Toupee for Black Men Exactly What You are Looking for

Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (6)


Hair matters a lot in boosting confidence and portraying an image of us that we want to share with the world. But as hair loss is much more common now, especially in black men, it limits them from reaching a stranger or just standing out in the crowd at formal and informal places. Numerous men will lose their hair as they age (after’ 50s), and they accept it. But in today’s world, young ones in their early 20’s to late 40’s want to stay at the top of the game in career or looks, both. So, if someone experiences balding, hair loss, or receding hairline at a young age, it can be emotional for them, and they strive to have an instant solution that can disguise their hair loss. It is a toupee for black men that can help in true meaning to having hair back on the head that looks ultra-natural.

From the past few years, applying/wearing fake hair is no longer labeled with women; there is a huge market that manufactures toupees for men too. Currently, men appreciate how life-changing wearing a toupee can be for black men, and they embrace it. Now, men encourage each other to have their hair back most safely and affordably (with toupee) and stop overthinking how their homies react; they will be proud of themselves.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss:

  1. What is a toupee for black men?
  2. How to choose the curl of the best afro toupee for a black man?
  3. Lace Vs. mono Vs. PU base hair unit
  4. Popular black men hairstyles
  5. How long does a man weave last?
  6. The cost to get a man afro toupee
  7. How to care for wave toupees for black men?
  8. Where to buy an afro toupee?

What Is a Toupee for Black Men?

A toupee is a non-surgical hair replacement system and the type of hairpiece that usually covers the front and top area of the head. Hair system, Man unit, Man weave are the most popular names to describe it. When the toupee is for black, it has the same texture as natural afro hair. Technical terms used for it are cranial prosthesis or hair prosthesis.

Hair toupee for black manufactured with advanced technologies look natural and perfectly sit on your client’s head to cope with hair recession. No one can even detect that someone is wearing a wig.

Here are some facts. Despite hair people of color spending much in the black hair industry, there is not much storage and mass production of toupees for black men because of material as compared to straight hair toupees in factories. Because afro human hair toupee hair is parched and needs the care to keep it high-grade, also, these afro human hair toupees are mainly popular in America and African countries. But we are here to help. We produce a large number of weave toupee, toupee wigs in curly or whatever afro texture you want for receding hairline and other hair thinning problems. Our well-versed staff will take care of each detail while creating black men’s toupee for sale to you so that you can fully satisfy your client with their looks.

Benefits Of Toupee for Black Men:

Men do not need hair to enjoy their lives or to be attractive. But it helps build self-esteem and confidence, especially against fault-finding people who can let them down.

Other than providing instant and desired results with no pain and side effects, wearing a weave afro hair not only builds confidence but also makes a man 10-year younger in appearance. With that, they also started feeling younger. Afro hair toupee is kind of a blessing for hair recession black men at the time when you need to go out in a hurry and can’t find a cap at that time. In other words, it helps them create the personality they want to have.

How To Choose Toupee for Black Men?

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There are a few things one should consider to purchase black men’s toupee on sale. Let’s look at them.

To make an afro toupee look perfect on one, they must choose one that matches their natural hair color, hair texture, and suit on their face shape. A toupee for black men will be special if you consider all these factors prior to purchasing, not at the time of purchasing.

Another thing that contributes to looking at an afro toupee naturally is the hair attached to it. So, one must consider what kind of hair toupee they will select. We suggest you opt for a human hair toupee for black men rather than synthetic hair. It will be durable, versatile, and make a man look genuine.

For rejuvenating look, it is also important that wave toupees for black men must fit on the wearer’s head. It must not be loose or tight because one situation can cause headache, and another can cause toupee to fall off with a gust of wind.

Considering the base material of an afro toupee is also crucial; one must know about them in advance. Currently, there are four types of material in the market: poly, mono, and lace. Each of them has its up and down points. However, lace and skin hair toupees for black men are famous ones. Lace hair systems are best for those who have an active lifestyle, live in hot climates, and get sweaty a lot. The skin hair system, when applied on the scalp, mimics real skin.

You can inform your client to help them choose correctly or choose by yourself while considering these factors.

How To Install a Toupee for Black Men?

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There are different ways to install an afro toupee on a client’s head. Most preferred are installing with tape and glue or a combination of both. Each toupee is styled uniquely to fulfill the clients’ demands and enhance their look while keeping the toupee installation realistic. Choose quality products so that there will be no side effects and the toupee stays in its place. Also, shave and clean the client’s head perfectly before installation.

When applying hair toupee for black men on your client’s head, the hairline is one thing that you must focus on making clean and impeccable and natural and hide a receding hairline. After that, the afro toupee you apply on clients’ heads must be cut, trimmed, and faded to make their head full of natural hair realistically


How To Choose the Curl of The Best Afro Toupee for Black Man?

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Afro hair has many curl types depending on how long short curls are in diameter. Nowadays, curls black men’s toupee for sale has 4, 6, 8, 10 milliliters are the renowned one, and they make a huge impact on how a toupee looks.


A 4mm human hair toupee for black men has no specific pattern in the hair. It looks like natural 4c hair with shrinkage. The diameter of those curls is 4mm. It is best for those men who have 4c hair and want to complement their looks by opting for a similar afro hair texture.


A 6mm wave toupee for black men has hair with a diameter of 6 millimeters. This afro toupee has a more defined pattern than 4mm and looks like small waves that are very close to each other. If someone wants to have natural yet defined hair at the same time, they must choose a toupee for black men with 6mm curls.


The 8mm, curly hair wig for black men toupee has more prominent waves of 8mm diameter, which is considered small but are bigger than 6mm hair weave. The waves in it have a small but noticeable distance between them. One must pick an 8mm toupee wig for black men if they want to experience many hairstyles and stand out from the crowd.


If someone wants to change their look from traditional afro hair, then they must purchase a 10mm black men’s toupee for sale. It has prominent big waves of 10mm diameter of hair that have quite less shrinkage.

To browse our inventory to look at black men’s toupees for sale of different curl types, please click here.


Lace VS Mono VS PU Base Hair Unit

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Lace, mono, and PU are the main base material of any toupee. To give you a better idea of what to choose for your client, firstly, we will look at them one by one and then compare them. So, let’s start.

  • Lace: 

The lace hair unit’s base is made of mesh material. This mesh material can be made of nylon and polyester. Lace afro toupee provides a realistic appearance. Therefore, other than making toupees for black men, there are unit types that include lace at the hairline area.

Moreover, there are various types of lace present in the market, like French lace, Swiss lace. French lace is very light, natural, and breathable. The maximum hair density it can hold is medium-heavy. Swiss lace is the finest, natural, and also very fragile. It has a tendency to tear easily. Swiss lace supports medium-light density. When comparing French lace and Swiss lace, Swiss lace looks more refined and realistic but also fragile than French lace.

  • Mono: 

Welded Mono or mono curly hair wig for black men toupee is made of monofilament fibers. These fibers are strung together like a net similar to lace but generally tighter. They are more durable and offer longevity. Since it is durable, it can support heavy and extra heavy density hair.

There is also super fine welded mono. This mono toupee for black men is fine and natural. It is thicker than French lace but thinner than welded mono. It can support medium heavy hair density.

If we compare fine and superfine welded mono, super fine welded mono is more natural and thinner but not as strong and durable as welded-mono lace.

  • PU:

PU wave toupee for black men is made of polyurethane. It is material that provides blurry see-through vision and mimics that natural skin. Therefore, it is also called the skin hair system. Its base material (PU) is very thin and lightweight. Polyurethane base minimum thinness is 0.03mm, and the density it supports is medium-light. Depending on the thinness in the PU man weave brush wave unit PU hair system has different categories: ultra-thin skin, super thin skin, thin transparent skin, and skin gauze afro toupee.

Lace Vs. Mono Vs. PU

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Let’s consider the most anticipated questions clients ask to find out which one is best for them. We’ve listed all those questions with answers to give them clear and complete answers. Start knowing them below.

Which One Is More Comfortable to Wear?

PU (polyurethane) toupee for black men has a base that has an extremely smooth and level feel.

While, since lace base toupee wig for black men is made of mesh material, it does not feel as smooth as PU base afro toupee.

On the other hand, as mono base toupee looks more textures than lace, you feel a bit of friction when moving over it as compared to PU and lace base toupee.

Although all of them are soft to wear, PU (skin/poly) afro toupee is smoother to touch than lace and mono base toupee; therefore, it is more comfortable to wear.

Which One Is Most Realistic?

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Lace base afro toupee, which is the finest (French lace), provides the most realistic installation. In comparison, mono base curly hair wig for black men toupee does not provide a realistic hairline impression after installation. On the other hand, PU base human hair toupee for black men comes in different thicknesses of the base. The thinnest ones like 0.03mm and 0.05mm thin base provide ultra-realistic results that mimic the scalp and create the illusion that hair is coming out of the scalp.

Which One Is Most Breathable?

The lace afro toupee base has the tiniest but feel-able and seeable holes in it. It allows maximum air to go in and out. This makes it the most suitable option for those who have a more active lifestyle, including exercising, gymming, etc.

After that, a mono base afro toupee comes. It has fibers that are closely strung. So, it does not allow much air to come in and go out as with lace base.

Comparatively, PU or poly base human hair toupee for black men has not seen-able holes. It feels like saran wrap with a rubber feel in it. Although, it has holes as small as pores. You can also feel them by wetting the hair system, then flipping its inner side up and squishing it in your fist. You will see the water coming out of the pores. So, the point to tell is it does not provide as good breathability as lace base and mono base afro toupee.

Which One Is More Delicate?

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Lace is more delicate than mono. Also, sometimes lace base afro toupee can start unraveling. So, if someone will not care for it, it will be a super expensive option for them.

On the other side, there is a mono base black men’s toupee for sale. It is firmer and more structured than lace. It is not extremely realistic like lace but is stronger than it. That makes it the more economical option.

Next is PU base afro toupee. The delicateness of the PU base toupee depends on the thickness of its base. The thinnest ones are the most delicate and provide genuine results. In contrast, the thick PU base is more durable.

Which One Last Longer?

It’s kind of a rule of thumb in toupees or hair systems that the more durability and longevity we look to have in them, the less realistic the toupee will be. Let’s revise it all real quick if longevity is your preference to find if it should be your choice.

And till now, we’ve learned that lace afro toupee and PU base toupee provide lifelike results because of the thinness of their base. Also, these are less durable too and do not last very long. While the Mono base does not provide as believable results as lace and PU base afro toupee. Moreover, its base is firm and feels a little bit uncomfortable to wear in comparison to them. In short, mono base toupee provides far more longevity than PU and lace base.

Which One Is Most Easy to Clean? 

When lace hair toupee for black men is glued down using an adhesive or tape, the gooey feeling reaches into the holes of it. Sometimes the man, when not knowing much about lace toupee, applies it with the glue on the head and does not let the glue color become transparent or apply an abundance of glue on the underside of the toupee instead of applying it on the head that causes the adhesive product to seep into the hair of lace base. This situation generally makes lace base afro hair toupee hard to clean.

On the other hand, there is a mono base toupee wig for black men, which is quite similar to French lace but is the thickest form. Actually, by far, it is one of the thickest base materials we can get. As it is similar to lace, it is hard to clean. But the plus point is the mono base is prone to tearing like a lace base, so you can clean it freely.

Comparatively, PU base wave toupee for black men is extremely hassle-free to clean. As you read above, it feels like saran wrap with a rubber feel in it and has no holes, so adhesive remains only underneath it. One can start cleaning it by just applying adhesive removal for a few minutes. However, whichever afro toupee you choose, stay gentle with it.

Which One Allows You to Make Various Hairstyles?

Among lace, PU, and Mono, PU base curly hair wig for black men toupee helps you set a more lifelike hairline. Ridges or the edges of the lace base hair system come up a little bit sometimes and can make the person standing next to you feel that you are wearing a toupee, and this is a high chance there is not a place near you where you can embed it back in glue. So, it is better to wear a hairstyle like bangs or any other hairstyle that covers hair a little bit or more if going outside for a longer period. Otherwise, you can make any hairstyle.

As mono hair toupee does not provide a believable hairline, we suggest you make curtain bangs or a side-swept hairstyle with it to completely hide the hairline.

Comparatively, the thinnest PU base black men’s toupee for sale provides true-to-life results which let you create any hairstyle you want while creating partitions anywhere. You can even make a sleek back hairstyle with it, which will look natural.

Which One Is Best for Wearing in Hot and Humid Climate?

Ask this question, even if they will answer after you give them all the above info. Yes, lace base afro hair toupee for black men is best for wearing in hot and humid climates as it provides high breathability. On the second number, mono comes; it also provides air but is not as good as lace base. Wearing a PU base toupee wig for black men in hot weather is not a smart choice because it does not provide good ventilation and may irritate you in extremely hot weather.

For purchasing afro toupee in any base material, please click here.


Popular Black Men Hairstyles

As you read above, there are numerous types of black men’s toupee for sale, and they have various types of hair textures. So, it allows you to create a different hairstyle other than wearing it as you receive it. Therefore, we have figured out some of the most professional, edgy, and evergreen popular black men hairstyles. Look at the hairstyle examples to get inspiration.

Short Curly:

Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (15)

 If a man wants to be eye-catching and professional-looking at the same time, they must opt for a short curly afro toupee. First, short curly afro hair is easy to maintain. Second, it can be styled in various ways. So, it is perfect for those too who have busy lifestyles. Moreover, one can wear it with short hair all over the head or with faded sides and back of the head. If one wearer wants to look more stunning and trendy, they can select afro toupee in different colors other than black and brown.


Afro Curly: 

Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (16)

If the wearers want to show off the hair they have got on their head, then other than a simple flat and very short hairstyle, an afro curly hairstyle is best for them. The more voluminous hair will be, the more the wearer will stand out from the crowd. But consider that the popular afro curly hairstyle has large hair that usually reaches the nape of the neck or can be worn slightly tapered at the back of the head. It can be time-consuming to care for an afro curly hairstyle.

Kinky Curly:

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One can rock a kinky hairstyle in various ways. One of them is the most popular hairstyle, burst fade. Others applying toupee if one has natural hair on the backside of this hairstyle is perfect for them. This style creates an edgy look by creating a semi-circular tapered area around the ear and back of the head. That fade gives a man’s personality a polished finish. It depends on the person’s choice if they want to keep the hair on top longer. However, leaving curly hair long on top will create an amazing contrast between fade and curls.



Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (2)

Frohawk is actually a mohawk but with textured and curly hair. It adds attitude and softness to a man’s look rather than a rebellious and punky feel. It is not like a traditional mohawk. Frohawk is very easy to wear. Commonly, it suits every face shape. Like every other hairstyle, it depends on the person who long and short he wants to have Frohawk hair. Instead of shaving the sides and back of the head, we suggest you opt for fading sides and back of the head with some facial hair. It will create balance and professionalism in your personality.


Geometric Afro:

Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (3)

If someone purchases a 4mm curly hair wig for black men, a toupee that does not have any specific curly hair texture is best for a geometric afro. A geometric afro hairstyle gives hair a shape while cutting hair in any angular form. This hairstyle is versatile, and one can have different proportions of hair and of different heights. It makes a man look stylish. But we suggest you not opt for any dramatic geometric shapes; it does not give a professional look. Otherwise, the wearer may stand out from the crowd but as a weirdo.

Some best geometric hairstyles are listed here:

    • side part geometric
    • fade geometric
    • circular geometric.

How Long Does a Man Weave Last?

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There are various factors that tell whether your hair toupee for black men will last as long as you have expected. First of all, know that some weaves are meant to last longer, and some do not. Also, there are many other questions that are attached to the longevity of human hair toupee for black men. So, let’s start.

How Long Short-term Weave Last?

The straight answer to how long a short-term afro toupee lasts is it lasts between 3 to 6 weeks. Inform your clients in advance that these types of units are meant to be short-term; they will not serve them a year or half of the year (12 or 6 months) even if they highly care for it. After 21 to 42 days, they need to completely replace it, not to clean and apply again but to trash it and purchase another one.

Also, there are various toupee wigs for black men that have various lifespans in being short-term. Different lifespans of short-term curly hair wigs for black men toupee also impact the price of the toupee. The toupee, which lasts 2 to 4 weeks, costs $250. And the one which lasts 1 to 2 months costs more than $350. Moreover, the afro toupee, which lasts 3 to 4 months, costs more than $600.

How Long Long-term Weave Last?

Long-term human hair toupee for black men lasts more than 6 to 9 months, depending on how it is treated. These are usually French and Swiss lace toupees. To keep it fresh, we recommend you use one of the best adhesive or toupee tape present in the market.

In the duration of 1 year of its longevity, one can take off, clean it, and apply it again. Tell your clients in advance that the lifespan also depends on how well they treat it and how often they wear it. They need to have regular upkeep to keep the wave toupee for black men fitted and suited. For this, you need to have a haircut best going with a toupee and every 2 to 4 weeks. Also, it requires removal, cleaning, and reattachment every 8 to 12 weeks or 2 to 3 months. This maintenance requires additional cost.

How Long Does Weave Stay on Head After Installation?

How long does a weave stay on the head, or how long should it stay installed on the head before reinstallation? These are the most asked questions by beginners. The answer depends on the man’s choice how long they want to keep it on.

With a short-term afro toupee, one should keep it installed between 2 to 3 weeks (less than 1 month).

With a long-term afro toupee, the hair system installation should be removed to clean the toupee and the scalp between 2 to 3 months. Some men make the mistake of keeping the hair system installed for 9 months until it completely detaches from the scalp by itself. This is very wrong for scalp health and can lead to various scalp problems.

How Long Does the Man Weave Lineup Last?

This is also another curious and anticipated question by the men who want to upkeep their appearance.

Some toupee hairstyles need an airbrush lineup or hairline to complete them. Stylists can make that lineup on the afro toupee wearer’s natural hairline. Its lasting depends on how that airbrush is meant to last.

To keep it good between stylist’s or barber’s appointments, make sure the toupee wearer should not rub the lineup, and his hair edges do not touch anything.

One should use silk head wraps to keep it intact or use a silk pillowcase. Another option is using hold spray to keep it from 7 to 10 days.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Man Weave?

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As you read above, there are two types of black men’s toupee for sale; one is short-lasting, and the other is long-lasting, and the cost depends on how long-lasting an afro toupee is. The short-term afro toupee that lasts 2 to 4 weeks costs $250. And the one which lasts 4 to 8 weeks costs $350+ and the short-term afro toupee which lasts 13 to 17 weeks, costs $600+. Other than the longevity of the toupee, the style you select also affects its cost.

But generally, the short-term toupee price spans between $200 to $400.

The long-term toupee that lasts 6 to 12 months costs $950 to $700.

Next is a custom-made toupee. As a custom hair system is uniquely made for each customer that helps them hide their balding spots perfectly, therefore, it costs more. Depending on how complicated a toupee construction is, a custom-made toupee can cost between $200 to $900.

Let us break down the pricing of curly hair wigs for black men toupee, depending on the base materials to answer you satisfactorily.

  1. Skin (poly or PU) toupee for black men costs from $100 to $299 (depending on thin the base is).
  2. Lace base hair toupee for black men costs between $250 to $290.
  3. Mono or monofilament human hair toupee for black men costs $190 to $350.
  4. Silk base afro toupee costs more than $300.

How To Care for Wave Toupee for Black Men?

Toupee For Black Men Exactly What You Are Looking For (11)

Even if a man buys a long-lasting afro toupee, it will not look good for more than a few days if they don’t know how to care for it. Caring for a toupee also increases the longevity of human hair toupee for black men. Let’s get to know all the tips; these will help them when servicing your client. Also, inform these authentic tips to your clients and be reliable.

Shampoo Less:

First of all, using shampooing any hair texture every day is not recommended to keep hair clean and on afro hair texture is a complete no, no. As afro hair textures are considered the driest of all, other than not using shampoo every day, you should not opt for off-the-shelf shampoo. It can contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that cleans the scalp and hair and also strips hair’s natural oil too. It means that overexposure to SLS will make the curly hair wig for black men toupee’s hair brittle and dry.

To avoid any dryness and brittleness that can’t be cured because hair is not attached to the scalp, wash the toupee completely from every side, or one can wash it only once a week while installed on the head in the shower.

Also, wash the hair in one direction to avoid tangling.

Must Use Conditioner: 

Even the afro hair that is attached to the scalp needs external nourishment to look healthy. So, the hair that is fake definitely needs it. After washing, choose to apply a conditioner that has a blend of natural oils in it and is made for an afro toupee. First, it is totally safe to use and penetrate deeper in the strands and make the toupee last longer by giving it nutrients that the toupee can’t get from hair.

Forget About Hair Dryer: 

As afro hair is bad at withstanding heat and chemicals, we suggest you limit the use of hair dryers to some special events to increase the longevity of afro hair toupee for black men. Also, the heated styling tools also cause hair breakage other than causing brittleness to hair. So, we suggest you use a hydrating conditioner before using any heated styling tool on the afro toupee.

Don’t Brush Wet Afro Toupee:

Hair is at its weakest point when wet. So, please don’t brush the hair when they are, and we can’t stress this enough. In simple words, avoid coving afro toupee after washing until it is completely dry.

There are a few steps you can do for flawless combing. Purchase a comb that is meant for a human hair toupee for black men. If you know that there are severe knots, apply a hydrating and moisturizing mask to the hair.

Detangle Toupee: 

While detangling, try not to pull or tug the hair; it would damage the base of the afro toupee and can pull the hair out of the toupee. To avoid any mishap or the knots or tangles becoming severe, start detangling the hair from the ends and work towards the roots. Here is another tip, first, use your finger for combing the toupee, then opt for a hairbrush.

Protect Hair from Harsh Weather Conditions: 

Harsh weather conditions like rain and burning sun affect the toupee gradually. Rain and water displace the moisture that makes the toupee frizzy and shortens its life span. So, other than saving your toupee from rain, you should consider washing or wetting the toupee less frequently. Overexposure to the sun causes brittleness, dryness, discoloration of hair, and weakness of hair strands.

If your toupee continues to be exposed to any harsh weather conditions, it will gradually damage the human hair toupee for black men and decrease their lifespan. To avoid this, we suggest you cover the head with a hat or headscarf.

Cover Hair at Night: 

The friction of hair with the pillowcase will fade the freshness of hair strands of toupee when sleeping at night. If the pillowcase is made of cotton, it will absorb all the moisture that one has tried to lock in hair all day, which is a bad toupee hair look. So, we suggest you buy a silk or satin pillowcase/bonnet or durag.

Use Water-based Products:

For styling your hair or moisturizing your hair, do not opt for alcohol-based products. It makes the hair look nourished for some time but actually dries out or parches the hair. We suggest you use water-based products because these have the ability to keep your hair nourished for a long time without making hair bad.

Moisturize Everyday:

Keep toupee hair moisturized every day, but don’t do it by just applying oil to it. Even people who apply oil all feel dryness in their hair. Remember the secret formula to keep hair moisturized, and afro hair toupee for black men too is, water is for hydration, and oil is locking the hydration that together becomes moisturization to hair. So, water sprays the afro toupee hair strands first and then apply oil to them to keep the toupee moisturizer for a longer time.

Where To Buy an Afro Toupee?

Wave toupee wig for black men looks so classy, professional, and trendy. To have a long-lasting toupee with ultra-realistic results, we suggest buying a toupee with someone who owns their factory so you can address the quality issues by yourself with them to satisfy your client from every aspect of their hair problem.

Also, here are some points to consider when making someone a supplier of your afro hair toupee for black men. These are listed below.

Business Experience: 

Being in the business for a very long time informs about their high-grade work and consistent quality behavior. So, make sure to check out for how long they are manufacturing the toupee and supplying it to other businesses. If they are truly valuable, they must showcase they have been in the business for years.


To confirm the quality of their products without even trying out and to ensure the products will be on time, look for the reviews that their clients have left. These must be on their site as a portfolio to show off the high-standard products they have delivered.

Now to find a factory that satisfies all the above standards, you will search on the internet, and there may be the chance you can’t find them. So, to save your precious energy and time to search, why not let’s get introduced to us. We are Bono Hair.

How Can We Help You? 

We have a factory in Qingdao, China, where we have been manufacturing the highest quality toupees in the market by doing cost control for over a decade. In these ten years, all other things like supplies on-time with great customer support, businesses also love it how we cost control while ensuring quality.

Have a look at our products and business; please head to To see what our clients say about us and how we are helping them grow, please click here.

We have also listed the most commonly asked questions and answered them; please visit the FAQ page.

For any queries and questions, please reach us via phone: +8617561788081 or email: [email protected] for an efficient response.


Hair plays a major role in anyone’s life, portraying the image by styling their hair according to their personality to show the world who they are. But if some have thinner hair or are getting bald, then what can they do to have their hair back. Among all hair growth solutions, it takes at least more than 6 months to make minor positive effects and can cause side effects. Then in all this scenario, for black men, afro toupee is best. Toupee’s technical terms are cranial prosthesis or hair prosthesis, and also people call it hair system, main unit, man weave. It is applied to a person’s head to cover the bald spots on the head.

Curly hair wig for black men toupee needs the full attention of manufacturing it. Therefore, there is not as massive production of black men’s toupees as for other toupees. But you don’t need to worry, we manufacture afro toupees in our factory and have managed a great system to upkeep them.

Besides giving instant and desired results without any pain or side effects, afro toupee helps a person build confidence and make them look younger. In short, they can have the personality they want to have.

So, if a person needs to purchase a toupee, they should consider it. First, they must focus on buying a toupee having hair texture and hair color similar to the one they naturally have on the head. Second, when it comes to choosing the hair type you want to have your afro toupee in, select human hair toupee for black men. It will make the afro toupee appear more natural and long-lasting. Third, the best one is the toupee base. Among lace, skin, and mono, select one which will be most suited on your scalp according to your lifestyle.

After selecting toupee by the client or with the help of yours, it’s time to install it. A toupee can be installed in different ways: with adhesive glue, with toupee tape, or the combination of both.

When it comes to choosing an afro toupee, there are different sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. One should select a curl type that is best for them. However, here is a quick guide. If someone wants to complement their beautiful 4c, spongy hair texture, then select 4mm hair curl toupee. If someone’s hair ringlets are very sprinkled but defined, then they must select a 6mm curl type. Suppose someone’s hair is naturally textured, ringlets are shorter but have a feelable distance between them; then they must wear an 8mm curly hair wig for black men toupee if someone’s hair is a lot less shrinkage than 10mm wave toupee for black men.

Among different bases: lace, skin, and mono, each has different reasons to select it. If a man lives in hot and humid weather, they must lace a base curly hair wig for black men toupee. If one wants a receding hairline toupee for black men that is long-lasting and durable, one must opt for a mono base toupee. And if one wants a toupee that provides ultra-realistic results that blend in the skin well, they must choose a skin (PU/poly) hair system.

There are various popular hairstyles for black men that can be easily achieved: short curly, afro curly, kinky curly with tapered or faded sides or back of the head. Frohawk and a great geometric afro hairstyle also look perfect on men when cut by a skilled stylist.

Some black men’s toupees for sale are meant to last shorter, and some last longer. Afro toupee with a shorter lifespan lasts 3 to 6 weeks. Long-term afro toupee lasts 6 to 9 months. Here are the estimated prices listed here. Skin (poly or PU) toupee for black men costs from $100 to $299 (depending on thin the base is). Lace base hair toupee costs between $250 to $290. Mono or monofilament human hair toupee for black men costs $190 to $350. Silk base afro toupee costs more than $300. Please note that a custom hair toupee costs between $200 to $900, depending on how complicated the toupee base is needed. Also, one can make the toupee last longer by taking care of it.

Now the question arises, where to buy a toupee. Buy from those who have years of experience in the industry and positive reviews, like us, Bono Hair. We manufacture toupees in the factory and are based in China. This makes sure that products are made of high quality with cost control and delivered on time. To flourish like other numerous businesses, inform us what you want via email: [email protected] or phone: +8617561788081 or ask any questions. We are ready to respond back in a quick and effective way.


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