Where Can I Find A Custom Hair System Supplier Online?

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There is currently a massive demand for acquiring a non-surgical hair replacement system all over the world and it will only continue increasing. This is thanks to widespread knowledge of how great high-quality toupee transforms men’s lives. Embracing human hair toupees has become normal as many men no longer want to suffer from their exposed balding spots or receding hairline.

Whether a distributor, wholesaler, or salon owner, you want to be a reliable professional hair service provider for your clients. Concealing people’s insecurities and changing their looks through a hair replacement system is a sensitive but fulfilling role. If you want to achieve this for your clients you are guaranteed repeat loyal customers.

Thanks to the internet, you can simply google “Where can I find a custom hair system supplier online?” Your search results will have hundreds of men’s hair pieces manufacturers and you will be left more confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out who will guarantee you the best service for human hair toupees.

What Should You Look For in a Custom Hair System Supplier?

So where do you start? Clients are aware of how good a hair system should look thanks to viral videos all over the internet. They expect undetectable human hair toupees that give the illusion the hair is growing out of their scalp. What should you look for in a custom hair system supplier?

  • Wide variety of high-quality hair system production
  • Both stock and custom hair systems are available
  • Experience
  • Transparency
  • Services provided

With now great options for men to boost their self-confidence by wearing human hair toupees that uplift and complement their appearance, you are the make-it-or-break-it for their experience.

men's hair piece manufacturers

Where in the world do I get good men’s hairpiece manufacturers? Different countries and cities in Asia are known to produce non-surgical hair systems. Qingdao is a coastal city in China that is famous for having the biggest manufacturers of toupee factories using advanced high technology to develop non-surgical human hair replacement systems. Qingdao is where Bono Hair is located.

You want human hair wig suppliers that can fulfill wholesale bulk orders and custom hair systems to their wholesale customers around the world. At Bono Hair, our hair systems are well-known and popular worldwide. We have supplied hair in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

What Bono Hair Offer?

Where Can I Find A Custom Hair System Supplier Online

We are aware clients come from all walks of life, and skin tones, hair textures, and styles are people’s identities, therefore, customization of human hair toupees is important. As a global human hair wig supplier, we provide a wide range of catalogs to cater to all your diverse customers.

1. Experience

You want a wig supplier who knows what they are doing. At Bono Hair, we have over 10 years of experience as men’s hairpieces manufacturer providing exceptional service to all our customers.

2. Transparency

The wig supplier should have a website that is well-detailed with information that will assure you during the purchase process. Every single page on their website should give you the confidence that you are accessing impeccable hair system service. Take a look at Bono Hair’s homepage, the first thing you get to see is video access to the hair system factory! You actually get a glimpse of where the hair is made, you get to see hair being cleaned, and processed, and their skilled technicians at work. A wig supplier that is willing to show you how they create men’s hairpiece systems is a supplier you should trust.

Transparency of the wig supplier’s credibility is extremely imperative as we value the money spent by you and the wearer. At Bono Hair, we are proud to assure you of our trustworthiness and authenticity as a hair system manufacturer. On our website, we have provided crucial documents that prove we are a genuine business of manufacturing quality hair replacement systems and providing exemplary service: certified test reports, PayPal elite merchandise, and a certificate from the China Chamber of International Commerce. We take pride in our business and we are as transparent as possible in our operations.

3. Consultation

This is an important indication of the type of customer service one is to expect. A great wig supplier should offer free consultation services to help you navigate their website and properly guide you through every stage from selecting hair, the purchasing process, and delivering to the point you receive the custom hair system at your door.  

4. Quality Production ( How are Hair Systems Made? )

This is vital for you and the hair system wearer. Seeking men’s hairpiece manufacturers, it is cost-friendly as you cut out the middleman. You want a wig supplier that is responsible for your custom hair system throughout every stage of its production up until it is delivered to you. Every stage of hair system production determines the quality of the end product. Your men’s hairpiece manufacturers should adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure this. A quality hair system manufacturer should follow strict quality production measures to create fantastic custom men’s hairpiece systems.

5. Hair Collection

Once the hair is sourced, it has to go through an intricate acid treatment to clean and disinfect the hair from any dirt, germs, bacteria, and odors the hair may have. The hair strands then go through a process of detangling and alignment to face the same direction.

6. Coloring Process

This is then followed by the coloring process. A good wig supplier should be able to provide a color ring stock with a wide variety of colors for your custom hair system. At Bono Hair, we have a custom men’s color ring with over 104 colors including different gray hair percentages for each hair color from 5% to 95%. This will help your clients to match the color of the hair system to their natural hair color or find a new color they may want to experiment with.

7. Base

This is the foundation of the hair system. It should be well constructed for the hair and match the needs of your client’s preferences and lifestyles. A great wig supplier should have a wide option of the main bases: lace, mono, and skin ready to custom and match the specific individual needs of different clients. The following order tools should be readily available to assist the wholesaler and their client select components to create the perfect toupee.

  • Base Material Chart – an ordering tool that will give a selection of different main bases i.e. lace, mono, skin, how they feel, what hair and style they best take, and how each serves the wearer.
  • Base Design Chart – This will include a combination of the bases and what each offer entails.
  • Hair Volume/Density Chart – the clients may want the hair system density to match their own hair, or they finally want to enjoy long thicker hair. A density chart tool should be available for all custom orders with six main types of density to choose from: extra-light, light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra-heavy.

A hair system manufacturer should offer their own hair system template maker for custom-made hair systems. Perfect for salon owners for easy customization and ensuring information on measurements given to the supplier is accurate.

8. Services Provided

Producing high-quality custom hair is just half the quality of a great wig supplier. Excellent communication and services are necessary. Hair support should be able to provide fast, efficient, and convenient service to provide you with the best service as their customer.

9. Time Efficient

Good men’s hairpiece manufacturers should have a great team to produce great custom pieces. Bono Hair has over 50 skilled technicians and over 500 ventilators who work diligently to produce over 8,000 custom hair systems a month. Creating a custom hair system will take 6-10 weeks depending on the work needed and thereafter delivery only takes 3-5 days.

10. Duplicate Client’s Old Hair System

Why have a supplier who cannot remake a customized hair system? A lot of your repeat clients will ask for the exact same wig once it reaches the end of its lifespan. A good supplier should have a detailed database to store and cater to your repeat clients thereby making ordering easy for you.

11. Repair Services

A great hair system supplier should be able to provide repair services for any compromised hair system. This may be repairing a damaged base, adding lost thickness, or fixing bald patches.

12. Return Policy

This is a must for any credible wig supplier. They want customer satisfaction not just for you but for your clients.  

13. Rush Service

Men’s hairpiece manufacturers should offer emergency services for you in case you or your client are in urgent need of a custom hair system on short notice.

14. Education

Knowledge is power. A good wig supplier is not only great at producing high-quality human wigs but they are passionate about providing extensive information and education to their potential customers. At Bono Hair, we take pride in our work and are continuously interacting with distributors, wholesalers, and salon owners through blogs, YouTube videos, and interactive live streams.


Enjoyable, convenient, and satisfied are the 3 things you should get out of purchasing your hair system from men’s hairpiece manufacturers online. This is the experience we want all our potential, new, and old customers to have every time they have an opportunity to buy one of our custom hair systems.


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