Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (19)

It’s been said that women are the fairer sex. And while that may be true, there’s one thing that no woman wants to deal with balding. It’s a condition that can bring shame and embarrassment to women of all ages and often lead to a loss of self-confidence. But what if there was a way to cover hair loss perfectly?

Balding can be just as devastating for women as for men, yet it’s rarely discussed. Women who experience hair loss are often ridiculed and ashamed, and they can feel like they’re not feminine anymore.

As the popularity of wigs continues to grow, more and more women are looking for high-quality wigs options that will last. Whether you’re new to wigs or you’ve been wearing them for a while, it’s important to know what to look for in a wig if you want to get the most out of your purchase.

When it comes to hairpieces, most people think of poor quality, synthetic wigs that look artificial and often make them look like they’re wearing a bad wig. While there are certainly low-quality wigs on the market, many high-quality women’s wigs are available if you know where to look.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what makes a wig high-quality and how to select the right one for your needs. We’ll also provide some tips on how to care for your wig to look its best for as long as possible. So read on to learn more about high-quality women’s wigs!


  • Introduction
  • What is a women’s wig?
  • What hair types of women’s wigs are available?
  • What is the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs?
  • What is the best type of human hair for women’s wigs?
  • The best wigs for black women
  • What is the popular texture for women’s wigs?
  • Lace front wigs v/s full lace wigs, which is better?
  • What women’s wigs are the most natural-Looking?
  • Four best wigs for women-2022
    • Full lace wigs
    • Lace front wigs
    • 360 wigs
    • U part wigs
  • Conclusion



Do you know the history of wigs for women? It’s a pretty interesting story. Wigs have been around for centuries and were once considered a must-have for any woman who wanted to look her best.

It’s hard to believe now, but there was once a time when women didn’t wear wigs. Wigs have a long and storied history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. While men have long worn wigs for practical reasons (to cover up baldness or bad hair), women-only started wearing them in the 17th century as a way to enhance their appearance.

Here we look at the history of wigs for women, from their humble beginnings to their current popularity.

When women first started wearing wigs, they were nothing more than simple pieces of fabric that would cover their hair. Over time the technology has improved, and now we have synthetic and human fibers with textured sections for added style options.

In addition, there are also lace front wigs that provide an even softer feel on your head while still maintaining some shape. Most importantly, no one can tell what you are hiding beneath all those layers- total baldness, a few bald spots, or just hair thinning.

Besides hair loss, wigs are widely used for Cosplay and dress-up glam. It’s a great way to get into character and make your Halloween outfit look more authentic. Social media has paved the way for wig’s success. More and more women gain the confidence to wear one after seeing others confidently donning it.

If you are still wondering what a wig is and how one can effortlessly wear it to enhance their appearance, keep reading.

We are going to reveal some high-quality wigs for women in 2022.


What is a Women’s Wig?

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (18)

Wigs are popular items for many women. They can be used to cover up thinning hair or change up their look. It is a covering for the head that provides complete coverage. Unlike toupees or extensions, which only provide added volume/length to your hairpiece, wigs offer full coverage.

When it comes to women’s wigs, you need to know a few different things before making your purchase. A wig is not a one-size-fits-all type of accessory, so it’s important to select the right style and size for your head.

In addition, there are different types of hair materials that can be used in wigs, so you need to decide what type of hair you want.

Finally, think about the occasion for which you will be wearing the wig and choose a style that will complement your outfit. With all of these factors in mind, here is a guide to choosing the perfect women’s wig.

Women know the quality of their hair deteriorates over time. It gets rougher, dryer, and broken- which is why so many women are turning to wigs as an easy solution for their problems with thinning or damaged hair.

A wig can either be made from human hairs (those found on our heads), animal fur (like mohair), or synthetic fibers – the most popular being synthetics created by humans themselves using innovative technology.


What Hair Types of Women’s Wigs are Available?

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When most people think of wigs, they typically think of bald men and want to cover up their lack of hair. However, there is a whole other world of wigs for women. Different materials can be used to create a wig, such as synthetic or human hair. Wigs can also be made from different materials, such as lace or monofilament.

However, no matter what the material, all wigs go through a similar manufacturing process. This process usually starts with the creation of a wig cap. The wig cap is then filled with hair that has been cut to the correct length and styling. Finally, the wig is trimmed and styled to look like the wearer’s natural hair.

Monofilament Wigs

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Monofilament wigs have a hand-tied base cap, making them ideal for the early stages of hair thinning. A monofilament wig is suitable for women who want a more effective way to conceal hair thinning.

The hair strands are hand-sewn to the base camp in a monofilament wig, making it easier for the user to part hair for styling. Hair is tightly woven without any gaps, so you can confidently wear this as part or full wig – just make sure not too much weight goes onto them since they’re made from lighter materials than other types out there.

A monofilament wig gives you a more realistic appearance. The hair knots at the hairline mimic organically grown hair, making it an ideal choice for consumers who want something that resembles their natural hair.

Silk Base Wigs

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These caps give full coverage and are ideal for gradual balding or hair thinning. The base cap is high-quality silk material that feels silky smooth against the hair and does not harm it.

The silk base hair topper is an excellent product for those suffering from progressive balding or thinning. It provides full coverage and feels smooth against the natural hairs, not causing any damage even though it’s made out of high-quality material. The only downside might be its price tag which can make these caps luxury items rather than necessities.

Lace Wigs

The lace base hair toppers have a lightweight and breathable fabric that can help those with sensitive scalps. These caps provide good coverage, but they may be less ideal for certain hairstyles that require free partings.

The base cap of the lace wig is made of lightweight material. The base caps of high-quality lace base hair toppers are light in color, making the cap nearly unnoticeable to the human eye. Other benefits are durability, delicateness, and as light as a feather.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair toppers are made with real human strands that have been tied into a neat braid. These products offer the natural look of your head and can be installed quickly, which makes them perfect for those who want an easy fix. They require just as much care – if not more so than synthetic fiber options since they are composed entirely of organic material rather than man-made substances like plastic or polymer.

Natural human hair is hand-tied to the base caps to create human hair toppers. Because the hair used in their creation is 100 percent actual human hair, these wigs appear more realistic. The hairline is also natural-looking and versatile.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are excellent choices for natural-looking base cap material, but they’re not as durable as actual human hair wigs since synthetic fibers cannot withstand hot styling tools.

Synthetic wigs lose color easily over time, which you may find bothersome if your client requests permanent shades constantly, and this type has some drawbacks such as being prone to tangling, so make sure there’s nothing around that could snag them. If the wig is high quality, the texture of synthetic hair may appear close to natural human hair.

Glued Wigs

Wigs that do not have the additional support of adjustable straps or clips are glued wigs. Hair glue or adhesives like hair tape are used with such wigs to secure them properly on the head. These wigs are not recommended for women who already have sensitive scalp as the chemicals in the glue can irritate the scalp further.

These wigs are, though cheaper, difficult to remove and install. The process of application and removing the wig requires time and expertise. Additionally, the hair glue may leave a residue if the wearer removes it in a hurry.

Clip-In Wigs

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Clip-in wigs have built-in clips that secure the wig. These clips can be attached easily to the hair. Women suffering from total baldness may find it difficult to use clip-in wigs; however, a wigs cap can be worn underneath to clip the extensions.

Other clip-in wigs have an adjustable strap that provides a better fit and suits everyone- be it someone with thin hair or no hair at all. The straps are made with stretchable elastic, which is comfortable and stretchable. These straps make it easier to wear the wig for longer periods.


What is the Difference Between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs?

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The main difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is a hair strand. Like its name shows, human hair has natural human hair, while synthetic wigs have strands made with synthetic fibers.

Besides the hair strands material, there are other differences as well;

  • Durability

Human hair wigs are more delicate than synthetic hair wigs. Most human hair wigs have monofilament or lace base caps, while synthetic caps have a Swiss lace base that is tougher. Synthetic fiber is also slightly thicker than a human hair strand. The difference is undetectable from the naked eye. However, it does contribute to durability.

Synthetic wigs easily take wear and tear. Heat friendly synthetic wigs can also withstand the heat of heating tools. Using heating tools excessively on hair wigs can rob the wig of natural moisture. Hair may start looking dull and frizzy.

  • Price Point

A human hair wig is more expensive than a synthetic wig. Due to the delicacy and natural human hair, the wig is a bit on the pricier side. Most human hair wigs are hand-sewn and have a monofilament base, raising the price. Synthetic hair is manufactured. Therefore, the price is lesser than an original human hair.

You may need to replace a synthetic hair wig more frequently. However, if you need to wear a wig for a party, a synthetic hair wig is a better choice.

  • Maintenance

A synthetic hair wig is easier to maintain. Most synthetic hair wigs come with a pre-style cut, and these wigs do not lose the style after the first wash.

On the other hand, human hair wigs lose their style after the first wash. A human hair wig also requires as much care as your natural hair needs. These wigs must be washed with special shampoos; otherwise, regular formulas would ruin the texture.

  • Texture

The texture makes women prefer human hair wigs over synthetic hair wigs. A human hair wig has a texture that is exactly similar to the natural human hair texture. This makes the wig popular amongst women. If anyone sees the wig, it is harder to differentiate between natural hair and human hair wig due to the texture of hair strands.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, has a plastic touch. Sometimes the wig has a vibrant finish that makes it easier for others to point out a fake hairpiece. The premium quality wig has a matte finish.

  • Longevity

The human hair wig has a longer life span. Natural hair takes nourishment from the scalp, which gives it hydration. A human hair wig does have natural human hair, but that hair needs more careful maintenance, or the hair will become brittle and dry. If the wig tangles, it becomes really hard to maintain or avoid frizz.

A synthetic wig is relatively easier to maintain. The strands do not need nourishment or extra hydration to look fuller. If you prefer convenience over natural texture, a synthetic wig is a better option for you. But if you want a delicate hairpiece, a human hair wig must be the best choice.


What is the Best Type of Human Hair for Women’s Wigs?

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A woman’s choice of hairstyle can change her mood instantly – from busy workdays at the office with a strict boss who expects instant results all day long; to going out on dates where she wants something simple yet elegant enough to not distract attention away from herself as much. But still feminine enough during those fine occasions when pearls should suffice nicely.

Wigs instantly lift women’s moods by providing a quick fix to their hair problems. From covering a bad hair day to meeting hair loss needs, wigs provide a quick and secure fit. However, wigs come in various materials, making them a little harder to choose.

Human hair wigs are indeed the best due to their texture and delicateness. These wigs provide women with a naturally beautiful look, adding instant volume and length to their hair. Those who want to make different hairstyles shall also try high-quality women’s wigs.

The most common type of hair used in human hair wigs is Mongolian hair, Indian hair, and Chinese hair, out of all those which are Virgin, coined as best.

Virgin hair is the most popular weave grade because it’s never been processed. Therefore, it can be color-treated. The hair is also similar to natural hair in texture.

There are many different types of Virgin human hair. European, which is a little finer and has more texture than Indian or Chinese hairs can offer; it’s also much sought after because people want to have that ‘carved’ look with their straight brushstrokes.

In contrast, you have thick human hair strands coming out of China – really what you would call voluminous, but they are definitely less expensive.


The Best Wigs for Black Women

Many different types of wigs are available for black women. However, not all of them are the best option. Afro wigs have a particular kinky texture which is harder to achieve with a regular wig.

Hair strands on wigs that are made for black women must be more durable as black women like to style their hair in ringlets. Creating ringlets exposes the hair to heating tools. Therefore, durability is the foremost requirement.

Black women further have broad heads naturally, so the cap size must be according to their requirements. Bono Hair honors the difference and grace of all beauty, thus making customized wigs. If you have black women who want something specific, send their hair sample, and we will make premium quality wigs for them.

When it comes to finding the perfect wig, everyone is different. Some women prefer longer hairstyles while others like short and sassy looks. No matter what your style, there is a wig out there that will suit you perfectly. If you’re looking for the best wigs for black women, then look no further. Try out these fabulous wigs;


This wig comes with a lace top. Black women have naturally thick and curly hair, so wearing an additional hairpiece is difficult. The lace top has a sheer base, making it easier for women to wear a wig all day long. The lace cap is light in weight compared to other caps, providing a secure yet comfortable base to women with naturally thick hair.

Additionally, this wig has an elastic net at the front and back for extra comfort. The clips at the sides prevent the usage of hair glue or any adhesive, giving a luxury hairpiece to those with sensitive scalp.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top with an elastic net at crown and back area; Clips at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium Capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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PU coating increases the longevity of a wig. The wig that has PU coating around it can last up to years if taken properly care of. CICI wig by Bono Hair is specifically designed considering the durability black women require.

It has the strongest Chinese Virgin hair that can be curled or styled with heating tools. Women can achieve a texture that resembles their original kinky curly afro hair. Curl it after spraying heat protectant spray to make sure the wig lasts longer.

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Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with an elastic net at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium Capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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What is the Popular Texture for Women’s Wigs?

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You may want to change your hair texture but don’t want the hassle or expense of permanent changes.

The texture of the wig is a temporary solution that will give you the desired hair texture without damaging your hair. Wigs come in various textures, and you may choose one according to your style obsession.

If you want a natural-looking wig, choose a texture that closely resembles your original hair. Some of the popular wig textures are;

  • Body Wave

Body wave is the greatest hair texture for a natural, effortless style. This type of loose curls has an S-shaped pattern that gives it more ease than regular perm rolls because their S curves make everything effortless and classy. Body waves are the most common texture in wigs.

Styling the body wave texture is easiest. One can flatten them with iron or perm them further with heating tools to get tougher curls. Body waves also resemble the natural human hair texture, which makes it most popular amongst women.

  • Water Wave

Water waves are a fun, goddess-like hairstyle that will have you looking like an actual mermaid. The waves in your hair look so real and natural with their dewy appeal – it’s hard to resist giving this style another chance.

  • Deep Wave

The deep waves are tight and powerful. Depending on your preference, they can be styled in either an elegant bun or loose tendrils that frame the face beautifully. Deep waves are tighter than loose curls but less curvy than curls or ringlets.

  • Curly

Curls, as the name shows, appear as if bigger rings have been formed in the hair strands. The intensity and size of the curls depend upon the wearer’s preference.

  • Kinky

The kinky texture is another name for afro hair. This texture is naturally accustomed to black men and women and looks absolutely beautiful. Kinky texture wigs are heavier than other hairpieces due to their density and ringlets like curls.

  • Straight

Silky, shiny, salon-inspired wig texture is straight hair. Women who love plain hair that gives an elegant appearance without any drama opt for straight hair wigs. These wigs also allow the user to attain numerous styles using different tools.


How to Preserve the Texture of the Wig

If you want your wig to last longer with its natural texture, follow these tips and tricks;

  1. Brush your wig every day to remove any tangles or knots
  2. Wash your wig every two weeks using a mild shampoo and conditioner
  3. Let your wig air dry, do not use a hairdryer
  4. Apply a light coat of oil or serum to the ends of your wig to keep it looking shiny and healthy
  5. Store your wig in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it
  6. Gently squeeze out the excess water after washing, don’t twist or wring it
  7. Do not use harsh chemicals. Always use products that are specifically designed for the wig care
  8. Do not sleep while wearing the wig; otherwise, the friction will affect the texture of the wig

Lace Front Wigs v/s Full Lace Wigs, Which is Better?

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Lace front wigs are those which have a front sheer lace base while the entire cap may or may not be of a different material. Some lace front wig caps have a lace base in front and over the crown to provide a natural central parting.

Full lace wigs are made of sheer lace material all over. The cap does not have a coating of any other material. Rather the entire cap is made with lace fabric. Besides the cap construction, these wigs have other important differences as well;

  • Affordability

Lace front wigs only have a smaller portion that is made with lace which is why it is less expensive than full lace wigs. Full lace hairpiece requires more time to manufacture, especially if it is hand-woven which contributes to its higher price point.

  • Look

Lace front wigs only allow a natural front hairline and central parting, while the other type allows the wearer to create multiple partings. Therefore, full lace wigs are a better option for those who want to create more hairstyles with a single hairpiece.

  • Versatility

Full lace wigs are more versatile. The styling option with a full lace wig is unlimited, and the wig does not look fake. With a lace front wig, the wearer has to be careful. Parting the lace front wig from the side can make it appear broken.

  • Installation

The lace front wig has an extra piece that you may need to set before wearing it. For beginners, it might be difficult to set a lace front wig. Full lace wigs come with a cap that is easier to adjust.

  • Maintenance

Both types are equally good when it comes to maintenance. Since there is no difference in hair quality, using proper wig care products ultimately makes it easier to maintain both types.

  • Longevity

The lifespan of a wig has more to do with the condition of hair strands instead of the base cap. Both types can last up to a year if taken proper care of.

Which one is better?

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Lace wigs are the perfect solution for those who have hair loss problems, offering versatility and comfort. However, lace front wigs are more affordable but less comfortable than full lace wigs. Both of these solutions solve the same problem in different ways.

Full lace wigs offer a better option to those who prefer versatility, while lace front provides comfort to those who prefer budget. Both equally solve the problem of hair loss yet in different ways, making them both good options depending on your preferences and needs.

You may order the one that suits your requirements the most. Make sure you keep your wig untangled to increase its lifespan. Being gentle with your wig is the key- thus, the more effort you invest in taking care of your hairpiece, the greater it will look.

Lace front or full lace, order the wig from an authentic manufacturer like Bono Hair. Your clients will always give you great reviews after receiving high-quality wigs for women.


What Women’s Wigs are the Most Natural-Looking?

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Human Hair wigs

Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking. They can be styled like regular old-fashioned hair, blow-dried and straightened or curly tuned with an iron. High-quality human hair wigs can even be color-treated easily.

The second type of wig is synthetic, which provides a much more fabulous look than its counterpart. The human variety still has some advantages, though, such as not having to worry about your style going awry during those special occasions where you need something fancy or natural-looking.

Full Lace Wigs

The main thing that contributes to the natural look of a wig is its hairline. Lace fronts wigs, full lace wigs, and monofilament wigs that have sheer lace fabric are the most natural-looking wigs because they provide undetectable hairlines.

Hand-tied Wigs

No matter how good machine-made wefts are, the look can never surpass the originality provided by a hand-tied wig. When each hair strand is hand-sewn to the base cap, it mimics the texture of natural hair, and the wig appears as if natural hair is growing out of the scalp.

Note: More than the wig, it is about the confidence the wearer shows while wearing the wig. If the wearer effortlessly styles the wig, it ultimately starts looking natural.


Four Best Wigs for Women – 2022


  • Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs are made up of lace layers entirely, which give the hair its softness and body. Full lace also has base caps that include full-length human fibers to create additional volume. It mainly includes French lace, Swiss lace, or Lace front base cap.

Here are the best quality women wigs in full lace,


Monofilament fabric is well-known amongst women who have an extremely sensitive scalp. The base is made by hand-sewing the hair strands into the sheer fabric to make it look human-like, naturally grown hair. It is perfect for those who want a realistic-looking hairpiece.

This wig has an additional gauze piece in the middle for women suffering from bald spots in the crown. The gauze part glides on the head smoothly, providing a frictionless motion and a more secure fit. It does not irritate or scratch the scalp. Roots are dyed with a darker color to make them appear more natural.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (8)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Monofilament in the middle, skin gauze all around, with a French lace front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 22”
  • Hair color: #2 at 1″ hair root, #4 at the hair ends
  • Hair density: Medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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French lace wigs are common amongst those who prefer durability over the delicateness of a hairpiece. The French lace has even smaller holes than Swiss lace; therefore, it is more ideal for creating a sturdy yet natural-looking base.

This particular wig has French lace all over it. The ear-to-ear lace base provides the user the ability to style the hair however they want. Freestyle partings are easily manageable. In this wig, the color can be customized according to the given sample, solving the problem of finding the perfect shade. IF you have customers who are more into personalized pieces, this wig is more than perfect.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (7)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: According to the hair sample
  • Hair density: 5% less than medium density
  • Hair curl: 0cm
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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  • Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have a front piece made up of lace, while the entire cap may or may not be composed of lace.

Lace fronts are a type of wig that uses lace to create the front part. This style has been gaining popularity for its natural-looking waves and curls, which are perfect if you are going bald or just want some new highlights.



Human hair makes a beautiful combination with lace caps. Human hair and lace bases are both known for their delicateness; hence a combination makes a mesmerizing hairpiece that helps women achieve a feminine look in seconds. PU coating further enriches the softness. Many color options ease the struggle of finding the right match.

It comes with an elastic band for women who have lost hair to any medical illness and are now facing scalp sensitivity. Hair strands have a similar texture to natural human hair. Suggest this wig to your customers if you want them to repurchase from you.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (5)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the open machine made weft at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613, #30RT,#60RT,#2020T,#1740T,#1620T,#6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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KIKI is of its kind wig with lace top and PU coating. It was made considering medical patients; however, the hairpiece is also ideal for women who want to wear a wig all day long without feeling heavy or sweaty. The comfortable sheer lace base keeps the perspiration at its bay, providing women a chance to rock beautiful hair without feeling irritated.

More than a dozen color options are available so that your customers will not be disappointed. The capsize medium, however, can be easily adjusted with the help of soft and comfortable elastic straps on sides.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (3)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the elastic net at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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  • 360 Wigs

360 wigs have a complete wefted circle of lace from ear-to-ear and back. The inside of your head is like a perfect 360-degree circle. The wefted tracks that make up this part are sewn into place and form an integral unit with the outer layer.

The fibers in each strand run from front to back, crossing over at right angles before continuing on towards their destination just as if you were following one continuous ribbon through its path; but there they stop short–they don’t go behind, unlike full lace wigs.


Customized hairpieces not only provide a sense of pride but also allow the user to feel the liberty of being different. This thin skin wig is always tailored according to given measurements by clients in order to provide perfect adjustment. Hair density is also enough to flaunt off a thick and fuller head.

The main feature of this particular wig is its thinnest base, in which hair strands are injected to make a natural-looking hairpiece. The front shape allows the wearer to create various partings and different hairstyles. The amalgamation of 5% gray hair all over, along with the color of your choice, makes it look more than natural.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (1)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: 10mm injection thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to wig measurements
  • Hair type: Chinese hair, gray synthetic hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: #8 with 5% gray hair all over
  • Hair density: Medium to medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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Wholesale Medical Wigs

Silk top is famous for its stretchiness. Silk Wig caps are a great choice for those who want to look natural and realistic. The silk base of the wigs is what makes them so authentic, as it has knots hidden beneath its first layer, which ties into your own hair with ease.

This particular wig had a silk top with a net crown to give a luxury hairpiece. The elastic band further makes it an adjustable hairpiece. Three ethereal shades are available to pick from. Hair texture is straight but can be curled via heating tools.

Introducing the Best High-Quality Women Wigs (20)

Additional Features

  • Base construction: Silk top with a stretch net at crown and back area; 1/2″ French lace in front; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: Natural black, #4/6, #22
  • Hair density: 130%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle
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  • U Part Wigs

U part wigs are the newest addition to the wig family. It has a U-shaped opening above the crown so that you may utilize a natural hairline while enjoying the added volume and length through the wig. It is perfect for those whose hair thinning starts from temples or the bald spots spear around temples.

Those with receding hairlines, however, cannot use U part wigs as this wig may not provide a natural and undetectable middle hairline.


Although wigs are not a permanent solution to hair thinning or baldness, they offer a quick fix for women who want to feel better about their appearance. Wigs can also be fun and exciting accessories for special occasions such as Cosplay events.

If you are considering purchasing a wig, we suggest that you research the different types of wigs available and find the style that best suits your needs.

It is important to note that the type of wig you choose will be affected by your budget and style preference. For example, if you are looking for a full lace wig with a U-shape cut but don’t want to spend too much money on it, then consider getting one with synthetic hair.

However, if you have more wiggle room in your budget and you prefer natural textures like human hair over synthetic fibers, then go ahead and get yourself a silk top closure or monofilament hairstyle.

“The most difficult clients are those who demand the absolute best of everything,” says the stylist and owner of Bono Hair. Quality is always paramount to them, but they know that quality can come in many forms.

Our high-quality women’s wigs are made with premium fabric, and our stitching process is always on par. This means you can find a style for any occasion or time period—and we have plenty from which to choose. We also have a huge collection of stylish and durable wigs, so no matter what your client’s needs may be, there will be something just right for them here at Bono Hair. Stop by today and give us a try.

Exclusive discount packages are available for bulk buyers, wholesalers, wigs distributors, and salon owners. We also provide customized wigs as per the requirements of your customers. Send us the sample hair, and we will recreate a perfect one for each of your clients.

Our goal is to help you enrich your wig business and to provide women an excess of durable hairpieces at affordable prices. Our stock is unlimited; however, due to the increasing demand, we might run out of the slot to accommodate you, so contact us at your earliest if you want your products to be delivered on time.


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