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As a women wigs manufacturer, Bono Hair is excel in making all kinds of women wigs, including full lace wigs, lace front wigs, skin wigs, mono wigs and other wholesale human hair wigs. The BWN98652 is a full French lace wig we made recently. It not only has a great front and top appearance. It’s also very breathable and comfortable to wear.


  • Product code: BWN98652
  • Order Type: Custom-Made Order
  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: According to template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: According to hair sample
  • Hair density: 5% less than medium density
  • Hair curl: 0cm
  • Front shape: According to template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

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Bono Hair is an established and professional hair wig manufacturer. We can make customwholesale human lace front wigs exactly according to your customers’ requirements. For this BWN98652 women’s wig order, the customer mailed us the wig template and hair samples for accurate production.


We made the full cap wig according to the template. Template can helps us to make the toupee or wig accurately, both in size and curvature. So it will fit customer’s head perfectly. We can also make custom wig orders according to wholesale lace wigs measurements. And during production, we connected several pieces of French lace to make sure the curvature is excellent.

wholesale human hair wigs
hair color processing

For this wholesale human hair lace wigs, the customer mailed us different hair samples to make several pieces. We process the hair color gently and carefully to match the hair sample. And we will wash several times after color and curl processing to make sure we fix the color well.

The customer has our density chart for custom ordering. And when he found there is no a right density for this customer, he adjusted a little. He asked for 5% less than medium density to match the end-user’s own hair better. For custom and bulk hair system orders, you can adjust the hair density flexibly to match your customer’s hair better.

wholesale human hair wigs

Beside of stock and custom orders, we also provide bulk hair system order service. If you want to stock some standard hair units (over 20 pcs) for your market, you can tell us the details for production. We will provide a very good offer for bulk hair system orders. This is not only for toupee and toppers, you can also arrange your own wholesale human hair wig bulk orders. Please contact with us for the best offer.

Product Code BWN98652
Base Design French lace all over
Base Size According to template
Front Contour According to template
Bleach Knots No
Knot Type Single split knots at first 1/2″ front hairline, the rest are double reverse knots
Hair Type Chinese virgin hair
Hair Length 14″
Hair Wave/Curl 4.0cm
Hair Density 5% less than medium density
Hair Color According to hair samples
Hair Direction Free style
Base Material

Lead Time

Hair Density

Base Size

Hair Wave


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