachment method that is comfortable for them so that they don’t touch it again and again, which contributes to shortening the wearing time. Manipulating the bonds can damage it that it cannot be reapplied.

Nowadays, clip-ins and open fusion technology (tape-ins) are best to wear that does not feel or create tension at the scalp. In this case, it will be a win-win condition, the wearer’s hair keeps healthy underneath, and they have added hair on top of the head.

  • Hair Maintenance: 

Hair integration system maintenance is not just removing and attaching hair integration on time. It involves the regular detangling and cleaning of the hair integration system.

Resolving tangles and keeping your integration system knotless ensure that the system will last longer and will stay looking natural.

Also, you must clean the hair integration system with desired shampoo and conditioner regularly. Use a styling product to achieve the best style every day but remember, not overdo it. Moreover, only use the hair product that is water-based, not alcohol-based, to avoid hair getting dehydrated. To keep the hair integration system, don’t ignore the importance of a leave-in conditioner.

How To Wash, Dry, Detangle, And Store Hair Integration System?

Here we inform you how to perfectly perform the washing, drying, detangling, and storing hair integration system.

How to Wash?

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Wash hair integration system with lukewarm water. Pour shampoo in the lukewarm water bowl and mix it well in water, then submerge the hair integration system in it (for a few hours or overnight). It will help you deep clean without putting any kind of tension on the integration system. But we only recommend opting for this method if a person has more than one hair integration system. So that one integration system can be applied while the other is cleaning up.

The second thing you can do is wash the hair integration system without soaking it up. For this, we suggest you pour shampoo on your palm first instead of on the integration system; it can create lumps and chunks in hair. Then create foam/lather by rubbing shampoo between your palms, then apply it to the hair integration system.

Whatever method you choose, always wash it in one direction to avoid tangles and hair matting.

How to Dry?

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After washing, pat dry the hair integration system. For this, place a big towel on a flat surface. After washing, first, gently squeeze the water out of the integration hair system, then put it on the right side of the towel in a proper shape. Then place the left side of the towel above the hair, like sandwiching the hair between the towel and pat on the towel to absorb all water. Afterward, hang it on a wig hanger at the airy place and let it air dry.

But never put even a slightly wet hair integration system on your head. It will create a musty smell in your hair.

How to Detangle? 

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When detangling a hair integration system, you need to be careful not to damage its base or the things that help you install it. For this, use a wide-tooth comb—start combing hair from the ends and work the way up. Be gentle, avoid tugging or pulling when any tangle appears, try to resolve it with your fingers.

One thing you need to make sure of is to hold the hair right above where you are combing the hair so that there will be no tension at the base of the integration hair system. Detangle the hair when it is dry. If the integration system has curly textures, detangle them when wet.

How to Store?

If someone knows the art of storing the hair integration system, their hair integration system will last longer. We will show you some tips for that.

Before storing, make sure the integration hair system is clean and tangle-free. Find a perfect thing like a mannequin, wig hanger, or a large box that can hold the integration hair system in good shape, and its structure will stay intact.

After placing the hair integration system on a mannequin head, etc. wrap satin or silk cloth above and around it. It will avoid friction between hair strands save them from being dull and frizzy. Also, it will save the hair integration system from being dusty or dirty.

Always store a hair integration system in a cupboard to make sure it is stored in a dry place. Other than that, store the hair integration system in a dark place so that its hair color does not fade. Moreover, when storing the hair integration system, make sure it is not squished between other things; it can interfere and impact the hair texture and style.

Some Other Quick Tips to Keep Hair Integration System in Good and Natural Condition:

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When wearing a hair integration system in daily life, some essential tips will help you it in top-notch condition. So, let’s start.

When sleeping, use a pillow with a satin or silk case to keep the hair smooth and tangle-free.

Don’t just use any comb or hairbrush to detangle or style the hair integration system; use the one intended for it.

Avoid using a hairdryer or any other heated styling tools. It eventually makes the hair integration system brittle and lifeless. So, instead of them, opt for formers styling with a cool setting on.

Never use any hair products you see on the shelf. It can make your hair integration system unnatural.

One should always follow if there are some specific instructions for sleeping and swimming while wearing an integration hair system.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Hair Integration System?

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A hair integration system is a good solution for anyone who is suffering from

  • Alopecia
  • Hair thinning
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Pattern hair loss or female pattern hair baldness
  • Hair loss because of trichotillomania

But when a client comes to the salon, an experienced technician and stylist should check on the spot if it is an ideal candidate to have a hair extension system installed. There are two things you can do about that.

First, check that enough hair is present on the head to install a hair integration system.

Second, check that their hair is strong enough to hold the integration system.

The hair integration system can only be applied to the person experiencing hair loss or hair thinning at the crown, along the hairline, or at the top of the head. Men with longer hair can also have a hair integration system installed.

Hair integration systems are the best, most secure, and attractive non-surgical solution to enhance the appearance and boost confidence.

These must be a person’s hair checked by a technician and stylist who can confirm that hair integration will be good on their head. But some salons can install a hair integration system at any condition, but at that time, client needs to sign a contract that says they are doing it at their own risk. So, alert your client to be aware of them.

How To Attach a Hair Integration System?

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Here we will inform you of the hair integration installation method step by step. This will also help you elaborate when a client asks you how their integration system will be installed. So, let’s get to know each step.

Step 1: Prep the Head: 

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Preparing the client’s head is a must every time they come to have a hair integration system installed. Preparing the head includes coloring, washing, and pre-cutting the hair. See how to do all of this.

When coloring a client’s hair, don’t change the hair color dramatically. Advice your client to go for two shades lighter or darker than their natural hair color. It will make them look fresh. Apply the same color all over the head, and don’t add highlights at that time. Their natural hair will act as the base color so use the consistent color all over the head. You don’t need to use the foils at that time.

After that, the process of washing comes. You need to have a sufficient water supply to avoid product leave-in or product build-up in hair that can irritate the client’s head. First, wash all the hair color out of the client’s head. Then, use shampoo in hair and gently massage the scalp too. Rinse the hair thoroughly again.

After that, use a conditioner to put pack the nutrients in hair that is stripped away during the coloring process. Rinse hair again.

Now, absorb the dripping water from the client’s head. Comb out all the hair. Get the things ready for pre-cutting the client’s hair. Don’t go for any dramatic haircut. Just cut the tapered ends or shorten the hair beautifully with client consent, like cutting the hair that reaches below the shoulder into the beautiful lob hairstyle.

Step 2: Prep the Hair Integration System:     

Now you need to prepare the hair integration system to install. Ask your client if they want it to be as identical as their natural hair completely or want to add some highlights to them. If they say yes, then prepare two hair color mixtures. The first is to make shadow roots with their base color. The second is to create highlights. Don’t forget to bring the aluminium foils to fold hair after applying color to create subtle, beautiful color transitions in hair.

Wash the hair integration system to wash out all the hair color and dry it. In all the procedures, care not to damage the bonds or clips of the hair integration system.

Remember to apply root shadow after applying color for highlights and foiling one after another.

Then wash the hair integration system after a specific time. Afterward, secure hair on a mannequin head and style it like an elegant blow-dry look.

Step 3: Install the Hair Integration System

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For installing a hair integration system, you need a few things, a white color (drawing) pencil with a soft tip (soak the tip in for a while) that can leave a mark on hair and can be quickly washed away, a wig crochet needle and a tail comb.

The first thing you need to do is mark all the areas, especially where the bonds will be attached. These guiding points will help you move forward in installing a hair system without any uncertainty. Mark the hairline where it needs to have coverage.

Then wear the hair integration system on the client’s head. First, start setting down or installing the bonds on the hair from the front, then at the sides, and then at the backside of the head.

Now, an important thing about the hair integration system needs to be revised and informed here. There are four different hair integration attachment methods Clip-ins, Open Fusion Technology (or Simply Tape Attachment), Beads, Braiding the Integration Hair System into The Client’s Hair. Two attachment methods are highly requested in salons, clip-ins, and the open fusion technology method. So, we’ll discuss these methods here.

In the clip-ins hair integration system, there are pressure-sensitive clips attached to it that help to install the integration system and stay at its place. When installing, make sure to the front clips in the client’s hair then sides and back. This is the most straightforward and quick method that allows anyone to remove their hair integration system anytime when they want.

In open fusion technology installation method, it has smaller tabs at the perimeter of the integration hair system to interlock and hold the initiation system at the place. When installing, make sure to secure the front tabs first. For this, peel off the easily removed tags on them, and you will see a little opening on the other side of it. Through this, with the help of the crochet hook, pull the strands out of it. If you pull a little amount of hair from the opening, it will not hold the system in place. So, make sure to get the perfect amount through the tabs. Then lay down the tabs. This method sandwiches the hair between tabs.

Tabs are medical adhesive taps that keep the hair in place for 4 to 6 weeks. For the smoothest and flattest application, you need to make sure to create the right tension every time you pull hair through tabs.

After setting the front hairline, secure the hair integration system while pulling hair through the tabs around the perimeter of the system. After that, reach the top of the client’s head. You will see small holes or openings pull their natural hair throughout it. This time you don’t need to secure or fasten it with any tabs or bonds. After you pull some hair through small openings, flat the hair with your hand, reevaluate where the hair integration system needs more coverage.

Another installation process is a clip-in hair integration system. In this, it would also be great if you mark on the client’s hair where the system is going to be installed on the head. First, open the clips to ensure the hair integration system is ready to install when it reaches the client’s head. Then start securing the clips where the hairline should be.

After securing the first clips, make sure tensions, and the amount of hair secured in the clip is correct. Then keep installing the clips on the hair integration system on the client’s head while making sure the tension is correct to appear the integration system flat and completely secure till when it stays installed. Then pick up the crochet and start pulling hair through the small opening of the hair integration system on the top of the client’s head. When all hair integration system is covered with the client’s hair while pulling hair out of the small opening, it means the hair integration system is installed.

Step 4: Cut and Style the Integration System 

Now, you are at the final step of installing hair integration, cutting, and styling.

If your client opted for pre-cut, this is the time you need to match the hair integration style with the client’s hair. Other than just matching the hair length, you need to cut it in the style you cut while pre-cutting.

Then don’t leave the client’s head like hair flowing freely. Style them and give them a proper shape. But remember to use the products that are not alcohol-based and meant to be used in the hair integration system.

Recommended Hair Integration System Designs

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A hair integration system may be designed on one or more base materials. As you read above, there are many edges options in an integration system. Let us inform you about popular and recommended custom-made hair integration designs. These are hairpieces include PE lines with a PU front, PE lines with a ribbon perimeter, and PE lines with a lace, mono, or silk top parting.

We are a hairpiece manufacturer company in China and supply our products all over the world and have been in business for over a decade. So, you can trust us. Know about our factory, products, and client’s experience by clicking here.

Now, we will inform you of the best types of hair integration systems according to the hair loss condition.

For Mild Hair Loss: 

During the initial stage of hair loss, it is concentrated on the partition line. So, it can easily be disguised by adding volume at the parting area.

We recommend and create partial hairpieces with large PE holes clips around the perimeter of the hair integration system.

For Noticeable Hair Loss: 

When hair loss reaches its second stage, it gets noticeable. It can be noticed on the parting area, top, and crown of the head. At this point, we suggest a crown filler hair integration system.

We can also make PE line bases. But, as experienced hair integration wigs suppliers, we suggest making the mesh with slightly smaller holes on the PE lines to increase the hair density.

For Severe Hair Loss:

If someone has very little hair on the top, crown, and hairline area, their hair loss will consider severe. At this point, the hair integration system with small PE lines will not cover the bald area sufficiently.

So, we suggest you have hair integration made with a combined construction process that will help your disguise hair loss at the whole top of the head, especially front baldness. For this, we create hair integration systems that have PE lines with a PU parting and front, PE lines with a French lace parting and front, PE lines with a mono parting, and PE lines with a silk top parting area.

Above are all the examples of integration systems one should have depending on the severity of hair loss. Therefore, we do not create integration hair systems with limited designs, so reach us via phone: +8617561788081 or email us at [email protected] to order manufacturing of any design of hair integration system you want.

Here we will link one of our integration systems (WTP010) and its features, so you can get a better idea high-quality of our integration systems. Click here to explore about WTP010.


Let’s quickly summarize everything to give you a precise idea.

The increase of hair loss with every passing year in all ages of men and women has made them search for a hair system that can make them comfortable, secure, and looks natural, and that is Hair Integration System.

Another great thing is hair integration is not for people with a specific kind of hair loss. It can help people with patchy hair loss, pattern baldness, or hair thinning because of any reasons at the front scalp, top head area, or mid-scalp and hair loss at the crown.

The hair integration system has the most amazing benefits that attract people all over the world to wear it. So, if you add hair integration to your service list, you will be able to earn more money.

Traditionally, a custom-made hair system can be made of wig lace (Swiss, French, or Film) or clear monofilament and wig integration string, toupee clips, wig wire, integration net, polyurethane, and silk monofilament wig ribbon.

The benefits of the hair integration system that attracts people are it covers the bald spots naturally and blends extremely well with natural hair. It does not impact the existing hair or the ones that will grow. The integration system has holes that provide more breathability than wigs. It allows the wearer to reach and clean the scalp easily. It does not have any complex installation, so it is easy to maintain. As a hair integration system is installed while securing the natural hair into it; so, there is no chance of falling it off or blowing out. Whether someone ruffles your hair, pat on your hair, and when you sleep on your pillow, it’ll always feel comfortable. You can swim and make any up or down versatile hairstyle while wearing an integration system. It means the wearer can enjoy life to the fullest.

A hair integration can last two years, and its one installation lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Having a hair integration installed feels emotionally and physically good, but for a few initial days, you may feel tension at the scalp, which will be normal.

The lifespan of a hair integration system depends on its hair type, method of attachment, and how you maintain it.

Men and women with long hair can have a hair integration system installed. A hairstylist and technician must check that the client’s hair is strong enough to hold the system.

Installing the hair integration system is straightforward. Here are the steps to install a hair integration system:

  1. Prepare the client’s head by coloring, washing, and pre-cutting the hair.
  2. Wash and color the hair integration system.
  3. Install a hair integration system by making sure it is installed correctly with correct tension at the scalp.
Whats Hair Integration System (4)

We make and recommend a hair integration system made of PE lines with a PU front, PE lines with a ribbon perimeter, and PE lines with a lace, mono, or silk top parting. Moreover, choosing a hair integration system depends on the severity of hair loss. Whatever types of hair integration system you want, reach us via phone: +8617561788081 or email us at [email protected]

To evaluate our high-quality standards, see our ready-made hair integration system by clicking here.


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