Discovering Reasons behind Women Wearing Wigs


Women’s wigs have played a significant part in women’s fashion and personal expression throughout history. From ancient to the modern era, women have supported wigs for several reasons: sometimes to elevate their beauty, sometimes to transform their looks, and sometimes to conceal hair loss. The world of women’s wigs is dynamic and diverse; it offers a wide range of styles, colors, and options to cater to every imaginable look.

In this blog, we will look for the answer to why women wear wigs and what are the best women’s wigs.



Women’s wigs in this contemporary society are a practical solution for those struggling with hair loss due to aging and ailments and have become a powerful fashion accessory. These wigs allow one to experiment with new and unique looks, styles, and colors without committing to any specific style. From short bobs to flowing locks, wigs offer endless possibilities to express herself and transform her appearance.

With time, women’s wigs have evolved from simple tools to cover hair loss to intricate works of art and versatile accessories. Let’s delve deeper into the world of women’s wigs and explore why women love this fashion accessory so much.

Why Do Women Wear Wigs?

Wigs are a great way to elevate your look; let’s take a deep look at the questions and reasons behind why women wear wigs.


1. To Hide Hear Loss Issues

Many health conditions lead to severe hair loss in women, such as chemotherapy treatment due to breast cancer, hereditary alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, and Loose-Anagen. These issues cause significant hair loss, and to conceal these bald spots, women take shelter under women’s wigs to regain their self-esteem.

2. To Fix Hair Thinning

Most women also struggle with minor hair problems like hair thinning or receding hairline. Sometimes, you don’t even need full wigs but just a hair topper to cover specific affected areas. These hair systems for women provide instant relief to cover the triggering hair loss everyone notices.

3. Convenience

Most women normally spend hours fixing their looks to bring their best selves. However, wigs are a convenient option that only takes a few minutes to install and can instantly elevate your look. Some wigs are pre-styled so their wearer doesn’t waste time styling them.

4. Give You Freedom to Experiment with New Hairstyles

Wigs allow you to enjoy unique hairstyles you can’t afford to experiment on your natural locks. It allows you to try different lengths, hues, and styles, so wigs are highly popular among celebrities who instantly change their hairstyles within days. This change in style is a short-term commitment and doesn’t even damage your natural hair; that’s why women love opting for wigs.

5. It Protects Your Natural Hair

Women also tend to turn to wigs because wearing them can protect their original hair. Women use different styling products that contain harsh chemicals and heat styling tools to style their locks; these accessories can cause potential damage to our locks. Wigs, on the other hand, allow us to use these appliances and products without causing any damage to our natural hair. These wigs also protect the texture and health of our locks from harsh weather, be it scorching heat, dryness, or wind.

6. It’s a Safe Investment

High-quality and certain types of wigs are expensive, but when it comes to the long run, they are always a safe investment. Wigs cut down your regular trips for styling and trimming to the salon and reduce the use of styling products you buy to style your natural locks. All that wig needs for maintenance are good shampoo and conditioner that every household already has.

Types of Women Wigs


Women’s wigs come in various styles and designs; all these styles are known for catering to different needs, preferences, and occasions. Below, we are sharing a few common types of women’s wigs:

1. Full Lace Wigs

As its name suggests, a full lace wig is entirely made of lace cap, which makes the hair system look more natural and gives an appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp. These wigs are extremely versatile in styling, as you can easily part the hair anywhere on the cap. Full lace wigs are pricier than other wig types and are mostly preferred by people who want to achieve a realistic appearance.

2. Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs feature a lace panel at the front of the wig cap and the rest of the materials, like monofilament and wefts. These lace front wigs give their wearer a natural-looking hairline and can easily be styled away from the face. The best thing is these wigs are much more affordable than full lace wigs.

3. Human Hair Wigs

This type is the most popular type of women’s wigs as they are made from real human hair; their construction makes them the most versatile and realistic-looking wigs in the market. These are famous because one can easily color, heat-style, and treat them like natural hair. Human hair wigs are pricier as they offer high longevity and realism.

4. Synthetic Wigs

In this type of women’s wig, synthetic fibers mimic the feel and look of real hair. These wigs are known for being low-maintenance compared to human hair wigs and typically come pre-styled. Synthetic wigs are often economical but have limited heat styling and customization options.

5. Medical or Alopecia Wigs

These types of wigs are designed for people who struggle with severe hair loss due to medical conditions like chemotherapy and alopecia. These wigs are specially designed with features for coverage and comfort and may be eligible for insurance coverage.

6. Monofilament Wigs

These wigs have a cap that uses breathable, fine material with a monofilament top that mimics a natural scalp’s look. In this type of wig, every hair is hand-tied to the monofilament, which creates a realistic appearance for the hair through which one can part the locks in various directions. These wigs are also popular among those who seek realistic and naturalness.

Women’s Hair Wigs from Bono Hair

Women’s are a great option to instantly beautify your appearance; let’s explore the most famous and trending wigs for women designed by the leading wig manufacturers Bono Hair. Bono Hair is the first choice of salon owners, wholesalers, and online businesses across the globe. We produce all types of high-quality human hair and synthetic wigs. Here are a few of our most trending women’s wigs:

BLN88481 Thin Skin Wig


This supernatural hair system is an injection skin wig. This hairpiece is specially designed for women with baldness due to medical conditions. This wig gives its wearer a realistic appearance with complete coverage and comfort. This hair system is made of Chinese hair and is easy to style and install.


Silicone Skin Wig


This hair system has recently been introduced to our wide range of hair systems. Silicone wigs are a great option to wear all day; they provide comfort and ease to its wearer. The best thing about this product is that it covers all the perimeters of the head, blends seamlessly well with the scalp, and provides its wearer with a natural-looking appearance. Silicone skin wigs are known for providing their wearer with an all-rounded invisible hairline.


Monofilament Wig with Lace Front


A monofilament wig is a timeless hairpiece that can effortlessly cater women of all ages. The base of this hairpiece is made with monofilament in the middle, skin gauze around, and lace front. Style this wig with face-framing layers to get a chic and sophisticated look. This fine mono piece is a breathable hair system made with Chinese virgin hair, which is easy to apply and maintain.


BWN98652 French Lace Wig


This product is our best-selling system for hair loss; it adds a punch of volume to your head and gives your hair a realistic look. French lace wigs are known for easily blending with hairline. The base of this hairpiece covers the entire scalp and is entirely made of lace, which gives an illusion of the wearer’s natural scalp. A French lace wig is famous for providing maximum comfort to the owner as its base is breathable. The lace material of these wigs has numerous closely lined-up holes through which the hair is tied to the base. These wigs give their wearer an easily manageable style and full of life.


To sum it up, we would say that women’s wigs are a lot more than just hair accessories; they are versatile tools for empowerment, confidence, and self-expression. Throughout time, wigs have served as fashion statements, symbols of status, and instant solutions to hair-related problems. They continue to play an essential part in women’s lives by providing many options to cater to their desires and needs. Wigs provide a pathway to individuality and self-assuredness; they provide women with an inclusive space to embrace their unique identities and creatively and confidently express themselves.


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