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What is the best hair replacement system and where is the best place to buy hair systems? Yes, It’s the Bono Hair. Bono Hair is the best women’s hair systems factory that can provide excellent women’s hair replacement systems, human hair systems, and men’s hair systems in the world. Bono Hair is a factory for womens hair systems. Every single custom hair piece is made with the utmost care to meet the needs of your clients. BLN50481 is one of the custom women’s hair systems orders we made recently. The base design is 0.12-0.14mm transparent PU all over. It combines the advantages of natural-looking and durability.


  • Product code: BLN50481
  • Order Type: Custom-Made Order
  • Base construction: 0.12-0.14mm transparent PU all over
  • Base size: 15cmx17cm
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 12”
  • Hair color: #1B from women color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2.5cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

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Details about custom hair piece

Chinese hair in this wig is protected with transparent PU costing all over to give customers a hairpiece that could last a decade if provided with proper maintenance and care. The hair length is approximately 12 inches long to help women build on additional length and volume.

For this BLN50481 womens hair systems the customer asked for a transparent PU hair replacement system. Because the end-user expects a durable hair piece, so we make thicker 0.12-0.14mm PU base to meet her needs. And this PU base hair replacement for women is very easy for attachment and clean-up.

As this custom hair piece’s base is non-porous, applying glue to bind the system to the scalp will not mess up with clients’ hair and remain under the hair system. For this reason, it is super easy to clean. Moreover, among other non-surgical hair replacement systems, the PU hair systems last longer.

custom hair piece
pu thickness ring

The skin hair system is popular because it covers a person’s head and creates a faux scalp that gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. At Bono Hair, we can make different skin thickness custom-made hair systems and womens hair systems on request. You can have our skin thickness chart for reference when you choose the best hair replacement systems and womens hair systems in the world for your clients.

If your clients also expect a breathable skin womens hair system, we can also meet the needs. We can make different sizes air holes on the skin base to make the hair system breathable. If your customers have such requirements, you can note it on the order form or in emails.

skin hair system with air holes
custom hair piece

The biggest advantage of custom hair piece is that it can match customers’ real hair very well, especially hair color and hair curls. For this skin womens hair system, we made #1B color from our women color ring, and 2.5cm curl on request. Because different factories have different production standards, so we suggest you have our color rings and curl rings for accurate production.

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing hair replacement systems, Bono Hair is one of the biggest hair replacement system manufacturers in China, with 50 plus technicians and 500 plus ventilators ready to create a wide range of up to 7,000 custom human hair men’s hairpieces per month. Depending on the client’s individual needs, varying factors will be added to the order.

Bono Hair is not only good at making hair systems for men, but we also make great womens hair systems. No matter you are looking for a hair topper, toupee for women, women’s stock hair systems, or custom wigs for your clients, you will find the right womens hair systems here. We make many different types of womens hair systems customers, you can look through them to find the best hair replacement systems for your clients. We also stock hair toppers and medical wigs in the warehouse. Kindly check the stock hairpieces page if your client needs an urgent hairpiece.

You can tell your order specifications of the womens hair systems to our service team, so we can get in touch with you shortly and quote for you accordingly.


How to place a custom hair piece order from the Bono Hair factory?

This customer sends us all the order details in an email. So we can make this thin skin womens hair system accordingly.

  • Send all details in the email directly for order
  • Send our or your order forms for order
  • Mail us the template and hair samples of women’s hair systems for order

We will also keep your templates and hair samples on file as your request for easy repeat custom orders.

How to produce a custom hair piece in Bono Hair?
  • Hair Preparing

This part of the production treatment includes acid treatment, bleaching and dyeing, grading, color matching and perming curls. Any details missed or wrongly expressed may cause misunderstanding and finally a mistake in the production of the final hair system.

  • Base Making

The second part of the production process involves base size, shape, contour, base material and base design. It is important that the right data is provided to ensure the highest possible quality hair system available. Obviously, a custom hair replacement well done according to the above accurate data could fit the end-users better, no bump, natural front hairline, good connection to the user’s growing hair.

  • Knotting

The third part of the production process involves ventilation methods chosen for the base material, this usually differs due to the characteristics of the base material as well as different parts of the toupee.

  • Bleaching Knots & Sealing Knots

The next part of the production process involves Bleaching & Sealing of Knots. In terms of bleaching knots, this is only available for bases and sections of the base that uses Mono and or Lace. Sealing knots is a standard process and does not need to be mentioned on the order form. All our high-quality hair systems will undergo this basic process to ensure strength and durability.

  • Styling

This is final part of the production process followed by a final quality check, depending on the hair direction and other details that include hair length, curl/wave, hair density, colour, etc.

All the wordy writing above is to show you the importance of providing correct and detailed information when placing a custom order.

Product Code BLN50481
Base Design 0.12-0.14mm transparent PU all over
Base Size 15cmx17cm
Front Contour CC
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Single split knots all over
Hair Type Chinese virgin hair
Hair Length 12″
Hair Wave/Curl 2.5cm
Hair Density Medium
Hair Color #1B from women color ring
Hair Direction Free style
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Cap Design

Hair Wave


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