Does Kansas Head Coach Bill Self Rock A Toupee

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Hair loss problems are common among men; it doesn’t even spare popular movie stars and athletes.  The famous college basketball coach Bill Self is also among men struggling with severe hair fall issues.  The basketball sensation came under social media scrutiny in 2003 when the paparazzi noticed a drastic change in his hair game; within a week, his hair facing thinning issues, got rejuvenated and thicker.  Most people call it a hair replacement system, so if you are also curious about the mystery behind Bill Self’s hair, you must read this blog.


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Billy Eugene Self, commonly known as Bill Self, is a renowned name in basketball; he is famous for coaching American college basketball teams.  Bill has been associated with the University of Kansas since 2003 as their head coach for the men’s basketball team.  Bill was born in December 1962 in Oklahoma, USA.  He inherited the basketball skills from his father as he was also a basketball coach for girls.  Bill’s love for the game was in his genes, making him a pro basketball player at an early age.  He became Oklahoma high school’s player of the year in 1981 during his high school.  His high school reputation helped him bag Oklahoma State University’s basketball scholarship.  Bill remained the letter winner during all four years in the university.

Bill Self received his bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in athletic administration from Oklahoma State University in 1985 and 1989, respectively.  After completing his education, Bill joined the University of Kansas as their assistant coach for a season and then moved to assist his own Oklahoma State University as an assistant coach for seven years.

In 1993, he got his first job as head coach at Oral Roberts and led their school team for five seasons. His guidance made the ORU team appear in the National Invitation Tournament.

He has been coaching Jayhawks for almost two decades now, and under Bill’s remarkable leadership, the team has won 16 Big 12 regular season titles, and they also carry an NCAA record of fourteen consecutive regular season titles under their hat.  His tenure at Kansas made the team number 1 seeded in the nation.  2017 was a big year for Bill as he got into the Hall of Fame for Naismith Memorial Basketball.  Bill is considered one of the most successful coaches for Kansas in NCAA history.

On the personal front, Bill is happily married and has two adult children.  His boy also played basketball for Kansas, while his daughter graduated from Kansas University.

Bill Self Hair

Bill Self is known for having a fuller head with lots of hair.  He always has unique hairstyles that make his head look thicker and voluminous, be it his early days or current period.  The pictures of young Bill Self during his time at Oklahoma University when he used to play basketball, he used to have a head full of thick brown locks.  Throughout his university period and in the early nineties, Bill had a decent tuft of hair with no signs of hair loss.  And even now, his hair looks thick, fuller and, more importantly, natural.

Does Bill Self Wear A Toupee?

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College basketball is nothing but sheer mysteries, and one of the most frequently asked questions in the arena is whether Kansas coach Bill Self wears a toupee or not!  Nobody doubts his remarkable leadership and playing skills, but everyone wants to know what is wrong with this coach’s hair on the court.  Looking closer at Bill’s scalp, you will notice some room between his hair and skin, making us all wonder why he is not sporting his natural hair.

Bill Self’s hair was fine in the initial stage of his professional life; even till the late nineties, the basketball head had no noticeable hair fall issues.  So to learn more about whether his hair is real or fake, we deeply understand his early coaching period at Tulsa.

The current Kansas coach had standard gold hair at thirty-five while leading Tulsa, but within five years, in 2003, he lost a significant amount of hair when he left Tulsa for Illinois.  Basketball fans noticed Bill had started losing hair, but the same month he appeared in a different match; his hair looked vibrant and fresh.  This incident made most basketball audiences think about Bill Self wearing a wig.  A similar thing happened in 2008 when Bill was seen with some fine hair thinning, indicating that the coach had been wearing a toupee to cover his hair loss.

But during the last five years, Bill Self’s hair had remained the same like concrete that it wouldn’t move if you even left it in the storm, which makes us all believe that he certainly owns a high-quality hairpiece.  Besides our in-depth analysis, his rivals and coaches of other college teams have often questioned whether Bill Self wears a toupee to conceal his bald spots.  Bill Self’s toupee is not a typical hairpiece but an exceptional craftsmanship that gives him an authentic appearance, as if the hair is growing directly from the scalp.

Our Hair Systems like Bill Self Toupee?

Toupees, hair replacement systems, wigs or men’s weaves are all names of the same thing that helps men cover their hair-related problems.  Hair fall and male pattern baldness are common hair issues that most men face at a certain point, and there are many causes of these hair issues, including poor genetics, age and other health issues.  The hair fall causes bald patches and fast receding hairline, which makes the person look double his age and tarnishes his self-confidence.  At the same time, these wigs provide the person with bald spots with an appearance that not only makes him look younger but also boosts his confidence.

One thing that matters the most when picking a hairpiece is that it must give its wearer a natural appearance so that nobody can question its authenticity.  That’s why most celebrities and athletes with hair fall problems go for toupees that look flawlessly natural and highly durable and comfortable so they can wear them in all seasons.

Bono Hair is an authentic and renowned manufacturer in the hair replacement systems industry.  Our highly skilled craftsman regularly designs hairpieces that perfectly suit their wearer in all aspects.  We have been in this manufacturing for over a decade and deal in all types of human and synthetic hair hairpieces.  Here are a few of our products that give their wearer a seamlessly realistic look, just like the basketball marvel Bill Self.

  1. BHU Invisible Thin Skin Hair System
  2. ERIN European Hair System:
  3. BLN216810 French Lace Men’s Hair System

1. BHU Invisible Thin Skin Hair System

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Let’s begin this list with our selling article, BHU invisible thin skin hair system.  This toupee is extremely popular with our customers around the world due to the realism it provides.  The invisible thin skin base makes you feel like your own scalp and gives an illusion of your hair growing from your head.  BHU is constructed on 0.02 mm ultra-thin skin with realistic ventilating techniques that make it comfortable and long-lasting.

2. ERIN European Hair System

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We at Bono Hair import hair from around the world to fulfill our customers’ unique requirements and preferences.  Erin European hair system is our newest edition that has become an instant hit amongst wearers.  Like Bill Self’s toupee, this hairpiece provides an undetectable appearance to its wearer and enhances his confidence by concealing the bald patches.

This hairpiece comes in the standard base size, Base 8*10“, which can be altered to suit the wearer’s head perfectly.  And European virgin hair is used in this hairpiece to make it look super natural.

3. BLN216810 French Lace Men’s Hair System

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French lace-made hair systems are the most sought-after hairpieces as these products conceal your hair problem and improve your lifestyle.  The lace base construction makes these models breathable and allows you to wear them all day.  This model is easily customizable and can be custom-made according to your head template.  Hence if you are looking for something like Bill Self toupee, this hairpiece would be the most accurate thing for you.


No strong evidence is available that gives a clear picture of Bill Self’s hair and its originality.  But while collecting all the information on this topic, we realized that if the basketball marvel even wears a toupee, he wears one that is built with the highest quality and has an undetectable appearance.  His hair replacement system is so real that the person next to him can even doubt its authenticity.  We at Bono Hair also believe in producing high-quality and durable products for our customers around the globe so they also feel confident about their appearance and hair game.  We aim to transform our customers into an attention-grabbing silhouette completely.


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