Does Beth Dutton of the Famous Yellowstone Series Wear A Wig?


Bethany Dutton, commonly known as Beth Dutton, is the lead character of the famous television series Yellowstone. Beth was a strong-willed only daughter of Ranch owner John Dutton. In the series, Beth was portrayed as a fiercely committed family person with a strong professional banking profile.



In the series, Beth was the only girl child of John and Evelyn Dutton; she had three brothers and was born on July 18th, 1984, in Yellowstone, Montana. Her family was in the ranching business that his father inherited from his ancestors and settled it as America’s largest ranch. The family used to live in Yellowstone Dutton Ranch where the kids grew together. Beth’s mother died when she was thirteen in an accident where a horse crushed her. Evelyn took Beth and her youngest son Kayce out on a trail ride in 1997, and that’s when the tragic incident occurred. The same year, John gave shelter to an orphan named Rip Wheeler on his ranch, who was the killer of his father as his father murdered his mother and brother.  

Beth had liked Rip since he joined them in the nineties. Beth asked his dad’s permission to propose to Rip, and they eventually married soon. The couple married in her father’s presence in the ranch house.

Beth’s life was filled with tragedies; she went into severe depression for some time as she thought she couldn’t save her mother’s life. Her elder brother Lee also died in a gunshot while protecting their ranch in a feud, which also took a tragic turn in her life. At that time, Beth was working in a law firm, and her father asked her to fight his case and manage the business side of Yellowstone.  

Who Played Beth Dutton in Yellowstone?


The renowned British actress Kelly Reilly helmed the leading character Beth Dutton of Yellowstone. The famous American series Yellowstone has had five seasons revolving around its main character, Beth Dutton. Kelly has garnered critical acclaim for the portrayal of Beth Dutton, her performance in the series has been a standout. Her remarkable acting skills in the series have earned her many accolades and a huge fan following. Beth Dutton’s role in Yellowstone was compelling and unforgettable. She was a complex character, and the girl was known for her intelligence, wit and sharp tongue. Kelly portrayed this character as a prowess.

On the other hand, Kelly is known for her versatile roles in film and television; she has a huge fan following for her exceptional acting abilities and for capturing audiences with her striking and ever-changing hairstyles. Throughout her long career, Kelly has embraced various haircuts, styles and colors, which reflects her adaptability as an actress and her willingness to transform for her characters.  

Reilly is famous for experimenting with unique hairstyles, from long flowing locks to chic short bobs; she can flawlessly switch to different hairstyles for her characters. Whether donning a fiery red mane or a classic blonde hairstyle, her hair choices have always complemented the essence of the character she plays. Her choice of hairstyle also adds depth and authenticity to her remarkable performances. The actress has become a style icon and an inspiration for her fans due to her transformations and hairstyle choices. She embraces the change for any role so effortlessly that she becomes the character she portrays, serving as a testament to her artistic versatility.

Does Beth Dutton Wear a Wig?


Kelly Reilly is famous for transforming herself according to her characters; for the portrayal of Beth Dutton in the famous television series Yellowstone, Kelly wore a wig. Kelly naturally has shoulder-length red hair, which is not the type of hair that the show’s most prominent character, Beth Dutton, demands. Beth Dutton was a golden-haired strong woman; her long locks were pretty famous, and blonde became a representation of strong women.

Beth Dutton’s hairstyles played an important role in showcasing her personality traits. Beth is savage and strong-head; her unruly strands in the action scenes create an aura of the character’s secrecy and mystery. Beth Dutton’s wig was styled in thick bangs that covered her half-face, proving her personality more mysterious. Beth’s untamed hair also played a key role in building her character. Her hair complements her character as an influential lady from a rich family who breaks all barriers to defend her family.  

Wigs are commonly used in the entertainment industry to attain a signature look for different characters. Wardrobe and hair choices for the character even change from season to season according to the storyline and character development. However, Beth Dutton’s hairstyles remain the same in all seasons as her hair plays an essential part in showcasing the true essence of her character.

How to Get Beth Dutton’s Wig?

In the Yellowstone television series, Beth Dutton wore an Ombre blonde wig with front bangs. The length of Beth’s hair kept changing with the story’s advancement from series to series, but her signature look remained the same. Beth Dutton’s hairstyle of thick golden shoulder-length that covered her face gave her the intense appearance her character required. Beth’s wig in the record-breaking series earned her much admiration. Her signature hairstyle with bushy bangs is the rage and became popular as a Beth-inspired haircut that her female fans want to copy.  

Many Beth-inspired wigs are available in the market that her fans instantly buy.

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Our thin skin wigs are highly popular among clients looking for natural-looking hair replacement solutions. This thin skin wig features a cap made of thin, flexible and clear polyurethane material that closely resembles the texture and color of the scalp. The best part is that this thin skin base is super comfortable and provides a perfect fit. The hair strands are hand-tied which provides realistic hairline and ease in parting. This hair replacement system is known for its durability and ability to mimic natural hair growth. These wigs are ideal for women struggling with hair loss issues; they offer a discreet and lifelike alternative that can boost confidence and self-esteem.   


The use of the hair replacement system is not a new concept in television and film industries, many celebrities use wigs to transform their looks for certain roles that also protect the health of their hair from the experiments of harsh chemicals. Hence, many celebrities prefer hair systems like wigs, hairpieces and extensions to make their hair strands look voluminous and healthier. Similarly, Beth Dutton’s character demands hair that speaks volumes for her; that’s why Kelly wore a synthetic ombre blonde wig, which was easy to carry and low-maintenance.  


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