15 Male Celebrities Who Have Hair Systems, Toupees, And Men’s Hair Wigs

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Men’s hair systems are back in vogue. Whether it’s to treat hair loss and thinning or for a confidence boost, more men are turning to toupees and wigs to change their look. You know a trend has made it into the mainstream when your favorite celebrities are on board. Some of the most recognizable – and handsome – men in the world use hair systems. You’re guaranteed to find a few surprises on our list of celebrity hair system wearers.

At our hairpiece factory, these celebrities are often used by our clients as inspiration for their hair systems. Businesses know that their retail and salon customers also have their own celebrity muses that inspire them to venture into the world of hair systems. We’re sharing our round-up of 15 male celebrity toupee and hair wig wearers that you should know about. With their endorsement, hair systems are becoming even more popular than ever before.

McConaughey is considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, taking on a starring role in blockbuster films. His distinctive sleek-back hair is synonymous with his acting and one of his most recognizable features.

You could be forgiven to think that McConaughey got lucky with his hair, but the 51-year old actor actually went bald during the ‘90s. With the help of hair systems, McConaughey is turning back the clock and adding more hair with a seamless hair system that all hairpiece factories aim to recreate.

If Hollywood’s most sexist man can wear a hair system, anyone can.

Brad Pitt

One of McConaughey’s rivals for the title of ‘Hollywood’s Sexist Man’ is the infamous Brad Pitt. His luscious dirty blonde locks are a famous part of his look, but it’s all a clever illusion with the help of a toupee and hair system.

After attending a red carpet event with obvious bald spots and a receding hairline, Pitt’s hair loss hit the front page of the gossip columns. Pitt quickly restored his trademark blonde locks with a hair system, adding his name to the growing list of male celebrities investing in toupees and wigs.

Charlie Sheen

Another famous Hollywood actor who makes our celebrity hair system list is Charlie Sheen. He’s rumored to wear a toupee to disguise his receding hairline and bald spots that have previously been spotted in paparazzi photographs.

Sheen is an ideal reference for older men who want to use a hair system that blends seamlessly with their natural hair to conceal hair loss and thinning. A receding hairline is another age-related concern that men are increasingly looking to treat with hair systems.

Robert Pattinson

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Pattinson had Hollywood at his feet while filming the Twilight film series. His character of Edward Cullen was famous for his fluffy brown locks, which helped steal the hearts of millions of female fans of the franchise. During several interviews, Pattinson revealed that the signature Edward Cullen look was curated using hair systems, including several wigs.

The actor was in his mid-20s while filming the series and was suffering from baldness and hair thinning due to bleaching and over-styling for other film roles. Pattinson shows that more younger men are turning to hair systems to conceal damaged hair.

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Al Pacino

If you compare and contrast photos of Al Pacino throughout his legendary Hollywood career, you’ll see that the actor has long been suffering from hair loss and balding.

Pacino’s hair changes regularly between roles and public appearances with the help of different toupees and hair systems. The actor is proof that investing in hair systems can give you the freedom to change up your look and take control of your style.

Kevin Costner

Another Hollywood legend who is known for his use of hair systems is Oscar-winner Kevin Costner. Since the start of his acting career, Costner has been using a series of hair systems and wigs to conceal his receding hairline.

The actor has naturally progressed to using more natural-looking hair systems that blend the wig and his natural hair for a seamless look. This seamless style of a toupee is the style that most men are looking for.

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Sean Connery

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Bond. James Bond.

While Daniel Craig may be the current holder of the Bond title, Sean Connery is one actor who first brought the iconic character to life on the big screen. During his time as the legendary British spy, Connery wore a series of hair systems to disguise his balding, which started at a young age.

It turns out James Bond’s secret weapon was a toupee. In fact, the late Connery wore one for every single one of the original James Bond films.

Connery wore a toupee due to baldness caused by genetics, an issue that more men than ever before are facing. If you’re trying to persuade a client to try a toupee, you can’t have a better endorsement than from James Bond himself.

Daniel Craig

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Speaking of Bond, Connery isn’t the only Bond to use a toupee as his secret weapon.

The current holder of the license to kill, Daniel Craig, is rumored to also use hair systems. Paparazzi photos over the years have shown baldness starting to form, leading to rumors that the actor uses a clever combination of hair systems to conceal the issue.

Not one, but two Bonds are believed to use toupees and wigs. What more endorsement could a man want?

John Travolta

One male celebrity who isn’t afraid to make it known that wears a wig is John Travolta. The Pulp Fiction and Grease actor is regularly seen out in public without his wig on, showing his bald head, before reappearing wearing one of his wigs. The actor is increasingly embracing his natural baldness, but he’s most recognized when wearing a wig.

Travolta’s style shows that toupees and wigs can be the perfect choice for men who want the freedom to embrace their baldness or cover it up with a hair system.

Hugh Laurie

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The British actor Hugh Laurie is rumoured to wear a toupee and wig after photographs emerged showing hair thinning and balding. The star reappeared in his hit-TV show ‘House’ with a full head of hair, no doubt thanks to a hair system.

Nicolas Cage

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Another actor who has been open about their use of hair systems of Nicolas Cage. While he says that he prefers to stay with his natural hair in real life, Cage has spoken about his preference for wearing wigs during his blockbuster films.

The National Treasure star is another celebrity who uses hair systems as a way of concealing hair thinning and a receding hairline. Both these issues are related to age and are a common problem that most men suffer from. Research has shown that 85% of men are balding by the age of 50.

Brendan Fraser

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Fraser is another actor who relied on wigs and toupees while on the big screen. The actor used a toupee wig to concern pattern baldness during several of his blockbuster films.

Jude Law

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Although not confirmed, Jude Law is another celebrity that is rumored to rely on hair systems and wigs to create his famous full locks. If you’re a keen follower of the ‘Cold Mountain’ actor’s work, you’ll notice that his hair has gotten progressively thicker with age – going against the balding trend that most men deal with.

There’s little doubt that Jude Law is another celebrity that we can confidently add to our list of wig and toupee wearers.

Jon Cryer

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The ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor has spoken openly about his hair balding. He told Conan O’Brien that his hair is “gone now”, making it clear that his full head of hair comes from carefully chosen hair systems.

Cryer is another celebrity who is embracing his baldness, but his use of hair systems in the past has shown that men have more options than they think. Instead of accepting baldness and a receding hairline as being a part of life, men have the choice to experiment with wigs and toupees to restore the appearance of a full head of hair.

Chuck Norris

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One celebrity that we can confidently put on our list of male toupee and wig wearers is Chuck Norris. The actor, producer, and real-life action hero is a firm believer in wig-wearing and is one of the most notorious celebrities for using them.

Every public appearance he has made at events and movie promotions has seen the actor wearing a wig. Hair loss and thinning are a natural part of life, with almost every man dealing with these issues as they age. Chuck Norris shows that men of any age can benefit from using a hair system to conceal these issues and enjoy the look of a full head of hair.

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As one of the leading hairpiece factories, we work directly with salons and e-commerce stores to help them create hair systems that work for the modern man. This list of male celebrities who wear toupees and wigs showcases the growing demand for these products across different age demographics.

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