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Hair fall or hair loss is the most common problem among men and women. More than half of the population is going through this. Yes, we all know that baldness is also beautiful but having long and silky hair is everyone’s dream. Most of us scroll the internet to find the right solution for hair fall and apply them to see the changes. But does it enough for you? Let’s check the Hair system order guide.

The internet is filled with advertisements about magical pills, hair transplant surgery, and nostrums but believing in anything is difficult. But in the last few days, the hair replacement system is becoming more popular to provide positive results. Do you want to choose a long-term solution or Order hair systems for your hair fall?

If yes, you can try the hair replacement systems. Asking for hair transplant surgery is costly, and not everyone can afford this. Instead of consuming pills, it is better to choose a non-invasive treatment that lasts long. It will be better to choose a delicate hair replacement system by following the Hair system order guide.

Purchasing the right hair replacement system is the toughest task. You should consider so many things before picking the right hair replacement and Order toupee guide. Thin hair or hair loss mostly happens due to aging, lack of vitamins, zero maintenance, and different hair care tools.

If we talk about a few days back, then people applied different hair care treatments and wished for long shiny hair. But now, the time has changed, and there are varieties of hair care solutions that make you feel confident outside and inside. Do you want to take a closer look at the hair replacement system or Order hair systems?

 If yes, let’s take a sneak peek at this Hair system order guide in detail. In this article, we talk about choosing the right hair replacement system and the benefits.

The hair replacement system or Order hair systems guide is the most interesting topic, and everyone should know this. This non-invasive hair loss solution allows you to look beautiful and confident with seamless synthetic hair integration.

Anyone looking for an alternative to surgical hair transplantation can Order hair systems. By choosing this treatment, you can get the seamless matching and blending of hair with natural hair. There is no need to think about the risk of infection and pain regarding hair replacement.

Whether you are a man or woman, anyone can invest in this and Order hair systems by considering the right texture, color, style, and length of hair. Apart from all, it needs low maintenance compared to any other hair care solution. Perk of a hair replacement system is it can completely change your overall look.

But before that, make sure that you need a hair replacement system? As you know, this is a non-surgical option, and you can change this whenever you want. Most men and women opting this solution, but how can you know you are the one? If you are experiencing hair loss due to burns, medications, scarring, and hereditary, this is the versatile solution.

Dealing with hair loss is painful and annoying. Watching your hair slowly fall out is no longer mandatory. There are varieties of options available for protecting and maintaining thin hairlines. If using medication and surgery doesn’t make any effective solution for you, then this is high time to Order hair systems. The hair replacement solution is highly appealing and seems modern.

The non-surgical hair replacement system has many advantages, and it is worth your investment. So, are you in the initial stage of hair fall? The hairstylist should also have an idea about the hair replacement solution and suggest the Hair system order guide to their clients. In the below section, we have mentioned a few steps that tell the difference between the non-surgical hair replacement and custom hair replacement solution.


The idea of non-surgical hair replacement solution

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Non-surgical hair replacement refers to the type of treatment good for men and women. If you don’t want to deal with any surgical solution, this is the effective solution. It is a versatile, diverse alternate solution of medication and supplements. If you are losing your hair and don’t want to undergo any surgery, the thing to order hair systems is the best solution. In the below-mentioned details, we have mentioned a few advantages and the differences between stock and custom-made air solutions.

When it comes to hair replacement systems, it is the form of a toupee, which looks like synthetic hair. It is not real, but gives a naturalistic look to anyone. The artificial hair system is made of human hair, and that’s why it matches with natural hair.

Well, you can also find customized hair systems or Order hair systems that are designed to match the hairstyle, color, and shape of your head. It offers amazing benefits in terms of cost and convenience. This is an easier and most convincing option anyone can choose to expand their personality.


Stock hair systems or custom hair systems

As a beginner, you might have so many questions in your mind. The most common confusion that arises and is mostly searched by people is the similarity between stock hair system and custom hair system. Is stock hair systems or custom hair systems both are same? Today, we will compare both of these hair systems and conclude which will best suit a person.

  • About stock hair system:

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The stock hair system is considered the hair system that is in stock. Over the period you can see that the toupees have been popular from the back of years. This is the most comfortable hair replacement solution that is easy to use. People feel comfortable in this, and when you search the market, you will find approx a wide collection of toupees. You can find approximately 20 styles of toupees in more than 60 colors in the market. The base size of each hair system is the default, and you can customize it as per your look. Usually, this is done by a special hair care artist.

  • About custom-made hair system

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On the other end, if we talk about the custom-made hair system, this is the effective solution for all who want quality at minimum cost. Here you can customize a hair system for your own that perfectly fits you. It is designed by the hairstylist in such a way so that it can meet the desires and requirements of a customer. Here you can customize the hair length, density, color, wave, constriction, base size, and many more as per your requirements. For making a custom-made hair system, you need to talk with hair experts or manufacturers.

Once you connect with them, send all your requirements. Send them a template to make the exact base size and curves. We know most of you don’t know how to measure the area where you lost your hair. You can also order the different hair color trends from them, including low lights, faded color, and anything else that is in trend. Now let’s try to understand which is best for you.

If we talk about their differences, the basic elements available in the custom hair system or stock hair system are the same. But the only difference is in a custom-made hair system, you have all the power to decide the style, color, and base, but in-stock hair system, you don’t. The design and cost of the custom hair depend upon you and the designer. The next difference between both hair systems is the cost and production time.

Delivering the stock hair system might take less than four working days, but custom hair systems take a longer time. If you don’t want this in the next two to three days, you can go for a custom-made hair system.

If you are new to this, the hairstylist suggests you stock a hair system. The stock hair system is less costly than the custom hair. Wearing a hair system bring new experience, and to set with this, you need some time. So, as a beginner, it will be great if you start your journey with a stock hair system.

Once you feel comfortable, you can explore the other hair systems. If you feel comfortable with the stock hair system and don’t bother you while sleeping and exercising, this is the right time to choose the custom hair solution. Choose the hair system which is breathable and gives you comfort after wearing. Once you are addicted to the hair replacement solution, you can explore others as per the choice. But at the initial stage, if you need a quick solution, go with the stock hair system.


Choose a custom hair system.

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Buying a custom hairpiece is the significant right choice which is expensive but worthy. These are easy to use and don’t bother you much to carry this while doing the daily chores. It feels overwhelming to design your hairpiece as per the look. But before that, you should be aware of the hair system order guide instructions.

You should make the right measurement, and for that, you need a cloth measuring tape. When you measure the dimension, don’t hold the tape tightly; make it loose and ensure it is always flat. Don’t forget to measure at least three times before sending the template to the manufacturer or hairstylist.

Are you addicted or used to custom hair systems? If yes, this is the right time to make a choice. The best hairpiece is one that makes a person feel confident and comfortable. Once you find the right color, shape, and fit, from hair system order guide you can make a worthy choice for yourself. To find the best hair system, you can connect with online hair care solution manufacturers. With them, you can get back your happiness and confidence. 

  • Base guide:

In the initial stage, you should consider the base. There are varieties of base designs that you can choose to build the best base design. There are three most popular hair base materials you can consider: thin skin, fine lace, and monofilament. It all depends upon the capsize, gender, hair loss pattern, and many more. The hair system materials improve the density of hair. When you build the custom hair system, you want it to look as natural as you can.

You should choose the more delicate material. Choose one, which is durable. Designing a hair system is ideal if you want something aesthetic and available on fewer budgets. By choosing the right material, you can increase durability. Talk with the hair replacement consultant and choose one that matches the pocket and lifestyle.

While considering the style and design look, keep the three most important things in your mind: comfort, durability, and appearance. The thin skin base material is made with ultra-thin solid surface polyurethane that has a life span of one month. At the same time, the lace base material is achieved by using a thread knit of polyester, but when you choose combo base materials, it lasts long and is produced by the materials of polyester.

  • Base size guide: 

It is necessary to learn the correct dimension of the base while making a custom hair system. When you give the wrong base size, it can affect the fittings. The right side of the base fits best with your head. The size of the base mostly depends upon the size of the head or the area where you have lost hair. The manufacturers of custom hair systems divided the size of the base into four types: partial size, regular size, full head, and oversize. If we talk about the partial size, it equals the hair loss area with a minimum of 4” x 4”. 

If you have lost hair from more than 4”x 4”, it comes under the regular size. If you are talking about the Oversize head, then it is approx the size of less than 10” x 10”. But what if you have lost the hair from the larger areas? In this scenario, you need to choose the full head hair size. This is similar for every man and woman. The custom hair system is designed in such a way so that it can match your budget and look too.

If you have completely lost your hair, you need something that can cover your entire head, right? For this, a full cap will be the ideal solution for you. You need to follow a few hair measurements to customize a full cap customized hair solution.

  1. To measure the circumference, you need to place the tape on the edges of the head. While measuring, make sure the tape is placed on the hairline and wrap it around your head.
  2. Are you measuring the size of front to back? Place the tape at the center and then measure directly from the middle top and the backside of your head.
  3. After that, it’s time to measure the ear-to-ear measurement across the forehead. Put it in front of the ear and then measure from the hairline. Take the tape and measure it through the forehead to both sides opposite your ear.
  4. Along with that, you need to measure the nape width, ear to ear width over the head, and similarly the width and length of the back of your head. 
  5. To get the correct measurement, you should choose the right tape. Make sure the tape is placed in the right condition and shouldn’t be bent at any side.

Ensure you have ordered the best custom hair solution by making the right measurement. If you are unsure which material you should choose, you can talk with the hairstylist. Choose the right Hair system order guide.


  • Hair type guide:

When you are customizing a hair solution, you should know the hair types. The type of hair plays an important role in making custom hair solutions. There are so many options available in the market, and you need to choose one of them. 

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Indian Hair: This is the basic hair type that you can find in any hair factory. Indian hair goes perfect with the dark hair color with any hair length. It is soft and shiny and can customize in hair color. Indian hairs are slightly wavy and go fine with Caucasian hair. If you love curly hairs customizing the Indian hair replacement system is best. It may lose slightly in a humid environment.

Remy Hair: In this hair type, the root end is different from the top end. This hairstyle should be kept in the right way with proper care. The tips and the root of the hair are aligned in one direction. This hairstyle is customized with the minimum chemical process and is healthier than any other hairstyle. Apart from that, fewer chemical processes are included at the processing time. This hairstyle looks healthier, is easy to use, lasts longer, and is natural.Get a shiny artificial hair replacement system and look confident.

European Hair:European hair is the ultimate solution to create a western look. This hairstyle is mostly developed in Russia. These hairstyles are high in price as in western areas; women don’t prefer selling their hair. This hairstyle is lighter brown and blond in shades. It doesn’t need much processing, so the production time is less. The silky, shiny, and wavy look of this hair type makes it the best hair extension quality. This hair type has gained the highest demand and immense popularity in the last few days. Most hair replacement system factories made this hair replacement to gain valuable insights.

Chinese Hair: The Chinese hair type is thicker than the Indian hair. Chinese hair has a better processing capability than Indian hair. If you need a hair replacement system that is thick, pick the Chinese hair type. The Chinese hair type won’t lose its quality even after extreme processing. This hair type is flexible and manageable if you correctly maintain this. This is different from the Indian hair type because it won’t get wavy and frizzy even in the humidity.

Virgin Hair:This hair type consists of a cuticle layer and is unprocessed. But this hair type doesn’t subject to coloring. The virgin hair type is processed by collecting the hair from a single person. This hair type is not processed chemically, and that’s why it is raw. The color and shade of the virgin hair are “off-black” and “dark brown.” You can customize it in straight, curly, and wavy hair look anytime.

Synthetic hair: Apart from these, the synthetic hairstyle is also concerned by the manufacturers of the hair replacement systems. The benefit of this hair system is that it is easy to care for, cost-effective, looks natural, and, most importantly, needs less maintenance. You can choose a vast range of natural colors. But at the same time, you can’t customize its color. If you use it daily, it might last for two to five months. Make sure you don’t use any styling heat hair tools.

Hair length guide: In the next step of hair system order guide, you should be concerned about the length of your hair. Choose which length of hair replacement system you need. For this, you need to measure the hair length from the root to the top. The cost of the hair system depends upon the hair length. Most men ask for a standard length of hair that is6 inches. When you want a longer length of hair solution, the cost will also increase accordingly. Visit the hair replacement factory and meet with the expert. Check the measurement table and according to the budget and the required look, choose the best hair length.


  • Hair direction guide:

 In order to get a hair system, it is very important to decide the hair type and hair direction. To look different and manageable, a person needs to first manage his/her hair. Having a good hair replacement system makes you feel stylish and fashionable. To stand out in the crowd here, we suggest some of the major trending choices of hair direction.

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Freestyle: This is the trending hair direction style that people opt for. You can easily customize the direction and also style it anyway.

Left parting: This is another basic style of hair that any woman can choose if she wants to keep their hair-free. Just attach the hair with a cap in the most fashionable way and get the extra stylish look.

Right parting: You can also opt for this style which is just the opposite of left parting.

Center Parting: In this hair direction style, the hairs are attached normally. In this style, your hair parts down to the middle center of your scalp.

Left/right Break: This style is similar to the left and right parting. Here the parting is indefinite, but the scalp of the parting is covered with the hair.

Left/right and center crown: In this hairstyle, the left crown is made in a crown to the left or right side of the scalp, but the hair flows outwards and inwards from it.


  • Color guide: 

After confirming the hair length and direction, it’s time to change the hair color. When you customize the hair replacement solution for yourself, you should give equal concern to the hair color. The hair replacement factory offers multiple hair colors under one hub. There are lots of considerations you should make while choosing the hair color, and here we share some steps:

Hair Replacement Systems Oder Guide-Bono Hair 6000 (12)


Send the hair sample: Do you want to get the best hair color that matches your hair? For this, first, you need to give a sample of your hair to the hair factory. By considering the sample, you have given, they design the best look for you. If you have the symmetrical hair color of the whole head, send a single piece of hair with more than 100 hair strands. In this way, you can make the work easy. But what if a person doesn’t have a symmetrical hair color with the same texture?

People who don’t have the same hair color should give a sample from the different areas of their scalp. Give a sample from the front, top, crown, temples, sides, and back scalp.

Color rings: When you visit professional hair replacement factories, they have a wide range of color samples. They will share the different color samples based on swatches and rings. They will send you the color chart and shades options if you ask them. You can order toupee guide, and choose your hair color and shade that suits your hair well. Once you share the hair samples with them, they will investigate it under natural and artificial light to determine exactly which shade of hair you want. Different factories may have different chart tables, so make sure you have the right chart of the factory you have hired.

Using color images: If you feel confused, you can also ask for the color pictures.


  • Grey hair guide:

Some people want to try something new with their looks. Are you excited to create a new aesthetic look? If you want to add grey shade, then here are the steps mentioned in hair system order guide:

Hair Replacement Systems Oder Guide-Bono Hair 6000 (4)


Add grey hair: Grey hair looks like an original hair system, but for this, you should have an idea about the right percentage. The amount of grey hair you want to add to your hair system is necessary. You can add a moderate level of grey hair at the top, back, and side areas of your scalp to look original. Most people opt for grey hair on both sides of their hair system. If a person shares the sample of his/her hair, then they don’t need to mention the grey hair level because the hairstylist will add as per the sample. 

The huge question that arises in the user’s mind is whether it can fit synthetic or human hair. So, the right answer is that grey hair match better with human hair because it looks natural. Apart from that, when you visit outside to the excessive sunlight, it shines like real hair. When the hair system has a mixture of dark and grey colors, it will end up fading. 


  • Density guide: 

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Apart from the above options, a person should also have an idea about the density. Choose the density which you want in your hair system. This is calculated by the hair growth on the scalp in 1 sq. inch. According to the hair experts, the average number of people has 2,200 strands of hair count per inch from the scalp. The hair density is distinguished into three levels: medium, thin, and thick.

When you visit the hair replacement system factory, they will share the different hair densities examples with the hair system order guide starting from extra light to extra heavy. You should choose one form that can match with the real hair.

For example, if you want the least density, especially for aged people, then choose extra light density. People who want light density and common density on their scalp should choose light or light to medium density. The light to medium density gives a natural look.

In case you want hair density more than the common hair density, pick the medium hair wave. If you are a woman/man between the age of twenty to thirty, it will be better to go with the medium to heavy density. But people who want the thickest hairpiece can go with heavy to extra heavy level density.

So, the density of hair depends not only on gender but also on age. So, be assured that you have chosen the density as per the look, age, and gender. Besides these, here we share the best properties of choosing the right hair density as mentioned in the hair system order guide.


Considerations you should make before customizing the hair replacement system.

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  • Age: When choosing the hair density, you should think about your age. If you are young, pick the thick density type hair and if you are getting older, then moderate the density level as per it.
  • Hairstyle: Which hairstyle do you choose to make your custom hair replacement solution? The right hair density goes perfect with your look when you pair this with the right hair type. If you choose the layered hairstyle, thick pattern hair will go perfectly. If you have a thin hair density, you can style it in some wavy or bouncy look to give it a fuller look.
  • Hair density: You should have an idea about the density of your hair. Make the hair replacement system with the same density which you have.
  • Go with the conservative density: Are you a beginner who will wear any hair replacement system for the first time? It wouldn’t be good to make an ideal hair density. You may feel changes overnight once you wear the hair system. Therefore start with the thinner density of hair in the initial stage and then move on with the higher ones. Once you have practiced with the attachments and felt comfortable, you can pick the thick density to make a fuller look.
  • Weight-it: If you choose the heavy density of hair system, you should be ready to put some heavyweight on your head. When a person opts for a thick density hair system, that means the system has a lot of hair. The heavier hair system may feel difficult for you to attach. It also needs a longer time to maintain. But once the wearer is used to them, they can easily maintain it. But all the newbies, you might sometimes feel frustrating in the initial days to make the right attachments. This is why you should choose the hair density you can handle.
  • Wave and curl: When you order toupee guide, make sure which style you want to style. If you make the hairstyle curl or wavy, it can dramatically affect the hair density. Hair density and the way you style your hair are different. According to this, you should decide which design you should go with. If you want to style the hair in a simple straightway, you should opt for the thicker hair density but if you want a hair system of curly style, then go with the thin densities option. So, overall you need to adjust the hair density depending upon the style.
  • Length and style: After choosing the length and style, you need to choose which hair length you should go with. Be attentive about the length of the hair. If your hairs are short with lots of curls on the top, then definitely you shouldn’t go with the thicker densities. Because in this scenario, people can easily detect that you are wearing a wig. But if you have long hairs with dense top or front area of your scalp, you need coverage. In this scenario, picking heavy or thick-density hair might be the right choice.
  • Size matters: The base size also plays an essential role while selecting the hair density. The wearer should adjust the density depending on the hair length, wave/curl, and style. If you don’t have knowledge about this, you can talk with an expert custom hair system designer. Don’t pick something which looks unnatural. You should be careful about your hair’s size, length, and style.


By following the considerations mentioned earlier about the hair system order guide, you can choose the right density and make your investment worth it.

  • Hair curl guide: 

At last, it’s time to consider the hair curls. When you reach the hair replacement factory, they will give you the widest range of hair curls options which includes:

Hair Replacement Systems Oder Guide-Bono Hair 6000 (6)


Body wave: In this curl style, you will get an approximately 3-inch wave.

Slight wave: With this curl style, you can get the2-inch wave. Anyone who wants a wavy curl on the front side can pick this style.

Medium wave: This style of curl is the basic one for which most people give the order.

Tight wave: Here, you will get the wave of almost half-inch, and it’s mostly famous among women. With this, you can get a younger and trending look. Anyone who wants a curly hairstyle with some waves, try this one.

Loose curl/tight curl: Do you love heavy curls? You can make a customized hair system depending upon where you want to end your curl.

Medium afro: All the women who don’t love heavy curls on the front and side and want to make a balance can go for this. With this, you can get a balanced look.


  • Front head counter shape guide

After considering all the above points, you need to counter the front head counter shape. There are multiple types and sizes of front head counters available in the market. It depends on you which one prefers more to your look. The hair replacement system factory has the widest collection of options, and you can order toupee guide.

Scalloped front: This is the most common type that people choose. In this style, the lace and front of your hairline will be customized as thesaw-tooth shape—Zigzags. This is the way to get a softer and more natural look. It will enhance the look no matter what’s the gender. This is made with skin material, and therefore, there is no need to worry about rashes.


How to make a hair replacement systems template?

After going through all the above considerations of the Hair system order guide, you are all set to make a hair replacement system template. When you hire an expert to make the hair replacement system, you need to give them a template of your hair sample.

This template will be applied to a model from where the hairstylist can derive the actual size and shape of the hair system. In this way, the experts will deliver the right hair system to the customer for perfect fitting.

Here we share a few types of equipment as discussed on hair system order guide: plastic wrap, pencil, transparent tape, permanent marker pen, and Scissors. 

  • As per the hair system order guide, in the initial step, pick a makeup pencil and draw the hairline. Take a tape, stick it at the front, and use the same tape on the stencil. To make the right placement of the hairline, place three fingers on the forehead without touching your eyebrow. Make sure the hairline drawn should be deeper. The deeper the hairline you draw, the more natural look you will receive. If you made any mistake, then rub alcohol to erase it.
  • Now, spray some water on the scalp and pick the wide strip of plastic wrap that should be long enough to wrap it on your head. Press it tightly and make a knot under the chin. Make sure it is tightly fit and secure, or you can also use the tape to make it the right shape. Now place the transparent taps over the wrap and determine the area where you have lost the hair.
  • In the next step of hair system order guide, you need to apply the three layers of the tape in different directions. The first layer of tape should go from front to back, then the second one from side to side, and the third from back to front. 
  • Now, take a permanent marker to draw the hairlines with this on the template. Make sure you have drawn the right lines that show your scalp’s balder areas. This is the shape of the hair replacement system which you will receive. Once you have drawn the outer parameter, you should choose the right direction of your hair system. 
  • Now draw a line to the pivot point from the back to the top, and don’t forget to indicate the front and back marking. Apart from that, make sure the hairstylist has mentioned the order number and name of the clients, or you can also mention this by yourself.
  • Now make the markings where the finishing ends and then place another transparent layer. You can seal and protect the markings in this way, and that’s it; you are done.
  • In the last step, you have to unite and remove the template from the head. To cut the tape, you need scissors. After that, you will receive the perfect template. You are all done, and it’s time to visit the hair replacement stylist and give them to make the perfect hair replacement system by following the hair system order guide.


 So, are you ready to make your custom hair replacement solution?

Are you also seeking to build your custom hair replacement solution? Making the preferred custom hair solution is a daunting task. But when you make the right template from hair system order guide successfully, you can get it easily.

A well-fitting custom hair replacement solution is a worthy investment. The hair replacements systems are made in the hair replacement factory by expert hair designers or hairstylists at an affordable price.

They will take the template of an individual and create a mold of their head. You can get the super perfect hair replacement that you won’t get anywhere else at a pocket-friendly price. By delivering the right template, you ensure the perfect shape, size, and contour of your head. They will make you feel comfortable by giving the right-wig when you follow this hair system order guide. 

By learning the above step-by-step guide, you can be concerned about how you can make things done in the right way. You need to first talk with the hair replacement factory to make your customized hair replacement system. Ask the expert, research well about hair system order guide, and check who can help you in a better way.

But before that, first, you should decide which part of your scalp needs improvements. Make sure which area of your scalp lost much hair. You should be clear about the hairstyle, hair length, and coverage area. If you cannot create a template for yourself, you can visit the expert hairstylist or take help from this hair system order guide.


Let’s check the step-by-step guide to making a perfect hair replacement guide.

Hair Replacement Systems Oder Guide-Bono Hair 6000 (2)


  • Browse and decide: In this hair system order guide step, you need to browse the best hair replacement factory and choose the decider length, color, quality, shade, and many more as per your preference.
  • Order form: Now place your order toupee guide by giving all the information they ask. Give all the relevant information so that they can reach you. 
  • Confirmation: Once you have done all the steps and sent your hair template after payment, they will confirm your order and ask you to wait for the delivery.
  • Production and delivery: Now it’s the time of producing your hair replacement system as soon as possible before the deadline. Wait for two to eight working days, and you will get your desired hair replacement system at your doorstep.



 Is there anyone who is searching for the best hair system? Finding the perfect hair system is tough, but when a person follows the overall guide of customizing a replacement hair solution from hair system order guide, they can get their hair system easily.

Whenever you order your hair replacement system, consider the most important factors that include cost, fit, quality, and maintenance. By taking care of the entire hair system order guide, you can successfully get the budget-friendly aesthetic design of your hair solution.

We hope this guide will help all those struggling with hair loss. This guide will give you a better understanding of hair fall and its permanent solution. Anyone can successfully get a top-quality accessible hair replacement system by following the above steps of hair system order guide. It all depends upon the individual choice, so choose one that makes you look perfect and confident on public platforms.



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